2008 is a Leap Year

A leap year takes place every
four or five years. We add a
day in February so our calen-
dar matches the solar year. A
solar year equals the time it
takes the Earth to go around
the Sun.

Chinese New Year
February 7th was the first
day of the Chinese New Year,
which is the biggest Chinese
holiday of the year. Festivals
were held around the world to
welcome the Year of the Rat.

In Chinese tradition, a different animal
represents each new year.
Fish Stocks at Risk
Research shows that the
world’s fish stocks are in dan-
ger. Changes in the ocean are
affecting fish numbers.
There is concern because
people around the world get
their food from the sea.
UFO Sighting
A January UFO sighting in
Texas turned out to be
American Air Force jets. At
first, the Air Force denied
having jets in the area, but
they later changed their
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February News
Page 1

Concern about
Drug for Bird Flu
“Tamiflu” is a treatment for people
who get sick with bird flu. Many
countries have been storing the drug
to prepare for an outbreak. In Can-
ada, there is concern that the flu vi-
rus is becoming resistant to the

Afghan Mission
Canada says that its Afghan mission
will now end in 2011. The mission had
been set to end in 2009. 78 Canadian
soldiers have already died. Polls show
that Canadians are split on whether
we should stay.
National News

For most Canadians, the
risk of getting bird flu is
very low.
Page 2

Federal Budget
The government announced its fed-
eral budget in late February. Some
have called this a prudent budget in
unsure times. Others have called it a
boring, “do-nothing” budget.

$555 Million to
Help Haiti
Canada has pledged $555 million to
help Haiti. Over the next five years,
the money will be used for new roads,
police stations, and public programs.

Canadian Robot to
be Sent to Space
A $200-million Canadian robot will go
into space this March. The two-
armed robot will be aboard the space
shuttle Endeavour. Its job will be to
help with outside repairs on the shut-

Quebec City’s
The debut of Quebec City’s Carnival
was delayed because of a winter
storm. Activities quickly resumed
and the city enjoyed a successful

Winter Blues
It has been one snowy winter across
the province. Many areas have had
more snow than they’ve seen in
years. Experts say that people
should get outside and stay active to
beat the winter blues.
Quebec News
Quebec City celebrates its
400th birthday this year!
Page 3

Cotton Swab

A Quebec coroner warns against using
cotton swabs in the ear. Last year, a
Montreal man died after piercing an
eardrum with a cotton swab. The
man’s ear got infected and he later
Dentists Planning
Medicare Pullout
Quebec dentists are planning to pull
out of Medicare. Dentists say that
they will start charging fees for
children under ten and people on

Health Tips
1. Wa|k 30 minutes every day. Walking helps
both your heart and bones.
2. S|eep we||. You should get 7 to 9 hours of
sleep a night.
3. Eat Gar|ic every day. A new study shows
that garlic can lower risk of disease by

Games and Trivia
“Forget Love. I’d rather
fall in chocolate”.
-Author unknown
Fill in the missing numbers so every row,
column, and quadrant has the numbers 1
through 9.
R i d d l e : A n e c h o
T r i v i a : 1 . A s t r a w b e r r y 2 . T h e M i l k y W a y 3 . S p i l l e d M i l k
The Academy Awards were
held on February 24th. Some
of this year’s winners are:
1. Best Film: No Country
for Old Men
2. Best Animated Film:
3. Best Costumes:
Elizabeth: The
Golden Age
4. Best Song:
“Falling Slowly”
Page 4
Many have heard it, but nobody has ever
seen it. It will not speak back until spoken
to. What is it?

1. What fruit has its seeds on the outside?
2. What is the name of our galaxy?
3. Complete the expression: No use crying
over ___________.
Check answers below.
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