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PREMIER develops

migration strategy to convert

legacy Foxboro DCS
systems to Rockwell
ControlLogix PAC systems.
FoxviewTM or Display Manager
FactoryTalkTM View SE
ControlLogix PAC system
RSLogixTM 5000
Foxboro IA DCS
ControlLogix PAC

Customer Business Goals
Decrease operational expenses
Better access to skilled technicians and
maintenance personnel
Consolidate plant controls into one platform.

PREMIER System Integrators, Inc.

is committed to delivering the
finest quality industrial and process
control solutions to our customers.
We want to discuss the
advantages of our approach and
recommend integration solutions
for your production strategy.

Many facilities are looking for conversion

or migration paths from the Foxboro I/A
platform to ControlLogix because:

Some legacy Foxboro modules are

no longer supported.
Legacy Display Manager (DM) must
be converted to FoxView/FoxDraw.
Foxboro installed base is small
compared to AB in some facilities.

PREMIER System Integrators

140 Weakley Lane
Smyrna, TN 37167

PREMIER will help make this effort

efficient and accurate.

The non-Windows based operator

interface migration is done using a
combination of display documentation
routines, third party migration (currently
not available for FactoryTalk View SE) and
manual display duplication.

Facilities with large AB installed base

can minimize training, spares etc.
PREMIER has developed a strategy to
help achieve successful conversions by:

Ensuring process behaves the same

after conversion.
Ensuring capture of all HMI actions
Maintaining wiring accuracy and
Promoting operator acceptance
through proper training.
Hardware Conversion
Foxboro control processors (CP10, CP30,
CP40, CP60) are replaced with
ControlLogix PACs. Selected Field Bus
Modules (FBMs) are replaced with 1756
series I/O cards. Custom interface cables,
designed by PREMIER, are used to
connect the Foxboro nosecone connectors
to Allen-Bradley swing arms. The Ladder
Logic programs that run in the
FBM08/FBM10 modules are converted or
migrated to the host ControlLogix
Foxboro operator consoles are replaced
with FactoryTalk View SE, most likely
using an OPC server on the Foxboro side
to aid the migration. This allows any
existing Foxboro data to be presented in
FactoryTalk View SE during migration until
all the Foxboro control components have
been completely removed.
Software Conversion

The S88 batch logic in Foxboro I/A is

migrated to FactoryTalk Batch. The
process model, recipes, and phase
interface blocks will require manual
conversion, third party conversion, or
development of conversion software.
Many of the process control blocks can be
converted using the software developed by

The Foxboro software is migrated to a

Rockwell based solution using a
combination of automatic tools and manual
A ControlLogix PAC project template is
created that essentially duplicates the
point type used within Foxboro I/A. Using
the DCS Database conversion utility
developed by PREMIER, most of the point
data is migrated to PLC based points
using only a few automated steps.
Control logic for advanced programming is
reviewed on a project-by-project basis to
analyze what migration steps are required.
Cross referencing tools developed by
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