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1. A sample of wet soil has a volume of 0.0192 m3 and a mass of 32 kg.

the sample soil dried out in an oven, its mass reduces to 28.5 kg. determine
Bulk density
Water content
Dry density
Saturated density
Void ratio
Degree of saturation
Take the specific gravity of solids 2.65.
2. Prove that the degree of saturation of a partially saturated soil can be
expressed as


( 1+ w )

3. A fully saturated clay sample has a mass of 130 gm ad has a volume of 64

cm3. The sample mass is 105 gm after oven drying. Assuming that the
volume does not change during drying, determine the following:
Specific gravity of soil solids
Void ratio
Dry density
4. A sample of soil has a volume of 1 liter and a weight of 17.5 N. the specific
gravity of the solids is 2.68. If the dry unit weight of the soil is 14.8
KN/m3.determine a) water content b) void ratio c) porosity d) saturated unit
weight e) submerged density and f) degree of saturation.
5. A saturated soil sample encountered in a deep excavation is found to have a
water content of 23%.Determine its porosity and bulk unit weight. Take
6. A sandy soil has a natural water content of 27.5% and bulk unit weight of
19.5 KN/m3. The void ratios corresponding to the densest and loosest state
are 0.51 and 0.87.find the relative density and degree of saturation for this
soil. Take G=2.7.
7. A soil sample has a bulk unit weight of 19.6 KN/m 3 at the water content of
10%.Determine the void ratio, percentage air voids and degree of saturation
of this sample. Take G=2.7.
8. The laboratory test results of a sand are e max 0.91, e min 0.48, and G s
2.67.What would be the dry and moist unit weights of this sand when compacted at
a moisture content of 10% to a relative density of 65%?
9. A moist soil has a void ratio of 0.65. The moisture content of the soil is 14%
and G s=2.7.Determine
i. porosity
ii. Degree of saturation.
iii. Dry unit weight.
10. An undisturbed specimen of clay was tested in laboratory and the following
result were obtained

Wet mass=210 gm
Oven dry mass=175 gm
Specific gravity of solids =2.7
What was the total volume of the original undisturbed specimen assuming the
specimen was 50% saturated.
11. A soil deposit to be used for construction of an earth embankment has an
average dry density of 1.62 gm/ml. if the compacted embankment is to have an
average dry density of 1.72 gm/ml, determine the volume of soil to be excavated for
1000 m3embankment.the water content of the soil in the borrow pit is 10%.
12. Prove that water content (w) of the partially saturated soil can be expressed as

( GG )



13. A sample of clay having a mass of 675 gm was coated with paraffin wax. The
combined mass of the clay and the wax was found to be 682 gm. The volume was
found by immersion in water as 345 ml. the sample was then broken open and the
water content and the specific gravity of solids were found to be 15% and 2.7
respectively. Calculate the bulk density of soil, its void ratio and degree of
saturation. Take specific gravity of wax as 0.89.
14. Show that

a . sat = d + n w
b . sat =n (
c . d =
d .G s=

dwsat ( sat w )

1+ w

eS w
( 1+e ) w

Chapter 3.