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Nikola Tesla was born on 10th of July in Smiljan, Lika which was

then part of Austo-Hungarian Empire, nowdays Croatia. He is

one of the greatest inovator and scientist that ever lived to this
day. He attended Real Gymnasium in Karlovac and finished a
four-year term in three years. After graduating Tesla went back
to his birthtown. Shortly after arriving to Smiljani he was
contracted with Cholera. Being sick for 9 months and close to
death multiple times his father, Milutin, promised to send him to
the best engineering college if he recovers from the illness,
even tough he wanted Nikola to enter the priesthood. After
recovery he attended to Faculty of Engineering in Graz and then
later in Prague. After finishing college he went to Budapest
where he got a job in Central Telephone Office, and stayed there
for 2 years. Later he went to Paris to work for Edisons
Continental Society. His abilities could not pass unnoticed and in
short time he was recommended to Edison. Tesla traveled to
USA and became an US citizen. After short time working for
Edison he had dissagrement with him and he quit his job. He
opened his own laboratory in New York, where he spent the
most creative period of his life. Today he is also known as one of
the greatest geek that ever lived. Geeks abandon the world
around them because they are so obsessive about things they
do, so was in Tesla's case. In his 86 years of life he never had a
relationship with woman despite being very tall (200 cm) and
handsome. He refused to date because he believed it would
disrupt his work. Actually he was rarely leaving his laboratory.
Almost everyone think that Thomas Edison was the father of the
electric age. They are wrong, it's Nikola Tesla. Edison would be
more of a CEO nowdays than great inovator and geek. Edison
promised Tesla millions of dollars to fix the problems he was
having with his DC generators and motors. Tesla fixed it and
when he asked for money, Edison laughed him off. After falling
out with Edison, Tesla went to work on his AC electrical system,
and to this day that is the system that powers every home on
Earth. Tesla was also working on similar machine like X-rays and
he first said that it could be very dangerous. On the other hand
everyone tought that it could cure blindness. When one of

Edison's employees had to amputate his arms because of

experimenting with X-rays suddenly everyone became aware of
something that Tesla was saying long time ago. After Guglielmo
Marconi got Nobel Prize for inventing radio, Tesla said: Marconi
is a good fellow. Let him continue. He is using seventeen of my
Ever wondered who built the first hydroelectric plant on Niagara
Falls and showed that this is a practical energy source? It was
Tesla. Who invented remote control, radar, neon lighting,
modern electric motor, wireless communications, discovered
resonant frequency of the earth? Same answer again. In short,
Tesla was true genius. He never asked money for it, he never
got money for it. He did everything for good of the humanity.
And of course like every other man who done something like
that he barely had money to buy him food.He was living on milk
and crackers. Tesla died in NYC in his hotel room on 7th of
January, 1943. My opinion is that he was way ahead of his time,
I think he would be ahead of our time now. When the time
makes one step, Tesla makes two.

Patrik Petelka, 3.a