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English 230Peer Response

Research Proposal
Writers Name:

Colin Sparber

Your Name:

Cody Barrow

Instructions: Read the draft of the proposal provided by your classmate for the
following considerations, and type your responses in the boxes (which will expand as
you type) below each question set. To earn full credit (and avoid alienating your
classmate!) remember to keep your feedback supportive and specific.
Front Matter (Letter of Transmittal/Cover Page/Abstract/Table of Contents)
a. Comment briefly on the visual impact of any of these components. Where might
the use of white space or other visual elements contribute to the readers easy
reading of these components?
Annotated Bibliography should be at the end? Last page is blank.
b. Does the letter of transmittal clear communicate the following information:
reviewing audience, title of proposal, summary of the problem and objectives,
total time commitment and polite request for a specific action (e.g., approval of
the proposed research)? Are letter-writing conventions (including a title (Mr.,
Ms., Professor) and colon (rather than a comma) in the salutation) followed?
Does the abstract identify the problem the student wishes to research, and include
a plan for researching that problem?
You dont have one yet.

Statement of the Problem

a. Does the statement of the problem actually define a problem? Can you identify
that something is wrong, lacking or unknown? In a sentence or two, restate what
you think the problem is.
Yes, beef prices have been rising since 2000.
b. Does the author provide sufficient background to the problem? Do you know
how the problem developed, when, where, to what extent? Has the author
referred to published sources for much of this background (and used MLA
formatted citations)? Suggest improvements, if necessary.

I know one reason is because there has been a shortage in feed.

c. How well does the writer put sources (at least three) in conversation with each
other? (Often, what is needed is to cite evidence from more than one source in a
single paragraph.) Suggest improvements, if necessary.

Well done.
d. Is it clear who will benefit from a solution to the problem? Specify who will
benefit and how.
Any consumer of beef. Or anyone who purchases beef. According to your paper, it has a
chain reaction.
Statement of the Objectives
a. Do the objectives actually state the goals of the proposed research? (Note: the
goals of the researchtypically what can be done about the problemare
different from the methods of conducting research, which are how the
objectives will be met.)
Have not finished yet?
b. Do the objectives follow logically from the statement of the problem? Do they
seem reasonable goals to achieve? Explain.
Have not finished yet?
c. If the objectives are listed or bulleted, are the entries in parallel construction? If
the objectives are written in narrative, or paragraph form, is it still clear what can
be done about the problem? Suggest improvements where necessary.
Have not finished yet?
Methods for Doing the Work

a. Do the methods grow naturally and logically out of the objectives of the authors
project? That is, would the research objectives be met if the methods (field
observations and survey) were performed?
Have not finished yet?
b. How easy to answer are the (appended) survey questions? What changes or
additions can you suggest?
Have not finished yet?
c. Is a timeline for completing the work included? Are the methods presented in
logical order? That is, is there a sense that once certain tasks are done, others
should follow? Explain.
Have not finished yet?
d. Do you think the reviewing audience (e.g., your instructor) has enough
information to approve the proposal? What components might be more fully
explained and detailed?
Have not finished yet?
MLA Annotated Works Cited Page
a. Are at least three sources listed in proper MLA format? What formatting errors
can you spot?
Yes, I didnt notice any errors
b. How well does each summarized annotation highlight information from the
source that is pertainent to the research problem that is the focus of the proposal?
Very well