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Aircraft Securing.

Aircraft chocking should be done both fore and aft of wheels. In high winds they should be tied
The following precautions are to be observed when picketing and securing aircraft: When using
Manila rope, allow for shrinkage due to moisture (rain). Avoid excessive slackness in tie down
ropes (but don't over tighten). Ensure control locks are fitted. Aircraft parked in the open at night
should be outlined with red flashing obstruction lights. Slipknots are NOT to be used in tying
lashings. Use only approved aircraft tie down points. Always try to position aircraft in a hangar
during turbulent weather. If this is not possible, point aircraft nose into the wind and secure.
Because of the heavy traffic during turnarounds, red or orange cones are positioned around the
engines as no-go zones for vehicular traffic. The effect is to prevent engine structure impact
damage. During severe electrical storms, the airport may be shut down. During operational
shutdown, ensure aircraft are electrically bonded, refuelling operations cease and evacuate the
Connect headset
Shelter under aircraft wings
Use telephone
Hold metal objects.
Aircraft storage can be short term or long term. Boeing consider that up to 6 months is short
term. During the storage period certain checks need to be performed on a regular basis in
accordance with the maintenance manual. The air craft is cleaned, all openings are blanked.
System operational checks are carried out on a regular basis and can include:

Tyre pressure check and wheel rotation,

Fuel contamination check.

Engine ground runs that confirm pneumatic and hydraulic system serviceability.

The locking of control surfaces is of the utmost importance. Serious damage is likely to result if
movable surfaces are allowed to flap in the breeze, so to speak. While the procedure for
installing, removing and stowing flight control locks may differ from aircraft to aircraft, always
refer to the aircraft manufacturers maintenance instructions for correct procedures.