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Broadcasting Industry: Switching the Channel to FDI

Dinodia Capital Advisors

October 2012

Executive Summary
In its onslaught of big reforms in the country, the UPA-II government has recently passed
the decision to raise the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) ceiling to 74% from 49% in the
Broadcasting Sector in India to improve the accessibility of broadcasting services and
increase adaptation of international best practices
The current reforms will help the industry in terms of attracting more players in the cable
networks sector and will also facilitate the process of convergence in communication and
entertainment technologies

As per government regulations, the broadcasting industry needs to be digitalized by

December 2014 for which the industry would need a capital expenditure of ~Rs 20,00025,000 crores and by easing the FDI norms the government expects huge capital inflows in
the industry and possible consolidation of players as well
The overall liberalization in broadcasting services will not only bring in new investments to
India but will also build the information highways essential for the Indian economy to grow.
Additionally, the foreign players will bring in world-class technology, expertise and ideas that
will fuel new opportunities in the sector such as Digital Video Recording (DVR), High
Definition (HD) for the masses, bundling of Internet, Phone & Cable (Triple Play) etc.

Overview of the Broadcasting Sector in India

The Indian Broadcasting sector is the largest in
Asia and is estimated to be Rs 38,500 crores in
2011-12 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of
12% to reach Rs 54,720 crores by 2014-15

Genre wise Viewership Share




Major investments are anticipated to come into the

sector given the governments directive of
digitization of broadcasting services by December
India has more than 500 channels of different
genres viz. entertainment, movies, news & current
affairs, sports, music, religious today


Mass Entertainment

Regional Channels

News Channels

Hindi Film Chanels

English Entertainment

Sports Channels

International Kids

Music Channels

Channels in different languages are also available

to cater to the requirements of regional viewers viz.
Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi, etc
In the radio segments besides All India Radio
(AIR), city specific licenses have been given for FM
Radio channels e.g. Red FM, Radio Mirchi, Big FM,
Radio City etc

Structure of TV Broadcasting Industry

India is estimated to have 106mm households with cable and satellite TV today. Some
26mm use DTH and 80mm receive feed from cable networks

What is Changing ?
Government Policies

Cable Networks


% of FDI


% of FDI

Amended Route

Local mom and

pop cable



No Change


Dish TV




Automatic route upto 49% ;

Government route beyond
49% and upto 74%

Setting up of Up
linking HUB

Tata Sky




Automatic route upto 49% ;

Government route beyond
49% and upto 74%

Up-linking a News
& Current Affairs
TV Channel

ABP News



No Change

No Change

Airtel, Vodafone

specified in

Not Specified
in existing


Automatic route upto 49% ;

Government route beyond
49% and upto 74%


Mobile TV

Porters Five Forces Analysis

of new entrants - High
Big players are able to maintain high
levels of capital expenditure in
purchasing rights of the most
popular content
Difficult for new entrants to secure
the rights to popular programs

power of consumers - Medium

of Substitutes - Medium
A significant increase in the
popularity of other
entertainment mediums
A rise of downloading programs
through the internet, both
legally and illegally ( iPad
obsessed generation )

Industry :

power of Suppliers - Medium

Sensitive to the increasing

concentration and dominance of
Production companies form a
cable and satellite program
major supplier and have clout
over broadcasters
Distributors are demanding higher Typically depends upon the
quality program productions in the
quality of content
HD digital format, to satisfy
among competitors - High
subscribers' unique interests
Tremendous rivalry between players
broadcasting shows and events of
similar genres
Rivalry is also strong between
broadcasters to purchase the
broadcasting rights for the most
popular programs and events

Opportunities in new wave of Digitization

The Indian government mandated digitization of cable TV in India on 11th November
2011, which will affect more than 88 million households, and forever change the way
revenue is split across the Pay-TV value chain
Given that the entire set up is going to get changed for
the new digitization plan to be implemented an adequate
supply of well priced and upgraded technology will be
required and new players which can provide such
technology will have a good chance to tap into the
With the new FDI policies, fresh investments can be
made by foreign players, which will eventually help in
implementing global standards across India
Increasing number of TV households (as the middle class in India grows rapidly in size )
will result in more DTH subscribers in the future years, especially as the cost of DTH
systems will reduce because of technology advancements
Foreign players with industry expertise and deep pockets now have the ability to capture
huge market share quickly as mom-pop cable providers are replaced by modern
technology and DTH / Satellite broadcasting
ABCD = Astrology, Bollywood, Cricket & Devotion all attract huge audiences in
IndiaNew-age broadcasting and digitization will bring these to millions of Indians
from the comfort of their homes, 24/7 in High Definition soonit remains to be seen
who will be the early risers to grab this opportunity

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