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Draft Minutes of the 2014 Annual General Meeting


Review of Minutes of Last Meeting

Overview of 2013 activities: programmatic and financial report
Approval of branches
Approval of UNA Strategic Plan 2014 2016
Approval of Constitutional Amendments
UNA Tanzania at 50
Membership Representation at the AGM and EoGM

1. Review of Meeting Minutes; the minutes were reviewed by the Secretary General.
Members were welcomed to cite any items that may be missing from the minutes. No
additional items were raised.
Matters Arising
There were no matters arising from the minutes.
2. Programmatic and Financial Report; the programmatic report was presented by the
Secretary General focusing on three projects that were implemented and developed.
The MDGs Awareness program, the training project with UNA Finland, and a project
in development with Advanced Family Planning Project Tanzania (funded by John
Hopkins University).
The financial report was presented by the treasurer. He focused on the institutions
income statement and financial position as at 31st January, 2014.

UNA Tanzania to expand its reach from just the current program sites to reach
other areas of the country,

The need to clarify expense comparison. There is a need to specify program

expenses to show more details, i.e. administration

Considerations for the secretariat to pay for social security and taxes should be

There is a need to clarify the reporting period for the organization. The reports
presented show a different reporting period compared to what is advised in the
UNA Tanzania constitution.
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3. Approval of Branches; the Secretary General provided a short report on where the
branches stand. Six (6) branches are now in operation. These are expected to grow to
10 branches by the end of 2014. Braches will be expected to finish approval of their
Rules of Procedure and submit to the ExCOM as soon as possible.

Expand representation of branches across the country. Consider opening branches

in each region.

Branches cannot register independently. They must work within the UNA
Tanzania constitutional framework. What guides the branches are the rules of

4. Approval of UNA Strategic Plan 2014 2016; the strategic plan was presented by
the Deputy Secretary General. The strategic plan remains a draft, but has been
reviewed and passed by the Executive Committee.
To accommodate members to provide commentary on the strategic plan, the chairperson
called on the following, which the AGM agreed on all fronts;

To afford one week for members to review the strategic plan and make comments
on the strategic plan by 28th February 2014.

For the AGM to approve the strategic plan and give the Executive Committee the
task of approving the final strategic plan.

To give authority to the Executive Committee to review and approve the 2014
annual work-plan and budget.

7. Approval of Constitutional Amendments; constitutional amendments were

presented. Three amendments were presented and approved by the AGM. The
amendments were;

Article XVI section 24 (g) on the financial year of the association, to remove the
phrase 30th June and replace it with 31st December.

Article XVI section 25 (a), to remove the phrase 30th June and replace it with
31st December.

Article X section 15 (c) to change the words September and November,

replacing them with January and March respectively.

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8. AOB

UNA Tanzania at 50

UNA Tanzania plans to commemorate the 50th anniversary were presented. Members were
welcome to share more ideas through the secretariat in the course of the year. Members were
also encouraged to also implement activities in these commemorations.

Membership Representation at the AGM and EoGM

The chairperson presented a resolution on representation with the following language, in-line
with Article X section 17 (a) of the UNA Tanzania constitution.

That every established Branches, chapters and/or collective member shall be

represented in the Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting by
a delegation of maximum five (5) people.

Every Branches, chapters and collective member shall have an option of having
five more alternate delegates, who shall vote only in the absence of an official

Every member of the delegation shall have a vote but at any one time, no
delegation shall have more than five (5) votes and votes shall be only for members
that are present in the meeting.

The said delegations on item one (1) above shall be the basis of establishing the
quorum and decision for the Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General

Date of the next AGM

The next AGM will be held on 21st February 2015.

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