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Advantages and Disadvantages of ragging

Advantages1) Exploration:
Being in the first batch means being in a fresh institute, an institute which is in its
inception and probably hasn't made its rulebook yet! This gives much scope to
experiment and to try out newer things at the start; otherwise in an institute which has
callus philosophies it is very difficult to avoid the hierarchy or the hard-to-dodge rules.
2) Being the trend-setters:
It is likely that the novels ideas which are conceived and executed to a structure (for
student activities) by the first batch get an immortal place in the institute. There is no
looking around, and no predetermined notions are there to discourage a novel proposal.
As the institute and its pre-formed notion of execution of student activities is
established, it gets difficult to step in and modify the entire scenario if one wishes.
3) Value:
The unique (being the n-th batch is also unique, but u know what I mean) tag of being
the first batch always remains with you.
1) Lack of mentorship:
With no seniors around, the first batch is an on-its-own crew; there is very limited
guidance for academic pursuits. Moreover, the absence of seniors also gifts the first
batch with the problem of being blind, the first batch always faces greater problems (in
internships, placements, industry experience, preparation for higher studies, etc.) and
these problems are slowly surpassed down the order (to juniors) who face relatively
lesser problems for they have the time to shield beforehand.
2) lack of amenities/ being the guinea pigs:
The first batch is always the one which is experimented with! The institute which has a
set of optimized solutions tries multiple approaches on the batch and decides the
treatment on the subsequent batch based on the outcome from the first.
1. Spoils the environment of the college
2. Create gap between seniors and juniors
3. Increase the crime in campuses.
4. Extra work for police.
5. Spoils the mental level of juniors and some people commit suicide also.
6. Juniors cant concentrate on studies because they are living under fear.

If conducted in a friendly manner ragging can be a good way of interaction between seniors and juniors,
but there have been many instances of painful ragging and I students shudder at the thought of going to the
college on the first day
WHEN WE talk of our first day in college, besides other things that come to our mind, one of the most
common thing is ragging. The term ragging has different meanings for different people. Some consider it a
good way of communicating with the freshers while others may consider it humiliating or harassing.
Freshers and seniors both respond differently towards ragging.
Ragging is not bad. If done in a friendly atmosphere it can be a good way of interaction between seniors and
juniors. But some seniors forget that they too were once in the same situation and force the freshers to do
unnecessary things which not only spoils their day but also makes them feel humiliated. I had a bad experience

but I will make sure that it should not happen to my juniors. We will rather welcome our freshers and make them
feel comfortable and try to help them in every possible aspect.
For freshers going to the college means entering in a new world, making new friends. Freshers on the first day
are in a mixed stage, excited as well as nervous and so they respond differently. Some freshers face it boldly
while others shiver at the very thought of it. I have heard many instances of bad ragging and I am really scared
of going on the very first day to the college, says a fresher.

The college canteen and parks in the college are the most common places where ragging is done. The college
hostels, especially medical and engineering are the places where ragging is really scary.

Classroom ragging is most common these days in which case seniors go to the respective classrooms of the
freshers to rag the full batch. Parents too have different opinion on ragging. Some think that ragging should be
totally banned as it sometimes hurts the sentiments of the students and deflates their morale. They think that they
should not be given a shock on the very first day. While some parents believe that to some extent it is good as it
is a medium through which they can meet their seniors and understand them better. Seniors always guide their
juniors and help them out whenever they need their help. According to some people it has now became a
tradition but should be used as a means to welcome the juniors and make the atmosphere really friendly for
them. So it becomes easy for them to adjust in the new environment and with new friends.

Teachers and principals in the college do try to keep a track of all such activities. Various laws have been passed
in this regard. Police patrolling is being undertaken outside many colleges for a first few weeks to keep the
situation under control. Posters are displayed outside and inside various colleges and many anti-ragging
campaigns are being introduced this year.