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Issue with database Index file

2815436 7 hours ago (Show less)

Hi Gurus, i am looking for some help over here,

I had a problem with my Planning Application, log indicates that there was a problem during
a Refresh.
2 of my 3 databases of the Application are working fine. The one that is down cant start and
show the following message when trying to start on EAS:

Error: 1002097 Unable to load database [DatabaseName]

When i try to check the .ind and .pag files, the .ind file seems to be corrupt or broken, mainly
because it's a very small file compared with my other 2 databases' ind. files. However the
.pag file seems to be correct.

I dont have a recent backup available for my .ind and .pag files, my main need is to get this
app back running only with the .pag file or try to fix the .ind file corrupted.

Help is greatly appreciated.

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GlennS_3 (to 2815436) 6 hours ago
I would not judge the corruption based on the size of the ind or pag files as those are based on
number of sparse members in the outline (.ind) and the amount of data loaded (.pag). Have
you looked at the application log? Right click on the application name in EAS and select
View->Log. select today and scroll to the bottom and start looking backward for the startup
of the app. It might give you a clue to what is broken.

But in answer to your more general question, no you can't restore this based on the pag file
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sunil k (to 2815436) 6 hours ago
As Glenn suggested, Log file may give some more information.

I remember facing something similar way back in and it was the db file which got
corrupted. Application would not load and It was getting logged. So, I just replaced it with
dbb file which is a backup of database file and everything was fine after that.

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TimG (to 2815436) 6 hours ago
No, you can't restore with just the .pag file.

I wouldn't fixate on the .ind file being corrupted based on size alone, unless you know it's
much smaller than before or ridiculously small (like a couple of K). .ind files vary naturally
as a consequence of metadata and data.
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GlennS_3 (to TimG) 6 hours ago
TimG we are posting the same answers agin
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2815436 (to GlennS_3) 6 hours ago
Hi, thanks for info, here is an extract from the log that seems to show the issue:

[Thu Feb 12 12:12:56 2015]Local/PpPlan/Reporte/admin@Native

Essbase needs to retrieve [1] Essbase Kernel blocks in order
to calculate the top dynamically-calculated block.

[Thu Feb 12 12:12:56 2015]Local/PpPlan/Reporte/admin@Native

The Dyn.Calc.Cache for database [Drxxxxxx] can hold a maximum
of [5140] blocks.

[Thu Feb 12 12:12:56 2015]Local/PpPlan/Reporte/admin@Native

The Dyn.Calc.Cache for database [Drxxxxxx], when full, will
result in [allocation from non-Dyn.Calc.Cache memory].

[Thu Feb 12 12:12:56 2015]Local/PpPlan/Reporte/admin@Native

Restructuring Database [<DATABASE_NAME>]

[Thu Feb 12 12:12:57 2015]Local/PpPlan/Reporte/admin@Native

Converted [445949] index entries

[Thu Feb 12 12:12:57


After this the App seems to try to restart, without success.

Essbase Server 64-bit

- Release 11.1.2 (ESB11.

[Thu Feb 12 12:13:02

Starting Essbase Server - Application [<APPLICATION_NAME>]

[Thu Feb 12 12:13:02

Can not load JVM from location in essbase.cfg
[JvmModuleLocation not set], OS status [0]. Will try to load
from library path.
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2786712 (to 2815436) Less than a minute ago
Waiting for moderator approval

You are Planning Application is EPMA OR CLASSIC Application ?

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Essbase Planning Calc Scripts and formula & Functions

2884693 9 hours ago (Show less)

hello all,

i am new to essbase and planning.

is there any doc in details and in simple word where i can learn about Essbase Planning Calc
Scripts and formula & Functions like
@xref or fix

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sunil k (to 2884693) 7 hours ago (Show more)
The best document would be ESSBASE admin guide and ESSBASE Tech Ref. You can find
them at Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Documentation Regards,
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@concatenate function not working in essbase.

918240 3 days ago (Show more)

Dear Guru's, I am stuck up with using @concatenate function in my calc script. I want to
refer to "Apr_PTD" value if the month is "Apr", "May_PTD" if the month is "May"... Please
refer below piece
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TimG (to 918240) 8 hours ago (Show more)
Thanks for the extra detail, RN. First up, I owe you an apology - when you said you'd
simplified the code, I thought you had edited what you posted so it wasn't what you were
actually running (which
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EAS not recognizing the Active Directory

2736376 9 hours ago (Show more)

Hi All, We migrated the shared services security from Test to Prod. We now having issue
accessing the EssProdCluster-1 using the active directory. Native Directory is ok. We don't
have any problem
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Clear and Reloading the database makes calc scripts run very slow for a few days then

DonnaMarie 1 week ago (Show more)

We are on Essbase when we clear and reload a native essbase application database,
then run our data load script the next morning, it runs for hours longer than normal. The
script has only
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sunil k (to IraK) 11 hours ago (Show more)
Good to know that - keep us posted.

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Configuration SSO on Essbase

E. Bill 2 days ago (Show more)

Hello, I looking for a document: How to configure SSO on a Hyperion platform.
Shared Services and Essbase containing only. Furthermore, I ask myself if the SSO works on
SmartView or
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E. Bill (to Sh!va) 16 hours ago (Show more)
Thank you for your reply. Do you have a link on documentatin SSO configuration on
Windows or Linux? Thank you in advance.
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Different ways to Load data from Essbase BSO to ASO Application

1047190 2 days ago (Show more)

Hi All, Can anyone tell me 1.Different ways to Load data from Essbase BSO to ASO
Application? any document related to that would be helpful
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Ankur-U (to 1047190) 1 day ago (Show more)
Apologies for diverting the original discussion - but to answer your question there are
multiple ways to do it: - Report Scripts can be used to extract the data (Technical Reference) Data Syncs
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ASO Aggregation Issue

Ethan 1 day ago (Show more)

Hi, I am having an issue with ASO Aggregations. Essbase version is, with patch
106. Below is the screenshot of the issue. ALLOCS is the parent of ALLOCSIN &
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Ethan (to GlennS_3) 1 day ago (Show more)
Glenn, Thank You for the response. Yes, I am already truncating the source data to 2
decimal places before loading into the cube. Another pattern I noticed is that there are more
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Performance improvement of ASO database retrieval

Ankur-U 2 days ago (Show more)

Hi, We have a ASO cube with 13 dimensions (few of the dimensions are quite big) Acc
(3000+ members) - we have multiple alternate hierarchies Entity (2000+ members) - couple
of alternate
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Ankur-U (to GlennS_3) 1 day ago (Show more)
Yeah I think that's reasonable - because we will have backups on regular interval. Only thing
that would be impacted is security I think - which would have to be re-created with the
application each
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Can't create or delete Essbase applications with Admin user.

user10778927 2 days ago (Show more)

Hello, I'm currently running Essbase on version For some reason, I can't create
or delete applications in Essbase using the native admin account. I suspect that it may be due
to the
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TimG (to user10778927) 1 day ago (Show more)
Wow, that's a weird one. What do you see from the Essbase side (rather than looking in
Shared Services) if you do "display privilege user xxxx;" in MaxL?
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