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Sh. Santosh Kumar , S/o Late Ram Pyare Vishwakarma, R/o Belwar gunj, PO:Gulzarbagh, PS:- Alam gunj, Distt:- Patna (hereinafter called "the first party') which
expression shall unless the context so requires including his successors, executors and
administrators of the one part.
Smt. Saloni Kumari, W/o Santosh Kumar D/o Mithlesh Viswakarma, R/o Vill+PO+PS:Naubatpur, Distt:- Patna. (hereinafter called "the second party") of the other part.
WHEREAS the parties to this present agreement are both by religion and faith Hindus
and they were married as per Hindu rites/customs at PATNA on 20/05/2013.
WHEREAS owing to differences between the husband and the wife they have mutually
consented to live separate from each other and to enter into an arrangement hereinafter
1. That after solemnization of their marriage the second party came to the house of
her in-laws. But very first day the parties found themselves of different tastes
habits,, ideas, and bearing and so being completely different nature and
temperament and could never adjust themselves till now and so had no love nor
heart for each other and they are not going to reconcile between them in future.
Both parties have irreconcilable differences hence leading to part from each
others and so the parties have mutually agreed to separate.
2. That due to their irreconcilable differences from the very first day of their
marriage, they have not established any conjugal relationship between
themselves till date that's why they don't have any children.

3. That, the parties to the present agreement lived together as husband and wife till
27th May 2013 and thereafter have been living separately on account of
difference due to one reason or the other and there is no possibility of
reconciliation between the parties.
4. That, as stated above, the above named parties are living separately since 27th
May 2013 and there is no chance of living together or any other reconciliation
between the parties and as such they have agreed for separation of their own
free will and consent.
5. That the parties last lived at (Belwar gunj, PO:- Gulzarbagh, PS:- Alam gunj,
Distt:- Patna) when the second party (Saloni Kumari) of own and out of free
will/accord broke the matrimonial home and withdrew herself from the company
of said (Santosh Kumar) with all her personal belongings and since then she has
been residing and living with her parents (Naubatpur) and is undesired with any
wish for uniting with her husband.
6. That, parties herein have agreed for mutual separation and in this regard no
hasty decision has been taken. The parties herein have reached to the decision
of mutual separation after sufficient forethought and enough contemplation. As
the marriage between them has completely been broken down and any further
continuation of the same would amount to prolonging their agony, The parties
have mutually settled their disputes regarding all the stridhan, maintenance,
permanent alimony and all other matters.
7. That, Party no. 2 has no right, title, interest, possession, inheritance, succession
or claim over the immovable properties and future earnings of the husband. and
forfeits all her claim against petitioner no. 2 .There is no past, present or future
claim against each other
8. That both the party nos. 1 and 2 will not claim any type of maintenance or any
right upon the property of each other or in-laws in future.
9. That, Both the parties are free to marry on their own and according to their
10. That, either party should not disturb the other's future marital life.
11. That both the party nos. 1 and 2 undertake not to file any civil or criminal case
including maintenance proceedings against each other.

12. That there is no past, present or future claim against each other. And none of the
both parties will subsequently make any claim for maintenance , rights of
residence etc .
13. The consent has not been given by either party by fear, force, fraud, coercion or
undue influence.
14. On their judicial separation due to of any misconduct of the husband or wife
occurring after the date hereof then and in any such case all the
agreements/enactments herein contained shall become void but without
prejudicing the right of any party in taking proceedings concerning any
antecedent breach of any such agreement or enactment.
15. That this deed of separation have been prepared in two copies for both parties
each for use and for record in future.
IN WITNESS WHERE OF, the parties have executed this Agreement on the date

Signature of Husband

Signature of Wife