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com) Society Organized Play campaign. RoGUES In addition. given situation. The following features work equally well following classes. downloadable PDF from which grants an array of helpful details everything you need to know abilities to play in the official Pathfinder to ensure these expert Pathfinders are able to adapt to any Skill-oriented number of useful character options.fs satchel (page 24) and the tijJhijit belt (page 25). KNOW? "Iconic" Pathfi nder Eando Kline is named after three esteemed fantasy and science fiction l u m i n a ries: brothers Earl a n d Otto Binder-who wrote such works as "I. useful data. wayfinders as are (pages the 2 0 -2 1) and the Pathfinders operating out of these locales. MAGI Practitioners of and will their sorcery disposal both find in (page aids such as the much this including new spells like thaumaturjJy swordplay u ) at volume. the special A001T10NAt RESOURCES fantastic might of spells such as this section make each Pathfinder Pathfinders might find especially lodge a worthwhile stop. or background might be. Pathfinder CampaiJJn SettinJJ: Pathfinder Society Field Guide contains PRESTIGE CLASS information about the Society and a Experienced characters walks of life can from benefit all from characters such as and the taking levels in the Pathfinder field Guide to Pathfinder Society OrJJanized Play (available as a free. collaborative and combat deceptive weapon special ability (page i4). rogues and ninja can benefit from 2 the myriad abilities and bonuses VANlTlES provided by Characters who've made a name and discreet magic items like the for previous book thie. Robot" under the pen name Eando Binder-a nd Swordsman of Mars author Otis Adel bert Kline. paizo. regardless of whatever the character's focus. Roleplaying adorers bards of secrets and should find no Game.2 9 . useful. on pages 2 8 . shortage of material to play with here. agent prestige class (pages i 8 -19). PATHFINDER GEAR Wayfinders (pages 2 0 -21) and ioun stones (pages 2 2 -23) have been iconic while a look tools of the Pathfinder Society since inside the various branches of the its inception. A slew of magic items such as new ioun stones (pages 2 2 -23) and wayfinders (pages 2 0 -2 1) are sure to please magpies. type. field key Pathfinder lodges (pages i6-17) agents are sure to find just the right provides information hounds with type for any given situation. and with all the new Pathfinder Society (pages 10 -15) and varieties found in this book. PATHFINDER LODGES 1 NQUlSITORS The various Pages i6-17 and the inside front teamwork feats in this book are sure to be of use to cover note several of the most prominent Pathfinder lodges found discreet throughout the Inner Sea region­ and versatile abilities of variant information sure to be useful to inquisitors. for any character in the Pathfinder BARDS Ever the baubles. Savvy types who exploits can enjoy a wide variety ioun stones (pages 2 2 -23) themselves DID YOU through of valuable benefits by using the enjoy making a profit on the side can Prestige Points they've accumulated also find new ways to supplement during their adventuring careers to their incomes with new vanities purchase the new vanities presented (pages 28-29).FOR EVERY CHARACTER FOCUS CHARACTERS This Player Companion highlights Certain game elements transcend options specific to characters of the the particulars of race and class. sure castinlJ (page miscalculation (page bonuses granted to agents heading This book makes mention of several out from the lodges mentioned in other sources that those playing i3) and tactical i5). .

RULES lNDEX In addition to bonuses provided by various Pathfinder lodges (pages 16-17). vanities (pages 2 8 -2 9). the following rules elements can be found throughout this Player Companion. and volumes of the Chronicles Patlifinder (pages 2 6 . Tea mwo rk) Ve rsatile Sponta n e i ty SPELL PAGE Cauterizing weapon 14 12 10 10 13 15 Collaborative thaumaturgy Kreighton's perusal Page-bound epiphany Sure casting Tactical miscalculation TRAIT TYPE Ambush tra i n i ng Clever word p l a y I nsistent be nefacto r Muscle o f the Soci ety Pathfi nde r's focus Relic-proof Co mbat Social Magic Co mbat Magic Social MAGIC ITEM Book thief's satchel Campsite feather token Coat of pockets Contingent wayfinder First aid gloves Headhunter wayfinder Honeytongue elixir Hypnotic wayfinder Lenses of situational sight Noisemaker wayfinder Pathfinder greatcoat Palish o f inconspicuous armor Smuggler's wayfinder Tightfit belt Truthseeker wayfinder Wayfinder of the planes 11 15 13 11 8 15 8 13 9 9 8 13 11 15 9 PAGE 15 11 13 15 13 11 PAGE 24 24 24 20 24 20 24 20 25 21 2S 25 21 25 21 21 . Tea mwork) Pa tient Strike (Co m bat) P l a n ned Sponta n e i ty Quick Pre p a ration Renown Steadfast M i n d Ta pestry Trave l e r U ncanny Activation U nderhanded Tea mwork (Co m bat.2 7). FEAT PAGE Co l l e ctive Reco l lection (Tea mwo rk) Cut Yo u r Losses E m e rg e n cy Attunement Esoteric Adva ntage I m p roved Day Job I m p roved U nderhanded Tea mwork (Co m bat. new ioun stones (pages 2 2 -23).

the Society has held as its motto newest finds. is also of vital importance As with any organization. an ongoing series of chapbooks distributed widely throughout the the value that draws Pathfinders to the organization. Patlifinder Chronicles. the Society's field agents venture that populate the Great Beyond. reports are included in the The first of the three tenets.The Pathfinder Society is an organization of thousands their wanderlust and to answer the call of the uncharted of daring and eager adventurers who value exploration. No matter where a Pathfinder goes. organization." While different anonymous members of the Decemvirate-at the Grand factions have led the society in a variety of directions over Lodge in Absalom for further review. from these three values the organization Ten (as the members of the Decemvirate are called) feel the has never strayed-so ingrained are they in the heart and exploits of a Pathfinder are worthy of immortality. Scholars. They act as chroniclers learning centers seek new discoveries within the pages of the world around them. Based out of the dark caverns beneath the surface world. unveil the mysteries knowledge. is often 4 The discoveries of a Pathfinder mean little if only she find places among the ranks of the Pathfinders. These venture-captains in turn pass on the three tenets which all Pathfinders are expected to the most noteworthy discoveries to their superiors-the uphold: "Explore. Thus the second CORE VALUES to the organization. report. mechanisms behind some of the world's most influential exploration is at the heart of her motives. and helping their fellow Pathfinders. exploration. These books serve as guides and handbooks Pathfinder hopefuls flock to the for other field agents and inspire those non-members Society to indulge . reporting. When these masked the centuries. their reports ranging from the of antiquity. Thanks to a network of venture­ tenet of the Society. powers. Even Pathfinder agents to the far corners of Golarion and beyond in search of who feel most comfortable in dusty libraries or ancient ancient wonders and lost knowledge. Since its founding just to locate a friendly ear with which they can share their over 4 0 0 years ago. cooperate. Pathfinder field series of core values that guides its members and upon agents typically need only travel a short distance in order which all Pathfinders can agree. such soul of all true Pathfinders. mercenaries. indulging in explorations of the mind and day-to-day activities of an isolated village to the political the arcane alike. the Pathfinder Society has a captains spread throughout the world. explorers. and of the Grand Lodge in the sprawling metropolis of Absalom discover the infinite potential held in the other realities in the eye of the Inner Sea. regions beyond the edge of the map. heroes-all can and her companions know of them.

whom they conclusion of a mission. Below a re but a few such d iscoveries. it is these venture-captains who send on secret missions-especially dangerous or important submit their subordinates' reports to the Grand Lodge for ones outside the Society's normal hierarchy. The greed and selfishness of most evildoers does not mesh well with the code of cooperation held by members of the Society. In general. the Decemvi rate chose as its prize a n a rtifact known as the Hoo }in Tapestry. Among these review and possible publication in the agents are the Three Deans. These venture-captains often serve as expedition liaisons for all Pathfinders independent from the venture­ leaders or founders of new lodges in yet unexplored captains. The highest echelon a Pathfinder can reach within the but most often. Proof of the Drow: I n 4707 AR. or they take on various positions of authority at explored in more detail on pages 10-15 of this book. exploits. which had ke pt the truth of their d a rk breth re n hidden fo r thousands of years. evolve into parties that travel together their entire careers. An individual Pathfinder may belong to numerous adventuring groups over the course ofher career. the Spells. Pathfi nder agent Ko riah Azmeren p u b l ished p roof that the su bterra nean d a rk elves known a s d row truly existed. but despite the organization's self-proclaimed neutrality and supposed openness to agents of all walks. The fo rmer have beco m e sta ples of every Pathfi nder's gear. Sometimes these alliances city and within the massive lodge. are generally retired field This io-person committee of anonymous masked agents guides the Pathfinder Society from Skyreach. and from time to time made sufficiently notable discoveries to attain the title rumors spread that one or more venture-captains have been while still in their adventuring prime. the Pathfi nder Soci ety has sponsored exped itions that have netted some of modern h isto ry's g reatest d iscove ries. a m o n g other things. Though egos often run high in the Society and every agent wants to be the one credited with a monumental discovery. ORGAN1ZAT10N S TRUCTURE The membership primarily of of the field Pathfinder Society agents-adventurers who consists travel throughout Golarion to explore the lesser-seen parts of the world. In times of need­ whether while preparing to embark on a dangerous new mission or while on the run from a host of newly made enemies-a Pathfinder can always count on a fellow agent to lend whatever aid possible. ways upon completing their group assignment. for it is often only a matter of time until one finds himself in similar need. These venture-captains serve as facilitators of agents' work within the Society. most Pathfinders tend to be altruistic or at least impartial rather than wicked. alliances of opportunity along the way or simply by seeing her companions retire or meet unplanned ends during their shared journeys. the heads of the Society's three Patlifinder Chronicles. Venture-captains. whether by following her personal interests and making FAMOUS PATHFINDER SOCIETY DISCOVERIES Over its 406-yea r h i sto ry. Thus. no agent is ever truly alone. which requires dozens of work in tandem with other field agents when given the same venture-captains to manage the hundreds of agents in the mission by a venture-captain.who read them to embark on their own new adventures or consider joining the Society. Pathfinders the Grand Lodge in Absalom. 5 . The three branches of the Pathfinder Society are regions. The true identities of the in dark tombs is no longer desirable. the central agents who have either reached an age at which adventuring structure of the Grand Lodge. The Hao Jin Tapestry: When a tea m of Pathfi nders won Go ka's fa mous Ruby Phoenix Tou rnament i n 471 1 AR on behalf of the entire Society. While many Pathfinders have reputations as loners or eccentrics. There he d iscovered. Venture-captains who earn their title while still eager organization-wide branches-the Scrolls. and contacts to Each member of the Ten is believed to have at their those who embark upon missions from their lodges. demon-worsh i p i n g society sent ripples t h ro u g h o u t the I n n e r S e a . These field agents are most often simply called Pathfinders. Some of these f i n d i n g s have become so legendary that they a re now pa rt of the co m m o n lexicon. the d row's twisted. More i nfo rmation on the Hoo }in Tapestry can be found on the i nside back cover of this book. At the disposal one or more high-ranking field agents. a group of given Pathfinders amiably splits organization is to become a member of the Decemvirate. providing materials. Those in the former promoted into the elite circle. every Pathfinder is expected to help other members at any cost. a n d t a l e s of the perso n a l ities i nvolved have rea ched the fa r corners of the I n ner Sea reg ion. the first Pathfi nder to become a household n a m e. only the most foolhardy truly believe they can steal from or impede other Society members. and the and able to continue their field work are generally allowed Swords-who serve as mentors for new recruits and act as to do so. especi a l l y the e l v e n n a t i o n of Kyo n i n. which acts as a po rta ble demi plane and has a l l owed the Pathfinder Society to extend its influence g reatly. or those who have Ten are a closely guarded secret. however. while the latter serve a s powe rfu l a n d myste rious tools to a ny i n the adventuring busi ness. The Decemvirate's secretive category are often given oversight of a specific Pathfinder nature allows them to keep an eye on the entire organization lodge-a chapter house or way station for Pathfinder field and remain free from influence of the varying factions at agents. Previously known only as the s u bject of legends a n d bedtime ho rro r stori es. for their part. the myste rious magical technology of woyfinders a n d ioun stones. The Ruins of Azlant: D u rvin G est. exp l o red the ruins of the a ncient civil ization of Azlant fa r west of the Arch of Aroden. knowledge. The Pathfinder Society claims that its core values are meant to serve neither benevolent nor malicious ends.

it is up to an agent to perform or features in favor of maximizing others. 1TEMK1TS While a wayfinder is one of a Pathfinder's most useful tools. Likewise. but being able to pin an enemy negotiation. Contingency Planner: Of course. One would do well to keep fields being local affairs. there is simply no substitute for magical consumables. Packing a variety of gear ensures that even if one doesn't have the perfect tool for the job. a scholar must swim well enough to stay af loat. Pathfinder character. it may be tempting to sacrifice some abilities intelligence for a mission. and cases where a fatality would be inadvisable. 6 . For instance. sword at a violent foe. but well-honed. a wise field agent knows to bring along a variety of equipment. special attention. well-rounded skills are what keep creating a new Pathfinder character. one might have enough odds and ends to formulate a creative solution. Similarly. the art of learning about a site and encounters. Alchemy often provides an economical and powerful means of diversifying a Pathfinder's toolkit. Skills for a Pathfinder fall into three major different approaches to adversarial confrontations and categories: research. and a well-placed thunderstone or tanglefoot bag can spell the end of a potential fight before it even begins. magical matters. and healing a bit before battle may be all that keeps a Pathfinder from later collapsing or dying outright. an agent A capable Pathfinder should aim to be proficient with at can ill afford to sacrifice too much versatility in the least one skill in each of these categories. a barbarian can easily swing a predicting its dangers Perception). and the ways of the natural world. but the research and legwork to predict likely challenges and advantage of a certain gimmick or niche specialty may prepare for them. and Intimidate). since gathering information is vital to and a warrior must not ruin an infiltration mission by a Pathfinder's primary objective and can help determine freezing up when asked a simple question by a guard . Even the magically inept can drink a potion. religious sects. Versatile Venturer: Natural talent can take a Pathfinder spreading oneself too thin can be just as detrimental as overspecialization. Each of the following item kits can be purchased to supply a Pathfinder with an array of handy items. Diplomacy. While Even though a venture-captain might provide the essential creating a new character for the Pathfinder Society. name of specialization. the art of traversing difficult terrain and wizard who can charm guards and patsies could do worse bypassing deadly obstacles (a variety of skills ranging than to prepare some evocation spells on the side should combat be inevitable. Magical Aids: Sometimes. but the cost of saving one's own life in a pinch rarely has a price too high. A Pathfinder should always study in at be useless (or even detrimental) in missions that call least one area of knowledge. with some of the most useful for a different approach. the art of talking one's way into a site and for later interrogation would be a good backup talent in out of trouble (Bluff.CHARACTER CHOlCES from Climb and Swim to Acrobatics and Disable Device). extraplanar the following points in mind while creating a new beings. scrolls and wands make for potent expendable items that may require a sizable initial investment. When far. Even though many Pathfinders work in teams. the outcome of a mission long before the quest's climax. Well-Equipped: Preparedness begins with a backpack full of equipment for every situation. a (Knowledge and navigation. focus on honing two him alive. A priest must be able to climb Student for Life: Knowledge skills in particular deserve a rope.

jack-of-a l l -tra d e s. U po n rea c h i n g his d e s t i n a t i o n. Knowledge ( h i sto ry).PRICE 1 40 G P WEIGHT 1 5 LBS. sometimes i t is best to s i m ply avo i d a confrontation a l together in o rd e r to save the Pathfi n d e r's e n e rgy a n d res o u rces. abilities. Appra i se. a sava n t n e g o t i a te s peacefu l l y w h e n i t i s to h i s a d v a n t a g e. Cooperate: These t h ree word s define the i d e a l o p e rative's behavior i n the soci ety. the we ight of a n infiltration kit is 9 pounds. a n d a whetsto ne. and boons at their disposal to ensure that they're never caught off guard . p rofess i o n a l . c a p a b l y h a n d l e s co m ba t w h e n d i sc u s s i o n fa i ls. a signal whistle. i nfi ltrat i o n kif'. a n d so Pathf i n d e rs should a lways re m e m b e r to whom t hey've assigned t h e i r a l l e g i a nce f i rst and fore m ost: the Soci ety. g u i leful polygl ot). Be a Pathfinder First: For yea rs. a disgu ise kit. a sewing need le. i n t h i s l i ne of busi ness. Preferred Languages dead l a n g uages (Ancient Osiriani. a n d s u rvives t h e most biza rre e n v i ro n m e nts and c h a l l e n g e s t h a t ca n be fo u n d o n G o l a r i o n -a l l to e n s u re t h e s u ccess of h i s m i s s i o n a n d t h e s a fety of his tea m m ates. a wee k's worth of tra i l ratio ns. fake footprint shoes"'. s o feet of stringAPG. i t i s i m portant to h e l p those i n need a n d gain the trust of others. Archetype s u rviva l ist"c. su bte rfuge. versa t i l e fi e l d a g e n t Race a ny CLASS OPTIONS Class ba rd. the fo l l o w i n g a re some of the most we l l . a sava n t a b l y re cords a n d recovers eve ry t h i n g of i nterest a n d ret u rns t o h i s ve n t u re-ca pta i n i n o n e p i ece. Leaving the bedro l l and rations at camp o r o n a mount red uces the weight by 12 pounds for Med i u m creatu res a n d by 3 pounds for S m a l l creatures. two fishhooks. having to a b a n d o n a few d i s posa b l e too l s is a s m a l l price to pay for having the perfect tool for the j o b w h e n a n u n l i kely situation a rises. PATHF1NDER ROLE Although Pathfinders value teamwork. o p e n . advanced rog u e t a l e nts (a nother day. For S m a l l creatures. a skeleton key"'. cha l k. a n d c u n n i n g of such ca n ny a d ve n t u re rs. a n d incl udes a set of ca ltro ps. Two Friends for Every Enemy: Recove ring h istory m i g h t i nvolve tres passing. When possi b l e. Draco n i c 7 . a clay m ug"'. W h e t h e r h e s t u d i e d h a rd d u r i n g h i s t ra i n i n g a s a Pathfi n d e r o r was a l re a d y wo r l d l y w h e n h e was re cru ited. it is sometimes wiser to temporarily back o u t a n d reassess the situation rather than h a p hazard l y stu m b l e onward . Explore. s l i p pery m i nd. Archetype a rc h a e o l o g i st"c. e d u cated. s u rviva l i st). D i p l o m a cy. Pack More Than You Need: I t i s better to be ove r­ p re p a red t h a n to c u rse o n e's l a c k of foresig ht. Foc u s i n g too heavily o n perfo r m i n g these factions' req u ests ca n lead to the tea m's fa i l u re. Eve n if the extra neous e q u i p ment p roves too heavy later i n the trip. and m a ny Pathfi n d e rs a id e d o n e of these fa ctions i n return for favors. a dagger. i m p roved eva s i o n) PREFERRED OPTIONS Skills Acrobati cs. n o n e c a n d e ny t h e s h e e r usefu l n ess. a d va nced rog u e t a l e nts (s k i l l ma ste ry. Not every encou nter must be resolved with viole nce. PATHFINDER SAVANT Resourceful Pathfinder at the Ready Specialty a d a pt a b l e adventu rer. pole. a bedro l l. wo rking to i ro n o u t d i ffere n ces w i t h co m p a n i o n s before acco m pa ny i n g t h e m i nto the f i e l d w h e re a n i l l -t i m e d d i s a g reement m i g h t res u l t i n d isa ster.known m a x i m s d isse m i nated t h ro u g h o u t the Pathfi n d e r Soci ety. Pathfi n d e r's kif'. This kit co nsists of a backpack. Azlanti. q u i ck-witted Preferred Equipment fi s h i n g net. a l a rg e pe rce ntage of people a re a m biva l e n t o r e v e n friendly to the Pathfi n d e r Soci ety. A Fight Not Fought Is a Battle Won: Despite the Society's m a n y riva l s. t a l e nt. b e i n g a Pathfi n d e r q u i ckly d e g ra d e s i nto p u rposeless to m b ro b b i n g . the we ight of a Pathfi nde r's kit is 7-1 /2 pounds. a fl int a n d steel. nations a ro u n d the I n ne r Sea reg i o n have e n g a g e d i n a shadow wa r for i n f l u e nce ove r Absa l o m. Class Features rog u e t a l e nts (co m b a t trick. ROLEPLAYING Persona c a p a b le. defensive ro l l. a n ear trum pet"'. Thass i l o n i a n).a l l -t ra d e s m u s t be a b l e to reco g n ize an i m portant fi n d and p re p a re i n te l l i g e n t l y before sett i n g o u t ADVICE FOR NEOPHYTES Vete ra n Pathfi n d e rs may have a n y n u m be r of p i eces of advice for roo k i e field a g e nts." Adept i n a broad ra n g e of d a n g e ro u s a n d d e l i cate s i t u a t i o ns. Don't Sacrifice the Future for the Past: Too often Pathfi nders become so focused o n success that they fa i l to re member that retreat is a l m ost a l ways an option. Skill Focus (a ny) DESCRIPTION A Pathfi n d e r savant is l i ke l y w h a t o rd i n a ry fo l k typica l l y t h i n k of w h e n s o m e o n e m e n t i o n s t h e wo rd "Pat hfi n d e r. I f one is i l l . a wate rskin.m i nded. h a u g h ty. most strive to be self-reliant. W h i l e s o m e Pathfi n d e rs fi n d these i n d e p e n d e n t. res i l i e n cy. Report. t h o u g h t f u l reexa m i n i ngAPG) Class rog u e. Class Features rog u e t a l e nts (ca n ny observerAPG. These individuals make sure to have all manner of tools. Items marked with an asterisk (*) appear on this page. a n d co m petition a g a i nst g ro u ps o r even e n t i re nations that d o not s h a re the Pathfi n d e rs' priorities. Many Pathf i n d e rs e m p ha s ize the t h i rd tenet of t h e i r o rd e r. a Pathfi n d e r needs a l l the friends she ca n get.prepared for a n excavation o r m i ssion. t h i s j a c k-of. W i t h o u t f i n d i n g a n d s h a r i n g knowledge. v i o l e n ce. charmerAPG. L i n g u istics. a n d a wrist sheath"'· For S m a l l creatu res.m i n d e d fi e l d a g e nts d i ffi c u l t to work a l o n g s i d e. i nto u n fa m i l i a r l o c a l e s . a belt pouch. E n d u ra nce. Perception Feats Co m b a t Expe rtise. This kit is useful to Pathfi nders who must practice g u i l e a n d deception i n o rder t o acq u i re u s e f u l i nfo rmation. s o feet of thread.

. If you gain spells early-these are generally initiates who could have earned from multiple classes. the player should decide whether her character joined via standard training or via field Prerequisite: the Ability to attempt Day Job checks (see Guide to Paflifinder Society Ornanized Play). Particularly ambitious or gifted initiates might use to determine your save D Cs. But the Pathfinder Society would be remiss not to at least give those interested parties a lMPROVED DAY Jos chance. Benefit: You can choose wayfinders and become full-fledged Pathfinders. but those who pay attention to the deans of You can concentrate even in the direst circumstances. called Confirmation. attempted to cast it. Each year.Joining the Pathfinder Society For centuries. When you do in Absalom or another prominent lodge in Avistan or so. This bonus each route has vastly different implications regarding a stacks with other feats that grant a bonus to the chosen character's background and personality. an initiate gets the chance to take a final test. you must while those who fail are honorably discharged from the meet the prerequisite that matches the ability score you Society. bonus spells per day. initiates begin a series of lessons and increasingly challenging tests to prepare them for dangers in the field . After 3 years of training. Special: To gain the benefits of this feat. While this decision has no gameplay effects. When creating a character that is a member of the Pathfinder Society. the Grand Lodge-Master of Scrolls Kreighton Shaine. This challenging exam Prerequisite: Cha is. and know how to retain your magic even when it would Master of Spells Aram Zey. Many would-be Pathfinders lack the stomach to serve Though this path of careful training isn't as glamorous as agents in the field. which take place either on the grounds of the Grand Lodge to ready an attack as a full­ round action instead of a standard action . hundreds of potential Pathfinder agents make their way to the Grand Lodge in Absalom or other lodges throughout the world in the hopes of earning wayfinders of their very own. menial tasks that make up much of their training as STEADFAST MlND mere chores. you must meet the prerequisite field commissions had their lives led them to adventure ability score for each class to gain the benefits of this first instead of to the gates of the Grand Lodge. potential Pathfinders for talent and drive is through an arduous 3 -year period of training and testing. Many initiates see the Normal: Readying an attack is a standard action and doesn't grant a bonus on your attack roll . Benefit: Whenever you fail a concentration check while casting defensively and would normally lose a prepared spell or spell slot. applicant even stands a chance. convince the deans to allow them to attempt Confirmation and ability to cast spells of a given level . o r Wis is (see special). and the way a skill. character first earns his wayfinder often says much about how he'll conduct himself afterward. The to hard work-some of the greatest Pathfinders of all time Pathfinder Society's leadership privately prefers to bring have earned their new adventurers into the organization via field commission undergone training (whether they spent all 3 years under rather than enlisting volunteers. one skill you choose when you take this feat. even if the spell is retained. you gain a +2 bonus on your attack roll when your Garund . ultimately finding themselves as a field commission-and certainly not a good fit for abandoning their hopes or taking supporting roles within headstrong Pathfinders who lack patience or a dedication the organization (most often as librarians and clerks). That means there are two efficient paths to joining You learned the importance of an honest day's work the Pathfinders: training and field commission. including Skill Focus. and Master of Swords Marcos otherwise be wasted . feat when casting spells from that class's spell list . Pathfinders who have first unsupervised mission . Int is. children across the Inner Sea have listened wide-eyed to tales from the Patlifinder Chronicles and dreamed of becoming Pathfinders themselves one day. you may attempt a Will save (DC = is + spell level) to retain the spell as though you had not is effectively the initiate's first mission as a Pathfinder. The failed concentration check still Those who complete Confirmation successfully receive results in the spell's failure. PATIENT STRIKE (COMBAT) Your training under the Master of Swords has taught TRA1N1NG you that a well-timed strike is worth waiting for and The most common way the Pathfinder Society screens that patience will serve you well in the long run . Benefit: You gain a +3 bonus on Day Job checks using commission. wayfinders this way. as it saves the group the the deans' watchful eyes or passed Confirmation early) can effort of training initiates bound to wash out or die on their take the following feats. Farabellus-and their Pathfinder instructors can learn much if they realize the lessons inherent within the unceremonious errands assigned to them. their 8 Prerequisite: Int i3 . After a series of basic tests to determine if an readied action triggers. while training as an initiate of the Pathfinder Society.

and oracles. Pathfinders who earned their wayfinders scroll of and the Empower Spell metamagic feat could prepare and entry to the Society via a field commission can take an the following feats. Prerequisites: Int 13 or Wis 13 (see Special). If Special: Prerequisite: Ability to prepare spells. you must Early on in your adventuring career. To do so. A spell prepared in initiates fresh out of the training yard. 9 . spell must be on your spell list (even if it is not one of Though Pathfinders who pay their dues during years your spells known). Normal: spell in empowered fireball a Wisdom score of at least 13 to take this feat. even if your natural magical an explorer earns instant acceptance into the Pathfinder abilities lend themselves less to preparation and more Society based on an established record of significant to spontaneity. though the greatest share of those feats is i level lower than called upon for their previous service are untrained or the highest-level spell you can from metamagic self-taught adventurers such as barbarians and rangers. or power can quickly the selected spell on a scroll or in a spellbook. score prerequisite. treasure. under extreme time constraints. You can is less dramatic than that of traditionally trained field apply metamagic feats to the agents who've yet to even see a comrade bleed. discoveries or exceptional deeds relating to the three Pathfinder tenets. you may opt to prepare one spell you don't the eye of a local venture-captain. and some adventurers work their entire lives to earn a Benefit: When you regain spell slots at the start However. a Pathfinder hopeful who captures of the day. you must have the time necessary to do so. performs a noble or know in place of a daily spell slot i level higher than the valuable service to a Pathfinder in the field.000 people or more. spell as normal. the challenges before you. a weren't honed so much as manifested. you learned (perhaps have an Intelligence score of the hard way) how to prepare your spells even when put at least 13 to take this feat .VERSATlLE 5PONTANE1TY F1Et0 COMM1SS10N Adventurers who prove exceptionally talented might stumble upon the track to becoming a You made a good name for yourself in the Pathfinder Pathfinder Society in part because you knew how to prepare for without even realizing it. you must have access to wayfinder. a truly notable location. such as sorcerers fireball. expending the spell as loose cannons or lucky fools. ability to spontaneously cast 2nd-level spells. cast. as long as the Characters of virtually any class or from any walk of spell's actual level plus the life can find themselves recipients of Pathfinder Society increases field commissions. venture-captains feel slot as though it were a known spell reassured in sending seasoned adventurers on missions being cast by you . both arcane spellcasting and divine classes. meet the associated ability Benefit: When in a settlement of 5. a 12th-level or individuals with mysterious innate abilities that sorcerer with this feat. you halve you If you spontaneously spontaneously cast divine spells. If you have Preparing all of your spells takes 1 hour. you RENOWN can use this feat to prepare Word of your pre-Pathfinder accomplishments precedes a spell using a given class's you. Through a field commission. You can cast the selected agents their "accidental Confirmations" and view them spell a single time. For example. or uncovers prepared spell's level. Normal: Your Fame score is determined by the total number of Prestige Points earned over the course of your career. and you know how to make the most of your spell slot as long as you previous reputation. treat your Fame score as 2 higher for the purposes of qualifying for Prestige Awards or purchasing equipment. it is worth noting that the rather than the level of the mortality rate of newly field-commissioned Pathfinders spell slot expended. This feat doesn't grant you any additional Prestige Points. and the prove he's up to the task of joining the Society. Benefit: When preparing spells. Field commissions aren't given lightly. Preparing a spell since their years of informal preparation make their in this manner expends a scroll but safety and success more certain than those of green not a spellbook. Qu1cK PREPARATlON cast arcane spells. her 6th-level spell slot. This process takes 10 minutes per of training sometimes begrudge field-commissioned spell level of the selected spell. While this wisdom this way is considered its actual level doesn't always hold true.

and examine potential courses of Master of Scrolls: Kre i g hton S h a i n e action and their prospective outcomes. o bj ect) Yo u g a i n a brief but i nco m p lete u n d e rsta n d i n g of one boo k's contents. Level b a rd 2. SPELLS Pathfinder members of the Scrolls prize spells that secure information and allow a spellcaster to quickly understand TEACH1NGS OF THE SCROLLS new material. decipher codes. This i nsight is not sufficient to translate u n known l a n g u a g es. place they visit. libraries or poring over mysteries from ages past. Act Later: Before jumping headfirst into a potentially dangerous confrontation. it's always best KREIGHTON'S PERUSAL School d i v i nation. S Duration i nsta ntaneous Saving Throw W i l l neg ates ( h a r m l ess. e q u ivalent to having skimmed its pages for 1 h o u r. almost obsessive appreciation Come Prepared: Pathfinders of the Scrolls know that for knowledge and learning. reve a l fa m o u s myste ries. excursions. S . and object they handle is a potential clue to any puzzle at hand . The following spells are a boon to Scrolls When they're not researching moldering tomes in dusty Pathfinders who make use of them. so rce re r/ wiza rd 1 Casting Time 1 sta n d a rd action Components V. In addition.Knowledge-Hunting Philomaths the situation at hand. m a g u s 1. Watch First. Spell Resistance yes ( h a r m l ess. o bj ect). U po n cast i n g this 10 . Wise Pathfinders who follow the teachings of Kreighton agents know to record even the minutest details while Shaine and the other prominent members of the Scrolls in the field. Level b a rd 1. Spell Resistance n o Yo u m a g i c a l l y sco u r the worl d 's l i b ra ries for i nfo rmation that might refresh yo u r m e m o ry a b o u t a to pic. cleric 1. F ( a book with b l a n k pages) Range perso n a l Duration 1 ro u nd/level (see text) Saving Throw n o ne. trave l i n g scho l a rs. but it does a l low the caster to learn what topics the book d iscusses­ inva l ua b l e to a Pathfi nder who m ust m a ke a s n a p decision when performing resea rch o r deciding whether o r not to a bsco nd with a vo l u me. cleric 2. Many Scrolls Pathfinders knowledge can be mightier than a sword in the right are content to spend their careers researching in the situations. you i nsta ntly benefit from a ny bonuses o r effects the book wo u l d norma l l y g ra n t to a nyo ne who rea ds it f o r 1 h o u r (such as the bon uses g a i ned fro m rea d i n g vo l u mes of the Pathfinder Chronicles. Record Everything: Objectives: Resea rc h forgotten l o re. branch have a fervent. so rcerer/wizard 2 Casting Time 1 ro u n d Components V. o r memo rize text. mag us 2. u n cover lost a rtifacts Suggested Characters: Arch a e o l o g i sts. trea s u re h u nters The name of the bartender who served you last night may not have seemed important at the time. but Pathfinders of the Scrolls know that every person they meet. The value of visiting a well-stocked library or dusty libraries of Pathfinder lodges or investigating the consulting a renowned local sage before embarking on little-understood relics picked up on other Pathfinders' an important mission should never be underestimated. see pages 2 6 -27). PAGE-BOUND EPIPHANY School d ivination. but historiographers a fair still number prefer to of these spend academic their time entrenched in the field rather than buried in books. Pathfinders of the Scrolls adhere to a loose set of guidelines and principles to make the most of their experiences in the field.

Pathfinders who belong to the Scrolls branch of the Pathfinder Society may take the following feats. the focus boo k's pages fi l l with s n i p pets a n d selections fro m cou ntless books. o (for instance. If you succeed at the aid another check. you automatically know any information your ally gains from the Knowledge check as if you had rolled the Knowledge check. Choose at a time. a n d i f you fa i l to s u cceed a t a Knowledge check on the ro u n d you stop rea d i n g the n otes. planes. You can switch which identified failures-have inured you to the effects of stored magic. Alternatively. Benefit: If you exceed the Use Magic to determine the same information as your ally after using this feat. The writing d i s a ppea rs w h e n the spell e n d s. you cannot attempt a Knowledge check magical devices. you can't increase an successful Knowledge skill check. You attempt checks with that another individual before 24 hours have passed since you skill using your Intelligence modifier instead of your last adapted to a creature. creature's defenses. Device DC to activate a spell completion or ESOTERIC ADVANTAGE spell trigger item by 5 or more. 11 . the benefit provided against the Charisma modifier. first individual ends and is replaced by the benefit against Relic-Proof: Your experiments-both your successes and the second individual. you would treat DR 5/magic as if it were DR 3/magic). Yo u c a n spend u p to 1 ro u n d per caster level (maxi m u m 1 0) rea d i n g these notes. you can increase the You're able to discern subtle and ineffable flaws in a item's caster level by i for determining the spell's effect. FEATS Members of the Scrolls specialize in adeptly acquiring and applying knowledge to benefit the So ciety and advance their faction's goals. Prerequisite: Use Magic Device 12 ranks. nature. COLLECTIVE RECOLLECTION CT EAMWORK) You and your allies can quickly jog each other's memories to remember essential facts. Benefit: natural defenses. or SOC1AL TRA1TS spell resistance. creature you have adapted your tactics to (including which You gain a +1 trait bonus on saving throws against effects special ability you wish to treat as lower) as a move action. a n d w h e n yo u d o y o u ca n i m m ed iately atte m pt o n e Knowledge check with a +1 c i rc u msta n ce b o n u s for each ro u n d you spent studying the book (maxi m u m +1 0). You must have at least 1 rank in the Knowledge skill to be aided in order to use this feat. Regardless. to a minimum of the Scrolls. you can expend an additional charge to increase the After identifying an individual creature with a caster level by 2 levels. you d o n 't g a i n the benefits of this s p e l l . You can only benefit from this feat against one single creature Clever Wordplay: Your cunning and logic are more than a match for another's confidence and poise. If you use this feat to adapt your tactics to one Charisma-based skill. you can spend a move item's caster level to one that is higher than your own action to adapt your tactics to reduce that individual's caster level. Whether or You can coax greater power out of not your aid another check is successful. local. Yo u may cease rea d i n g a t a n y t i m e. if you exceed the Use Magic Device DC by Prerequisite: Knowledge (arcana. or religion) 3 ranks. Benefit: When an ally who also has this feat attempts a trained Knowledge skill check while within 30 feet of you. you may attempt an aid another check as a free action to improve that ally's skill check. 10 or more when activating a magic item with charges. For the next 24 hours you treat the selected The following social traits are available to members of ability as if it were 2 lower. Choose one of the following abilities that you identified: damage reduction. produced by spell completion and spell trigger items.s p e l l. energy resistance. dungeoneering.

o r Sti l l S p e l l . i nvent new spel ls. sorcerer/wiza rd 3. Objectives: D iscove r m a g i c a l a n o m a l ies. sometimes lost arcana. Cast this spell when a n a l l y casts a spell a t least 1 level lower than t h e h i g h est-level spell s h e c a n cast. in situations where Pathfinders might run afoul of DisJJuise Self: When a Pathfinder's identity becomes a unearthly enemies. F i n a l ly.. and mystical dealings. prepared every morning. d r u i d 3. or dangerous liability to completing the mission at hand. w i tch 3 Casting Time 1 i m m ed iate action Components V. Spells Pathfinders occupy themselves When a Pathfinder agent reaches the final burial chamber in a dangerous crypt. s h e c a n i n stead a p p l y t h e M a x i m ize S p e l l o r W i d e n S p e l l meta m a g i c f e a t to a s p e l l a t l e a s t 3 levels l o w e r tha n t h e h i g h est. Pathfinders. I f t h e a l ly i s t h e t a rg e t of two collaborative thoumoturgy s p e l l s w h e n cast i n g a s p e l l . most are. spellcasters. S.level s p e l l s h e c a n cast. + 5 ft. / 2 levels) Target o n e c rea t u re Duration i n sta nta neous Yo u t a p i n to t h e magical re s o n a n ce betwe e n you a n d yo u r a l l i e s t o e n h a nce o n e a n o t h e r's m a g i c . combat spellcasting foes they might face on missions. It's great for sneaking into places. s u m m o n e r 3. practice the a rcane a rts Suggested Characters: Arca n e researchers. written on _. p l a n a r trave l e rs. it's difficult to know which ones to prioritize Invisibility: When the going gets tough and retreat is the only way to survive a fight. Comprehend LanJJUOJJes: A s befits their name. Yo u c a n 't t a rget yo u rs e l f w i t h collaborative thoumoturgy.c COLLABORATIVE THAUMATURGY School u n iversa l. this spell can be a lifesaver.Studied Pursuers of Eldritch lore a scroll. the last thing she wants to find is some important­ Adherents of the Spells branch are particularly useful looking inscription written in an unknown language. When faced with such a foe. Those who can't cast spells of Dispel MaJJic: When faced with a magical obstacle that their own typically either have a simple appreciation for seems to have no solution. these are spells every Master of Spells: Ara m Zey Pathfinder should consider before leaving the lodge. cleric 3. i f t h e a l l y i s t h e t a rg e t of t h ree collaborative thoumoturgy s p e l l s w h e n casti n g a s p e l l. FlVE SPELLS EVERY PATHFlNDER SHOULDKNOW With as many spells as there are in the world. . T h e a l ly casts h e r spell a s i f o n e of t h e fo l l o w i n g meta m a g i c f e a t s we re a p p l i e d to i t w i t h o u t i n crea s i n g t h e s p e l l l e v e l o r c a s t i n g t i m e : E n l a rg e S p e l l. nothing aids an escape like disappearing into thin air. F (a bronze tuning fork) Range close ( 2 5 ft. occult. E x t e n d S p e l l. t h e a l l y c a n i n stead a p p l y t h e E m power S p e l l m e t a m a g i c feat t o a s p e l l a t l e a s t 2 levels lower tha n t h e h i g hest-l evel s p e l l s h e ca n cast. Whether they're known by heart. or held in a potion or Weapon: Creatures from other planes of existence often have weaknesses to weapons attuned to opposing alignments. this spell can serve as a last­ the arcane or are drawn to the Spells to learn how to best resort option to overcome arcane obstructions. Level b a rd 3. It should come as no surprise that Pathfinders who adhere The following five spells are highly to the methods of the Spells branch of the Society have recommended by experienced Spells invented and honed numerous arcane tools of their own. Though not all members of the Spells are putting on a new face is the easiest course of action. too! SPELLS when preparing for an adventure. m a g u s 3. with all manner of magical. supernatural traps. practiced a rc a n ists Ali. S i l e n t S p e l l.

ability to prepare and cast 4th-level spells. Core Rulebook. In order to accomplish this. wayfinder per the normal rules for wayfinder Pat�nder RPG must be held in your hand to grant the benefits of being a bonded object. b u t do so for perso n a l profit ra ther than the p u rs u i t and d isse m i nation of knowledge.� I Benefit: resist ener1J. you must make a successful Spellcraft check (DC equal to 10 + the level of the spell to be altered). Special: A wizard can select this feat as one of his Pathfinder's Focus: You can select a magnetic compass for your arcane bond class feature. you treat your class original spell. Benefit: Once per day when you prepare spells. N ow at odds with the org a n ization. but when you do. level as if it were 2 higher when calculating the total PLANNED SPONTAN EITY You have a measure of flexibility when preparing spells.Y (cold). 13 . and you spell with 50 minutes of its duration remaining into You teleportation Pathfinder lodge with the teleport spell. such as the spe l l 's damage or ra nge. the twisted reflection of the City at the Ce nter of the Wo rld o n the Shadow Plane. the spells prepared in that spell slot.Y This trade and slaving consort i u m is based out of Shadow Absa lom. and you have spell levels that are lower than the highest-level spell that perfected the art of forcing your magical boons on your you can cast. These trea s u re h u nters a n d adventure rs perform m u c h the s a m e d u t y as Pathfi n d e rs. Choosing this trait allows you to upgrade this TAPESTRY TRAVELER to a variant or unique Your many visits to the improving magic items on page 553 of the Hao Jin Tapestry demiplane have made you an expert in long-distance travel. cleric 1. howeve r. . If you can change the benefit for any other creatures targeted by the teleport as a supernatural ability.ENEMIES OF THE PATHFINDER SOCIETY SURE CASTING School d i v i nation. you gain a +2 trait different spells of the respective level. the spell consumes both of and the saving throw DC of the spell (if any) is increased by 2 . You can cast either bonus on caster level checks to overcome spell resistance. spells as of the though treat yourself as one step more familiar when teleporting to an established but the new duration would be 25 minutes. Benefit: As a standard action. Whenever you cast a harmless spell. F (a s q u a re of cloth a n d a n e e d l e ) Range perso n a l Target yo u Duration 1 ro u n d ( see text) You g a i n tempora ry insight i nto yo u r enemies' magical defenses. you can alter one of your ongoing abjuration or transmutation spells. a 7thlevel wizard could change her (fire) resist ener1J. CULT OF LISSALA D u ri n g the Pathfi nder Society's recent foray i nto the wilds of Va risia. you can designate one spell slot from each of up to three different distance that you can travel with this ability. i n q u isitor 1 . the o rga nization d iscovered the existence of a thriving cult of a god they'd thought long forgotte n . In each designated slot you can memorize two allies. ----- It must be currently affecting you and must grant a choice of options when cast. Level b a rd 1. FEATS Scrolls Pathfinders may take the following feats. wayfinder A bonded wayfinder. a n d Pathf i n d e rs have stepped on n u merous toes s i nce the Society's i ncepti o n . the Blakroses have pulled the Pathfinders i nto their esca lating feud. this compass is nonmagical. the Aspis Co nsort i u m i s a constant fo i l to Pathfi n d e rs t h ro u g h o u t the I n ne r Sea reg i o n . the Blakros fa mily made a barga i n with the a l l ia nce to secure the fa m i ly's rise to power. EMERGENCY ATTUNEMENT ONYX ALLIANCE You can adapt your defenses to any situation. MAG1C TRA1TS The following magic traits are available to members of the Spells. a n d affects only the fi rst spell cast after sure casting. treat yo u r caster level as 5 higher than normal for the pu rpose of overco ming spell resista nce. sorcerer/ The g o a l s of the Pathfi n d e r Society do not a lways l i n e u p w i t h those of other o rg a n izations. The Lissa l a n cu ltists were not so keen o n being studied. Centuries ago. You change its benefit to a different one from the same list. Prerequisite: Spellcraft 7 ranks. When you next cast a spell befo re the end of the next ro u nd. spell as normal. This ability does not cast subschool your caster level were 2 higher. but you can later spend 250 gp to upgrade it into a bonus feats. The duration of the spell is reduced to half of the spell's remaining duration. For example. ASPIS CONSORTIUM Eve r a thorn i n the Pathfi n d e r Soci ety's s i d e. Insistent Benefactor: Pathfinders of different backgrounds don't always realize what's best for them. wiza rd 1. witch 1 Casting Time 1 sta n d a rd action Components V. Prerequisites: Knowledge (arcana) 9 ranks. Prerequisite: Character level 5th. This bonus doesn't i ncrease any other effects that depend o n caster level.

S. headstro n g d u n g e o n d e lvers It's a harsh reality. where all manner of dangerous foes may hinder Pathfinder efforts. a l l of w h i c h m u s t be together a t the time of casti n g Duration 1 m i n u te/ level Saving Throw W i l l negates ( h a r m l ess. m a g us 2. the wielder gains a bonus on Bl uff checks to fe int e q u a l to the enha ncement bonus of the wea pon. military history. PRICE clerics. good. M (a g o b bet of m e l ted wax) Range close (2 5 ft. o bj ect). preferring to rely on more conventional weapons. The wea pon is a lso treated as si lver and cold i ron at 8th level and is treated as chaotic. . and lawful at 1 1 th level for the pu rpose of negating regeneration. When the wea pon is i n ha nd. when the wielder successfully co nfirms a critical h i t with a deceptive wea pon a g a i nst a n oppone nt. and pointless gestures like duels or fair fighting have no place in a Sword's repertoire. h a rdy s u rviva l ists. + 5 ft. but to embrace it. Most Swords have little use for magic. a Swords Pathfinder is to take the art of combat and turn it into a science-preferably one that can be utilized in the field. defend Pathfi n d e rs. she ca n atte m pt t o fe int agai nst t h a t opponent as a n i m mediate action. so rcerer/wizard 3 Casting Time 1 sta n d a rd action Components V. and fi re. but being a Pathfinder means putting yourself in the middle of some dangerous situations. I n add ition. CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS Craft Magical Arms a n d Armor. electricity. Swords typically put survival first and leave more abstract concepts like honor or pride by the wayside./2 levels) Target o n e wea p o n or 50 p rojectil es. but magi. members of the Swords still frequently make use of combat-oriented spells such as the following. WEAPON SPEC1AL AB1U T Y The following new weapon special ability is often used by cunning Pathfinder Swords in order to gain the upper hand in battle. The Swords exist not only to accommodate this fact. su rvive the next m i s s i o n Suggested Characters: Benevo l e n t braw l e rs. and r traditional fighting techniques. o bject) You i nfuse a wea pon with fa int but pern icious energy that stym ies accelerated hea l i ng . + 1 BONUS and other battle-oriented WEIGHT - casters have nevertheless A deceptive weapo n's shape b l u rs a n d appears to bend u n p redictably. Spell Resistance yes ( h a r m l ess. evil. ra n g e r 2. cold.Combat-Hardened Bodyguards been known to join their numbers to study the art of Master of Swords: Ma rcos Fa ra b e l l u s self-defense. I COST +1 bonus dazzling blodeRG SPELLS Though typically less adept at the arcane arts than other agents of the Pathfinder Society. Objectives: Defeat o p p o n e nts of the Soci ety. Level b a rd 2. These foolhardy scrappers deal with deadly situations on a near-daily basis. CAUTERIZING WEAPON School tra n s m utation. To be Led by Master of Swords Marcos Farabellus-the best liked of the three deans-members of the Swords pay close attention to battle tactics. Damage dealt by the wea pon o r a m m u n ition is treated as acid. but only for the pu rpose of negating a creatu re's regeneration.

you can pick up one unattended enemy with an unfair disadvantage. and knowing both how to get into a site and when to run from it. S Range close (2 5 ft. Spell Resistance yes The ta rget beco m e s fixated o n avo i d i n g d a m a g e and fa i l s to spot even the most oppor t une m o m e nts to attack. Ambush Training: You've learned that taking an enemy by surprise can end a combat before it begins . m i n d -affecti ng]. Muscle of the Society: Your intense training with performs the dirty trick combat maneuver against a fo e the Swords has taught you how to infiltrate otherwise that you both threaten. you can use an immediate action to increase the inflicted condition's duration by i round. Improved Dirty Trick. 15 .TACTICAL MISCALCULATION School enchantment (co m p u l s i o n) [e motion. dirty fighting. In addition. laying traps. FEATS The Swords specialize in skirmishing. CUT YouR LOSSES You realize that sometimes it's a safer bet to simply get out of danger's way as fast as possible. + 5 ft. Improved Dirty Trick./2 levels) Target o n e c rea t u re Duration 1 ro u nd/level Saving Throw see text. i n q u isitor 2. Any additional movement performed on your turn still provokes attacks of opportunity as normal. Benefit: Whenever an ally who also has this feat COMBAT TRA1TS The following Combat traits are available to members of the Swords. you treat your Strength score as 2 higher Prerequisites: Combat Expertise. W h e n ever a c rea t u re the ta rget t h reatens wo u l d p rovoke an attack of opportunity fro m the ta rg et. Benefit: Whenever you withdraw as You and your allies know how to use coordinated maneuvers to set up an a full-round action and have at least one free hand. you may attempt a dirty trick inaccessible ruins and extract their treasures without combat maneuver against the same foe as an immediate too much exertion. Acrobatics i rank . for the purpose of determining your carrying capacity. Prerequisites: Combat Expertise. the t a rget must s u cceed a t a W i l l save o r be u n a b l e to m a ke the attack of o p portun ity a g a i nst that creatu re. If the foe uses an checks made to break doors and lift portcullises. and action to remove the first condition. Level b a rd 2. Prerequisites: U NDERHANDED TEAMWORK (COMBAT. Benefit: Whenever an ally who also has this feat performs a dirty trick combat maneuver against a foe you both threaten. lMPROVED U NDERHANDED TEAMWORK (COMBAT. You gain a +z trait bonus on Strength action to inflict a second condition. it also removes the you treat your Strength score as 2 higher for the purpose condition imposed by your immediate action . TEAMWORK) Str i3. of determining your canying capacity. TEAMWORK) You and your allies have trained together long enough to know how to exploit an opponent's disadvantage to make her predicament even worse . Underhanded Teamwork. The following feats complement characters that belong to the Swords branch of the Pathfinder Society. base attack bonus +6. You gain a +1 trait bonus on initiative checks and a +i trait bonus on weapon damage rolls during any surprise round in which you act. You are able to summon a surge of adrenaline when you grab what is most dear to you and run . object or unconscious ally of your size or smaller at any point during your movement without provoking attacks of opportunity. ra n g e r 2 Casting Time 1 sta n d a rd action Components V.

friendly. These resources are invaluable to agents whose orders send them to far-flung regions. Bonus: As long as you're in the lodge's extensive library. and any member can found a lodge. endear the lodge to traveling agents and local dignitaries alike. Miregold Manor's basement connects to an entrance to the Darklands across a subterranean lake. Bonus: Amara Li's reminders on proper etiquette as she sees you off with ceremonial tea grant you a +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks to inf luence indifferent. representing special supplies. research. Any Pathfinder who begins a mission at one of these lodges receives a small bonus of some sort (lasting for i week unless otherwise noted). Expeditions set out from this lodge to all parts of northern Ustalav. Due to a dearth of lodges across Tian Xia. sizes. reducing any miss chance resulting from an enemy's concealment by 5 % . Brackett's bimonthly gatherings. a lodge is unofficially expected to maintain a library of regionally applicable texts. the Pathfinder Lodge in the Ustalavic city of Karcau is now under the command of the vampish venture-captain Basia Kalistoff. or training specific to that lodge. Almas {Andoran) Cathedral of Aroden Venture. Everything in the lodge is kept immaculately clean. and to provide supplies for visiting Pathfinders.Prominent Pathfinder Lodges Just as Pathfinders comes from a variety of backgrounds. providing access to even more exciting adventures. the Lantern Lodge prepares agents for trips across the entire continent. the Lantern Lodge exemplifies the finest of Gokan culture but also includes furnishings of the Inner Sea-a reminder of Li's years in Absalom. or helpful creatures. Bonus: Your brief lessons impart several field-tested techniques for fighting subterranean foes in darkness. A structure can qualify as a lodge so long as it maintains at least a single volume of the Pafiifinder Chronicles. so too do the Pathfinder lodges vary in their shapes. the former Cathedral of Aroden has been refurbished as one of the largest and best-equipped lodges in the Inner Sea region. . held in the congregation hall. you gain a +2 bonus on Knowledge checks regarding the people and history of the Inner Sea region. That said.Captain: Brackett Purchased by Brackett at a considerable discount following a devastating scandal. Karcau {Ustalav) Miregrold Manor Venture-Captain: Basia Kalistoff Formerly the ancestral home of Venture-Captain Skeldon Miregrold. as the southern reaches of the nation are covered by another lodge at Havenguard Lunatic Asylum in Caliphas. and all visitors are expected to conduct themselves with dignity. The lodge's library is rivaled only by that of the Grand Lodge in Absalom. and styles. Goka {Tian Xia) Lantern Lodge Venture-Captain: Amara Li • Commissioned by Amara Li at great expense. and a small flock of friendly homunculi happily assist in its upkeep.

its pinnacle forever shining with celestial brilliance. crusaders maintained the beacon. but Queen Galfrey has now passed that duty to the Society. with more than 50 excursions to his name. You gain a +i bonus on saving throws against fear effects and the spell-like abilities of demons. . a hardened warrior-zealot named Jorsal of Lauterbury. The lodge's venture-captain. you gain a +3 bonus on Linguistics checks to decipher Ancient Osiriani. Bonus: You can borrow equipment as you set out on your mission. Nerosyan (Mendev) Starrise Spire Venture-Captain: Jorsal of Lauterbury Starrise Spire towers above Nerosyan's walls. and pyramids. 3 pieces of silvered or cold iron ammunition.Magnimar (Varisia) Heidmarch Manor Venture-Captains: Sheila and Sir Canayven Heidmarch Heidmarch manor is in fact a large estate that includes the Heidmarchs' private home. the basalt­ and-mud-brick lodge known as Sandswept Hall still contains many cells. You may use the item during the expedition but are expected to return what you can afterward. Expeditions depart from this fortified structure to all parts of Osirion. and is extremely proud of his position. Choose one of the following: 50 feet of silk rope. is a noted explorer of the Worldwound. Bonus: Preparing your journey beneath Starrise Spire's beacon imbues you with courage and confidence. In addition. or a pouch of 10 gp for bribes or tolls. Before welcoming the Pathfinders into the city. As the first and only lodge in Varisia. providing crusaders hope and certainty that someone still stands against the Worldwound. The Heidmarchs once funded the lodge's operations themselves. but recent events in Varisia have attracted the Decemvirate's attention and funding. Heidmarch Manor hosts expeditions bound for all parts of that country and its neighbors. a hooded lantern with 2 pints of oil. As long as the fortress houses even a single defender. Bonus: Your research into ancient afflictions and malign artifacts decreases the DC to identify a cursed item by 2 . a flask of acid. crypts. and specially trained resident Pathfinders are always ready to handle delicate and cursed relics that agents retrieve from the nation's myriad ancient ruins. Sothis ( Osirion) Sandswept Hall Venture-Captain: Norden Balentiir Once a prison that the Society purchased and renovated. the beacon never fades. some of which the Pathfinders rent to Sothis to hold dangerous prisoners in exchange for much-appreciated government subsidies.

( (Cha). Eidetic Memory (Ex): Years of training in the libraries of countless Pathfinder lodges have given the Pathfinder field agent extraordinary recall. Levels in Pathfinder field agent stack with levels from other classes that grant wild empathy for the purpose of determining a Pathfinder field agent's total wild empathy bonus. If the Pathfinder field agent has levels in more than one spellcasting class. and prepared to face even the most unexpected challenge.The Pathfinder Field Agent The life of a Pathfinder is unpredictable. a character must fulfill all the following criteria. ) for each skill are Bluff Skill Ranks at Each Level: 6 + Int modifier. and an increased caster level. spells known. Perception (Wis). Pathfinder field agent is a boon to any adventuring party. Knowledge (all) ( Int). except the Pathfinder field agent's effective druid level to determine her wild empathy bonus is equal to her Pathfinder field agent level. Disable Device ( Dex). Equipped with a variety of skills and trained to keep a cool head even in the most dire circumstances. and cooperate. she gains a +I dodge bonus to her AC until the start of her next turn. Stealth ( Dex). Swim ( Str). report. being curious. Deft Defender (Ex): When the Pathfinder field agent successfully uses the aid another action to increase an ally's Armor Class. Diplomacy (Cha). Linguistics i rank. Sense Motive (Wis). She can't receive the same training more than once unless otherwise noted. Heal (Wis). versatile. and characters of all talents and motivations often find themselves in situations that call for them to stretch the limits of their abilities. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A Pathfinder field agent gains no additional weapon or armor proficiencies. Skills: Knowledge (any) Perception i rank. Animal Ma9netism (Ex): This ability functions as the druid's wild empathy class ability. She doesn't gain other benefits of that class other than spells per day. A Pathfinder field agent gains additional Pathfinder training at 3rd level and every 3 levels thereafter. she must choose which class to apply this increase to when she takes this Pathfinder training. Greater Castin9: The Pathfinder field agent gains new spells per day as if she had also gained a level in a spellcasting class she belonged to before adding the prestige class. and Use Magic Device ( Cha) . Escape Artist ( Dex). The Pathfinder field agent's class skills and key ability REOU1REMENTS To qualify to become a Pathfinder field agent. Linguistics ( Int). Hit Dice: CLASS SK1LLS d8. 18 . 5 ranks. Pathfinder field agents represent the best of the Pathfinder Society. CLASS FEATURES All the following are class features of the Pathfinder field agent prestige class. a practiced Special: Must be Society and own a an active member of the Pathfinder wayfinder. Feats: Skill Focus (any) . Pathfinder Training: A Pathfinder field agent receives additional training that aids her in her fulfilling her duty to explore. Climb ( Str). A Pathfinder field agent ( ) with this training adds half her class level minimum i to all Knowledge skill checks and can attempt all Knowledge skill checks untrained.

!Jht with the ability to cast dancin. and gains a +s bonus on Knowledge Special Pathfi n d e r t ra i n i n g. is higher to determine effects that depend on caster level. A Pathfinder field agent can Stabilize: The wayfinder can be used to cast stabilize at will. three times per day. Skill Specialization (Ex): than once. The Pathfinder field agent must meet the prerequisites Dancin. agent gains a +2 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks made she gains a bonus on checks with the chosen skill equal to oppose the Perception check of someone observing or to half her class level. applying to a different skill each time it is taken.!J: The Inner Sea World Guide 2 9 9). it lasts for up to 1 hour per 2 class Sneak Attack +Id6 (Ex): wayfinder invisible and mask its magical aura as if it invisibility and ma. the Pathfinder field agent gains another use of to the task to gain benefits as though she were casting the the spell per day.!Je at will. This upgrade can of the selected bonus feat. time this effect is used. or artifact of antiquity. Wayfinder Upgrade: At ist level and every 3 levels wayfinder. wayfinder u p g ra d e B o n u s feat Pathfi n d e r t ra i n i n g Wayfinder u pg ra d e B o n u s feat Pathfi n d e r t ra i n i n g Wayfinder u pg ra d e Bonus feat Pathfi n d e r t ra i n i n g Leg e n d s u n covered. if she chooses) . Hidden: In order to hide her affiliation with the This ability is exactly like the Pathfinder Society from potential enemies. she a standard ) agent level. ( of opportunity as opposed to the normal move action Ro. The Pathfinder field select any skill to become a class skill for her. the Pathfinder field agent can use her wayfinder to cast daylijJht. wayfinder upgrades. ability for the purpose of determining a Pathfinder field thereafter. allowing a single potion. and can be dismissed by the Pathfinder field agent agent stack with levels from other classes that grant this as a move action. 19 . ) required to retrieve a stored item . These abilities must be added to wayfinder (see Pathfinder Campai.!Jic aura. the Pathfinder field agent can activate her wayfinder to gain a +2 deflection bonus to AC ability to her for a number of minutes equal to her Pathfinder field Trapfindin. This substance can be taken more than once.!J: Once per day. Any upgrades that grant additional spell effects use the wayfinder's caster a Pathfinder field agent can select a bonus feat. Each of level or the Pathfinder field agent's class level whichever these bonus feats must be Skill Focus or a teamwork feat. the agent can dedicate herself selected. and applies to a different creature retrieved with a swift action that doesn't provoke attacks type each time. If a Pathfinder field agent loses her upgraded wayfinder. the Pathfinder field agent can use her wayfinder to emit an aura of silence. Levels in Pathfinder field hour . turn agent gains a sneak attack bonus from another source.!J: agent's total trapfinding bonus.!Jue Talent: The Pathfinder field agent can select any rogue talent for which she qualifies. Each additional time the upgrade each Pathfinder field agent level she possesses.!J lijJhts at will. Each ( This training functions as the rogue class levels the Pathfinder field agent possesses minimum 1 feature of the same name. keeping all is selected. the agent gains another use of the spell per day. as the spell. the wayfinder can be used to cast messa. wayfinder u p g ra d e Flask: A hidden compartment i s carved into the wayfinder's casing. Shieldin. ) ( Legends Uncovered (Su): At 10th level. be selected more than once. spell le. Dayli. previously selected upgrades. Each additional time it's place. Once per day when studying or researching a person. a Pathfinder field agent can add an additional Messa. The silence effect must be centered on the wayfinder.!Jn Settin. A Pathfinder field agent were under the effects of must be at least 3rd level before selecting this training.!Jend lore. In addition. a Pathfinder field agent has the ability to uncover the secrets of the distant past. or dose checks to identify creatures of the chosen type.!Jht: Once per day. This bonus increases by i for every 5 class levels the Pathfinder field agent possesses.!J Li. Silence: Once per day. Drinking the potion or applying the oil or poison still requires a standard action The Pathfinder field agent can that provokes attacks of opportunity. If the Pathfinder field field agent with this upgrade can. not to a variant or modified wayfinder (though a Pathfinder field agent can possess more than one wayfinder at a time.Pathfinder Field Agent Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save 1 st 2nd 3 rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 1 0th +O +1 +2 +3 +3 +4 +S +6 +6 +7 +O +1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3 +3 +3 +1 +1 +2 +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +S +5 +1 +1 +2 +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +S +S The Pathfinder field agent can Know Thy Enemy (Ex): select one creature type. This can be of poison to be hidden within.!Jhts: The Pathfinder replaces her wayfinder's ability to cast li. her the bonuses on damage stack. choose from the listed Bonus Feat: At 2nd level and every 3 levels thereafter. This upgrade can be can purchase a new one at the normal cost plus 1 0 0 gp for selected more than once.!Je: In addition to the li.!Jht spell-like ability. This training can be selected more frisking her to detect items in the hidden compartment. oil. a Pathfinder rogue ability of the same name.

d ra g o ns. centered on the hypnotic wayfinder . Rather. I n addition to the sta n d a rd functions of a wayfinder (including the a b i l ity to create light) . a n d polymorph fool or otherwise block the effect.000 GP light . PRICE 1 32. t h e n specify t h a t if s h e eve r fa l l s u n co n s c i o u s beca use of l e t h a l d a m a ge. it does n't point towa rd true n o rth as one wo u l d expect. not only does the compass's wielder gain the benefit of the stone as though it were orbiting her head. This rep l i cates the effects of hypnotic pattern (Wi l l DC 1 3 negates). a n d is ca p a b l e of c h a n g i n g as q u ickly a s two c rea t u res c a n p a s s t h e woyfinder back a n d fort h . as a re sig htless creatures. ru n n i n g wa ter a n d spe l l s such as mislead . each of the following variant has the abilities of a basic wayfinder wayfinders in addition to the other powers and benefits it grants. Its face co nstantly res h a pes to form a re l i ef of its bearer. crea t i n g a maze of l i o n s. a n d e l e p h a nts. m a g i c a l beast. though a new spell can be cast i nto the enclosed gem at any time during this period. wayfinder can be found on page Pat1ifinder Campa(gn Settin1r The Inner Sea World The statistics for a basic 2 9 9 of Guide. CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS Craft Wo ndrous Item. T h e socket i n w h i c h a n ioun stone co u l d norma l l y be p l a ced i s i n stead fi l l e d w i t h a perm a n e n t l y fixed gem that f u n c t i o n s a s a ring of minor spell storing.m i nded creatures that can see it. A headhunter wayfinder ca n't h o l d a n ioun stone a n d doesn't p rovide reso n a n t powers.000 G P WEIGHT 1 l b. Unless otherwise noted.l evel s p e l l stored i n the g e m w i t h t h e wearer a s the s pe l l 's ta rget. but a secondary resonant power is unlocked. t h e w i e l d e r of a contingent woyfinder co u l d p l a ce a cure moderate wounds s p e l l i n t h e wayfinder's g e m . the wielder m ust re m a i n stationary or the effect i m mediately ends.l o n g si lver f o b cha i n t h a t m a kes i t twirl s l i g htly when held a loft. a hypnotic wayfinder can be used o nce per day to mesmerize wea k. imbue with spell ability. t h e hypnotic wayfinder seems t o c h a n g e co lors as l i g h t plays off its pearlescent exte rior. the effect lasts as . T h i s woyfinder is constru cted of d e l icate ivo ry.In addition to their normal properties. the wayfinder's needle points o u t t h i s c rea t u re a s though i t were the s u bject of a locate creature s p e l l with a ra d i u s of 6 8 0 feet from the wayfinder's wielder. a d ro p of b l ood. contingency . locate creature AURA fa int i l l usion T h i s wayfinder has a mother-of-pearl casing with perfect swirls of p i n k a n d g reen patterns cove ring the face of the device. the s pe l l m u st be cast on h e r. wayfinders produce a mysterious synergy with another piece of Azlanti technology: ioun stones. This effect has no set d u ration. a n d other fa mous crea t u res a p pea r i n re l i e f o n eve ry i n c h of t h i s i ro n wayfinder's s u rface. I COST 2 8. Once used in such a manner.i n c h . the wayfinder req uires 1 month to recharge its contingency effect. Afte r w i e l d i n g t h i s woyfinder for 2 4 h o u rs. nondetection . I COST 66. For exa m p l e. When dangled by its fob and swu n g gently i n a pend u l u m ­ l i ke motion. a s though i t were u s i n g the contingency s p e l l . When an into a special socket on a ioun stone is inserted wayfinder. but creates no visible l i g h t aside from the i l l usory co lor-shifts on the wayfinder itself.000 G P Craft Wo n d rous Item. hawks. the headhunter wayfinder's needle slowly s p i n s clockwise. you'll find even more variant wayfinders to customize your Pathfinder's most iconic piece of equipment. though the spell stored i n the gem can't be changed until it has been cast. a n d functions a s l o n g a s a speci m e n of the target creature i s h e l d w i t h i n the wayfinder a n d the c rea t u re is with i n ra nge. See page 22 for more information on this mysterious interaction. its w i e l d e r ca n d e s i g nate a series of co n d i t i o n s u p o n w h i c h t h e woyfinder w i l l c a s t t h e h i g hest. As with the locate creature spell. In the Pathfinder Campaign Setting sourcebooks Seekers of Secrets and Pat1ifinder Society Field Guide. If the conditions of the contingency effect a re not met within 1 week of when they were assig ned. While the effect is active. Otherwise. o r s o m e o t h e r o rg a n i c matter fro m a i n d i v i d u a l crea t u re i s p l a ced i n the socket norma l l y rese rved fo r a n ioun stone. T h o u g h a headhunter wayfinder looks l i ke a normal compa ss. I t h a n g s o n a n 8 . I f the target crea t u re i s n't i n ra nge. as well as several newly discovered ioun stones that resonate with wayfinders. light CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS 20 The forms of n u merous a n i m a l s. The wayfinder's wielder is i m m u n e to this effect. if a piece of h a i r. the user can change the conditions.

a smuggler's wayfinder has a n additional a b i l ity genera l ly known only to the person using it. For 1 hour thereafter. magic circle against chaos . CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS Craft Wo ndrous Item. I COST 1.m i n u te i n cre m e nts. Whe never the wielder of a noisemaker wayfinder fa l l s asleep. the co mpass's i nterior is replaced with a small extra d i mensional space that can hold u p t o 1 O pounds of materi a l occupying no more t h a n 1 c u b i c foot of space.500 GP discern lies . Once per day. magic circle against law 21 . through which the complex inner matrix of the com pass can be seen.5 00 G P alarm. Often these wayfinders sport p u rely cosmetic d i ffe re n ces. the wielder of a truthseeker wayfinder can g a i n the benefits of discern lies for u p to 7 ro u n d s (Wi l l DC 1 6 negates). light . This materi a l m ust be able to lit thro u g h the 3 . I COST 3. I COST 1 9. If the wielder of a noisemaker wayfinder is affected by a magical sleep effect (such as that caused by a sleep spell) and the a l a rm is triggered. the wielder of a wayfinder of the planes can choose one of the fol lowing a l i g n ments: chaotic. Yo u can f i n d some of t h e s e va riant wayfinders i n the Va nities s e c t i o n o f t h i s book starti ng o n page 2 8 . Despite its routine appeara n ce. Once per day. I f a crea t u re saves a g a i nst t h i s effect o n ce. a n d i t s face is ma rked with white a n d si lver motifs of roosters. While the extra d i mensional space is hidden. The sound fro m this effect easily trave ls 60 feet. i ncl udi ng any resonant ioun stone powers. th ey're m o re often g iven a s g i fts to field agents by a p p recia tive ve n t u re-ca pta i ns. I COST 9. light PRICE 7. light . evil. centered on the wayfinder. Once selected. i t is i m m u n e to the effect for 24 h o u rs. i t v i b rates j u st e n o u g h to be perceptible to the w i e l d e r but no o n e else. I n other cases. zone of truth PRICE 1 8. magic circle against goad . light MORE VARIANT WAYFINDERS Ma ny fa ctions w i t h i n the Pathfi n d e r Society have deve l o ped u n i q u e va riations of the classic wayfinder beyo n d those p resented h e re. but not magical sleep.000 G P light . The bearer of a noisemaker wayfinder may disable its audible alarm function at will by pressing down on the com pass needle. 000 G P WEIGHT 1 l b. the a l i g n ment of the magic circle effect ca n't be changed until the effect recharges the next day.u p piece of paper) . CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS Craft Wo n d ro u s Item. good. the consta nt buzzing and vibration of the wayfinder a l lows the wielder to attempt a saving throw each round at the end of her turn to end the sleep effect and g ives her a +2 circumsta nce bonus on such saves. t h e violent motion o f the noisemaker wayfinder continues until the w i e l d e r presses a button on the side of the device. When a co mmand word is spoken. W h e n the wayfinder's a l a rm is triggered.500 GP hypnotic pattern . CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS Craft Wo ndrous Item. co i n s. s m a l l j ewel ry. Whe never a Tiny or l a rger creature comes within 2 0 feet of the wayfinder's bearer while she is asleep a n d this magic item is o n her person. such a s cases m a d e of ra re o r exotic mate r i a l s o r e n g ravings t h a t a re pa rticu l a rly we l l crafte d . T h o u g h such wayfinders ca n be s o l d . a n d a re va l u e d f o r t h e i r sentimental co n nections. o r a ro l l e d . b u t m ust be used i n 1 . When the truthseeker wayfinder senses the ta rget creature issue a n i nte ntional fa lsehood. Other sleeping creatures with i n hearing ra nge of the wayfinder wa ke u p from normal sleep. secret chest WEIGHT 1 l b. magic circle CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS against evil. the roosters decorating the wayfinder change to cresce nt moons. I COST 1. A creature that speaks the password (determined by the wielder a n d assigned to the wayfinder before she fa l l s asleep) does not set off the a l a rm . A truthseeker wayfinder a l l ows the w i e l d e r to cast zone of truth for u p to 7 m i n utes per day (Wi l l DC 1 4 neg ates). the smuggler's wayfinder emits a n a u ra of fa int evocation. AURA moderate divination T h i s wayfinder i s crafted from p o l i s hed gold and when viewed i n bright l i g h t i s h i g h l y refl ective­ rese m b l i n g a m i rro r m o re t h a n it does s i m p l e meta l . as a sta n d a rd wayfinder. the noisemaker wayfinder i m mediately beg i n s vi brating.000 G P AURA moderate conj u ration This time-weathered wayfinder lacks any nota ble features. AURA moderate a bj u ration This wayfinder is made of magically hardened glass. a s the a u d i b l e alarm ve rsion of the alarm spe l l .i nch­ d i a meter opening i n the co mpass's face (such as a t h i n g l ass vial. the wayfinder af the planes creates a magic circle effect agai nst the chosen a l i g n ment. AURA fa int a bj u ration This decorative wayfinder a p pea rs to be made of gold. a n d ringing loudly a s long as there is a clea r l i n e of effect between the wayfinder's bea re r a n d the triggering creature. While the extra d i mensional space is a ccessible. they re p l a ce basic functions of the wayfinder with s i m i l a rly powered s p e l l s o r effects. buzzing. CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS Craft Wo ndrous Item. magic aura. Crea t u res that fa i l t h e i r saves a re g ra n ted a new save each t i m e the effect i s activated a n ew. a l l other properties of the wayfinder cease to function.long as the wielder swi ngs the wayfinder at the end of its fob (a sta ndard action) and fo r 2 ro unds thereafter. or lawfu l .000 G P Craft Wondrous Item. This d u ration doesn't need to be cont i n u o u s.

000 G P WEIGHT - This stone gra nts you the ability to pass undetected before undead as if under the effects of a hide from undead spell. reduced in price and potency by minor flaws or cracks. owl's wisdom . While you r soul is in the ioun stone. The stone must have been orbiting yo u r head for at least 2 4 hours before it can be activated in such a way. speak. and lesser versions of each. The spell keyed to the ioun stone is selected by the stone's creator. creator m ust b e 1 2th level Craft Wo n d rous Item. 22 tongues. If you fa i l to sta bil ize and a ren't healed after 1 tu rn. The selected a b i l ity sco re can be changed only once per day at a time unique to each stone (typica l ly s u n rise or su nset) . The save DCs of the chosen spell a re Charisma-based.000 G P CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS 5. cat's WEIGHT AURA strong evocation This stone g ra nts you the abil ity to use a 1 st­ level spell from the cleric.Information o n the most commonly encountered forms of ioun stones and the general rules for this entire category of wondrous items can be found on pages 5 2 0 . grace. you must have a Charisma score of 1 1 or higher. The sto ne i nsta ntly returns a n a n swer of "weal. you a re u nconscious and dying with a number of negative hit poi nts equal to your Constitution score minus 1 . a n d write a single language (chosen by the ioun stone's creator). U n i ntel l igent undead a utomatica lly ca n't see you.000 G P Craft Wondrous Item. and intelligent u ndead receive a single DC 12 Will save to notice you despite the stone's effects. fox's cunning . I n order for you to use this spel l . If you attempt to channel positive energy. touch an u ndead creatu re.000 G P bear's endurance. you can sense any life forces within 1 20 feet as though you were placed in a magic jar. the stone loses all magical power a n d beco mes a dull gray iaun stone. I COST 500 G P creator m u s t be 1 2 th l evel PRICE 8. This stone g ra nts yo u a +2 enha ncement bonus to any one a b i l ity score of yo u r choosing. 000 G P WEIGHT AURA strong necroma ncy This stone a bsorbs your soul as the magic jar spell immediately prior to your death.000 GP creator m ust be 1 2 th level PRICE 2 4. CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS This stone g ra nts you a single use of the augury spell with a 1 0 0 0/o success rate. reg a rd l ess of how long it has rem a i ned u n used o r how many times it changes hands. Presented here are several rare or newly discovered varieties of information on how they interact with ioun stone. you die and you r soul is not a bsorbed by the ioun stone. which you can do with a thought as a free action. for a l l i ntents and purposes. or attack any creature (even with a spell). dead.500 GP creator m ust be 1 2 th level CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS Craft Wo ndrous Item. augury. PRICE WEIGHT AURA strong divination This stone g ra nts you the a b i l i ty to co m p rehe nd." o r "nothing. and a re. You ca n't tra nsfer your soul from the ioun stone receptacle to a nother creatu re's body. I COST 4. . turn or command u ndead. CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS Craft Wo ndrous Item. the stone's effects a re negated for 1 hour." After being used i n this manner. A stone attuned to a specific a b i l i ty score m a i nta i ns that attu nement until changed at the specified time of day. or sorcerer/ wiza rd spe l l l ist as a spel l . Upon returning to your body. read." "weal a n d woe. At any point within 1 2 hours of you r soul's tra nsfer i nto the pale orange rhombus ioun stone. I COST 1 00. eagle's splendor. Your soul can be a bsorbed i nto a pale orange rhombus ioun stone only once per 24-hour period. CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS Craft Wo ndrous Item. you can return to you r body as long as it is within 1 2 0 feet of the ioun stone.000 G P I COST 8.l i ke abil ity three times per day. using you r character level as you r caster level. I COST 2.5 2 1 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook. bull's strength. magic jar. wayfinders." "woe. d ruid. hide from undead . creator m ust be 1 2 th level PRICE 2 00. if a ny.l i ke ability.

power is usually similar to and ioun stone. Only 25% of cracked tourmaline sphere ioun stone. though suppressed until the it still grants a bonus to the ability score to which it was Silver Spindle: All spell-like abilities granted by race are treated as 1 caster level higher. but sometimes by the same character suppress one another's abilities. though this suppresses the wayfinder's normal magical abilities. o o o gp. but only once.genta prism ioun stone. This doesn't p rovide a bonus to Constitution. Gold Nodule: +1 bonus on saves against language­ dependent effects. Craft Wo n d ro u s I te m . This stone g ra nts you a benefit only when you're dying. Price: 5 0 0 gp. Agate Ellipsoid: This stone grants you a single use of au. which wayfinder's bearer as though the stone orbiting her head.000 G P imbue with spell ability. Agate Ellipsoid: Agate Ellipsoid: Increases the caster level of divination spells by i . and the stone loses removed from the body. but you take a -1 penalty on Price: 600 gp. Magenta Prism: This stone grants you a +2 competence bonus on checks with any one skill you choose. following are typical flawed versions stones presented in this section . Pale Orange Rhomboid: This last changed. 1 2 t h level ) bonus on Knowledge religion checks to identify undead 150 gp. but it deals ld3 A cracked each time you use the spell-like ability. but against undead you take a Gold Nodule: Price: 6. Price: 1 2 . This stone functions as a normal can remain there indefinitely as long as the wayfinder wayfinder is ma. This stone grants you the ability to modified by the ability score the stone is currently comprehend and read. 23 . +i bonus on one saving throw not functions as a normal amethyst pyramid ioun stone. o o o gp. a single attuned to chosen at the same time as the ability score . If you die while using this the stone can be used as an additional material component in any spell to return you to life. Price: 1 2 . normal counterpart. Silver Spindle: This stone functions as a normal silver CRACKED 10UN S TONES spindle ioun stone. Magenta Prism: after equipping it. wayfinder. remains on the soul's original body. This minor bonus on saves against death effects. powers when placed in a Constitution checks to stabilize when dying. The following list details the resonant powers the wielder gains from the ioun stones described earlier in this section. so it doesn't g ra n t a bonus on checks made t o sta b i l ize but d o e s provide y o u 2 additional ro unds d u ri n g which to atte m pt such checks. Two resonating wayfinders wielded Price: i. Tourmaline Sphere: +i bonus on Constitution checks to stabilize when dying. language chosen by the ( ) Pale Orange Rhomboid: A soul held within the stone ( Magenta Prism: ioun stone's ) Price: i. ooo gp. but instead grants a When an ioun stone is set within the special indentation in a 1 2 . The following are Tourmaline Sphere: Charisma damage to you Price: 16.CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS Craft Wo n d rous Item. but not speak or write. It otherwise functions as a normal a. o o o gp.gate ellipsoid ioun stone. Gold Nodule: This stone grants a +i competence bonus on Linguistics checks. This stone functions as a normal 8 0 0 gp. Price: 150 gp. but it has side effects or slightly different effects than its both return to normal when one wayfinder is set aside. or saving throws for 24 hours Amethyst Pyramid: +2 circumstance bonus o n Stealth checks against undead. Silver Spindle: RESONANT POWERS spindle ioun stone. Price: FLAWED 10UN S TONES continue to affect the A f lawed were weaker than that of a normal ioun stone's silver Price: This stone grants a +i insight function is in addition to the stone's normal abilities. reducing the spell's total material component cost by 20%. its power is usually the same as that of an undamaged stone. and you can change the skill modified once per day. a secondary resonant power sometimes manifests to augment the ioun stone's powers. ioun stone Changing the bears an obvious chink or cleft.genta prism ioun stone that has 4 charges. Only 2 5 % of f lawed Only 75% of ioun stones grant resonant powers when placed in a wayfinder. 1 2 th level I COST 1 2. after which it burns out and turns dull gray. normal stone functions as a pale oran. the ability to change when reduced to o charges. the ioun stone's resonant power is wayfinder is replaced. ioun stones grant resonant wayfinder. creator . skill gp. Tourmaline Sphere: a-level spell. but you lose any abilities to reroll ability checks. c rea tor m u st be Price: 8 0 0 gp.gate ellipsoid ioun stone. Price: Pale Orange Rhomboid: ioun stone. Amethyst Pyramid: This stone grants a +2 competence ( AURA strong transm utation and their special abilities. Yo u can only benefit fro m one tourmaline sphere ioun stone at a time. Amethyst Pyramid: This stone -1 penalty to AC and on saves. typical cracked versions of the normal creator m ust b e ioun stones presented in this section. This stone functions as a normal but weaker. 0 0 0 gp. Price: 8 0 0 gp. If the ability score modified uses 1 charge. The of normal ioun grant resonant powers when placed in a This stone functions as a normal rhomboid. ioun stones wayfinder.gury with an 8 0 % success rate. CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS I COST 500 G P bear 's endurance . 800 gp. When determ i n i ng the n u mber of negative hit poi nts you m ust accrue to d i e. treat yo u r Co nstitution sco re a s if it were 2 higher. as a normal ma.

perma nently expe nding a n u m be r of sapphires equal to the spell's level (as denoted in parentheses after each spell): breath o f life (5). This blank book is seq uestered i n a n extradi mensional space accessible only upon command. cast any of the fol lowi ng spells (caster level 9th). cure light wounds (1 ). or other text is placed with i n the satchel while a blank book is hidden within the extradi mensional space. and if the process is interru pted. cure critical wounds (4). including a tent suitable to house six Med ium creatu res. n u m bering 1 o in a l l . a pair of first aid gloves becomes nonmagical. cure light wounds.25 0 G P breath of life . and a hitching post for up to six steeds. the text being co pied is lost forever.250 G P secret chest m derate conj u ration a n d divination Often used by spies and a rcane scho lars to stea l i m porta nt texts without a lerti ng their owners. the wearer can't expend sapphires on diffe rent hands. its bearer m ust place a blank book i n the satchel and utte r a command word . (A typical blank. A book thief's satchel can't tra nsfer magical writing (such as the pages of a wiza rd's spellbook. 24 I COST 2 5 0 G P major creation Craft Wo ndrous Item. neither erasing the book to be copied nor copyi ng any of the pages to the blank book. steal book (Kobold Quarterly #1 4) CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS AURA strong conj u ration This feather token can be used only once. This bonus lasts for 1 O minutes. as a sta ndard action. such as by either book being removed or the satchel being significantly da maged. and doesn't a pply to any other use of . The wearer of a pair of first aid gloves can.000 pages and no larger than 12 by 1 8 i nches i n size. cure moderate wounds.000 G P Craft Wondrous Item. thus only a full hand's worth of gems can be used to cast breath of life o r moss cure light wounds. if a character wea ring a coot of pockets places a nyth i n g i n one of t h e coat's pockets. The entire contents of this book or scro l l a ppear on the pages of the blank book i n the satchel's extradi mensional pocket. the satchel doesn't tra nsfer the contents. scro l l. both gloves m u s t be worn to function. However. when another book. a magical scroll. moss cure light wounds AURA moderate tra nsm utation Drinking this elixir g rants the i m biber a + 1 O bonus on Bl uff checks made to convi nce another that her words a re the truth. cure serious wounds (3). and moss cure light wounds (5). cure moderate wounds (2). CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS Craft Wo ndrous Item. and the text being copied is lost forever. cure serious wounds . a book thief's satchel conta ins enough room to hold a single tome of no more than 1 . When casting a spell from the g loves. Prior to using the satchel. AURA moderate conj u ration These fingerless gloves of white cloth have a sapphire decorating the base of each exposed finger. Attem pts to do so fa i l immediately.WONDROUS 1TEMS CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS Craft Wo ndrous Item. I COST 5. she m u s t spend a sta ndard action to retrieve it (rather than a move action). If the blank book is smaller in size (in n u m be r of pages for a book or n u m ber of i nches for a scroll) than the book to be stolen. folio. CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS AURA moderate conj u ration This bla ck-a nd-gray wool coat sports ove r a dozen pockets on its fro nt alone a n d eve n more l i n e the insides. S O -page journal costs 10 g p. Once a l l of the sapphires a re expe nded. leaving no trace except footsteps and refuse left behind by those using the site. I COST 1. a modest wooden table with two benches suitable to seat three people each. I COST 2. or a wondrous item). A character wea ring this coat gains a +5 c i rcumstance bonus o n Sleight of Hand checks made to hide a s m a l l o bject o n her body. the pages of the newly added book a re wiped blank (though the covers and bindi ngs remain unchanged). It creates a fully functional campsite. Rega rd less. l nterd i mensional magic causes a nyth ing placed i n one pocket to i m med iately appear i n another ra ndomly determined pocket.) Once per day. secret chest . The cam psite remains for up to 24 hours before disa ppearing. PRICE 4. The tra nsfe r ta kes 1 full round. cure critical wounds. a cam pfire with enough d ry wood to burn for 24 hours. 500 G P WEIGHT 1 l b.

AURA moderate divination a n d transm utation These wire spectacles a re fitted with severa l g round­ crysta l filters on hi nged a rms. see invisibility A 1 0 . Applyi n g t h e p o l i s h takes 1 O m i n u tes. Anyone wea ring the coat notes many sma l l cloth patches of va rious sha pes.000 G P WEIGHT 1 l b. the p o l i s h's noxi o u s sce n t d i s s i pates and the a rm o r a p pears i n t h e way t h e u s e r v i s u a l ized. CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS Craft Wo ndrous Item. or com m u n icating a secret message via i n n uendo. O n e d o s e i s e n o u g h t o a p p l y t o a s i n g l e Med i u m s u i t o f a rm o r o r two S m a l l s u its of a r m o r. the wearer gains a +S circumstance bonus on Escape Artist checks. 5 charges) CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS Craft Wo ndrous Item.m i n ute i ncrements before losing its magical properties. five co ld i ro n bolts. darkvision .000 G P fabricate Craft Wo ndrous Item. a r m o r check p e n a l ty.the Bl uff skill. dun-colored ca nvas with a remova ble liner to keep its wea rer comforta ble in a wide ra nge of temperatures. five cold i ron arrows. Pink Lenses: G rant the wearer the benefits of see invisibility. the coat has only one of each patch): 1 O days of tra i l rations and five f u l l waterskins A case conta i n i n g five a d a m a ntine 0 -foot ro l l of paper a n d two sticks of charcoa l A q u iver conta i n i ng five adama ntine a rrows. the ra nge of her da rkvision i ncrea ses by 60 feet while she uses these filters. o r a l l three lenses may be positioned at the same time with one action).b l a c k a r m o r p o l i s h co mes i n a s m a l l c i rcu l a r t i n . creating a d iversion to hide. Purple Lenses: G ra n t the wearer d a rkvision out to a d i sta nce of 6 0 feet. A Pathfinder greatcoat has each of the fol lowing patches (un less noted otherwise. recognize them for the items they become. 1 0 -foot length) Potion o f cure moderate wounds Sacks (2) Universal solvent Wand of prestidigitation (CL 1 st. Only the wea rer of the robe can see these patches. the wearer can red uce his size by one step. The three sets of lenses a re as follows. AURA strong conj u ration T h i s p u n g e steel m i rrors) Noble's outfit with jewe l ry worth 200 gold pieces Oil of bless weapon Oil of daylight Poles (2. One patch can be detached each round. I f a magical effect is used a g a i nst the honeytongue elixir's i m biber that wou l d d etect her lies or fo rce her to speak the truth. and detach them. I COST 2. I COST 375 G P glibness PRICE 5. I f the wearer a l ready has da rkvision. Afte r i t i s a p p l i ed. These effects can be used s i m u ltaneously. such as feinting in com bat. As a free action. for 1 rou n d . double-breasted jacket is sewn from d u rable. Each filter g ra nts a specific sense to the wearer when it is placed before one of the lenses. reduce person . a n d two si lver bolts A l a rge scro l l case co nta i n i ng a 2 -foot. T h i s effect re m a i n s f o r 2 4 h o u rs before wea r i n g off. squeeze••G 25 . Each set of filters ca n be used for 1 0 m i n utes i n 1 . highly polished 2 -foot. O nce per day as a move action. d u ri n g which time t h e u s e r m u st v i s u a l ize a n o r m a l set of clothes or a no t h e r set of a rm o r-a n a l ternat ive a p peara nce for the a r m o r to take on.000 GP grease. 000 G P WEIGHT 1 l b.5 00 G P arcane sight. as ind icated below. I COST 375 G P disguise self PRICE 4. a n d maxi m u m Dexte rity b o n u s . the wearer of this brown leather belt ca n co m p ress h i mself to fit through tight spaces as though affected by a squeeze spe l l for u p to 1 O ro unds per day. i n c l u d i n g weig ht. Green Lenses: G ra n t the wearer the benefits of detect magic. CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS AURA moderate tra nsm utation I COST 4. Fa i l u re means the effect doesn't detect the i m biber's lies or fo rce her to tel I the truth. a s t h e glamered m a g i c a rm o r s p e c i a l a b i l i ty. The wearer doesn't need to concentrate to g a i n the benefits of the spell a s long as a source of magic re m a i n s i n her l i n e of sight for the appropriate n u m be r of ro unds. The a r m o r m a i nt a i n s a l l p ro p e rties o t h e r t h a n its physica l a p peara nce. 5 0 -foot co il) Light co mbat-tra i ned horse with a m i l itary saddle Mi rrors (2. PRICE 750 G P SLOT none CL 5th This long. t a r. the user of the effect must succeed at a DC 1 6 caster level check to compel the el ixi r's imbiber to tel l the truth.sq u a re -ya rd ro l l of ca nvas conta i n i n g 1 0 pitons a n d a small hammer A silve r Aspis Co nsort i u m badge a n d three bronze Aspis Consort i u m badges Bul lseye la nterns (2. full a n d l it) Daggers (2) Disgu ise kit Heale r's kit Hemp ro pes (2. two. a ny combination of which can be moved i n front of or away from the lenses as a sta ndard action (one. When using the belt's squeezing a b i l i ty. as the reduce person spell. a n d two silve r a rrows WEIGHT 1 /2 l b. Detaching a patch causes it to become a n actual item. CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS Craft Wo ndrous Item. CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS Craft Wo ndrous Item. I COST 2.

either because the volumes contain information on these checks. field. Theft of a lodge's order to maintain its status as an official outpost of the organization. and G regaro Voth's adventures i n the Mwa ngi Expanse. Patlifinder Chronicles grant circumstance bonuses. membership in the organization. If rushed. deta i l s of Selmius Foster's race agai nst a ma rid and a n efreeti. as determined by the book's contents. Many Pathfinder referencing the - The premier Pathfinder Chronicles volume (fi rst publ ished in 431 7 ) features an account of Durvin Gest's exploration of the ruins of Azla nt. Ultimately. They serve not only as a record following format. which generally helps a Pathfinder deal with short-term obstacles in the field. Any bonus gained in this way is halved (minimum +i) . Skill Bonuses: The kinds of skill checks bolstered by for visiting Pathfinders to peruse. Unless otherwise noted. volume of the Patlifinder Chronicles in their own expense). but to inspire young and future Volume Number: A single volume of the Patlifinder Pathfinders throughout the world. Pathfinder Chronicles Chronicles is all a Pathfinder needs to do to return from a mission with both her life intact and a tale of her own. however. having one's Volumes are generally free to consult at Pathfinder Lodges. AR SKILL BONUSES Dea l with geniekind more effectively (Dipl omacy a n d Knowledge [pla nes] + 2 ) G a i n i nsight i nto Azlanti sentence construction a n d idioms (Lingu istics +2) Navigate the dense jungles of the Mwangi Expa nse (Surviva l + 2) Understa nd the history of Azlant (Knowledge [history] +2) VO L U M E 2 NOTABLE VOLUMES 26 Patlifinder Chronicles of the Society only. interest in the history or tales of adventure within. Spending at least i hour each day reading a given volume grants a character the associated bonus (or bonuses) under the specified circumstances for 24 hours. Reading a copy of a Patlifinder Chronicles volume grants a bonus on one or more skill checks made in specific situations. which use the way into the public sphere. but most have complete or nearly complete collections Description: Patlifinder Chronicles A description of the volume's contents and historical significance. (Agents may. and Pathfinders have been Every Pathfinder Lodge is required to have at least one cast out of the Society for doing so. make copies of volumes at REA01NG THE CHRON1CLES is considered a grave offense. discoveries immortalized in the Pathfinder Chronicles stands though they're rarely loaned to Pathfinders for use in the among most Pathfinders' highest ambitions. a volume of the Patlifinder Chronicles written in Common (Taldane) and weighs i pound. a character can attempt to locate pertinent i is Intelligence check. Unless information in a volume on hand by perusing it for minute and succeeding at a DC otherwise noted. all while increasing the Chronicles renown of those whose journeys are detailed within.Copies of the Patlifinder Chronicles are intended for members create their own volumes of the by referencing the examples in this section. the circumstances in which the field agents carry one or two volumes with them at all skill checks must be made. and the bonuses granted times. Patlifinder Chronicles to find their ways into the world at might contain multiple accounts within it. they generally contain no dates on the their covers or spines. so large as a means of attracting potential Pathfinders to seek Price: The cost of a volume if it is available for purchase. is The following the volumes Patlifinder Chronicles a Pathfinder might VO L U M E l are but a few of encounter while adventuring. Each of these volumes contains specific tales. GMs can Pathfinder Campai. Some volumes are numbered rather than titled. though some volumes have made their - The seco nd entry i n to the Pathfinder Chronicles incl udes D u rvin Gest's thorough cataloging of 3 1 siege castles i n the Ca irnlands s u rro u n d i n g Absa lom a n d notes fro m Borden Tha l i a n on h i s j o u rney u p the Va nj i R i v e r i n the Mwa n g i Expanse to a fa ntastic city of jade he re portedly d iscovered at its hea dwaters. Because they're claim that the Pathfinder Society actually wants copies of released sporadically. and a good number of the series as detailed on page 293 of venture-captains swear that reading the Settinl]: The Inner Sea World Guide. . of accomplishments. and can be a great boon to P Cs adventuring in similar situations. grants unique bonuses. When referring to a volume of the Pathfinder Chronicles topical to a current assignment or because of personal are more than just good reading: not detailed here-and there are dozens of such books Many a seasoned Pathfinder credits the accounts of her in print-use the rules presented for a generic volume of predecessors with her success.

conta i n e d a trove of m i s i nformation o n d ra g o ns. Many of these scra ps reco u n t o n l y p a rt i a l tales of d a n g e r and battle with l i ttle context. a n d a f u l l 70 baudy s o n g s a n d l i m e ricks gathered ove r the co u rse of the decade Rarick D e l l spent i n the co u rt of a powerf u l satyr o n the F i rst Wo rld. penned by Pathfi n d e r D a l a n i a Pontius. a deta i l e d m a p of the City of B rass and s u rro u n d i n g a reas o n the P l a n e of F i re by fa med carto g ra p h e r l nsitha Ava ri. SKILL BONUSES Del iver d i rty jokes (Perform [comedy] +2) Identify demons a n d other outsiders native to the Abyss (Knowledge [pla nes] +2) Navigate the i m m e nse City of Brass a n d surro u n d i n g a reas (Knowledge [geogra p hy] +2) VO L U M E 2 7 - T h i s vo l u m e made q u ite a stir upon its re lease beca use i t i ncludes a good h u n d red p a g e s of co l l ected n o t e s by fa med Pathfi n d e r D u rv i n Gest-who h a d d isappeared over a ce ntury earlier. The vo l u m e w a s eventua l ly corrected. The Society d i d n't re le nt. a n d tactics (Knowledge [ loca l] +2) Learn about Thassi lonian artifacts (Knowledge [history] +2) Navigate the tunnels of the Darklands and ide ntify Darklands natives (Knowledge [ d u ngeoneering] + 2 a n d Knowledge [geog ra p hy] +2) . wea knesses. SKILL BONUSES Better understa nd the nature a n d ways of d ragons (Knowledge [a rca na] +2) Disti nguish between true state me nts and exaggeration rega rd i ng esoteric topics (Sense Motive +2) VO L U M E 1 4 - The fi rst vo l u m e of the Pathfinder Chronicles to co nta i n o n l y acco u nts of Pathfi nders' exploits o n other pla nes. SKILL BONUSES Identify d row a n d t h e i r customs.SKILL BONUSES Navigate the many treacherous d u ngeons beneath a n d within the Ca irnla nds' siege castles (Knowledge [ d u ngeoneering] + 2) Trave l o n a river with more efficiency a n d safety (Profession [sa i l o r] +2) VO L U M E 1 1 - T h i s vo l u me. Her co nfirmation that the legendary d raw we re i n fact rea l d rove t h e elves of Kyo n i n-who had m a i nta ined t h e secret of the d row's existence for m i l le n n ia-to attempt to bribe the Decemvirate i nto reca l l i n g a n d a lteri ng the book. when orig i n a l l y p u b l i shed. the Decemvirate i nvestigated Pontius's s o u rces (namely the b rass d ra g o n who had p rovided her with m u c h of the f a l s e i n fo) a n d fo u n d them suspect. this vo l u m e is nota ble for the deta iled account by Koriah Azmere n of her exp loration of the Darklands. The portion of the book not co nsisting of Gest's notes fea t u res a treatise o n negating the effects of magical tra ps by co nte m p o ra ry M i stress of Scro l l s Andi rissa Belathax. t h o u g h some u n a l te red c o p i e s co u l d sti l l re m a i n i n obscure co l l ections. the fo u rteenth vo l u m e feat u res a record of G i l ray j a n d iva n's j o u rney to 2 3 Abyss a l rea l m s a n d the cata l o g u i n g of the demonic hordes there. SKILL BONUSES Navigate a n d fo l l ow tracks in a rctic environme nts (Surviva l + 2) Notice and disable magic traps with s u rprising alacrity (Disable Device + 2 a n d Pe rce ption + 2) VO L U M E 44 - Publ ished in 4707 AR. howeve r. Afte r t h e s e e rrors p rec i p i tated n u m e ro u s d e a t h s a n d co u n t l ess i nj u ries a m o n g Pathfi nders confronting d ragons of all types. Other reports i n this vo l u m e include a brief essay by cu rrent ve nture ­ ca pta i n Sheila Heidmarch reg a rd i n g a n c i e n t re l ics of the old e m p i re of Thassilon. making the existe nce of dark e lves a widely a ccepted fact within only a few yea rs' time. t h o u g h o n e s u rprisingly co m p l ete cha pter describes Gest's j o u rney to the Crown of the Wo rld a n d h i s d i scove ries there.

Pathfinder Society as a whole. and artisan workshops. and ring. Scholar. while players at home might use the Prestige from adventuring with a member of the Pathfinder Society. follower vanities by i PP. taking care of menial Play campaign can use their Prestige Points to purchase tasks and hoping to soak up some of the glory that comes vanities. A lookout's bonus on Perception checks is equal Not only do such investments provide an escape from to your character level. Many Pathfinders find that they enjoy the sense of but does affect the number of new followers you can gain. You receive a +i circumstance bonus on Day a similar Profession skill to calculate your bonus on Day Job checks.Players playing in the Pathfinder Society Organized These followers travel with them. system detailed in Guide. receive a +4 bonus on Day Job rolls made checks with one type of Knowledge skill that you choose during the same adventure. the scholar can attempt bonus on your Day Job roll doesn't stack. when you do so. Pathfinder CampaiJJn SettinJJ: Faction Followers gained through vanities are noncombatants. a lookout keeps working in their shops. ownership and accomplishment that comes from being Lookout (4 PP): A Pathfinder is at her most vulnerable proprietor of a business. vanities don't slow down the game and overcomplicate the board can't be purchased with gold pieces. and trading of property. Additionally. there are many groups. You can have a maximum number use "free" vanities as rewards for adventures if she wishes. scarwork. PorterPSFG. and societies to which Pathfinders can the attempt. If you use ranks in You specialize in trading or contraband items. When than most Pathfinders can conceivably remember. allowed you to capitalize on sharing or refusing to share Information Brokerage (6 PP): You're connected . but a GM can certainly with unneeded minis. you receive no income from the attempt. Alternatively. Additionally. Tattoo Parlor (5 PP): You're in the business of helping your clientele permanently modify their bodies with In addition to membership in one's faction and the Craft (tattoo) to calculate your bonus on Day Job rolls. and SquirePSFG in such a circumstance can't be rerolled. of followers equal to your Charisma bonus (minimum i). that Knowledge skill check for you. All of these memberships are available in Absalom any magical tattoo you purchase (see Pathfinder CampaiJJn Underground Business (5 PP): illicit automatically-whether or not memberships are available in other cities depends on the GM. The scholar grants you a +2 bonus on i PP). watch . your reputation reduces the cost of your normal bonuses on the check. in turn. but don't regain spent Prestige Points SettinJJ: Patlifinder Society Field Guide. but the another action . If you use ranks in Profession (teacher) or community. inns. as detailed below. A natural i rolled of the ChroniclerPSFG. or operate a gambling hall or brothel that might along with a small stipend you receive the adoration of be legal but carries a significant moral stigma in your your students. you receive a +1 circumstance bonus on such check. SettinJJ: Inner Sea MaJJic). entrepreneurial Pathfinders can often be found everyone to rest safely. You. the price is reduced by i PP (minimum you in this task. As a general rule. see You may dismiss a follower at any time if you wish to gain PatYifinder CampaiJJn different followers. regardless checks. Additionally. and tattoos. and having a designated guard allows work. While you rest. your business grants you a +i circumstance bonus on cults. You're adept at facilitating Scholar (4 PP): There is more to learn about Golarion the purchasing. selling. you receive a 10% discount on belong. some vanities provide their own and should be utilized only as flavor for a character so they restrictions. run an illegal fighting Grand Lodge Instructor (5 PP): You spend at least a few hours each week teaching novice Pathfinders. as if he had used the aid vanity cost to more than one player at a given time. using a +S bonus. clubs. 28 MEMBERSH1PS piercings. upon spotting danger. For details on more vanities. and a Property Broker (5 PP): another player character at your table purchases a business scholar who specializes in one particular subject can aid or property vanity. If your Charisma is lowered by an effect. The lookout immediately wakes the stresses of adventuring. While taking a break from field when asleep. You can provide a reduced when you purchase this vanity. though if you ever roll a natural i on such a Job rolls. they can also be quite you up (as if he had spent a standard action to do so) lucrative if run properly. This network has small retinues of underlings as their reputations grow. BUS1NESSES this doesn't impact any followers you've already acquired. FOLLOWERS to a network of spies and informants who keep you Pathfinders are often forceful personalities who gather abreast of the goings-on in the world.

alchemical laboratory. enchanting athletics. While in the same nation as your lodge. you gain 10 temporary Prestige Points you can spend only on purchasing follower vanities. Pathfinder Lodge (50 PP): The Decemvirate gave you the go-ahead to found your own lodge outside of Absalom. You have your own wizard's tower. a -level spells. This wayfinder functions as normal.!Je hand at will in place of li. a wayfinder is more than a compass or receptacle for an ioun stone. wayfinder. and it a Pathfinder must already own a keeps a minor enchantment from its previous owner.!J ht . WAYFlNOER ENHANCEMENTS For members of the Pathfinder Society.!Jht. the followers return to their normal duties. you can reduce 10% (Pathfinder RPG Core 219). or combat arts. except the lullaby at will in place of l(ght.g ht . or other secluded workshop where you can research new spells and formulae. To obtain the following wayfinder enhancements. granting you the discipline to train faster and more efficiently. These ubiquitous minor magic items are status symbols and badges of honor among Pathfinders. the wayfinder retains the ability to cast li. this vanity costs only Wizard's Tower (8 PP): 25 PP.specific information as the situation and your clients Diplomacy skill checks made to gather information. except the user can cast detect ma. Your experience building your cache of valuable information grants you a Monastery (5 PP): +2 circumstance bonus on Your accomplishments have earned When purchasing a normally replace the Musical (4 PP): The crafter of this wayfinder constructed you an invitation from a prestigious school of meditation. and any unspent temporary Prestige Points are lost. you reduce the number of days needed per retraining action by 1. or keep bulky spoils of their many exploits. This price reduction doesn't affect the cost the cost of materials involved by Rulebook of gaining access to the spell or formula to be copied. wayfinder enhancement that would wayfinder's ability to cast l(ght with the ability to cast a different spell.!Jht. it with the ability to play back a sentimental. At the end of the adventure. you may requisition one or more lower-ranked Pathfinders to assist you for a short time. allowing it to cast two different You can use Knowledge (local) to attempt Day Job rolls. Igniting ( 3 PP): This wayfinder functions as normal. except the user can cast spark (Patlifinder RPG Advanced Player's Guide) at will in place of !i. many Pathfinders enjoy homes of their own where they can relax. Discerning (5 PP): This wayfinder functions as normal. user can cast PROPERT Y When not adventuring. If your character holds the title of venture-captain. except the user can cast ma. pressed. Telekinetic (4 PP): This wayfinder functions as normal. melody when it is opened and the compass needle is Regularly training with the monastery's instructors builds endurance and patience. At the beginning of an adventure. 29 .!Jic at will in place of l i. When scribing a spell or formula into a spellbook or formula book from a scroll or another character. Inherited ( 3 PP): A mentor or older relative who was a Pathfinder passed this wayfinder down to you. When using the retraining rules presented in Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Campa(gn 5 to retrain any character ability that would take or more days to complete. and elaborate or exotic versions are growing in popularity among those who wish to stand out from their peers . raise families. dictate .

To find out. but if you have any questions feel free to ask them on the Pathfinder Society messageboards at paizo. If you're unsure where to find a game.Pathfinder Society Organized Play Thousands of Pathfinder R P G players participate in the Pathfinder Society Organized Play program. But in Pathfinder paizo. allowing you to create a easy to This shared campaign allows gamers to play the same character at conventions. so getting involved shouldn't be diff icult persistent character that advances in prowess and prestige for any Pathfinder RPG player. You'll also you choose to do so. check events. or in other sanctioned events across the world. using the Pathfinder Society character creation Society. including where you progress as you advance through the campaign. you'll be able to have the opportunity to participate in unique Pathfinder download the free Society events and pursue rewards only available to which presents all the specific rules of the campaign. it's time for your first game as a member of the Pathfinder Society. and reward structure as the framework for a private campaign. such Guide to PatYifinder Society Or9anized Play. local game stores. Some players even enjoy a combination of public and private adventuring. These games might be played in person or online with friends. online. Playing Pathfinder Society in Your Area: Game stores. There might be a bit to take in from the start. adventure scenarios. ask at these the Pathfinder Society event finder on is the quickest way to get in touch with someone in the know. 30 . The first step is to visit alongside thousands of other to see on Pathfinder if anything is being planned nearby. and how to track character advancement. factions. At the same time. the campaign employs a network of over 2 0 0 volunteer regional coordinators (called Venture-Captains and Venture­ Lieutenants) who facilitate Pathfinder Society play in their regions. Pathfinder Society members. local conventions. It's really up to each person to determine how you want to play and whether or not you want your experience to count toward the larger campaign. Interested in learning more about Pathfinder Society? IJere's the perfect place to start. Best of all. Playing Pathfinder Society at Home: Some players prefer to keep their Pathfinder Society experience limited to a familiar group of friends. wherever play and with whom you choose to adventure. details of the available and easy to join-here's how. home. there are a few different ways to start playing in the Pathfinder Society campaign. GETT1NG 1NVOLVEO Once you have your character. you have all the flexibility and options found in Pathfinder Society Number. Once you've got your character ready. or just visit your local game store during their scheduled Pathfinder Society event and ask for more information. and libraries are just a few of the places in your area that might already be running Pathfinder Society locations. or post Society messageboards at paizo. contacting your local Venture-Captain at paizo. This allows you to track your and register for a free the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. or whether or not a local event or convention is set to offer Pathfinder Society content. The Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign brings J 01N1NG PATHF1NDER SOC1ET Y many of the best features of a massively multiplayer The Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign is online R P G into the real world. As of this book's publication. it's free to play as character creation

Those factions who achieve their goals see their Do I have to know all the rules? influence in the Society increase. yo u r c h a racter rece ives the loot h e o r she has won a s part of the adventu re. a n d assuring you have the best g a m i n g experie nces poss i b l e . while those that fail might see their faction diminish in importance. and other rewards. P a t h f i n d e r S o c i ety m e m b e rs vo l u n t e e r t h e i r t i m e to sched u l e a n d host p u b l i c eve nts. working toward goals shared by only a subset of any given adventuring party.m a d e for starti n g p l aye rs. but each is also a member Every t i m e yo u partici pate i n a n offi c i a l Pathfi n d e r Society g a m e. lT'S YOUR GAME NOW While Pathfinder Society Organized Play games involve some extra bookkeeping and rules. Often t h i s i s g o l d o r other trea su re. the free down l o a d a b l e Guide t o Pathfinder Society Organized Ploy. Where can I find answers? Yo u c a n f i n d tons of other Pathfi n d e r Society O rg a n ized Play reso u rces o n l i n e a t paizo. a n d a s k awayr Pathfinder Society in your area and welcome to the game! 31 . meeting new players and participating in convention games is f o r deta i l s o n sancti o n i n g yo u r o w n ca m p a i g n . WHY ORGANlZEO PLAY? Sure. Over time. g e n d e rs. special powe rs. m e d i a t i n g concerns. rising in prestige among his peers. b u t i n some special eve nts i t might be a ccess to new ra ces. b u t the far. Find Allies and Further Yonr Goals: Not only does every Pathfinder Society character belong to the illustrious Are there prizes o r rewards for playing? ranks of the Pathfinder Society. So check out the I have other questions. T h i s way. a n d f u n co m m u n i ty of g a m e rs that g ives p l ayers of a l l a g es. participating in Pathfi nder Society O rg a n ized Play eve nts i s the same a s playing in a g a m e a t h o m e. Society game. Win Fame and Use It: Throughout a Pathfinder's career. Among these a re everyt h i n g you need to s i g n u p. This fame allows her to call The Pathfi n d e r Society is a n a cce pting. For more information on starting your own Pathfinder Society event. a n d reg i o n a l coord i nators a n d the P a i zo ca m p a i g n staff a re ded icated to crea t i n g welco m i n g p l a ces to play. a n d messa g e b o a rd s f u l l of active Pathfi n d e r Society m e m bers and the Paizo ca m p a i g n staff. Over the course of a given season of play-the yearlong span between August of one calendar year and July of the next­ members of each faction tirelessly work to see their factions' goals achieved. a n d participants re port the res u l t s of their g a mes to Pa izo's ca m p a i g n staff. but why play in a Pathfinder Society campaign rather than a normal Pathfinder game ? These are just a few of the great benefits.rea c h i n g co m m u nity e l e m e nts do c reate some d i ffere n ces. you ca n eve n play at h o m e r C h e c k o u t paizo. I f you want.Running Your Own Events: Remember that even though the campaign has an established network of games and organizers. get m o re experience. Stop by. and sexua l ities the opportunity to s h a re t h e i r l ove of ro le playing adve n t u res. j o i n i n the d i scussion. In each Ca l l yo u r local g a m e store a n d a s k w h e n they r u n t h e i r Pathfi n d e r Society eve nts o r check o u t the eve nt locator a t paizo. contact any regional coordinator. H e re a re a n swe rs to a few co m m o n q u estions a b o u t the Pathf i n d e r Soci ety. b u t even reg u l a r g a m e s a re perfect p l a ces for p l aye rs who o n l y k n ow the b a s i c s to have f u n. free spellcasting services. but also earns fame and prestige. decisions made at the gaming table ______ • Is Pathfinder Society right for me? can determine the direction of future adventures and the canon of the Pathfinder campaign setting. Everyo n e i s w e l c o m e d .com/pathfinderSociety/getlnvolved. QUESTIONS A BOUT PATHFINDER SOCIETY? In m a ny ways. o r other rewa rd s u n i q u e to the Pathfi n d e r Soci ety. Your Actions Matter: Every character's actions help guide each yearlong plot arc of the Pathfinder Society campaign. everyo ne's playing by the s a m e rules a n d assum ptio ns. Explore a Living World: Every Pathfinder Society character exists in a common setting shared by thousands When and where can I play? of other gamers. or follow the details at What does "Organized Play" mean? paizo. representing her renown as a I'm Pathfinder and be it a one-shot game day or a recurring event at the local library. a l lowing you to play yo u r c h a racter in eve nts a l l over the world and co l l e c t u n i q u e Pathf i n d e r Society boons a n d o t h e r benefits. they're all in place to make sure everyone who plays enjoys an even footing and operates by the same assumptions. a member of Paizo's campaign staff. safe. a n d learn some awesome new tech n i q ues! rewards and plot developments. i ntro d u ce yo u rself. But after a few games. access to unique character abilities. a character experiences the same adventures as Pathfinders the world over. there's nothing stopping anyone interested from starting her own Pathfinder Society event. all while adventuring as Pathfinder field agents. and experiencing the ongoing stories unique to the Pathfinder Society campaign. eth n i citi es. the differences become second nature. sharing experiences. magic items. she not only gains wealth and experience as all Pathfinder Roleplaying Game characters of a faction within the organization. paving the way for unique N o 1 Not o n l y does Pathf i n d e r Society reg u l a rl y r u n eve nts custo m . upon her allies within the Pathfinder Society and her respective faction for special favors.

� ��s!. Monte Cook.� �Jd��o� .b� t���if. language. t nsi t b r id e u i n e pe�Pe��:� :�r1�fd:. from the you're prepared with Pathfinder Player magic items. All sublicenses shall survive the termination of this License. Reformation: If any provision of this License is held to be unenforceable.�rx-Y:�� ����\h� ��� s�� �� t. themes and graphic. Inc.. except as expressly licensed in another. Authors: Jonathan Tweet. Use of Product Identity: You agree not to Use any Product Identity. 32 Companion: Dun. correcti.0A The following lexl is the property of Wizards of the Coast.�:���� o���:. independent Agreement with the owner of such Trademark or Registered Trademark. symbols.geoneer's Handbook! Race Guide! 6. such provision shall be reformed only to the extent necessary to make it enforceable. feats. i3.�. upgrade.g: Pathfinder Society Field Guide. 14. a i sb r i n i so�� �r :il1�t�e�. or a zealous atheist.t� (f) "Trademark' means the logos. artifacts.:a�� :e��� �f·t��s L���. and Skip Williams. �f���. improvement. processes and routines to the extent such content !oes not embody the Product Identity and is an enhancement over the prior art and any additional content clearly identified as Open Game Content by the t t i n t s e e �i.. Inc. stories. on. Join the ranks of some of Golarion's most active adherents. modifying or �i��l��i �f�����i��n�l u����dd���t����:��:��i �!if��t�� d the copyright holder's name to the COPYRIGHT 7.����. logos and identify ing marks plots. la �����t·:�e �. Make sure Pathfinder Campa(gn Settin. incidents. Inc ("Wizards"). motto.��r:�� . transformed c s i t' t n eas el ast u l s s e �� ��h���. designs. Termination: This License will terminate automatically if You fail to comply with all terms herein and fail to cure such breach within 30 days of becoming aware of the breach. You agr� not to indicate compatibility or co-adaptability with any Trademark or Registered Trademark in conjunction with a work containing Open Game Content except as expressly licensed in another.... storylin1 es.� 1B ��� ���i:n� � �: �� sY��t� jC:d�c'r�l . New archetypes.��::2 � r�d����d .i:htf. LLC."Y���������b��i�n°s .1 c�:��� .(���. i5. COPYRIGHT NOTICE Open Game License i. claim the power of your convictions with this guide to devotion-religious or otherwise . Defini t ions: (a) "Contributors" means the copyright and/or tr. Enhance your next grippli specifically for Pathfinder agents in or tiefling character with options the dungeon eventually. 1 r n . O P E N GAM E LIC E N S E and Pathfinder RPG Advanced V E R S I O N 1. creatures.ldemark owners who have contributed Open ame (b)"Derivative Material" means copyrighted material includin g deriva�ive works and translations � �ontent. Inc. i. depictions. Convictions are nothing without champions. characters of every class can make their beliefs work for them. mark.��� ���� :h! a%� ��. and is Copyright 2000 Wizards of the Coast. www.��rf�0� thi� Ci��::���e� ��:. The License: This License applies to any Open Game Content that contains a notice indicating that the Open ly e e s �:�: ���:=�: t�:t\�� ut:. ��. t n i e f al t e ui Yo�· �e��e�� ���.h:�� a �� i� �f�� �! f��·r:. tt���� e��f�h� P���u��(d����.��bt��:..�q������'. The use of any Product Identity in Open Game Content does not constitute a challenge to the ownership of that Product ldentiih The owner of any Product lde e 1 8�11� �:i��� �rf?.. Paizo��=� �a �: ����e . characters. �� �e��� �:.:th od�� procedures. Authors: John Compton an � �o :d� v .t�. (�)·}�r�d� ��1d . names. herself. 11. thematic elements.���. Philosophies. WOULD YOU URE TOKNOW MORE? Stepping into the Pathfinder Lodge is just the first step in your exciting journey to become a renowned member of the Pathfinder Society! Players looking for more on what it means to be a successful Pathfinder would do well to consult the following complementary sources. Updating the Li c ense: Wi z ards or its desi g nated Agents may publish updated versi o ns of thi s Li c ense. �r�d�c��de�:� b. �5/�.��/i ��t�� �) T���� �. 1 including trade dress. 10. concepts. sign. Open Desi g n LLC. rl���di:a�� !0h�ch��:!���1�h! ��rk that 0 are Open Game Content. Whether as a servant of a powerful deity.tnu h�v� �����e��. �����fr��' : n _:. photographic and other visual or audio representations. you are distributing 9. based on material by E. Wi z ards ofthe Coast. �.��i�. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.h�:: gc::�:�h� rights conveyed by this�i� �� �#���'.�.��l�r ��. formats. No other terms or condit i o ns may be applied to any Open Game Content distributed using this License. Intrepid members of the Pathfinder There's more than just humans Regardless of how metropolitan or Society can find even more tools. extension. Kobold Qporter!v Issue 14 © 2010. independent Agreement with the owner of each element of that Product Identity. Philosophies. Wi z ards of the Coast.�����:�i� 2.�t����:�:. and elves roaming the surface of sophisticated a Pathfinder regards spells. including as an Indi c ati o n as to compatibility..oa © 2000.n :tu1::1•. spells.�.e�� a ��0c�����'. names. dialo gue. she's going to have to go to tricks Golarion.��� u�t" fn . Use of Contri b utor Credits: You may not market or advertise the Open Game Content using the name of any Contri b utor unless You have written permission from the Contri b utor to do so. Copy of this License: You MUST include a copy of this License with every copy of the Open Game Content You distrib ute.koboldquarterly.����I���� �l�.. i:a����: ���{r���.. modification.��e�fK�:��:cf�d���h. a devotee of a world-shaping philosophy.Embrace the power o f belief with Pat}ifinder Player Companion: Faiths 8/. ���e:i. artwork.!�Q ��h� License itself. names c s c l ti a a :bITitfe�� �Fa��. With Pat}ifinder Player Companion: Faiths 8/. and magic items allow players of any class to put their beliefs to use like never before .Y. compilation. You may use any authorized version of this License to copy. :1 !rk' '!t mponion: Pathfinder Socie� Primer © 2013. 3.i �·lu. poses.�di�t�b��:����1�:���n�. Noti c e of Li c ense Copyri g ht: You must update the COPYRIGHT NOTI C E portion of thi s li c ense to include the exact text of the COPYRIGHT NOTICE of any Open Game Content You are copying. (1nclud1ng into other computer languages). �l(yV:�:d�� ��id ��t �d�n\ i�. All Rights Reserved. addition.Offer and Acceptance: By Using the Open Game Content You indicate Your acceptance of the terms of this License. potation. designs that are used by a Contributor to identify itself or its products or the associated products contributed to the Open Game License by the Contributor (g) an s .:.��. modify and distribute any Open Game Content originally distributed under any version of this License. abridgment or other form in which an existing work may be recast. with details on the causes and philosophies that shape the Inner Sea Region .��� . likenesses. �h! ��e� Game Content. System Reference Document © 2000.l��fv� �f:e��. :i�� :he :.���n�::al�:��la�i�� :he� ����a���� Use any Open Game Material so affected.

and as he planted more entrances. the demiplane is no substitute for true teleportation magic. they often use the Maze of the Open Road. Indeed. since many of its agents are vagabonds by The following explain some of the most common means by which a nature and Pathfinders by trade. mounting a horse or boarding a ship is often the most reliable means of transportation throughout the Inner Sea region. to the life of travelers. the seemingly • mundane wall hanging acts as a gateway into a fabulous museum demiplane stocked by the legendary sorceress Hao Jin with people. the maze grants access to hitherto inaccessible sites and unknown treasures for those brave and patient enough to explore its interior. some parts of the world are so remote or nonnavigable that magic is the only possible means of getting there. Thanks to the archdruid's industrious cultivation. . Magic items such as the latter are rarely granted to any but the most savvy and experienced of Pathfinders. establishing lodges in areas as distant the location of the next mission can be as much of an adventure as as Tian Xia. so though Pathfinders can use the Hao ]in Tapestry as speedy transportation to a few sites. spread its influence throughout the entire Inner Sea region and travel is an integral part of the Pathfinder way of life. innumerable treasures remain intact and undiscovered. its unmapped paths remain the domain of the Decemvirate. When time is of the essence. getting from place to place is an ever-present the mission itsel£ The Pathfinder Society is especially accustomed challenge for venture-captains sending their agents into the field. TH E MAZE O F TH E OPEN ROAD When the secretive members of the Decemvirate choose to travel. magic gets Pathfinders where they need to be in a prompt and reliable manner. Although the once-unknown Maze of the Open Road is now an open secret in the Society. and getting to beyond with relative ease. increasingly bizarre and powerful creatures wandered into the extradimensional pathway. Still. This has enabled the Society to Pathfinder can get from here to there and-hopefully-back again. as much to contain the dangers within as to exercise their prerogative. TH E HAO Jl N TAPESTRY Several years ago. This holds doubly true for missions that require traversing the planes-many lodges keep a store of scrolls of supposedly even possess plane shift for just this purpose. the Pathfinder Society claimed an unassuming tapestry as its prize for winning the prestigious Ruby Phoenix Tournament. and entire cities that she collected during her travels. A powerful archdruid gave the maze to the Pathfinder Society more than 2 0 0 years ago. MU NDAN E TRAVEL Whether a traveler is the lowliest peasant or the most honored queen. mundane travel is by far the most time-consuming. These backdoors take time to create and maintain. After all. since the sometimes unpredictable nature of teleportation magic can just as easily be a hindrance rather than a boon . though it may well prove a rewarding experience for those who enjoy travel for its own sake. Although the preservative magic within has begun to fade. monuments.Since the Society sends Pathfinders on missions all over the world. Of all the common methods by which a Pathfinder might traverse the world. a magical hedge maze whose exits open up in many nations throughout the Inner Sea and beyond. though hiring a spellcaster to teleport the party to the other side of the globe might get them to their destination faster. Miraculously. opening up quick means of travel between Absalom and several of the Society's most important lodges. The Pathfinder Society is typically happy to hire a spellcaster in town or pay for the material components necessary to cast high-level teleportation magic. The Society has recently discovered how to create additional backdoors to the Tapestry. though. and some of the largest lodges amulets of the planes for tasks that involve extensive plane-hopping.

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