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Transformation Routines

Routines are used to define complex transformation rules. In most of the cases data
won't be coming directly in desired form before sending to the target. In some cases
output needs to be derived on some incoming data. In such cases we need to go for
writing of routines at the transformation level.

Types of transformation routines:

1. Start Routine
2. End Routine
3. Expert Routine
4. Rule Group

Start Routine
Start Routine be used at two levels (transfer rule level and the Update rule level).
This Start routine written at the transfer rule level helps filter the necessary data
coming from the source system.

The Start routine at the Update rule level provides similar functionality but at this
point it helps direct specific data to different DataTargets.

Start Routine is run at the start of the transformation.

It is executed before the individual transformation rule.

It is executed package by package, which means that you can process as many
records at once as determined by the packet size. This is a good area to do a mass
processing such as filtering or aggregation.

The start routine has a table SOURCE_PACKAGE (Internal Table Without Header) in
the form of the source structure as input and output parameters. It is used to
perform preliminary calculations and store these in a global data structure or in a
table. This structure or table can be accessed from other routines. You can modify or
delete data in the SOURCE_PACKAGE.

End Routine

The End Routine executed after transformation rule.

You can use an end routine to post process data after transformation on a packageby-package basis.

End Routine is processed after start routine, mappings, field routines and finally
before the values is transferred to the output.

The end routine has a table RESULT_PACKAGE (Internal Table Without Header) in the
form of target structure as input and output parameters. Data is stored in

Expert Routine

This is the strongest and most complex of all routines. This allows you to design the
entire data flow of the transformation.

An Expert routine is a routine with contains both the source and target structure.

In Expert Routine we will read from SOURCE_PACKAGE which contains all the data
and update into RESULT_PACKAGE which should be the output.

If you create an Expert routine the system will automatically delete all the field level
mapping, Start routine and end routine.

In Expert Routines u won't have mapping between source and target fields.
Transformation is done through coding in expert routine.

Rule Group

A Rule Group is a group of transformation rules. A transformation can contain

multiple rule groups.

A default rule group is created for every transformation called as Standard Group.
This group contains all the default rules.

Standard rule group cannot be deleted. Only the additional created groups can be