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February 17, 2015

I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:
A. Know the different parts of a computer
B. Appreciate the importance of each part of a computer and the computer also as
a whole.
C. Demonstrate the different functions of each part of a computer.
II. Subject Matter
A. Topic
Parts of a Computer
B. Reference
Computer Basics Textbook
Computer-Grade 7
David Smith Patrick Blunt
Pages 55 74
C. Materials
III. Procedure
A. Preparation
Greet the students and ask them to seat properly.
B. Motivation
Make the students imagine that parts of computer or the computer itself does
not exist. Ask them how they feel.
Show them several images of parts of a computer and let them name every
C. Lesson Proper
Parts of a computer are essential so that the computer set can perform well.
Each of its part has an important functions or role that performs in every
operation of a computer.
The most common parts that compose a computer set are monitor, system unit,
keyboard, mouse, automatic voltage regulator (avr), uninterrupted power supply

(UPS) and printer. They have different functions that they perform in every
operation and activity of a computer (discuss the different parts and give the
definition and functions of each).
A computer set that lack a particular part of it may affects the performance of its
output and the user may suffer a common difficulty in operating the machine.
Functions and performance or a computer set may affect the output of any
documents and projects that the user is intended to make.
D. Activity
Let the students recognize the images of part of a computer that showed to them
before to check if their first answer is correct based form the discussion.
E. Generalization
It is very important that every student must know, differentiate and recognize
the different parts of a computer and their function, especially during their
younger age so that they can use and apply their learning to their studies and
even in any things that needed in their life.
IV. Evaluation
Get a one fourth sheet of paper and answer each question.
1. What part of a computer acts as a display unit used for viewing the activity
being done by the computer?
2-3. What are the two types of computer monitor?
4. It is an input device primarily used for typing.
5. It is an output device of a computer that produces documents, photographs,
certificates and many others.
V. Assignment
On a one whole sheet of paper, answer the following;
1. What is a Computer Software?
2. Give atleast 5 examples of Computer Software.

Prepared by:
Mr. Romeo E. Lastrollo
Computer Teacher