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ELC120 Listening Activities

Listen to conversations and answer the questions as follow.

Audio 1: First Date
1. What kind of movie is the girl going to see on her date?
A. horror
B. romance
C. science fiction
2. At what theater is the movie playing?
A. Central Palace
B. Campus Plaza
C. Common Plex
3. How is the girl getting to the movie?
A. She is getting a ride with her brother.
B. Her date is coming to pick her up.
C. She is going by bus and will meet her date there.
4. What time does the movie begin?
A. 7:30 p.m.
B. 8:00 p.m.
C. 8:30 p.m.
5. What time does she have to be home?
A. 10:00 p.m.
B. 10:30 p.m.
C. 11:00 p.m.

Audio 2: Travel on Sky Airlines

1. What is the number of this flight?
A. 80
B. 18
C. 81
2. How long is the flight??
A. 2 hours, 40 minutes
B. 2 hours, 14 minutes
C. 2 hours, 4 minutes
3. What is the local time in Seattle?
A. 11:45 PM
B. 12:15 PM
C. 10:12 AM
4. What is the current weather in Seattle?
A. partly cloudy
B. rainy
C. sunny
5. At what gate will the plane arrive?
A. 13
B. 3
C. 30

Audio 3: Camping Under the Stars

1. What are they planning on doing in the morning?
A. fishing
B. mountain biking
C. hiking
2. According to the weather report, when would it start raining?
A. in the afternoon
B. at night
C. in the morning
3. What did Paul forget to bring?
A. rain coats
B. umbrellas
C. rain boots
4. Where did Sara leave the playing cards?
A. next to picnic table
B. on picnic table
C. under picnic table
5. What do they finally decide to do?
A. stay at a hotel
B. return home
C. sleep at the campground

Audio 4: UFO A Story to Remember

Where was the man coming from when he first saw the UFO?
A. He was returning home from a party.
B. He just got off work when he saw the UFO.
C. He was driving home from a restaurant.
2. What time did the man report the incident to the police?
A. about 12:00 AM
B. about 3:00 AM
C. about 5:00 AM
3. What jumped out in front of the man's car?
A. a giant deer
B. a strange man
C. a hairy alien
4. What happened next to the man?
A. He walked to a flying saucer.
B. He followed the animal to a plane.
C. He was carried to a spaceship.
5. What does the police officer suggest at the end of the story?
A. They should call the fire department.
B. The man should seek counseling.
C. The man should contact the newspaper.

Audio 5: Airline Safety

1. What is the first item that the man has in his carry-on bag?
A. water
B. medication
C. a large bottle of shampoo
2. The man is carrying a lighter because he _______.
A. enjoys smoking cigarettes
B. is worried about his safety
C. he forgot to take it out of his bag
3. The next illegal item the man has with him is __________.
A. a live snake
B. firecrackers
C. a huge knife
4. The man received this item from ________.
A. a close friend
B. a relative
C. a stranger
5. The man doesn't know the airline's rules because ________.
A. the sign was written in Chinese
B. he didn't see the sign
C. he wasn't paying careful attention

Audio 6: College Textbooks

1. The man is selling his science book, Today's World for ___________.
A. $13
B. $30
C. $33
2. Why is the woman surprised by the price of the science book?
A. She thinks that the book is in pretty bad condition.
B. She feels that she can find the book cheaper on the Internet.
C. She says that the textbook is an old copy.
3. Which book does the woman NOT buy?
A. an English writing textbook
B. a math textbook
C. a novel
4. The man's textbook on marriage is called, Finding the Perfect _____________.
A. Friend
B. Partner
C. Someone
5. Why does the man want to study cooking?
A. He wants to learn to cook because he lives on his own.
B. He wants to major in hotel management in the future.
C. He has a friend who's taking the same class.

Audio 7: Drug Addiction

1. How are Stephanie and Brandon related?
A. Stephanie is Brandon's sister.
B. Brandon and Stephanie are engaged.
C. Brandon and Stephanie are colleagues.
2. The first sign of Stephanie's problem is that she has been __________.
A. missing work
B. buying expensive clothing
C. sleeping in a lot
3. Stephanie said she needed money to ___________.
A. pay for school tuition
B. repair her vehicle
C. cover medical expenses
4. It appears that Stephanie stole money from ________.
A. her work
B. her sister's car
C. her boyfriend's apartment
5. If Stephanie doesn't make changes in her life, she could ___________.
A. lose her school scholarship
B. have serious financial problems
C. get in trouble with the police

Audio 8: Great Apartment Living

1. Which statement is NOT true about the apartment for rent?
A. It includes a washer and a dryer.
B. The apartment is partially furnished.
C. The rent is over $900 a month.
2. What utilities are included in the rent?
A. gas and water
B. electricity and phone
C. gas and electricity
3. Under which circumstance could you lose your deposit according to the conversation?
A. You end the agreement before the minimum leasing period of four months.
B. You cause damage beyond normal use of the apartment.
C. You remove any of the furnishings without permission.
4. How would you describe the location of the apartment?
A. The woman can catch a bus to school in front of her apartment.
B. A supermarket and shopping center are only a few blocks away.
C. The apartment is in a relatively quiet neighborhood.
5. What kind of pet is a tenant allowed to keep in the apartment?
A. a dog
B. a cat
C. a rat

Audio 9: Vacation Plans

1. Where is the man going on vacation?
A. Italy
B. France
C. Germany
2. Where did he meet Claudia?
A. at a music store
B. at the post office
C. on the Internet
3. What advice does Markus give Pete about meeting Claudia's parents?
A. be on time
B. take a small gift
C. smile and be friendly
4. What is one thing Markus does NOT say about greeting Claudia?
A. shake her hand
B. give her a friendly hug
C. take her some flowers
5. Markus' final suggestion for Pete is that he should:
A. brush up on his German.
B. buy souvenirs for Claudia's family.
C. visit Berlin during his visit.

Audio 10: Pizza Delivery

1. Which topping is NOT mentioned as one available from this pizza shop?
A. bacon
B. mushrooms
C. Italian chicken
2. What pizza does the man finally order?
A. pepperoni and green peppers on one half and Italian sausage and black olives on the other
B. pepperoni and Italian sausage on one half and green peppers and bacon on the other
C. pepperoni and mushrooms on one half and green peppers and Italian sausage on the other
3. What else does the man order with his pizza?
A. a salad and orange juice
B. bread sticks and a beverage
C. a drink and chicken sticks
4. What was the total of his order?
A. $15.19
B. $15.90
C. $15.99
5. What is the man's telephone number and address?
A. 3040 South 60 East at 340-1870
B. 1314 South 16 East at 340-1870
C. 1340 South 16 East at 340-1870