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Crea+ve Campaign
2nd August, 2014

Geek created a new campaign for Paperboat,

keeping in mind the digital medium.

Geek felt that while it is essen+al to s+ck to the

core messaging idea about memories and
nostalgia, it is important to portray it in a fun,
engaging and unique way, for it to work in the
digital space.

Paper boat is all about the memories one has of

the +me that they grew up.

It has an air of nostalgia in it.

Everyone likes to go down memory lane and
exclaim, Those were the days!

The concept:

Everybody loves stories.

Everybody loves to hear stories and everyone
loves to narrate them!

Based on this insight, Geek has created a

campaign which will work all across digital and
invite a lot of conversa+on.

The campaign idea!

The campaign is called Once upon a Time.

This stems from the brand communica+on
revolving around memories.

The Once Upon A Time campaign will have a lot

of memories which are crowd-sourced from

We can invite a lot of responses from people to
share their stories and create art around

Everybody from teenagers to parents to dads to

working corporates, etc can be reached out

A lot of digital engagement can be made in

terms of crea+ng a montage of videos which
are collec+ons of these stories.

Here are some mood boards to give a sense of

the concept.

PS: This is not artwork. Its just a reference to bring out the

Once upon a time, there

Was no better book than
Tinkle Digest for us!

Once upon a time,

Jaspal Bhatti was our
only source of

Once upon a time,

train trips meant
buying Chacha Choudhary
books at the station.

Once upon a time, we

used pencils to sort out
cassette reels!

Once upon a time,

we used to run down
to the local shop with
1 rupee to make
a call.

Once upon a time,

We used to play
Laghori on the
streets and break
window panes of

Once upon a time,

we used to distribute
2 Ravalgaon sweets
in schools to
celebrate our

Once upon a time,

we used to pretend
to smoke by having
Phantom cigarettes.

The Once Upon A Time campaign can have a great scope

in the digital space simply because it is extendable,
invites people par+cipa+on and s+ll s+cks to the brand

Photo contest:

Photo contest:
A contest can be conducted on Facebook which takes you
on a trip down memory lane.

For this contest, we can ask people to share a childhood
picture of a nostalgic memory.

Eg: Once upon a +me, I used to play with marbles with all
the neighbouring kids in my locality (pic).


To create some engagement on the website, Geek came
up with a fun idea for the Paperboat website.

We will be running The Paperboat of Memories ac+vity
on the website.

One can hop onto a paperboat of memories by tagging
friends/ family with whom they have certain memories
along with a small picture of the person.

They can upload their friends picture and write out the

A paperboat with their faces will be put up on a
paperboat, which they will like, share and comment

Hundreds of such paperboats can be seen on the
homepage of the website, as mul+ple people can form
their own memory paperboats.

This will create a buzz and some engagement.

Oine ac+vity:

Oine ac+vity:
Paper boat can try and bring back the nostalgia of olden
+mes by having a drive-in movie night in the city.

People can come and park their cars in an open ground
and sit on the grass and watch movies on the big

Paper boat drinks can be served.

This will make people remember the good +mes.

Recrea+ng memories: Oine ac+vity

Paperboat can help you re live your memory.
People can send us their childhood memory and tell us
why they would want to re live it.
Eg: My favourite memory is a picture of my gradua+on
with my friends in Manipal.

Recrea+ng memories: Oine ac+vity

We will pick up 1 best memory and help them to re-live it
by taking them to that same place and taking a picture
for them.

Twi_er buzz:

Twi_er buzz:
On Twi_er, we can run hastags for a week where we give
them a word and ask people to send us a memory
related to that.

Eg: #CollegeDays:
We played pranks in the college labs and stuck Who dun
it notes on the beakers #CollegeDays!

Sharing a 2rupee Pepsi cola every day in the canteen


A fun game app can be created, where people can race a
paperboat down a river with a friend (2 player).

The diculty levels can get higher as more levels are

Make ur own drink- paperboat twist


Playing memory cards

Sweet like aam

Khad meethi imli

Gree+ng cards:
For a avourful occasion:
To my khad meethi imli

Gree+ng cards:

Art: splash


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