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Essential Guide to
Psychic Powers
By Sarah Bartlett

Want to develop and improve your psychic

powers? Gain personal insight and learn
through practical exercises, explanations
and meditations how to become more in
tune with the psychic world and how to
better understand psychic phenomena.
288 pages, 5 x 6, paperback.

More Than 100 Herbs for Well-Being,

Healing and Happiness

By Lesley Bremness

This informative and inspirational book

discusses 100 of the most important herbs
that you need for a healthy well-being.
Readers learn how to grow their own herbs
and properly use to benefit your mind, body
and spirit. 288 pages, 5 x 6, paperback.
ISBN: 9781907486821
$14.95 $17.95 can February

ISBN: 9781780281131
$14.95 $17.95 can April

Brilliant Memory Tool Kit

Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Boost
Your Memory Power

By Dominic OBrien

Memory master Dominic OBrien brings you his

method to dramatically improve your memory
in mere weeks. The kit consists of a guidebook,
a pictorial memory Journey Map and 50 flash
cards which give you the tools you need to
boost your memory! 88 pages, 5 x 7, kit.
ISBN: 9781780281193
$19.95 $23.95 can June

Celtic Visions

Omens, Dreams and Spirits of the Otherworld

By Caitlin Matthews


Develop Your Intuitive, Telepathic

and Healing Skills

The Essential Guide to Herbs

Through prayers, chants and practical

exercises, Celtic Visions teaches readers
how to tap into their inner spiritual power.
Drawn from ancient Welsh and Gaelic sources,
you will learn their most tried and true methods
for communicating with the Otherworld.
256 pages, 4 x 7, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781780281117
$14.95 $17.95 can March

Attracting Abundance

Meditations, Visualizations, and Exercises to

Help You Harness Positive Energy

By Jane Struthers

Tapping into the spirit of the Law of

Attraction, this beautifully illustrated deck of
52 meditation cards offers a new way to
channel positive energy from the world.With
this deck, you can make the most of your life
with just positivity! 5 x 7, card deck.
ISBN: 9781780281230
$17.95 $21.95 can June

The Miracle of Baking Soda

Practical Tips for Health & Home

By Dr. Penny Stanway

From cooking and cleaning to healthy and

beauty, baking soda is all-purpose, almost
magical ingredient. This comprehensive
guide gives you everything you need to know
about baking soda, from keeping your house
sparkling clean to whitening your teeth!
144 pages, 4 x 7, paperback.
ISBN: 9781780282169
$12.95 $14.95 can February

Holistic Therapy Bible

Over 80 Effective Treatments to Heal

the Mind, Body and Spirit

By Jane Alexander

The Miracle of Olive Oil

Practical Tips for Health, Home & Beauty

Holistic is a term we hear a lot these days to

describe natural therapeutic ways of treating the
body, but there are so many holistic treatments
out there! This simple understand guide defines
them all for you so you can get what you need!
256 pages, 7 x 10, paperback.

By Dr. Penny Stanway

ISBN: 9781847329479
$22.95 ncr March

ISBN: 9781780281056
$12.95 $14.95 can February

Change Your Life,

Change Your World

From experienced Dr. Penny Stanway comes a

guide to all the ways you can be a better you
with olive oil! Well bet you never knew that olive
oil can improve your health and beauty in so
many ways! 144 pages, 4 x 7, paperback.

6-copy counterpack

ISBN: 9781454902683 $77.70 $89.70 can

Ten Spiritual Lessons for a

New Way of Being and Living

By Amoda Maa Jeevan

Today, the search for a meaningful life can

be a tough challenge to face. However, with
this book it can be easier on you thanks to its
ten life changing lessons about how to relate
and react to the world today. 192 pages,
5 x 7, paperback.
ISBN: 9781780281247
$14.95 $17.95 can June | 1


The Writers Devotional

By Amy Peters

Beautifully designed with a cloth-bound

cover and ribbon marker, its filled with
365 inspiring quotations and tutorials
to help you develop your unique voice.
Each day of the week focuses on a
different aspect of the writing life, from
the business of writing, to tips and
tricks for getting past writers block.
384 pages, 5 x 7, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781402781834
$17.95 $21.95 can March

A Complete Guide to
Manicure & Pedicure

Yoga to the Rescue:

Ageless Beauty

A practical and visual approach to

hand and foot care, with lots of DIY
information, tips, and practical advice
as well as insights from podiatrists,
chiropodists, nail technicians, beauty
therapists, and cosmetic houses.
128 pages, 8 x 11, paperback.

Stressed? Tired? Hurting? Yoga is the

tonic that every woman needs to cure
what ails her! Learn how yoga can aid
your relaxation, tone every muscle in your
body, kick-start your immune system,
and increase your confidence and mental
clarity! 144 pages, 5 x 6, paperback.

ISBN: 9781847735669
$14.95 $17.95 can June

ISBN: 9781402748806
$14.95 $17.95 can June

By Leigh Toselli

Complete Book of Massage

By Mary Atkinson with Esme Floyd

By Amy Luwis

Massage is the natural, time-tested,

non-invasive therapy that helps so
many of the bodys systems. This
helpful guide will teach you safe,
easy to use at home essential techniques
for self massage, whole-body massages,
hand massage and much more!
320 pages, 7 x 10, paperback.
ISBN: 9781847329462
$19.95 ncr March

1960s Fashion Print
By Marnie Fogg

From Pop Art and Flower Power to Indian

motifs and the Magical Mystery Tour,
this stunning artistic journey explores
a time when art from cultures old and
new found expression on fabric.
192 pages, 858 x 858, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781849940344
$29.95 $35.95 can April

The Handbag
To Have & To Hold

By Carmel Allen

From the classicsChanel, Herms, Gucci,

Vuittonto the it bags of this century
the Fendi B, Marc Jacobs Stam, and
Diors GauchoThe Handbag holds it all.
This is a must-have style guide for handbag
lovers and all those interested in fashion.
160 pages, 8 x 8, paperback.
ISBN: 9781780970707
$14.95 ncr April

Marie Claire Outfit 911

Fabulous Fixes for Every Fashion Emergency

By Joyce Corrigan

6-copy counterpack

ISBN: 9781454902690 $89.70 ncr

Got a fashion emergency? Heres your

lifeline, anytime, for any occasion!
Marie Claire Outfit 911 has the 411 on
wardrobe essentials, whether youre heating
things up for an all-night beach party or
dressing to impress in the boardroom.
184 pages, 7 x 8, hardcover.

The Shoe

ISBN: 9781588168719
$24.95 $29.95 can February

By Tamsin Blanchard

Vintage Fashion Sourcebook

Key Looks and Labels and
Where to Find Them

By Emma Baxter- Wright, Karen Clarkson,

Sarah Kennedy and Kate Mulvey
This lavishly illustrated book offers a
wonderful decade-by-decade showcase
of twentieth-century fashion. 64 pages,
8 x 1078, paperback.
ISBN: 9781847327925
$9.95 ncr April

2 |

Best Foot Forward

With over 200 sumptuous images, this book

is every footwear fetishists dream! The Shoe
reveals fascinating facts about the industry
along with profiles of the worlds most
coveted and iconic designer brands.
160 pages, 8 x 8, paperback.
ISBN: 9781780970714
$14.95 ncr April

6-copy counterpack

ISBN: 9781454902706 $89.70 ncr

Romance & Weddings

Vintage Weddings
By Marnie Fogg, foreword by
Bruce Oldfield OBE
The modern bride is always looking for the
perfect wedding dress that combines the
best of herself and the wedding tradition!
In this book of more than 250 beautiful
photographs, brides can see the best of
wedding fashion throughout the years!
224 pages, 8 x 11, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781454702832
$29.95 $35.95 can January

The Best Man Speech

How to be the Best Best Man

By Dominic Bliss

Being the grooms best man can be a huge

honor, but the responsibilities of it can be
hugely overwhelming! Let this book guide
you through all the best mans duties so
you can be the best best man you can be!
128 pages, 5 x 7, paperback.
ISBN: 9781780091365
$8.95 $10.95 can May

Town & Country

The Bridesmaids Companion

The Complete Guide to Attending the Bride

By Valerie Berrios

This indispensable guide will help any

bridesmaid fulfill her duties with elegance,
grace, and aplomb. It explains, in a clear
and practical way, what her position entails,
the proper etiquette for carrying out her
tasks, and even crisis management.
160 pages, 5 x 718, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781588167958
$16.95 $21.95 can

Beautiful Wedding Flowers


One Hundred Years of

Bridal Fashion and Style

More than 300 Corsages, Bouquets, and


By Diane Wagner

From delicate bouquets of lilies of the valley

to centerpieces of cascading roses, these
350 designs are equal parts drama and
romance. And with advice on balancing
aromas, hand-tying bouquets, and even
building a floral canopy, its a must-have for
every bride. 224 pages, 9 x 9, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781588167989
$24.95 $29.95 can

6-copy counterpack

ISBN: 9781454902751 $53.70 $65.70 can


Ideas & Inspirations for Celebrating in Style

By Marie Proeller Hueston

The Complete Wedding

Speech Guide
By Andrew Byrne

Bad wedding speeches can be so

embarrassing on the couples special day!
In this great book, Andrew Byrne has
developed a helpful antidote to all those
bad wedding speeches, giving you the
perfect tips to pay tribute to the happy
couple. 96 pages, 4 x 7, paperback.
ISBN: 9781847739247
$7.95 $9.95 can January

Town & Country

Wedding Vows & Promises

And Other Words for the Bride and Groom

By Caroline Tiger

Always with an eye to tradition and good

etiquette, this guide offers advice and
inspiration, and even a space to jot down
clever ideas as they pop into your head.
All the important questions are asked, and
a range of possible answers suggested.
144 pages, 5 x 7, paperback.

Everybody has a little country in their heart,

and this is for the bride who wants to embody
the essence of country on her wedding day.
Broken into three sectionsChoosing a
Location, Designing the Day, and A Wedding
Primerbrides are taken step by step through
the planning of the perfect country wedding.
144 pages, 9 x 9, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781588167453
$19.95 $25.95 can

Dirty Talking and

Texting Tips!!
By Lisa Sweet

Keep yourself plugged in and turned on

with this great book! See how to get him
hot and bothered in 15 words or less,
use emoticons to enhance your sexy
thoughts, and punctuate in a way that
will have him wanting more! 96 pages,
3 x 5, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781847324115
$7.95 $9.95 can February

ISBN: 9781588166180
$12.95 $14.95 can | 3


Great for Mothers Day!!

Great Expectations:
Pregnancy & Childbirth

The Mothers Wisdom Deck

Conversations with My Mother For My Daughter

The most empowering, informative and

reassuring guide for moms-to-be has
now been thoroughly revised! This
new edition of includes all of the things
moms loved about the first book as
well as new supplemental material
to help moms-to-be get organized!
672 pages, 5 x 8, paperback.

No other job in the world is more difficult

than being a mother, and who would
know that better than mothers themselves?
This deck includes beautiful illustrations
with universal symbols for motherhood
that may be revealing or inspiring to
mothers everywhere. 658 x 658, kit.

A Lark Book

By Sandy Jones and Marcie Jones

ISBN: 9781402781858
$14.95 $17.95 can April

By Elizabeth Marglin M.A. & Niki Dewart

Illustrated by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw

ISBN: 9781402786990
$17.95 $21.95 can May

A Keepsake Journal for Celebrating a

Lifetime of Stories

When you were a kid, what did you dream

being when you grew up? Whats something
you wish you had asked your parents? These
and other thoughtful questions featured in
this book will bring you closer with your
mother than ever before! 80 pages, 8 x 9,
concealed spiral bound hardcover.
ISBN: 9781600590887
$9.95 $10.95 can October

Special Memories of Our Life Together

A Lark Book

This book is what creates precious

keepsakes for parents to share with their
kids when theyre all grown up. Celebrate
the bond between parent and child with
this journal that keeps track of your childs
experience from infancy to adulthood.
112 pages, 9 x 10, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781600595042
$12.95 $16.95 can March

6-copy counterpack
6-copy counterpack

ISBN: 9781454706274 $77.70 $89.70 can

ISBN: 9781454706281 $59.70 $71.70 can


Limited Edition Notebooks from

colors with a

ecosystem Geometry
The foundation upon which beauty in nature, music, and architecture is based.
Limited edition notebooks
Available in medium, ruled, flexi syle

Choice of
9781607363057 Blue/Green Op Art

Fresh geometric designs

$14.95 / $16.95 can

9781607364917 Black Dot

9781607361091 Pink/Orange Op Art

4 |


Knitted Booties for

Tiny Feet

Sterling loves to
and we love showcasing the best
the craft world has to offer through innovative and fun books. The
following pages highlight some of our favorite books, to see our
entire collection of craft titles please visit

By Catherine Bouquerel

64 pages, 8 x 9, paperback
ISBN: 9781936096381
$14.95 $17.95 can June


Hand in Hand
Crafting with Kids

By Jenny Doh

160 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

ISBN: 9781454702405
$19.95 $23.95 can April

Cuddly Knits for Wee Ones

By Catherine Bouquerel

64 pages, 8 x 9, paperback
ISBN: 9781936096398
$14.95 $17.95 can June

Techno Cozies
By Sue Culligan

156 pages, 8 x 8, paperback

ISBN: 9781861088710
$14.95 $17.95 can March

Two-Hour Cross-Stitch: Flowers

300 Quick & Easy Designs

By Trice Boerens

156 pages, 8 x 8, flexibound

ISBN: 9781454701163
$17.95 $21.95 can March


Knit Your Favourite Sports Star

By Carol Meldrum

96 pages, 7 x 7, paperback
ISBN: 9781843406709
$12.95 $14.95 can March

Quilled Flowers

A Garden of 35 Paper Projects

By Alli Bartkowski

128 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

ISBN: 9781454701200
$16.95 $19.95 can March

Heart-Felt Holidays
40 Festive Felt Projects to
Celebrate the Seasons

By Kathy Sheldon and Amanda Carestio

Crochet Garden

132 pages, 9 x 9, paperback

ISBN: 9781454702818
$14.95 $17.95 can April

Bunches of Flowers, Leaves, and Other Delights

By Suzann Thompson

132 pages, 8 x 9, paperback

ISBN: 9781600599279
$16.95 $19.95 can May

Crochet Bakemono (Monsters!)

By Lan-Anh Bui and Josephine Wan
144 pages, 8 x 9, paperback
ISBN: 9781861088475
$17.95 $21.95 can April

We Make Dolls!

Top Dollmakers Share Their Secrets & Patterns

By Jenny Doh

160 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

ISBN: 9781454702498
$19.95 $23.95 can June | 5

Brooches & Pins

By Louise Compagnone

120 pages, 8 x 8, paperback

Paper Crafts

ISBN: 9781861088864
$14.95 $17.95 can April

Pop-Up Cards

And Other Greeting That Slide, Dangle & Move


By Sandi Genovese

128 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

ISBN: 9781454703204
$17.95 $21.95 can May

All You Knit is Love

20 Patterns for Romantic Handmade Gifts

By Debbie Harrold

48 pages, 7 x 7, paperback

The Collage Workbook

ISBN: 9781908449047
$9.95 $11.95 can February

How to Get Started and Stay Inspired

By Randel Plowman

132, 9 x 9, paperback
ISBN: 9781454701996
$17.95 $21.95 can June

6-copy counterpack

ISBN: 9781454902737
$59.70 $71.70 can

Dollar Bill Origami

The Knitted Home

By Duy Nguyen

By Sian Brown

ISBN 9781402791482
$9.95 $11.95 can April

128 pages, 8 x 8, flexibound

Hand-Knitted Projects Room by Room

176 pages, 7 x 9, paperback
ISBN: 9781861088079
$19.95 $23.95 can March

6-copy counterpack

ISBN: 9781454902744 $59.70 $71.70 can

The Complete Decorated



By Guild of Master Craftsman

156 pages, 8 x 8, paperback

A Compendium of Journaling Techniques

ISBN: 9781861088222
$14.95 $17.95 can March

240 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

By Gwen Diehn

ISBN: 9781454702030
$21.95 $26.95 can April


Making Mini Books

By Guild of Master Craftsman

156 pages, 8 x 8, paperback

Big Ideas for 30+ Little Projects

ISBN: 9781861088666
$14.95 $17.95 can April

144 pages, 9 x 9, paperback

By Kathleen McCafferty

ISBN: 9781454702009
$19.95 $23.95 can April

Stash Happy: Appliqu

25 Fresh Projects for Fabric Lovers

Mod Podge Rocks!

128 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

128 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

ISBN: 9781454702801
$16.95 $19.95 can March

ISBN: 9781454702412
$14.95 $17.95 can June

By Cynthia Shaffer

6 |

By Amy Anderson

The Wine Region of Riga

Beyond Jeffersons Vines

Introduce yourself to breathtaking Rioja,

a region of northern Spain that produces
some of the very best wines in the world.
This beautifully llustrated book pays
tribute to Riojan winemaking and the
culture and spirit that go into it.
256 pages, 9 x 9, hardcover.

By Richard Leahy

By Ana Fabiano

ISBN: 9781402754036
$35.00 $42.00 can May

The Evolution of Quality Wine in Virginia

Thomas Jefferson tried to grow grapes
so he could make wine, but to no avail.
Today, Virginia produces some of the best
and most respected wine in the country,
and this fascinating book teaches you
how it has evolved over the years.
256 pages, 6 x 9, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781402797743
$19.95 $23.95 can May

Oz Clarkes Pocket
Wine Book 2012

This anthology is the first ever to gather

Fishers finest writings on wine. In sparkling
prose, Fisher reminisces about marvelous meals enjoyed and drinks savored;
describes the many memorable restaurants
that welcomed and even educated her;
discuses ross, sherry, chilled whites, and
cocktails; and escorts readers from Dijon to
Sonoma. 196 pages, 5 x 718, hardcover.

By Oz Clarke

By M. F. K. Fisher

ISBN: 9781402778131
$18.95 $22.95 can May

By Oz Clarke

Written by one of the worlds foremost

experts on wine, this refreshing and
witty guide offers you everything you
need to know about the region of
Bordeaux in France. Learn about wine from
Bordeaux and how its made!
320 pages, 8 x 10, paperback.
ISBN: 9781402797064
$35.00 $42.00 can June

20th Anniversary Edition

You cant possibly hold all the wine

information you need in your head,
but now you can have it in your
pocket! This new guide is full of great
recommendations, facts, and opinions
than any other comparable book out there!
360 pages, 3 x 7, hardcover.


M.F.K. Fisher: Musings on

Wine and Other Libations

ISBN: 9781862059191
$14.95 $17.95 can September

Summer in a Glass

The Coming of Age of Winemaking

in the Finger Lakes

By Evan Dawson,
foreword by James Molesworth

Most people dont know that the Finger

Lakes region of New York is home to one of
the worlds fastest growing wine countries.
With this great book, you can get to know
all about the winemakers of the area and
their wine! 280 pages, 6 x 9, paperback.
ISBN: 9781402797101
$14.95 $17.95 can April

How to Talk About Wine

Discover the Secrets of Wine
Ten Minutes at a Time

By Bernard Klem

How do grapes become wine? What

are tannins? This delightful guide has
the answer to these questions and many
more. Learn everything you need to know
to have an intelligent conversation about
wine at the store, restaurant or table!
96 pages, 4 x 9, paperback.
ISBN: 9781402777356
$19.95 $23.95 can March


A Professionals Guide to the Industry

By Adam W. Freeth

For aspiring and professional bartenders

alike, this great book offers expert advice
on all aspects of running a bar, from
the equipment you need to tips on
providing excellent customer service.
This essential guide is loaded with
information you cant do without!
192 pages, 7 x 9, paperback
ISBN: 9781780090023
$19.95 $23.95 can April | 7

CULINARY: Cocktails

Its 5 OClock Somewhere

Cocktails by Flavor

By Colleen Mullaney

By Salvatore Calabrese

The Global Guide to Fabulous Cocktails

Over 340 Recipes to Tempt the Taste Buds

Raise your glass to this sensational cocktail guide!

Its always 5 oclock somewhere in the world, and
with this new book you can learn how to make
and enjoy some of the worlds most stunning and
delicious cocktails! 144 pages, 5 x 8, hardcover.

There are so many different kinds of cocktails in the

world, and with this book you can get to know them
all! This guide is full of creative and flavorful cocktail
recipes that you will be sure to love! 224 pages,
6 x 9, hardcover with concealed spiral.

ISBN: 9781933027623
$17.95 $19.95 can

ISBN: 9781402753053
$14.95 $15.95 can June

The Stylish Girls Guide to

Fabulous Cocktails
By Colleen Mullaney

Just like no outfit is complete without the perfect pair of

shoes, no occasion is complete without the right cocktail!
Whether youre hosting a big party or its just girls night in,
this book will help you mix all your cocktails to perfection!
144 pages, 5 x 8, flexibound with flaps.
ISBN: 9781933027968
$14.95 $19.50 can

Gordon Ramsays Fast Food

Gordon Ramsays Healthy Appetite

More Than 100 Delicious, Super-Fast,

and Easy Recipes

125 Super-Fresh Recipes for a High-Energy Life

By Gordon Ramsay

By Gordon Ramsay

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay is back with a

cookbook full of delicious healthy recipes that
you can cook at home! He has created 125
easy to follow recipes that are both healthy
and appetizing for everyone, even your kids!
256 pages, 10 x 7, paperback.

Want a healthy delicious meal but dont have

much time? No problem! Celebrity chef
Gordon Ramsey has given you his best recipes
that save on time and keep you eating healthy!
Cook a great dinner in a half hour or less!
256 pages, 10 x 7, paperback.

ISBN: 9781402797880
$24.95 $29.95 can March


ISBN: 9781402797873
$24.95 $29.95 can March

Edible Seattle

Delish Cooking School

Whether youre a local or just visiting,

this book will help everyone get to
know the flavors Seattle is known for!
Sample famous northwest cuisine and
learn the best places to shop and eat
while you are in Seattle! 184 pages,
8 x 9, hardcover.

From The Editors of Delish

By Jill Lightner

ISBN: 9781402785559
$19.95 $23.95 can May

Learning to Cook Step-by-Step

Cook some of your favorite recipes from

trusted! This book includes
over four hundred fabulous triple tested
recipes and includes easy step-by-step
photographs and detailed explanations
that will help you on your way to being
an amazing chef! 688 pages, 738 x 9,
ISBN: 9781588169303
$30.00 $36.00 can March

8 |

Love Good Food

Easy-to-Cook, Stylish Recipes

Inspired by Modern Flavors

By Sophie Mitchell

From fresh, young chef Sophie Mitchell

comes this glamorous collection of
modern and innovative recipes. This
beautifully photographed book includes
loads of irresistible dishes with a gourmet,
professional flair, for everyone from the
novice to the experienced cook!
208 pages, 7 x 9, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781848990142
$19.95 $23.95 can June

Whatever Happened to
Sunday Dinner?

A Year of Italian Menus with

250 Recipes That Celebrate Family

By Lisa Caponigri

The family that eats together stays

together, and with this cookbook your
family will want to eat together all the time!
This book features 52 delicious Italian
menus for each Sunday of the year that
whole family will enjoy! Mangia!
336 pages, 738 x 9, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781402784828
$24.95 $29.95 can April

Me, You & the Kids, Too

Wild About Greens

The Ultimate Time-Saving Cookbook with

Recipe Variations for the Whole Family

125 Delicious Recipes from Hearty Soups

& Stews to Succulent Sautes & Smoothies

By Renee Elliot

By Nava Atlas

You dont need to all day to make a

delicious, healthy meal for your family.
With this simple cookbook you can cook
delicious meals for your family in no time!
There are also toddler and infant friendly
versions for every recipe! 176 pages,
7 x 9, hardcover.

Celebrated vegan and vegetarian

cookbook author Nava Atlas serves up a
collection of scrumptious healthy recipes
for you to enjoy. Get to know the flavors
of your greens and learn to appreciate
them in a new way than ever before!
240 pages, 7 x 9, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781848990128
$19.95 $23.95 can March

ISBN: 9781402785887
$24.95 $29.95 can May

ISBN: 9781454902720 $119.70 $143.70 can

Vegan Holiday Kitchen

The Garden Kitchen Expert

More Than 200 Delicious, Festive Recipes

for Special Occasions throughout the Year

Over 680 RecipesThe Cookery

Companion to the Worlds Best-Selling
Gardening Books


6-copy counterpack

By Nava Atlas

This exciting, inviting cookbook by veteran

author Nava Atlas brilliant fills the biggest
gap in the vegan repertoire with more than
200 delectable, completely doable recipes
for every festive occasion, Atlas, one of
the most respected names in vegetarian
and vegan cooking, addresses holiday
favorites and tips for celebratory meals.
256 pages, 8 x 9, hardcover.

By Judith Willis and Dr. D.G. Hessayon

From the people who brought you

expert books on gardening comes a new
cookbook about taking it to the next step!
Nothing is more delicious than homegrown
food, and with this book you can prepare
it all in new and exciting ways! 256 pages,
7 x 9, paperback.
ISBN: 9780903505925
$19.95 $23.95 can

ISBN: 9781402780059
$24.95 $29.95 can


Lemongrass and Ginger


By Academia Barilla
Celebrate Italys most authentic food right
in your very own kitchen! Complied by
Italys most prestigious culinary institute,
this lusciously illustrated book spoons up
over a hundred delicious and savory recipes
from twenty regions, each with its own
history! 304 pages, 9 x 13, hardcover.

Vibrant Asian Recipes

By Leemei Tan

Let Asian flavorings explode deliciously in

your mouth with this book! This fantastic
book includes a hundred delicious Asian
inspired recipes from across the continent.
Now you can make the perfect sushi or
a spicy stir fry right in your own kitchen!
224 pages, 7 x 9, hardcover.

ISBN: 9788854405776
$45.00 $54.00 can April

ISBN: 9781848990135
$24.95 $29.95 can April

Big Book of Family Meals

130 Inspiring Recipes from
Around the World

A New Holland Book

Take your family on a culinary tour

around the world without ever leaving the
comfort of your own home! This fantastic
collections introduces you to flavors from
countries like Thailand and India, or enjoy
the familiar American tastes youve always
loved! 304 pages, 7 x 9, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781847735492
$14.95 $17.95 can

New in

For Cod and Country

Simple, Delicious, Sustainable Cooking

By Barton Seaver

Get to know your different types of fish

with this fantastic book! This book,
which is helpfully organized by fishes
caught in seasons, helps you to enhance
your meals with vegetables to help us
save both the fish and the farm!
304 pages, 9 x 9, paperback.
ISBN: 9781402798788
$19.95 $23.95 can April | 9


The Big Book of Curries

365 Mouth-Watering Recipes from
Around the World

By Sunil Vijayakar

The savory aroma of well-cooked curry

drifting out a kitchen is pleasurable to
the senses like no other smell! This
book details the intricacies of the way
of cooking the most delicious kinds of
curry, including how to cook perfect rice!
216 pages, 6 x 11, paperback
with concealed binding.
ISBN: 9781844839582
$19.95 $23.95 can

The Hot Book of Chillies

By David Floyd

From long and trim to round and berry-like,

there are 400 varieties of chili grown all
over the world. Let this book give you an
insiders look at the chili and all the ways
it can be using in cooking! 128 pages,
8 x 10, paperback.
ISBN: 9781845370343
$14.955 ncr May

Big Book of BBQ

Good Housekeeping: Grill It!

Theres no better way to celebrate the summer than with some delectable, succulent
barbecue! This book includes 130 recipes
for delicious barbeque dishes of all kinds,
each including a mouthwatering picture
to show you just how good it looks!
304 pages, 7 x 9, hardcover.

From The Editors of Good Housekeeping

Delicious and Inspiring Recipes for

Barbecues, Griddle Pans and Hot Plates

ISBN: 9781847735522
$14.95 $17.95 can January

Mouthwatering Recipes for

Unbeatable Barbecue

We all love barbecue, and with this book

as your guide youll can cook the best
barbecue in town! Taste the delectable
Shrimp Sonoma or the savory Campfire
Corn with Herb Butter. Your barbecues will
be a hit with this cookbook! 160 pages,
6 x 9, hardcover with concealed spiral.
ISBN: 9781588169396
$14.95 $17.95 can May

6-copy counterpack

ISBN: 9781454902782 $89.70 ncr


77 Baking Recipes to Inspire Your Inner Artist

By Heather Baird

How can you make your cakes, cupcakes, cookies

and candy even more fun? Its easy! This book
will teach you to cook like an artist, using cool and
different techniques to make your recipes stand out
from the crowd! 288 pages, 738 x 918, paperback.
ISBN: 9781402786365
$19.95 $23.95 can May

Big Book of Sweet Treats

130 Sumptuous Recipes for Indulging in

All Things Sweet

From New Holland

Giving in to temptation has never been so delicious,

and now you can cook some of the best desserts
right in your home! Each recipe is accompanied
by a scrumptious looking photograph thatll keep
you baking until youve had them all! 304 pages,
7 x 9, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781847735508
$14.95 $17.95 can January

Delish Cupcakes by Color

More Than 100 Cupcakes to Dazzle and Amaze

From The Editors of Delish

From the editors of popular comes

this sumptuous cookbook full of recipes for delish
cupcakes that youll love! With this book youll
learn to whip up cupcakes color by color that
you can use for every occasion! 136 pages,
5 x 7, hardcover with concealed binding.
ISBN: 9781588169341
$12.95 $14.95 can April

6-copy counterpack

ISBN: 9781618370297 $77.70 $89.70 can

10 |

Marie Claire Healthy Eating

Eat Right to Look Great

From the Editors of Marie Claire

Its true: you really ARE what you eat!
Eating healthfully can transform your skin,
your hair, your body, and even boost your
self-confidence. This lavish new book will
help you select tempting, delicious foods
that will keep you looking and feeling your
very best. 192 pages, 8 x 10, paperback.
ISBN: 9781588168085
$17.95 $21.95 can January

Welcoming Kitchen
200 Delicious Allergen &
Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes

By Kim Lutz with Megan Hart, MS, RD

Eat deliciously while never having to
worry about your health! This great
new cookbook will you put you on the
right path to staying healthy, and with all
these mouthwatering recipe options,
it will be so effortless and easy for you!
256 pages, 6 x 7, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781402771859
$17.95 $21.95 can

Green Market Baking Book

By Christine Bailey

By Laura C. Martin

The Healthy Way to Get the

Shape You Want

Nutritionist Christine Bailey has developed

these three sensational new diet plans for
you to enjoy! Learn how to lose weight on
the raw food diet with over one hundred
recipes to choose from, all as delicious
as the next one! 160 pages, 7 x 8,
ISBN: 9781844839988
$14.95 $17.95 can January

Eat to Boost Your Immunity

The Practical Guide to Strengthening the
Bodys Defense Systems

By Kirsten Hartvig

Restore the balance to your mind and body

with this tasty new cookbook designed to
strengthen your bodys immune system!
This helpful guide shows you the foods
that you should eat to make you look and
feel your best all the time! 160 pages,
7 x 9 , paperback.
ISBN: 9781780280288
$14.95 $17.95 can

100 Delicious Recipes for

Naturally Sweet & Savory Treats

Celebrity chefs from across America

contribute their favorite recipes to this
unique collection, which offers suggestions
for delicious dairy- and gluten-free treats,
along with vegan and low-fat variations.
And every recipe has been tested and
re-tested to perfection. 224 pages,
7 x 9, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781402759970
$17.95 $21.95 can

Light & Healthy Cooking

250 Delicious, Satisfying,
Guilt-Free Recipes

The Editors of Good Housekeeping

From a scrumptious homey lasagna to a
strawberry-rhubarb crisp youll be proud to
serve, all these dishes are family-friendly.
Not only do the recipes incorporate
healthful ingredients, and have 30 percent
or fewer calories from fat, but many take
less than a half-hour to complete. 304
pages, 738 X 9, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781588168368
$24.95 $29.95 can March

Good Housekeeping Easy


Everyday Gluten-Free
Slow Cooking

By The Editors of Good Housekeeping

By Kimberly Mayone and

Kitty Broihier, MS, RD

Healthy & Delicious Recipes for Every Meal

Check out this simple, easy to understand
gluten-free cookbook! For those people who
are living the gluten-free lifestyle, this book
will help you shop for the best gluten-free
ingredients for your diet while still eating
delicious food every day! 176 pages,
6 x 9, hardcover with concealed spiral.
ISBN: 9781588168702
$14.95 $17.95 can April

CULINARY: Healthy Eating

The Raw Food Diet

More Than 140 Delicious Recipes

Slow cooked recipes are among the most
delicious, so why not try them gluten free?
These recipes offer satisfying and effortless
mealtime solutions for busy families who
are living the gluten-free lifestyle. These
classic dishes will please everyone!
240 pages, 8 x 9, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781402785535
$22.95 $27.95 can March | 11

House Beautiful Kitchens

Creating a Beautiful Kitchen of Your Own

By Lisa Cregan

Kitchens big and small, old fashioned and

coolly modern, stylish and inviting. Some
of the countrys finest designers usher you
through the kitchens they created explaining how they arrived at their decorating
choices and showcasing eye-catching
options. 36 pages, 9 x 11, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781588169006
$40.00 $48.00 can

Country Living Storage Style

Pretty and Practical Ways to Organize
Your Home

By Lesley Porcelli

With a little inspiration in the form of unusual

containers and furnishings, storage also has
style. And, for an imaginative showcase of
solutions, Country Living is the best place
to go. Storage Style presents smart, fun
ideas from the most welcoming homes
anywhereclever tricks for organizing
that infuse rooms with personality, wit,
and flair. 160 pages, 8 X 9, paperback.


ISBN: 9781588169945
$14.95 $17.95 can May

The Dry Garden
By Beth Chatto

With increasingly hot summers and dry

winters, gardeners need guidance on plants
that will thrive in our changing climate.
This classic work suggests an array of
easy-to-care-for plants that naturally flourish
in dry conditions and provide a year-round
display of beautiful foliage and flowers.
256 pages, 5 x 7, paperback
ISBN: 9780752816425
$14.95 $17.95 can March

Extraordinary Gardens of
the World
By Monty Don

Stroll through an unforgettable progression

of grand vistas and intimate gardens
in this large-format, lavishly illustrated
guide to the most breathtaking gardens in
the world. More than 400 images provide
an awe-inspiring glimpse of a variety of
plantings, each beautifully influenced by
cultural environment, natural habitat,
and manmade surroundings.
272 pages, 10 x 11, hardcover.

Garden Notebook
By Beth Chatto

One of the great gardening writers of our

time opens up her own personal notebooks
to fans. With revealing honesty, Beth Chatto
shares her gardening successes (and
occasional failures), and describes what it
takes to maintain her unique and flourishing
garden. 384 pages, 5 x 7, paperback.
ISBN: 9780752816449
$14.95 $17.95 can March

Farmers Almanac 2012

Edited by Peter Geiger and Sondra Duncan

Time-tested and generation approved,
Farmers Almanac is not only a naturebased calendar of the coming year,
but also a publication that promotes
sustainable, simple living for everyone.
232 pages, 5 x 8, paperback.
ISBN: 9781928720119
$6.95 NCR January

ISBN: 9780297856382
$39.95 NCR

A Native Plants Reader

The Complete Garden Expert

This engaging collection continues the

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens native plant
tradition, with essays, stories, and helpful
tips from experts whose passion for
native plants, concern with the loss of
diversity, and hope for future preservation
of our native plant heritage will inspire
gardeners and non-gardeners alike.
120 pages, 6 x 9, paperback.

The Garden Expert briefly discussed

many aspects of plant care, but
Dr. Hessayon always promised to produce
a truly comprehensive look at all aspects
of gardening. Now, finally, this one-stop
volume has arrived. From A-Z, fences to
fuschias, garden design to garden problems.
256 pages, 7 x 9, paperback.

By Niall Dunne

ISBN: 9781889538808
$12.95 $14.95 can March

12 |

By D.G. Hessayon

ISBN: 9780903505987
$19.95 $23.95 can May

Where Women Create:

Book of Organization
The Art of Creating Order

By Jo Packham

ISBN: 9781402791512
$24.95 $29.95 can May

Romeo & Juliet


The readers of Veranda expect escape: every issue presents stunning interiors in lush
layouts. And thats exactly what this dream
book delivers. These 30 homes are among
the most spectacular ever featured in the
magazine, with breathtaking rooms both
traditional and modern plus everything in
between. 288 pages, 10 x 12, hardcover.

We present to you this brand new edition

of William Shakespeares timeless love
story, Romeo & Juliet! This edition of
the classic play includes fantastic essays
from top literary critics as well as artistic
pieces inspired by Romeo & Juliet!
396 pages, 7 x 9, hardcover.

We present to you this fantastic new

edition of William Shakespeares classic
revenge story, Macbeth! This edition of this
intriguing play includes fantastic essays
from top literary critics as well as artistic
pieces inspired by the vengeful story of
Macbeth! 352 pages, 7 x 9, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781402790027
$29.95 $35.95 can May

ISBN: 9781402790034
$29.95 $35.95 can May

By Lisa Newsom

ISBN: 9781588169273
$60.00 $72.00 can April

By William Shakespeare,
edited by Mario DiGangi

By William Shakespeare,
edited by Jesse M. Lander

The Art of Faery

The World of Faery

By David Riche, foreword by Brian Froud

By David Riche, foreword by Alan Lee

An Inspirational Collection of
Art for Faery Lovers

An Inspirational Collection of
Art for Faery Lovers

Following the immensely successful The Art of

Faery comes this collection from some of the finest
faery artists in the world. Faery fans of all ages will
fall under the spell of the richly illustrated pictures
in this book! 112 pages, 858 x 11, paperback.

Lose yourself in this breathtaking collection

celebrating the finest of faery art. Each of some of
the most well known faery illustrators have chosen
their favorite pieces to include in this book, along
with their comments on their inspiration and
techniques. 112 pages, 8 x 11, paperback.

ISBN: 9781843406662
$19.95 $23.95 can March

ISBN: 9781843400950
$19.95 $23.95 can March

Calligraphy Studio

The Ultimate Introduction to the

Art of Hand Lettering

By Christopher Calderhead

No fancy computer fonts could ever replace

the artistry and elegance of calligraphic
handwriting. This beautifully designed
guidebook shows a step by step approach
of how to master the stylish art of calligraphy.
208 pages, 8 x 11, paperback.
ISBN: 9781402733697
$22.95 $27.95 can May

Cathedrals of the World

The Eternal Army

The Car

A valuable resource for architecture

students, travelers, and anyone interested
in our religious heritage, Cathedrals of the
World takes an exciting journey through
Christianity by way of its most impressive
architectural creations. 216 pages,
613 x 1145, hardcover.

By Roberto Ciarla, Photography by Araldo De Luca

More than 22 centuries ago, in Chinas
northwestern Shaanxi province, the first Qin
emperor was buried in a magnificent tomb
surrounded by an army of some 7,000
terra-cotta soldiers. This lavish volume
offers a detailed look at that astonishing
army, and the life and times of the man
whose resting place it guards. 288 pages,
8 x 1145, flexibound.

By Rod Green

By Graziella Leyla Ciag

ISBN: 9788854406346
$19.95 $23.95 can February

The Terracotta Soldiers of the First Emperor


Profiles showcase more than 25 artistic,

inspirational women and delve into their
organization style and techniques. The featured crafts include paper, fabric, jewelry,
journaling, mixed media, and needlework.
176 pages, 8 X 10, hardcover.

The Houses of VERANDA

The History of the Automobile

Americas love affair with cars has been
going on for over a century now, and with
this great book you can learn how it all
began! Learn the history of motor vehicles
from the very beginning to the cars we see
today! 96 pages, 9 x 11, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781847328762
$39.95 ncr May

ISBN: 9788854406278
$24.95 $29.95 can February | 13

A Cube

Wonders of the World

By Valeria De Fabianis


From familiar sights like Mt. Rushmore

to more exotic fare like the catacombs
of Kom el Shoqafa, this beautifully
photographed book will bring some of
the worlds most remarkable natural
and man-made structures right in
to your own hands! 504 pages,
6 x 6, hardcover.
ISBN: 9788854405998
$14.95 $17.95 can March

The Treasures of the

Olympic Games
An Interactive History of the
Olympic Games

By The Olympic Museum

Love the Olympics? Cant wait for

the next games? Satisfy your sports
craving with this fun and fact filled
book from The Olympic Museum that
captures the glorious history of the
summer Olympic Games with over
200 stunning photographs! 64 pages,
11 x 9, hardcover with slipcase.

The Real History of the

Civil War

The Art of War

The Civil War is shrouded in legend and

mythology, but this new book provides
a fresh, clear look at these events in
history! In this fantastically illustrated
book, curious readers can learn all about
Americas fascinating war with itself.
400 pages, 6 x 8, hardcover.

Readers love this Chinese text of the

earliest known treatise on war, offering
strategies and tactics that can be applied
to every type of human conflict. Readers
will learn why this book is an essential
guide to some of the worlds most powerful men! 272 pages, 6 x 9, hardcover.

By Alan Axelrod

ISBN: 9781402763908
$24.95 $29.95 can June

By Sun Tzu,
Translated by Samuel B. Griffith

ISBN: 9781780282992
$24.95 $29.95 can May

ISBN: 9781847328458
$50.00 April

Capturing Life with your Smart Phone

Showcase 500 Rings

New Directions in Art Jewelry

By Marthe Le Van and Bruce Metcalf

From the popular 500 book series
comes a new title about their most popular subject, the art of rings. This dynamic
volume includes looks at works of art
from designers around the world, using
stylish and innovative techniques in ring
making! 420 pages, 8 x 8, paperback.
ISBN: 9781454702887
$27.95 $33.95 can May

14 |

Making Moves with

Your iPhone

Android Photography

iPhone Artistry

By Jolie ODell

All iPhone owners know that their

smartphone is a sophisticated piece
of equipment, but not everyone knows
just how great their iPhone is for making
movies! Learn the secrets in this book
dedicated to the techniques used in
iPhone movie making. 160 pages,
9 x 4, paperback.

Learn how to take great photos with your

Android smartphone! The popularity of
Android technology is growing every day,
and with this brand new informative
book you can learn how to take great
photographs with the camera from your
phone! 160 pages, 918 x 5, paperback.

The iPhones popularity is overwhelming, but have you ever realized how
impressive its photo and video imaging
capabilities are? This book shows you
great techniques for how you can use
your iPhone as a powerful, fun and
serious photography tool everyday!
144 pages, 7 x 10, paperback.

ISBN: 9781454703464
$19.95 $23.95 can February

ISBN: 9781454701279
$19.95 $23.95 can March

By Ben Harvell

ISBN: 9781454704041
$19.95 $23.95 can April

A Guide to Mobile Creativity

By Dan Burkholder

Canyon of Dreams

Barbra: A Retrospective

Encyclopedia of New Wave

Heavy Metal

By Harvey Kubernickr

This fully illustrated book includes hundreds

of pieces detailing the unique and brilliant
career of Barbra Streisand, from her childhood to her rise to a legend. 288 pages,
9 x 12, hardcover.

This fantastic book celebrates the history of

the New Wave music movement of the late
70s and early 80s. Learn how their music
changed the course of musical history,
fashion and art forever! 304 pages, 9 x 9,

By Kory Grow

The Magic and the Music of Laurel Canyon

A lavishly illustrated book on the music and
culture of Laurel Canyon, home to some of
the most well known music legends. Featuring candid interviews with the stars where
they speak openly about their careers and
their lives. 384 pages, 7 x 10, paperback.

By Allegra Rossi

ISBN: 9781402788239
$29.95 $35.95 can February

ISBN: 9781402797613
$17.95 $21.95 can March

By Daniel Bukszpan

ISBN: 9781402784729
$24.95 $29.95 can May

Zombie Love

From Hard Rock to Extreme Metal

Rock out to this great new book celebrating
heavy metal music, music well known for
its loud, aggressive sound and disturbing
lyrics. Go on a musical journey learning
the origins of heavy metal. 272 pages,
10 x 1145, hardcover.
ISBN: 9788854406353
$39.95 $47.95 can April

Lady Gaga: Dress Her Up!

The Dos, Donts, and It Depends of Undead Dating

A Paper Doll Book

By Jeff Busch

By David Shephard
The Lady Gaga paper-doll book gives you
your own Gaga to adorn in a range of wild,
surreal outfits, from her black lace bodysuit
to her controversial Meat dress. 16 pages,
8 x 11, paperback with perforated dolls
and 20 costumes.

ISBN: 9781402792281
$12.95 $14.95 can February

ISBN: 9781847329424
$9.95 ncr

6-copy counterpack

ISBN: 9781454902669 $77.70 $89.70 can

New in

Mad Men & Scandalous


Fantasy Tattoo Sourcebook

Record Store Days

Classic Rock T-Shirts

By Carlton Books

Most science chronicles present a triumphant march through time, with revolutionary thinkers and their discoveries following
in orderly progression. But the truth is far
more entertaining. Mad Men and Scandalous Scientists examines the most vicious
battles among the greatest minds of our
time. 256 pages, 5 x 7, paperback

Choosing a tattoo design for the rest of

your life can be very difficult, but with
this book youve got more than 500 to
choose from! Check out this book full
of fantastic mythological, astrological
and nature designs for everyone!
256 pages, 578 x 6, paperback.

By Gary Calamar and Phil Gallo,

foreword by Peter Buck of R.E.M.

By Lisa Kidner and Sam Knee

By Joel Levy

ISBN: 9781780090641
$12.95 ncr April

Over 500 Images for Body Decoration

ISBN: 9781847329844
$14.95 ncr March

From Vinyl to Digital and Back Again


Just because youre dead doesnt mean you love

life has to be! This hilarious dating guide parody
details how to deal with the problems you encounter
during your undead dating quest. 160 pages,
5 x 7, paperback.

Over 400 Vintage Tees from

the 70s and 80s

In the era of digital downloads, the idea of

the record store has long since been lost.
Take a look at their fascinating history with
this new book, detailing how record stores
served as community centers for everyone
to enjoy! 256 pages, 8 x 8, paperback.

T-shirts have become a part of fashion for

just about everyone, and what better way
to make a statement than to show off your
favorite band! Check out this great book of
vintage tees from some bands of the 70s
and 80s! 160 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781402794551
$14.95 $17.95 can February

ISBN: 9781847329196
$16.95 March | 15

The Birdman Abroad

The Urban Birder

Award winning journalist Stuart Winter is

one the UKs most beloved birdwatchers.
Now hes back with this great new book
detailing his adventures in bird watching
from around the world! From New York to
Cyprus to the Falklands, youll love each
and every tale! 224 pages, 5 x 7, paper.

Bird watching is cool and anyone can

do it, even in the city. Let David Lindo show
you how bird lovers can bird watch from
just about anywhere, whether it be at the
park or just looking out your window!
224 pages, 5 x 7, hardcover.

By Stuart Winter, foreword by Chris Packham

By David Lindo

ISBN: 9781847739506
$14.95 $17.95 can July

ISBN: 9781847736925
$12.95 $14.95 can March

Good Dog!

Rescue Me!

By Sarah Whitehead

By Alison Smith with The Dogs Trust

There are no bad dogs, only untrained

owners! Let this book help you develop a
better behaved dog and a better relationship
with them through step by step photographs that will you help you turn your
problem canines into wonderful friends!
128 pages, 6 x 8, paper.

Theres nothing more tragic than an

abandoned or abused dog. But with the
right kind of dedicated care, the story can
have a happy ending. Rescue Me! offers
heartwarming case histories and detailed
illustrated advice to show how to turn a
fearful, possibly sick or undernourished
animal into a healthy, loving pet.
128 pages, 6 x 8, paperback.

How to Successfully Re-Home a Rescue Dog

The Easy Way to Train Your Dog

ISBN: 9781843406280
$14.95 $17.95 can February

The Hidden Geometry

of Life

The Science and Spirituality of Nature


By Karen L. French

Learn about the wonders of sacred geometry

and the ways in which it permeates every
single level of our being in this fantastic
book. In this easy to understand book, find
new gateways to profound levels of awareness. 240 pages, 7 x 9, paperback.

ISBN: 9781843406273
$14.95 $17.95 can February

New in

The Math Book

From the Pythagoras to the

57th Dimension, 250 Milestones
in the History of Mathematics

By Clifford A. Pickover

ISBN: 9781780281087
$19.95 $23.95 can April

Watch as maths infinite mysteries unfold

in this fascinating and exciting book!
Following a journey from ancient history
through modern day, you will learn about
over two hundred milestones in the history
of mathematics all in this lavishly illustrated
book. 528 pages, 7516 x 8716, paperback.



By Dominique DeVito

This full-color companion to a BBC2

series takes us on a seven-month journey
around the Arctic with bestselling author
Bruce Parry. Traversing Greenland,
Canada, Alaska, Russia, and Scandinavia,
Parry immerses himself in the lives of
fishermen, oil workers, native hunters,
bush pilots, miners, firefighters, and
scientists. 272 pages, 7 x 9, hardcover.

A Primer on Starting & Keeping a Hive

Beekeeping may seem like a dangerous
and daunting task, but with this book it
doesnt have to be! Follow the steps in
this book to learn all the different types
of bees and give you the tools to build a
happy hive! 224 pages, 6 x 9, paper.
ISBN: 9781402797835
$12.95 $14.95 can May

6-copy counterpack

ISBN: 9781454902812
$77.70 $89.70 can

16 |

ISBN: 9781402788291
$19.95 $23.95 can March

By Bruce Parry with Huw Lewis-Jones

ISBN: 9781844861309
$29.95 $35.95 can February

Great Gifts for Dad!

Glory in the Fall

The Greatest Moments in

World Series History

Edited by Peter Golenbock

Get an insiders pass to the worlds greatest

golf tournament! Enjoy accounts from the
professionals and sports writers that can
detail the fascinating history of the U.S.
open, from its finest happenings to its
quirkiest moments like none other.
422 pages, 6 x 9, paper.
ISBN: 9781402797545
$14.95 $17.95 can March

The Tennis Book

Muck, Sweat & Gears

The Comprehensive Illustrated

Guide to World Tennis

By Alan Anderson

By John Parsons

This comprehensive volume traces tennis

from its aristocratic beginning to the high
energy sport that it is today! 224 pages,
9 x 11, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781780970127
$34.95 ncr May

ISBN: 9781402797521
$14.95 $17.95 can March

Whether your idea of cycling is a relaxed

meander on a summers evening or biking
through the Rockies, this book has everything you need to be inspired and entertained! 160 pages, 4 x 7, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781847328397
$14.95 ncr March

6-copy counterpack

ISBN: 9781454902676 $89.70 ncr

The Complete Boy Mechanic


Get excited for the fall classic! Follow baseball historys most celebrated and lamented
as the boys of summer play for their championship titles. October and November are
always full of exciting games and now you
can remember them with this classic book!
406 pages, 6 x 9, paper.

One Week in June:

The U.S. Open

The Pocket Genius

From The Editors of Popular Mechanics

By Susan Randol

Taken from the turn-of-the-last-century volumes of The Boy Mechanic,

these 359 projects are still doable and delightful. The book offers
instructions for making toy boats and planes, hammocks, sleds,
skates, and much more. 536 pages, 5 X 758 , hardcover.

Test your grasp of scientific trivia with this handy

pocket-sized book, complied by the editors of Popular
Mechanics. Its chock-full of brainteasers, multiplechoice questions, and amazing facts. 176 pages,
538 X 6, paperback.

ISBN: 9781588168597
$12.95 $14.95 Can February

ISBN: 9781588168795
$9.95 $11.95 can May

6-copy counterpack

ISBN: 9781618370303 $77.70 $89.70 can

The Rules

The Handbook of Style

By The Editors of Esquire Magazine

By The Editors of Esquire Magazine

A Mans Guide to Life

Derived from the magazines popular

feature, Esquire The Rules provides
plenty of lighthearted reading, manly
musings, and good advice. 256 pages,
538 x 6, paperback.
ISBN: 9781588168818
$9.95 $11.95 can

A Mans Guide to Looking Good

This humorous book about style will tell

a man everything he needs to know to be
the best dressed. Written by the editors of
Esquire Magazine, this book provides men
with vital information on every aspect of
their look. 224 pages, 5 x 7, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781588167460
$16.95 $21.95 can

The Meaning of Life

Wisdom, Humor and Damn Good Advice

from 64 Extraordinary Lives

Edited by Ryan DAgostino

This candid book is filled with interviews

of impressive figures from the worlds of
politics, sports, pop culture and much
more! They all intimately share their
thoughts on life, each revealing a bit
about the humanity within themselves.
160 pages, 8 x 11, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781588166463
$22.95 $29.95 can

Conversations with My Father

All of our dads have a story they want
to tell us, an important message to pass
on to us. This meaningful journal helps you
to ask the right questions and remember
all his answers. 80 pages, 8 x 9, hardcover
with concealed spiral.
ISBN: 9781600590894
$9.95 $10.95 can

6-copy counterpack

ISBN: 9781454706298 $59.70 $71.70 can | 17


The Sea

Perfect Books for Summer Days!

Build Fun Paper Cameras

Take Eye-Catching Pinhole Photos

By Valeria De Fabianis

By Justin Quinnell

Inspiration and awe-inspiring! This uniquely

formatted square book showcases the sea in
all her glory. Tranquil and blue to riotous and
stormy. 736 pages, 6 x 6, hardcover.

Even in the age of digital, we can have

plenty of creative fun the low-tech (and
low-cost) way: by building cool paper
cameras and exploring the fascinating world
of pinhole photography. A CD, included
with the book, contains seven templates
for making the cameras. 96 pages, 8 x 9,
hardcover with CD

ISBN: 9788854400009
$14.95 $17.95 can

ISBN: 9781600595288
$19.95 $25.95 can

Coastal Gardening

By John Bickerton and Graham Clarke

A seaside garden has special challenges: the
combination of sun, salt air, and tricky soil can
thwart even the most determined gardener.
This practical guide shows exactly how to
achieve success, from initial planning and
design through full flowering and maintenance.
192 pages, 9 x 9, paperback

The Summer Camp

Survival Guide

ISBN: 9781861086365
$24.95 $31.95 can

By Chris Pallatto and Ron DeFazio

Eating Outdoors

Sensational Recipes for Cookouts,

Picnics, and Take-Along Food

From The Editors of Country Living

Cool Games, Camp Classics, and

How to Capture the Flag

Whether it is day, sleep away, or a specialty

camp, this is the ultimate guide for happy
campers! Its brimming with fun ideas to help
children have the time of their lives, including
icebreakers, games, crafts, campfire stories,
sing-along songs, and more. 144 pages, 7 x 9,
hardcover with concealed spiral, Ages 7-12.
ISBN13: 9781402749124
$12.95 $16.95 can

On a warm evening, theres no greater pleasure

than gathering around the backyard picnic
table and enjoying a great meal with family
and friends. With ideas for appetizers, salads,
entres, drinks, desserts, and even condiments,
it serves up 90 delicious recipes for everything
from simple family dinners to celebratory neighborhood parties. 176 pages, 8 x 9, hardcover.

Under the Sea

By Sarah Fabiny

Get to the bottom of whats at the bottom

of the sea. When children accompany
Mr. Bakers science class to the aquarium,
theyll meet and find out all about a
variety of fascinating underwater life.
12 pages, 11 x 8, hardcover, Ages 4-7.

ISBN: 9781588166647
$19.95 $21.95 can

ISBN: 9781402712135
$9.95 $10.95 can

The History of Seafaring

Navigating the Worlds Oceans

By Donald S. Johnson & Juha Nurminen

Royal prestige, intellectual curiosity, and
territorial expansion all propelled mankind to
undertake perilous voyages across unpredictable oceans. This large and lavishly illustrated
volume brings that history of seafaring to life.
376 pages, 9 x 13, hardcover.
ISBN13: 9781844860401
$60.00 $72.00 can

Sea Creatures
By Louisa Sladen

Lets go for a swim and say hello to a few of

the undersea creatures. They come in the most
wonderful colorsonce the tab is pulled, that is.
10 pages, 518 x 4, hardcover, Ages 1-3.
ISBN: 9781402720567
$4.95 $5.95 can

Beach Blanket Sudoku

By Frank Longo


160 pages, 6 x 9, paperback with concealed spiral

ISBN: 9781402766558
$7.95 $10.50 can

Under the Sea Crosswords

96 pages, 538 x 8, paperback, Ages 8-11

ISBN: 9781402755606
$5.95 $6.50 can

Fun in the Sun Easy Daily Crosswords

Edited by Peter Gordon

128 pages, 8 x 10, paperback with concealed spiral

ISBN: 9781402771422
$9.95 $11.95 can

18 |


The Cathedrals of England

Check out this reissued classic book

celebrating the majesty of Englands
cathedrals! This book elegantly and
concisely delivers the history of some of
Englands most famous cathedrals, and
is supplemented by stunning photos and
beautiful illustrations of the places shown!
224 pages, 5 x 8, hardcover.
ISBN: 9781849940290
$24.95 $29.95 can March

The Spirit of London

360 London

Londons Afternoon Teas

First published in 1935, this classic

reissue features beautiful photos and
illustrations of London in the years before
the Second World War. This book will
give you insight into the London scene,
with an in depth look at life and culture.
224 pages, 5 x 8, hardcover.

Youll love these specially commissioned

360 views of London that you put
you at the center of all the action!
See London like youve never seen it
before with panoramic views of some
of the most famous landmarks!
160 pages, 11 x 9, hardcover.

London and tea go together like jam and

scones, so let this guide show you the
perfect places for afternoon tea in London!
From classic spots like Claridges to places
off the beaten path, this book has them all!
96 pages, 578 x 8, hardcover.

ISBN: 9781849940283
$24.95 $29.95 can March

ISBN: 9781847326034
$14.95 $17.95 can March

By Paul Cohen-Portheim

By Nick Wood

By Susan Cohen

ISBN: 9781847739933
$14.95 $17.95 can April

6-copy counterpack

ISBN: 9781454902775 $89.70 $107.70 can

Dickenss England

Londons Best Pubs

A Travellers Companion

By Tony Lynch

A Guide to Londons Most Interesting

and Unusual Pubs

Book lovers will go wild over this beautifully

illustrated literary travel guide of Dickensrelated destinations! Explore Nicholas
Nickelbys Yorkshire or Mr. Pickwicks
city of Bath, and of course the London that
Dickens visits in so many of his novels!
208 pages, 6 x 778, hardcover.

By Peter Haydon and Tim Hampson

Check out this thirst-inducing guide for

pub-aficionados! Get to know the London
pub with this guide of more than 100 spots
to visit! This book also includes maps of how
to get to the pubs, organized by the area
theyre in. 224 pages, 6 x 8, paperback.

ISBN: 9781849940351
$19.95 $23.95 can March

ISBN: 9781847739193
$19.95 ncr April

New in Paperback

Weird Illinois

Weird Minnesota

Weird Wisconsin

By Troy Taylor

By Eric Dregni

By Linda S. Godfrey & Richard D. Hendricks, foreword by

Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman

Your Travel Guide to Illinois Local Legends and

Best Kept Secrets

Your Travel Guide to Minnesotas Local Legends and

Best Kept Secrets

If its weird and its in Illinois, its in Weird Illinois! In

this hilarious and fun guide you can follow Troy Taylor
on his journey down the back roads of the Prairie State
to find the weirdest things in Illinois! 256 pages, 8 x 8,

Hail Minnesota for its strange sites and bizarre history!

Check out this wacky guide to all of Minnesotas
strangest attractions, from the two story outhouse to the
worlds largest collection of underwear, and or even just
the Bowling Hall of Fame. 256 pages, 8 x 8, paperback.

ISBN: 9781402788253
$14.95 $17.95 can May

ISBN: 9781402788260
$14.95 $17.95 can May

Your Travel Guide to Wisconsins Local Legends and

Best Kept Secrets
Would you believe that the Badger State is filled to the
brim with weirdness? Learn all about it in this hilarious
guide to all things weird in Wisconsin! Check out some
of the strangest attractions around, including the Reptile
Man! 272 pages, 8 x 8, paperback.
ISBN: 9781402792199
$14.95 $17.95 can February | 19

Fun And Games

With a roster of Americas top creators, the best in classic and creative puzzle types, and attractive
packages with strong consumer appeal, Puzzlewright Press provides solvers with plenty of funand
retailers with brilliant sales. Our bestselling series include Crossword Superstars, Hangman, Martial Arts
Sudoku, and Sit & Solve, as well as innovative brain teasers. To help you maximize your sales we have
organized our puzzle and games titles by size so you can easily pick the ones that fit into our unique
displays. To see our full range of titles, please visit
All Books: 128-192 pages, 538 x 8, paperback

Fun & Games

Floor Spinner

Its FREE with an order of

300 assorted titles40 pockets,
4-8 books per pocket
ISBN: 9781402791673
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David L. Hoyts

David L. Hoyts Word

Rodeo A-to-Z Publisher

ISBN: 9781454900658
$6.95 $8.95 can April

ISBN: 9781454900634
$6.95 $8.95 can April

By David Hoyt

David L. Hoyts
Word Winder

David L. Hoyts
Word Rodeo

ISBN: 9781454900641
$6.95 $8.95 can April

ISBN: 9781402791178
$6.95 $8.95 can April


By David Hoyt

By David L. Hoyt

By David Hoyt


Pun Amok

ISBN: 9781402776267
$6.95 $8.95 can

ISBN: 9781402778681
$7.95 $9.95 can May

By David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek

By Shawn Kennedy

Scratch & Play Test

Your Blackjack IQ

Black Belt Kakuro

Brown Belt Kakuro

Green Belt Kakuro

White Belt Kakuro

ISBN: 9781402781568
$8.95 $10.95 can June

ISBN: 9781402787973
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ISBN: 9781402787966
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ISBN: 9781402787959
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ISBN: 9781402787942
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By Andrew Brisman

20 |

By Conceptis Puzzles

By Conceptis Puzzles

By Conceptis Puzzles

By Conceptis Puzzles

Other Great Puzzles & Games


Sit & Solve Floor Spinner

Its FREE with an order of
120 assorted titles5 tiers,
4 pockets per tier, 6 books per pocket
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D Is for Dalmatian

H Is for Holstein Easy

O Is for Orca Easy

96 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

with concealed spiral

96 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

with concealed spiral

ISBN: 9781402774188
$8.95 $10.95 can April

ISBN: 9781402774249
$8.95 $10.95 can April

P Is for Panda Easy

Z Is for Zebra Easy

B&B Sunday

96 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

with concealed spiral

96 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

with concealed spiral

96 pages, 8 x 11, paperback

with concealed spiral

ISBN: 9781402774065
$8.95 $10.95 can April

ISBN: 9781402774072
$8.95 $10.95 can April

ISBN: 9781402794490
$8.95 $10.95 can March

Triple-S tack

Puzzle Masterpieces

From the Underground

96 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

with concealed spiral

96 pages, 7 x 10, paperback

96 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

with concealed spiral

By Patrick Jordan

96 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

with concealed spiral
ISBN: 9781402774201
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Sit & Solve Counter


Its FREE with an order of 48 assorted

titles8 pockets, 6 books per pocket
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Sit & Solve & Pop

Music Crosswords

Sit & Solve Take

Five Word Puzzles

96 pages

96 pages

ISBN: 9781402784385
$5.95 $6.95 can Paper May

ISBN: 9781402785504
$5.95 $6.95 can July

By Jeffrey Harri

By Puzzability

By Mel Rosen

By Martin Ashword-Smith
ISBN: 9781402752732
$8.95 $10.95 can March

By Harvey Estes

By Mel Rosen

By Patrick Berry

ISBN: 9781402797262
$9.95 $11.95 can March

By Randolph Ross

By Leslie Billig

By Ben Tausig

ISBN: 9781402781575
$8.95 $10.95 can March

Los Angeles Times 23

Los Angeles Times 24

Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll

288 pages, 8 x 10, paperback with

concealed spiral

96 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

with concealed spiral

96 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

with concealed spiral

96 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

with concealed spiral

ISBN: 9781402790294
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ISBN: 9781402786389
$8.95 $10.95 can March

ISBN: 9781402794452
$8.95 $10.95 can April

ISBN: 9781402772139
$8.95 $10.95 can June

Edited by Peter Gordon

Edited by Rich Norris

Edited by Rich Norris

By Brendan Emmett Quigley


Large Print Easy Monday | 21




Hip Pocket Hangman

Hip Pocket Tough Hangman

Kooky Kakuro Puzzles

Large Print Sudoku #3

96 pages, 5 x 7, paperback

96 pages, 5 x 7, paperback

ISBN: 9781402784552
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ISBN: 9781402774614
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96 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

with concealed spiral

288 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

with concealed spiral

ISBN: 9781402782756
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ISBN: 9781402797255
$12.95 $14.95 can February

The Nastiest Sudoku

Book Ever

Ninja Assassin Sudoku:

Black Belt

Ninja Assassin Sudoku:

Brown Belt

Ninja Assassin Sudoku:

Green Belt

448 pages, 6 x 9, paperback

176 pages, 4516 x 7, paperback

176 pages, 4516 x 7, paperback

176 pages, 4516 x 7, paperback

ISBN: 9781402780158
$14.95 $17.95 can April

ISBN: 9781402799549
$6.95 $8.95 can March

ISBN: 9781402799532
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ISBN: 9781402799525
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By Mike Ward

By Frank Longo

By Mike Ward

By Frank Longo

By Conceptis Puzzles

By Frank Longo

By Frank Longo

By Frank Longo


Word Search

Ninja Assassin Sudoku:

White Belt

Ninja Assassin Sudoku:

Blue Belt

Ninja Assassin Sudoku:

Yellow Belt

Large Print Word Search

Puzzles 2

176 pages, 4516 x 7, paperback

176 pages, 4516 x 7, paperback

176 pages, 4516 x 7, paperback

ISBN: 9781402799518
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ISBN: 9781454901525
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ISBN: 9781454901518
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288 pages, 8 x 10,

paperback with concealed spiral

By Frank Longo

22 |

By Frank Longo

By Frank Longo

By Mark Danna

ISBN: 9781402790300
$12.95 $14.95 can January

Pretty Puzzles

David L. Hoyts Word Rodeo
By David Hoyt

224 pages, 812 x 11, paperback

$4.95 $5.95 can April

Challenging Sudoku
Killer Sudoku for
for Discerning Solvers Discerning Solvers
128 pages, 4 x 6, paperback

128 pages, 4 x 6, paperback

Quick Puzzles for

Discerning Solvers

Travel Puzzles for

Discerning Solvers

ISBN: 9781847329066
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ISBN: 9781847329059
$5.95 ncr February

ISBN: 9781847329073
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ISBN: 9781847329080
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128 pages, 4 x 6, paperback

128 pages, 4 x 6, paperback

Stampede 1

ISBN: 9781454900931

Stampede 2

ISBN: 9781454900948

Adventures in Puzzling Crowd-Pleasing Puzzles Super IQ Tests

Tangram Puzzles

Tricky Tridoku

240 pages, 514 x 5,


96 pages, 8 x10, hardcover

with concealed spiral

240 pages, 5 x 5,

ISBN: 9781402790799
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ISBN: 9781402797279
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ISBN: 9781402797248
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ISBN: 9781402781438
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Eye Bogglers

Welcome to Dotville

Dots Incredible!

Parlour Games

Youre It!

96 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

with concealed spiral

By Katie Hewett

96 pages, 658 x 6 ,paperback

96 pages, 8 x 10, paperback

with concealed spiral

128 pages, 5 X 6, hardcover.

By Katie Hewett

ISBN: 9781780970745
$7.95 NCR June

ISBN: 9781402783920
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ISBN: 9781402782237
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ISBN: 9781843406747
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128 pages, 5 X 6, hardcover.

Multi-Puzzle Extravaganzas for

the Brave, Bold & Bright

By Patrick Berry & Todd McClary

By Fraser Simpson

By Patrick Berry

128 pages, 8 x 10, hardcover

with concealed spiral

96 pages, 8 x 10, paper

with concealed spiral

By Chris Crawford

By Japheth J. Light

ISBN: 9781402759833
$8.95 $10.95 can February

By Conceptis Puzzles

By Conceptis Puzzles

Indoor Fun for the Whole Family!

A Hop, Skip and Jump Through

Childhood Games

ISBN: 9781843406372
$9.95 $11.95 can


By Gianni A. Sarcone and

Marie-Jo Waeber | 23

I believe that The Olive Branch can help

make a real difference in our world.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu


The Olive Branch

Red and Yellows Noisy Night
By Josh Selig

Red and Yellow live together, but Red wants to play his strummy
all night long while Yellow just wants to get some sleep! Can they
live together happily? 32 pages, 9 x 9, hardcover, Ages 4-7.
ISBN: 9781402790706
$14.95 $17.95 can April

6-copy counterpack

ISBN: 9781454902652 $89.70 $107.70 can

Red Plush3 Pack

Yellow Plush3 Pack

$38.85 $44.85 can April

ISBN: 9781402799485
$38.85 $44.85 can April

Meet noisy Red and his strummy! You

will love this soft, huggable plush toy!
Red accompanies The Olive Branch
picture book and is perfect for kids to
cuddle up with when the bed time
story is done! General merchandise,
Ages 4-7. Sold in units of 3.

Bawk and Roll

Time for a Hug

Check out this hilarious book, written as a follow up to

the popular Chicken Dance! Marge and Lola have hit
it big time, but will it be too much for them? Will stage
fright make these chickens too chicken to dance?
36 pages, 8 x 11, hardcover, Ages 4-7.

When is it time for a hug? Anytime! This feel-good

picture book assures kids theres plenty of love to
go around-the-clock. From the moment Little Bunny
wakes up in the morning until the moon comes out
and the stars shine, every hour includes a warm hug
from Big Bunny. 24 pages, 8 x 8, hardcover,
Ages 3-5.

By Tammie Sauer
Illustrated by Dan Santat

$14.95 $17.95 can April

By Phillis Gershator and Mim Green

Illustrated by David Walker

ISBN: 9781402778629
$9.95 $11.95 can January

6-copy counterpack

ISBN: 9781454902645 $59.70 $71.70 can

24 |

Meet Drowsy Yellow! Hes dressed in his

favorite blue nightcap and is ready to go
to bed, and your kids will happily sleep
soundly with this sweet plush toy, based on
the quiet, sleepy character from The Olive
Branch picture book. General merchandise,
Ages 4-7. Sold in units of 3.

Builder Goose

Its Construction Rhyme Time!

By Boni Ashburn
Illustrated by Sergio De Giorgi

Theres a whole lot of building going on here!

Check out this book of construction-themed nursery
rhymes, all based on Mother Goose favorites.
With bright and bold construction illustrations,
this book is sure to be a hit with your kids!
24 pages, 9 x 9, hardcover, Ages 3-6.
ISBN: 9781402771187
$14.95 $17.95 can March

A Celebration of Love and Faith

Illustrated by Troy Howell

This wonderful collection of inspiring prayers

will encourage all children to give thanks for
the good things in their lives! This beautifully
illustrated book includes Biblical excerpts
and psalms, as well as some more secular
hymns about nature, family and love. 32
pages, 10 x 8, hardcover, Ages 3-7.
$12.95 $14.95 can February

Little Critters
Bedtime Storybook

Tushes & Tails!

Whos Looking at You?

Whose tail feathers are those? Whose

striped rear end is that? This humorous
and education book features lots of colorful
pictures and loads of interesting facts about
all the animals featured in it. With each
page comes a fun new picture! 16 pages,
8 x 8, hardcover, Ages 2+.

Whose eyes flash like mirrors in the dark?

What animal can see behind itself? Keep
your kids looking for more with this book
of fun wildlife photography. Show your kids
all different kinds of animals and some fun
facts about them! 16 pages, 8 x 8,
hardcover, Ages 2+.

$9.95 $11.95 can February

$9.95 $11.95 can February

By Stphane Frattini

By Mercer Mayer

Its bed time for Little Critter and Little Sister,

but something is keeping her awake!
Little Critter tries to lull her to sleep, but
will she ever drift off to dreamland? Enjoy
this book from the Little Critter series!
40 pages, 8 x 10, hardcover, Ages 4-7.
$9.95 $11.95 can March


Blowin in the Wind

By Bob Dylan
Illustrated by Jon J Muth

By Stphane Frattini

Puff, the Magic Dragon Pop-Up

By Peter Yarrow and Lenny Lipton, Illustrated by

Eric Puybaret, Paper Engineering by Bruce Foster

With words by one of the most admired

songwriters of all time and illustrations by
a Caldecott Honor medalist, this powerful
and timely picture book will be treasured
by adults and children alike. This beautiful
edition includes a CD of Dylans original
1963 recording of the song. 32 pages,
11 x 10, hardcover & CD, Ages 5-8.

Puff, the Magic Dragon flies into a new dimension in this spectacular, deluxe pop-up book.
Master paper engineer Bruce Foster, who created
the bestselling Harry Potter pop-up, brings Peter
Yarrow and Lenny Liptons timeless song to life
via nine lavish spreads, plus extra gatefold pops
and enchanting special effects. 14 pages,
10 x 9716, hardcover & CD, Age 6+.

ISBN: 9781402780028
$17.95 $21.95 can

ISBN: 9781402787119
$26.95 $32.95 can

Three Little Dinosaurs

Wheres the Dinosaur?

Sign Language ABC

How to Be a Ballerina

Scratch, Spike and Loftya friendly trio

of dinosaurshave dreams of flying. They
climb to the top of a volcano to try, but its
a lot harder than it seems. Will they ever
fulfill their dreams of flying? 24 pages,
10 x 10, hardcover, Ages 2-5.

Grandfather, George and Meg the dog are

on the hunt again, and this time theyre
looking for dinosaurs! In this follow up to
the wonderful Wheres the Dragon book,
can the gang find all the dinosaurs on
this remote island? 26 pages, 10 x 10,
hardcover, Ages 4-7.

A is for Astronaut! This book features bright

and bold pictures that will teach your kids
all about the wonders of sign language!
This is an ABC book like none other, teaching your children with a combination of
letters, words and pictures! 32 pages,
8 x 8, hardcover, Ages 4-7.

$14.95 $17.95 can February

ISBN: 9781402763922
$14.95 $17.95 can March

Put on your tights and your ballet slippers,

and now you can be a ballerina too! Bella
and her friends take you on a journey of
becoming a ballerina, from their first class
to full time ballet school! 28 pages, 9 x
11, paperback, hardcover, Ages 6+.

By Charles Fuge

ISBN: 9781402796456
$14.95 $17.95 can March


First Prayers

By Keith Moseley

By Lora Heller

By Harriet Castor
Illustrated by Holly Clifton-Brown

ISBN: 9781847327352
$19.95 June | 25

The Dragon Tattoo Book

The Pirate Tattoo Book

Take a fantastical, wonderous journey

into the hidden magical world of dragons!
Discover the secrets of the ancient and
powerful dragons and their magical,
mystical realms! This book includes
24 full-color temporary tattoos, ideal
for would-be dragon tamers! 32 pages,
8 x 11, paperback, Ages 6+.

Ahoy, mates! Let this wonderful new book

entertain you with all things pirate, from
their lingo, to their clothes, to the ships on
which they sail the seven seas! This book
includes 24 full-color temporary tattoos
for pirates in training! 32 pages, 8 x 11,
paperback, Ages 6+.


By Paul Virr

ISBN: 9781862008670
$9.95 ncr February

By Lara Maiklem

ISBN: 9781862008663
$9.95 ncr February


Mammoth and Me

When a creature is made of icky sludge,

how can he ever make friends? Gnarbunga
pops up from a hole in the ground, but
none of the parents want their kids playing
with him! Will he ever get to make friends?
32 pages, 8 x 11, hardcover,
Ages 3-6.

When a big but cuddly mammoth knocks

on the door of a little boy, it is the beginning
of a heartwarming friendship. But his
new friend is too big for his hometown, so
how will he keep his new friend around? 32
pages, 978 x 10, hardcover, Ages 3-6.

By Matthew Bromley

ISBN: 9781907967146
$16.95 $19.95 can March

By Algy Craig Hall

ISBN: 9781907967221
$16.95 $19.95 can March

6-copy counterpack

ISBN: 9781454902768 $101.70 $119.70 can

Meeow and the Blue Table

Dont Copy Me

Meeow the cat is back in this new

adventure and ready for action! Like every
young child, Meeow loves creating new
things. Follow him in this fantastically
colorful book on his journey to turn a blue
table into an amazing castle! 32 pages,
9 x 9, hardcover, Ages 2-4.

Dont copy me! is a refrain that has been

said by parents and children throughout
time. Now its Little Puffins turn to say
those three words when he gets frustrated
as three gull chicks follow him around!
How will he handle it? 32 pages,
878 x 9, hardcover, Ages 3-6.

By Sebastien Braun

By Jonathan Allen

ISBN: 9781907152153
$14.95 $17.95 can April

ISBN: 9781907967207
$16.95 $19.95 can March

The Lost Journal:

Dinosaur Hunter

The Lost Journal:

The Mysteries of the Nile

Rediscover the lost journal of pioneer

dinosaur hunter Samuel T. King! With
this full-color book, you can follow Kings
amazing journey. And if they follow his
clues theyll learn even more about his
wondrous discoveries! 32 pages, 7 x 10,
hardcover, Ages 8+.

In your hands you hold the journal of the

reporter Herbert Fothergill, a man who explored the mysteries of Egypt to find out the
secrets of a mummys curse. Only you can
help uncover the truth of what he found!
32 pages, 7 x 10, hardcover, Ages 8+.

By Steve Parker

ISBN: 9781780970684
$17.95 ncr February

26 |

By Phillip Steele

ISBN: 9781780970691
$17.95 ncr February

Space Walk

Easter Babies

Kikis Blankie

Help your kids learn about the

deep sea in a fun way! Kids will
meet all sorts of deep sea animals
in this book, all the way from the
sharks to puffer fish. This warmly
illustrated book will give your kids
a passion for learning! 12 pages,
858 x 8, board, Ages 3-7.

Blast off into space! Eight planets

revolve around our sun, and
were going to visit them, one by
one. By lifting the flaps, young
children will embark on a cosmic
adventure.12 pages, 858 x 8,
board, Ages 3-7.

By Joy N. Hulme
Illustrated by Dan Andreasen

ISBN: 9781402785245
$7.95 $9.95 can March

ISBN: 9781402797637
$6.95 $8.95 can March

Loveable Kiki is back again, and

as long as she has her trusted
polka-dot blankie on hand, she
can do anything! Follow her adventures as her blankie transforms
her into a pirate, a cowgirl and
even a superhero! 22 pages,
7 x 7, board, Ages 2-5.

By Salina Yoon

ISBN: 9781402785252
$7.95 $9.95 can March

By Salina Yoon

A Springtime Counting Book

The weather gets warmer and

new animals are brought into
the beautifully illustrated
world of this book. 22 pages,
7 x 7, board, Ages 2-5.

By Janie Bynum

$6.95 $8.95 can March

All Creatures Great

and Small
By Naoko Stoop

A lush little board book edition of

the beloved hymn. Naoko Stoops
charming art, with an array of
cuddly animals and an adorable
little girl, captures the sweet spirit
of the lyrics, which offer praise
for nature, beauty, and the glory
of all creation. 22 pages, 7 x 7,
board, Ages 2-5.
ISBN: 9781402785818
$6.95 $8.95 can March


Deep Sea Dive

CLASSIC LINES Timeless stories. Fashion-forward design.

With French flaps and edgy, bold covers featuring period-inspired clothing straight from a fashion designers sketchbook,
these books are simply decadent! Without changing a word of the stories that readers have cherished for centuries, our
Classic Lines series is for todays teens, who are as bold as Victorian heroines.


Jane Eyre

Pride and Prejudice

Sense and Sensibility

Wuthering Heights

Introduce your children to one of literatures

most compelling heroines in this classic
novel! Jane becomes governess at
Thornfield Hall and falls deeply in love
with Edward Rochester, but she soon
realizes that the house is home to many
secrets! 576 pages, 538 x 8, paperback,
Ages 12+.

Pass along your first impressions of

Pride and Prejudice, one of the most well
loved novels! Now your children can also
enjoy the love story of Elizabeth Bennet
and Mr. Darcy, and the struggles of being a
woman in Georgian England. 416 pages,
538 x 8, paperback, Ages 12+.

Two sisters, so different in attitude

but both follow the same path in life in
Georgian England. Experience the stories
of quiet and practical Elinor and her
romance with Edward Ferrars, and
wild and passionate Marianne, who has
fallen for Mr. Willoughby. 376 pages,
538 x 8, paperback, Ages 12+.

Lose yourself in the passionate tale of two

soul mates never destined to be. Wild
Heathcliff and impetuous Cathy are in
love but class drives Cathy to marry Edgar
Linton, causing a series of events to impact
their families for years to come. 376 pages,
538 x 8, paperback, Ages 12+.

By Charlotte Bronte

ISBN: 9781402785337
$8.95 $9.95 can March

By Jane Austen

ISBN: 9781402785306
$8.95 $9.95 can March

By Jane Austen

ISBN: 9781402785313
$8.95 $9.95 can March

By Emily Bronte

ISBN: 9781402787362
$8.95 $9.95 can March | 27

Cover image not yet available.

What Sank the Worlds

Biggest Ship?

Did It All Start With a

Snowball Fight?

By Mary Kay Carson

Illustrated by Mark Elliot

By Mary Kay Carson,

Illustrated by Mark Elliot


And Other Questions About the

RMS Titanic

Why was the Titanic so big? How could an

iceberg just appear out of nowhere? This
and other questions will be answered in this
fascinating book about one of the worlds
most well known ships and its tragic history.
32 pages, 10 x 8, paperback, Ages 7+.
ISBN: 9781402787331
$5.95 $6.95 can April

And Other Questions about the

American Revolution

Did a snowball fight really start the

American revolution? What made people
get so steaming mad over the price of tea?
This and other questions will be answered
in this wonderfully illustrated book that
teaches your kids everything they need to
know about the American revolution! 32
pages, 10 x 8, paperback, Ages 7+.

Creep and Flutter

The Secret World of Insects and Spiders

By Jim Arnosky

Jim Arnosky once again brings out us the

best of nature in his new book! Youll be
shocked and astonished by all the insects
he shows you and youll be even more
shocked at how much youll learn! 40
pages, 9 x 11, hardcover, Ages 6-10.
ISBN: 9781402777660
$14.95 $17.95 can April

ISBN: 9781402787348
$5.95 $6.95 can July

6-copy counterpack

ISBN: 9781454902805
$35.70 $41.70 can

6-copy counterpack

ISBN: 9781454902799
$35.70 $41.70 can

American Museum of Natural History Early Readers

32 pages, 6 x 9, hardcover, Ages 4-6
$9.95 $11.95 can April

Insects in Action

Baby Whales Long Swim

By Thea Feldman

By Connie and Peter Roop

(Level 1)


(Level 1)

ISBN: 9781402791116


Penguins Are Cool!

Dinosaur Pets

By Connie and Peter Roop

By Kathleen Kudlinkski,
Illustrated by Julius Csotonyi

(Level 2)


(Level 1)

ISBN: 9781402785610

Snakes Up Close!
(Level 2)

By Thea Feldman

ISBN: 9781402791147

28 |

Drawing Shape by Shape

Create Cartoon Characters with
Circles, Squares & Triangles

By Chris Hart

A three-in-one, updated compilation of

Chris Harts popular books Draw a Circle,
Draw a Square, and Draw a Triangle, now
complete with a new introduction and
templates. 192 pages, 10 x 8, paperback
with concealed spiral.
ISBN: 9781936096411
$17.95 $21.95 can March

Preschool Skills
80 pages, 8 x 11,
paperback, Ages 3-5
$5.95 $6.95 can


ISBN: 9781411458062

Summer Study

96 pages, 8 x 11, paperback

$5.95 $6.95 can

Workbook: Grade K
ISBN: 9781411465398

Grade K

ISBN: 9781411465510

Summer Study
Flash Cards
Card Deck,
$5.95 $6.95 can

Grade K

ISBN: 9781411465459

Write-on Wipe-Off
Learning Cards
40 pages, 738 x 478,
Card Deck, Ages 3-5
$8.95 $10.95 can


ISBN: 9781411463394


ISBN: 9781411458116

Workbook: Grade 1
ISBN: 9781411465343

Grade 1

ISBN: 9781411465466

Grade 1

ISBN: 9781411465404


ISBN: 9781411463400


ISBN: 9781411458093

Workbook: Grade 2
ISBN: 9781411465350

Grade 2

ISBN: 9781411465473

Grade 2

ISBN: 9781411465411

Ready for School

ISBN: 9781411463424

ISBN: 9781411458086

Workbook: Grade 3
ISBN: 9781411465367

Grade 3

ISBN: 9781411465480

Grade 3

ISBN: 9781411465428


ISBN: 9781411463417

Cutting & Pasting

Workbook: Grade 4

ISBN: 9781411458079

ISBN: 9781411465374


Workbook: Grade 5

ISBN: 9781411458109

ISBN: 9781411465381

Grade 4

ISBN: 9781411465497

Grade 5

ISBN: 9781411465503

Grade 4

ISBN: 9781411465435

Grade 5

ISBN: 9781411465442

Dont Forget!
Flash Kids
Permanent Display



ISBN: 9781411463318
Approx. $808.30 $962.30 can | 29

Sterling Publishing is pleased to announce a brand-new rack program! This wire rack is tailor-made
for your store and custom built to fit all your favorite series, including Storytime Stickers, First Word
Searches, and Dot-to-Dot puzzles. Place an order today with an order of 128 assorted titles and youll
receive this handsome spinner for free!
128 assorted titlesfour tiers, 4 pockets per tier, 8 books per pocket.
ISBN: 9781454901310
Approx. Retail $633.00 ncr

Storytime Stickers: 16 pages, 8 x 11, paperback with reusable stickers, Ages 3+

$4.95 $5.95 can (unless noted)

Mega Book of
Storytime Stickers

Super Colossal Book of All Kinds of Kittens

By Kim Norman
Storytime Stickers

96 pages, Ages 6+

96 pages, Ages 6+

ISBN: 9781402772887
$11.95 $15.95 can

ISBN: 9781402772894
$11.95 $15.95 can

By Mark Shulman

By Mark Shulman

Illustrated by Betina Ogden

ISBN: 9781402774645

Baby Animals at Play

By Katherine Ryals
Illustrated by Rose Mary Berlin
ISBN: 9781402759338
$5.95 $6.95 can


Chocolate Cakes &

Cookie Bakes!


By Diane Muldrow,
Illustrated by Maggie Swanson
ISBN: 9781402761287
$5.95 $6.95 can

Choo Choo Trains

Cowboy Dreams

Day of the Dragons


ISBN: 9781402781865
$5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402771286

ISBN: 9781402746598

ISBN: 9781402773495

By Lynn Plourde,
Illustrated by Mattia Cerato

Then & Wow!

Enchanted Princess

ISBN: 9781402718052

ISBN: 9781402727474

By Mark Shulman,
Illustrated by Bob Ostrom

30 |

By Mark Shulman,
Illustrated by David Wenzel

By Lynn Plourde,
Illustrated by Joe Kulka

By Carol Murray,
Illustrated by Lisa Perrett

By Kim Norman, Illustrated by

Julius Csotonyi and Todd Marshall

Farm Follies

Flower Girls

Horsing Around

ISBN: 9781402771279

ISBN: 9781402734335

ISBN: 9781402718083

By Lynn Plourde,
Illustrated by Laura Ferraro Close

By Mark Shulman,
Illustrated by Maggie Swanson

By Mark Shulman,
Illustrated by Susan Nethery

Knights to the Rescue Magic Fairy Forest

Pirate Treasure Hunt

Puppy Parade

Sharks at Sea

ISBN: 9781402759345

ISBN: 9781402746581

ISBN: 9781402746574
$5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402746604

By Katherine Ryals,
Illustrated by Gary LaCoste

By Mark Shulman,
Illustrated by Kathy Wilburn
ISBN: 9781402718069

By Carol Murray,
Illustrated by Joe Kulka

By Carol Murray,
Illustrated by Ann Schweninger

By Carol Murray,
Illustrated by Gary LaCoste


Springtime with Bunny The Insect Invaders

Under Construction

Unicorn Games


ISBN: 9781402781889
$5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402753503
$5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402753497

ISBN: 9781402773501
$5.95 $6.95 can

By Lynn Plourde,
Illustrated by Laura Logan

By Mark Shulman,
Illustrated by Mark Collins
ISBN: 9781402727467

Dot-to-Dots: 64 pages, 8 x 10, paperback, Age Varies

ISBN: 9781402707148 Ages 3-5

$4.95 $5.95 can

ISBN: 9781402718359 Ages 3-5

$4.95 $5.95 can

Dinosaur Dot-to-Dot

Dinosaur Dots

36 pages, Ages 4-6

96 pages, All Ages

ISBN: 9781402756245
$5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9780806973883
$5.95 $6.95 can

By Natural History Museum

By Monica Russo

By Kim Norman,
Illustrated by Carol Schwartz

Ancient Egypt

Baby Animals

Construction Vehicles

80 pages, Ages 6-9

80 pages, Ages 6-9

80 pages, Ages 6-9

ISBN: 9781402728808
$5.95 $6.95 can

ISBN: 9781402704154
$5.95 $7.95 can

ISBN: 9781402712760
$5.95 $6.95 can

Under the Sea


Wildlife Dot-to-Dot

By Jean Joachim

By Evan & Lael Kimble,

Illustrated by Richard Salvucci
64 pages, All Ages
ISBN: 9780806961521
$5.95 $6.95 can

By Evan & Lael Kimble

By Monica Russo

80 pages, 814 x 11, paperback,

All Ages
ISBN: 9780806906386
$5.95 $6.95 can

By Jean Joachim


Alphabet Dot to Dot

By N.V De Ballon

By Katherine Ryals,
Illustrated by Maggie Swanson

$4.95 $5.95 can (unless noted)

1-100 Dot-to-Dots
By Steve Harpster

By Katherine Ryals,
Illustrated by Phillip Small | 31

First Word Search & Puzzles: 64 pages, 8 x 11, paperback, Ages 4+

$4.95 $5.95 can (unless noted)

Easy First Words

Easy Reader Phonics

Fun First Phonics

Fun First Words

Phonics Fun

ISBN: 9781402778087

ISBN: 9781402778032

ISBN: 9781402778063

ISBN: 9781402778070

ISBN: 9781402783913

Illustrated by Steve Harpster

Illustrated by Steve Harpster

Illustrated by Steve Harpster

Illustrated by Steve Harpster

Phonics Made Easy

Phonics Made Fun

Phonics Puzzles

Phonics Word Search

ISBN: 9781402778049

ISBN: 9781402779183

ISBN: 9781402783968

ISBN: 9781402778018

By Heather Quinlan

Illustrated by Ed Shems

Illustrated by Steve Harpster

Illustrated by Gary LaCoste

Illustrated by Gary LaCoste

Phonics, Phonics,
Illustrated by Ed Shems

ISBN: 9781402778056

Reading for Beginners Reading Is Fun

Reading Made Easy

Words Are Fun!

Words to Learn

ISBN: 9781402778001

ISBN: 9781402778025

ISBN: 9781402777332

ISBN: 9781402778094


Illustrated by Gary LaCoste

Illustrated by Ed Shems

ISBN: 9781402778117

Illustrated by Steve Harpster

Illustrated by Ed Shems

First Puzzles:

Fun with Words

By Helene Hovanec,
Illustrated by Ed Shems

ISBN: 9781402789717

32 |

Word Games

By Helene Hovanec,
Illustrated by Ed Shems

ISBN: 9781402789731

Picture Clue

Easy First Puzzles

ISBN: 9781402789724

ISBN: 9781402778100

By Patrick Merrell

By Helene Hovanec,
illustrated by Ed Shems

Illustrated by Gary LaCoste


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