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The Circle


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The Circle of Return.

When a Brother or Sister of Atho passes out of
this life they will take all the knowledge handed
down from ancient times and will be casting the
last of our Circles- the Circle of Return. They will
then be able to come back in Spirit. This is the
great and yet simple art of Clairvoyance. What is
needed to perform this act of passing back
knowledge from beyond the grave? Two things
are necessary:
(1) The right person to receive it (namely the
pupil in Magick.)
(2) The help of a person or persons to interpret
what is being done (Namely a Witch Maiden and
her partner in Magick. )
Why are these people necessary? The Pupil must
be in a trance so that the Spirit can use his
emotions and voice. The Witch Maiden and her
Partner create the vital atmosphere and record
what the Pupil says. Let me go over this again
for I must make it quite clear to you.
Suppose you know someone and discuss the
ancient arts with them.
Suppose you gain
knowledge in this world and cast the circle of
Fertility, Brotherhood and Vitality together, then
one of you dies! Surely it is apparent that as you
were so close in this world the one who has
become a Spirit could be heard over the barrier of
death by his partner in Magick who is still alive.

Can you now see the whole point of the

Circles? You are Fertile; you learn the ancient
arts from someone (i.e. The Coven of Atho) You
look around for someone to be your pupil in
in turn, teach them the
knowledge I am now teaching you. They, in
turn, teach someone else and so the Circle
goes on forever. *When you die the one you
teach can be your medium and therefore you
do not really die at all, you only pass from one
life to another.
Now I must make this point- We are all in
different stages of development and some
people are more advanced than others. The
really deeply interested people who are reading
this will say, "I must know more!" Those who
are not so developed will not be convinced that
the things I have told them are possible. They
will let this course of knowledge drift into a
corner of their beings and I shall hear no more
from them. They will be able to carry a little of
this knowledge out of this world and may be
able to be 'felt' by the ones near and dear to
them on this earth. The ones who want to be
certain of Return will be the ones who say, "I
will do these things and I will meet this man
who talks about them.I am waiting to meet
you; if I can help you or teach you more write
to me and ask your questions.

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