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Subject: ENGLISH
Date: Oct 9th
Grade/Level: 9th grade A, B, D, E –Intermediate
Textbook: English my love
No. of students: 27
Time: 50 minutes
Lesson title: Around London
Topic: reading and vocabulary practice
Skills involved: reading, speaking and listening
By the end of the lesson the students will have been able:
1. to read the text correctly;
2. to match the pictures with the text;
3. to explain/translate the new words;
4. to use the new words in sentences of their own.
Materials: Textbook, pictures, worksheets
Stages of the lesson activities:
Checking the homework – ex. VI/ p.8 - textbook
Time: 5 minutes
Activity 1: Warm up
Aim: -to introduce the students into the atmosphere of the lesson
-to attract students’ attention on the topic
Interaction: T-Sts; PW
Time: 5 minutes
Procedure: Teacher writes on the blackboard the names of the sights in London and asks the
students to match them with the pictures in their textbooks
The British Museum
The Houses of Parliament
Westminster Abbey
Piccadilly Circus
Tower Bridge
Buckingham Palace etc.
Using predictive skills Sts try to match in pairs.

Evaluation: Homework – ex3/p. give students practice in reading. Interaction: lockstep Time: 5 minutes Procedure: Teacher reads the texts loudly and clearly while the students listen and look in their textbooks. GW Time: 10 minutes Procedure: Students identify the unknown words and teaches writes them on the blackboard: to bury. Teacher checks if they were correct. Activity 5: Vocabulary practice Aim: to check comprehension. 11. Activity 4: Vocabulary study Aim: to give students practice in speaking. to give students practice in writing and speaking. Activity 3: reading activity Aim: .to listen to the text read by the teacher paying attention to the correct pronunciation. Students-Teacher Time: 10 minutes Procedure: Students read the texts loudly one at a time and check if they matched correctly the pictures with the names of the sights.textbook Marks Time: 5 minutes . sovereign. Teacher emphasizes the pronunciation of certain words that might difficult for the Sts to pronounce. delight.Teacher asks questions: what do all these places have in common? Can you guess what we are going to talk about today? Activity 2: model reading Aim: . Teacher-Student Time: 10 minutes Procedure: In the same groups students make up sentences of their own using the new words from the lesson. to check prediction Interaction: GW. Each group will write one sentence on the blackboard. to check comprehension Interaction: lockstep. junction. In groups of 4-6 Sts try to understand the words from the context and explain/translate them. Interaction: GW. wax.