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When we look at the Garden we think we see from the story told us, God,
then Adam, Eve, Two Trees as to the certain ones mentioned of significance,
and a Serpent.

1 God, 1 Adam, and 1 Eve, 2 Trees and 1 Serpent. This makes 6 objects we will

God is Light and Satan is Darkness

Adam was not in the Transgression, Eve was.
One Tree was of Knowledge of Good and Evil and One was of Life.
Interesting isnt it?

Now we know from what The Revelation has taught us, a few key things!
The Serpent was Eves own mind.
The Word tells us people are Trees.
Adam being the SON of God means Adam was God or in Gods presence.
Not that Adam was standing there with some ball of light in front of Him.
God was inside of Adam and Adam as to the Man made from dust was God
within Adam.
Adam was in the presence of that Light but was not yet born of it, till Jesus
would come.

Guess what all of this means?

Adam as to God in Him was the Tree of Life.

Eve as to The Flesh or Body that came forth from Adams Side was the Tree of

So we see but ONLY TWO 2 Beings as to Physical Sight in the Garden.

Adam and Eve, God was in Adam and He was the Tree of Life and The Serpent
was in Eve as to the Tree of Knowledge.

Thats all that was there! Just Adam and Eve! God and now Satan,
God inside of Adam and Satan inside of Eve!

A Son of God is always God within a veil, as Flesh.

This Son of God Adam and Eve.

Because Eve was brought about as a type to show Adams relationship as to


Then in all reality if we remove Eve we find Just God and Adam in the Garden.
God inside of Adam and Adam has a Body of Flesh. So we find a Son of God,
God behind the Badger Skin.
Then God put Adam to sleep and from His Side came forth Eve!

So we find God is light, then Adam is the Veil we say that might block that light
so what else could come from Adam the Veil except a Shadow or Darkness as a

So we find Light shining within a veil and what does a veil do to light, but cast
a shadow!

The Word was brought forth as a veil to define all creation as a knowledge!
So as Spirit veiled itself in a Word then Word veiled itself in Flesh and from that
Flesh came forth a type of what happened with God as to becoming the Word,
so Eve was made.

So back to the Garden,

We find the Spirit or God (Adam) and we find Adam as to The Body (Eve) this
God is dwelling in.
So this Adam goes to sleep and from His Side comes forth a Child so to speak,
which we say was the Actual Physical person named Eve.
In a type she is as a child birthed from a combination of God and Adam the
spiritual Adam and Eve.
She would be in this view, a type of the changed spotless body or Spiritual
Body as she is a product from God and Adam.
The Male is typical of the Sinful body because He has the Serpent, as to the
Male organ. Eve being without that organ makes her spotless and without sin
or without the serpent.
Eve also having to type the flesh, though she be weak, sin is not imputed to her
because of the Love and Grace of her husband. God did not charge them with
Sin till Adam partook, not Eve.

So we could say in one dimension that Eve is the already changed Body of the
union of Spirit and Body that came forth from Adams Side as Adam was God
and Man. Adam in this sense came from dust so back to dust but Eve came from
So all flesh came forth from Eve as she is the mother of all living then we see
how the body was never meant to die as Eve shows this in a type.

So what caused death? The veil, the lie, sin or unbelief in truth. So we see
Death has always been a lie. This proves and explains how both the good and
evil come forth from the graves.

God, if you remember as they passed the blame, finally came to the Serpent
and God cursed the Serpent to desire the belly all of its days and to eat of the
He punished Eve in child birth, and He punished the Ground for Adams
Punishment. Eve being typical of a child birthed from Adam and Adam was
made from the dust.
The serpent ruled over THEM Adam so His desire was to feed and labour for
the belly, to feed Adam and Eve to make a sustainable life for them. Life comes
via the serpent.
The serpents desire is for the belly to feed it and make things grow to feed it
and also to care for the child that comes from the belly, so we see why its
desire and labor is for the woman.

Now God punished Adam and Eve for transgressing the Law but not because of
Sin. He could not lay Sin to their charge because He had already known what
they would do, what He Himself would do and had already laid the Sins of the
World upon Jesus. God has never charged any man or woman with sin. He laid
it all on Jesus. Those who do not accept Jesus have to pay for their own sins
and thus die.
Jesus, it was said Knew No Sin. He was innocent we could say. He was an
Adam, Them He called ADAM. SO we find Adam not being in the Transgression
through the Second Man Adam. We find His Flesh being the Eve whom He
cannot lay Sin to her charge because the Body is innocent. So what was God to

He laid the charge of Sin to Sin itself. Remember the Veil over the Light cast a
Shadow. That Shadow was projected into the Body of Eve or the Flesh of Jesus.
So to kill the Shadow, he would have to rend open the Body. Rend the Veil,
Through His Flesh the Bible Says. So he rent the veil of the Body open and
released the Shadow and that Shadow was living in the Blood and the Blood
had to be spilt and shed to cast Satan out of Heaven. So from the Side of Jesus
comes Water and Blood as from the Side of Adam came Eve, the Eve of Creation
or all humanity via the serpent life.

God the Spirit uttered the Word and that Word was Law and that Law became
Flesh and in the Flesh of the Veil of the Light of that Law it cast a shadow
which became Satan. God life in perversion.
Truth changed into a lie by Unbelief, Truth held in Unrighteousness. They took
the Image of the Uncorruptible God and made it into Corruptible Flesh or as a
Man, a flesh and blood man, they worshiped the Creature or the Golden Calf
Beast part more than the Creator!

So when we see it in its originality we see God and we see Him making
Himself a Body and dwelling in that Body of Flesh that is now called Adam. This
was the true Adam and Eve, God was Adam and Adam was Eve. So where and
what was the Serpent? Eve, the Eve that came forth from Adams Side to show
His Flesh.

See it like this now. God within Adam is Light, Adam is the Veil over that Light,
and that Veil or from that Veil comes A Shadow! A Byproduct of Creation or
something that was not in the original Creation.

When God made Adam He was finished with Creation to that extent. He seen
Adam did not have a help meet so was Alone. So God said to Adam as a Man
would a Wife, Let us go and make more men and then lets make those men into
our own image. God reproducing Himself in Humanity even as Humanity.

So God was Adam in the Garden, Adam was the True Eve and the Eve that came
from Adams Side was the Serpent! Flesh! Not Adam Flesh but Eve Flesh. Eve
Flesh now in this dimension types the Sinful Flesh and Adam the Innocent Flesh
of the Lamb of God. So we find in that sense Two Types of Flesh. One Sinful and
One Innocent. Remember the Two Animals for the sacrifice, how one is set free
and the other one is sacrificed. In this we see the two types of flesh, as to the
sinful flesh and as to the innocent flesh one as to Eve and one as to Jesus or
In one dimension we are Eve flesh from our birth. Then once born again, we
are changed and become Adam or Jesus Flesh. In another dimension we see
the death of Eve flesh on the cross with Jesus being made Sin and thus we see
that Eve flesh was sacrificed so that Adam Flesh could live. SO we that are
Adam Flesh in this sense have always been Adam Flesh and Adam Flesh was
never condemned or charged with Sin.
Jesus said, He that believes in me shall never die! See again we see death
conquered, we see we are the literal Body of Jesus Christ or Adam Flesh that
was never charged with Sin.
Like a woman may birth 10 kids, we say 5 boys and 5 girls. Boys type the Adam
Flesh that can never die and the girls type the Eve Flesh or sinful flesh.

Some are just a shadow of Life, some are Life in the veil.

So again back to the Garden.

Eve the Serpent beguiled Adam to partake of her fruit and He did eat.
She however desired the Fruit from Adam first. Her desire being fleshly, then
She desired the Flesh of Her Husband.
When She partook of His Flesh, then He seen the Fruit of Beast Relations or
fleshly sensations was not unto death, because God did not charge it till Adam
did the deed.
When Adam partook of her flesh, He sinned against His own Flesh by entering
her like the beast do. They Adam discovered Sexual Inspiration.

Eve leaned to her weak fleshly desires beguiled Adams Flesh to partake of her
flesh and He did eat.
When she conceived of it there was still innocence, as God in this sense was
not worried about Eve. That was Adams Wife and Adam was His.
However when Adam believed her and took her mind or side over Gods then He
did eat by partaking of her mind that Sex was ok and not unto death.
Eve said, We shall not surely die by partaking of our own Flesh with one
So when Adam did this, He then became guilty of Sin or breaking Gods law and
He entered the world of darkness that was the Mind of Eve. Satan.

When Adam partook of her Tree or fruit in this way, it caused Him to have
condemnation and suddenly the Spirit of God had departed from Him, not that
God left Him, but by his unbelief following His wife Eve in the deed then The
Veil or Middle Wall of Partition came between Him and God and suddenly God
knew something had happened and like a man would search for His bride God
began searching for Adam and saying, Adam where art thou?

They hid themselves with Fig Leaves. God asked them, Who told you you was
naked and He could have said, and that it was a bad thing? Have you eaten
from that tree?
So what Eve did was bring the lust and passion of flesh human sexual desire to
life by the weakness and darkness of her own mind and she caused her
husband as to Adams Flesh to eat.
So Eves flesh was guilty and Adams flesh we say was not found in the
transgression. We find in one dimension Adams Flesh paying for the evil of
Eves Flesh.
Adams Flesh was hidden because it was a Body that came forth from the Spirit,
but Eve came forth from that Flesh. So because hers was a byproduct and not a
part of the original creation, then we see God could save his original creation
via the innocent Adam Flesh and lay the Eve flesh to death. So in Mary as to a
virgin flesh, we find her being overshadowed just like Adam was to make Eve
we find the Holy Ghost entering Mary the same was Satan entered Eve or
through Eve to imprison Adam. We find a type of Eve now being imprisoned by
the Holy Ghost. We have already spoken this so we will move on from it.
So what did Mary produce? She produced the Second Man Adam. She birthed
the restored Adam Flesh. A Body without Spot wrinkle or Blemish, Satan said
concerning the Flesh of Jesus or Adam Flesh, I have betrayed innocent blood!
Jesus said Satan has no part in me. I am the Original Body that was lost in the

Garden. So God in this sense simply by putting His Spirit into Mary took from
her the imprisoned Adam Flesh that had been in captivity since the fall in the
garden. This flesh was the Word Flesh Now this Word Flesh is a Flesh that is
Spirit as it came forth from Spirit by Spirit and is Spirit. Not the Byproduct as
Eve was.
This was done simply by the return of the Shekinah to Mary. God in Holy pure
Godly Inspiration caused the necessary genetics and such to happen that he
caused a Blood cell to literally conceive without knowing a Man.

Mary who was a descendant of Adam then by Gods Spirit entering her caused
the lost image of the Adam Flesh to be born again via Mary! Not that Mary was
Adam Flesh but that Adam Flesh was potentially in her as to the Seed of it. All it
needed was the true Husband to come upon His True Bride and she conceived
and bear forth the firstborn true Son of God. This was the return and release of
Adam the Son of God from the imprisonment of the Darkness of the Eve.

Mary was the Mind of the True Adam reproducing the way God intended. God
being Adam reproducing by Faith in His new Wife typical of Mary. Ending the
Eve sexual beast life of reproduction.
So when we are born again our body which is beast flesh or Eve flesh is killed
out by Calvary and we are Born Again thus we are now Mary and produce the
Second Man Adam. This means our Body is back to its original state it was in
the garden in the presence of God as Adam Flesh, Word Flesh, Spirit Flesh to
never ever die again. We have changed Bodies, from Eves Satanic one to Adams
Restored One.
In the First man Adam we see a God and Him hiding behind a Badger Skin as to
Flesh. Not Beast Flesh, I say badger skin for understanding sake. This was
Word Flesh but not a body that was born of that Word as to a Union. One was
the Word going forth into the darkness to be made flesh, the other was the
return of the Word back to God not void but One with The Flesh.

The Flesh of Calvary being turned to Blood shows the end of Eve Flesh. The
resurrected Christ being the return of Adam Flesh. Same Body, just a change of
that body. What made the difference was the Husband or Mind that ruled that
Flesh or Body. Jesus Body was under the control of God. Eve was under the
control of Satan. So all that was lost in the end was the Shadow, which never
existed to begin with, even the body as to Eve being a byproduct or we say an
anomaly as the shadow cast from an object is, that body was lost. Adam who
was the Son of God and His Word Flesh was never lost just hidden and can
never be destroyed.

God is light, Adam was the Object that struck the light. Eve and her fleshly
byproduct and desires was simply the shadow that was cast. God we will say
took the object back within himself from which it came and the shadow and the
body of that shadow disappeared.

In Part 2 we will see this as to the Living Soul and how it was used to birth the
True Child of God even the Christ!
Patrick Henry Nichols I
March 1 2015
Hilton Head Island