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29th September, 2014

The brief:

To create a digital plan for Dunkin Donuts,
India, which covers Facebook, TwiDer,
Instagram and the website.

Geek has come up with a fun and engaging

campaign for Social Media.


Since the Dunkin Donuts Facebook page

currently needs more engagement and
interacIon, Geek has come up with a fun
campaign, which can be a cluDer- breaker!

The campaign is called:

Dunk the excuses! Just have one!

The thought behind the campaign is that people

are always nding excuses to have something

Dunkin Donut says that you dont need to have
an excuse to eat something so awesome!

The dunk comes from the name Dunkin

Donuts itself!

The campaign can have a series of creaIves

which show people giving excuses on why
they need to have the donuts, when suddenly,
somebody pops in a donut in his mouth and
says, Dunk the excuses! Just have one!

Campaign execuIon:
The execuIon will have a series of creaIve posts
which will be in a comiv book style, so that it
can look like a story.

The style will be illustraIon.

Campaign execuIon:
We can show a guy wiping tears with Issues and
sobbing over his break up, with his friends
bored and Ired of his ranIng and reason for
having a donut.

So, one guy suddenly makes him eat the donut.
The sobbing guy goes mmm and this is
followed by the line ,Dunk the excuses! Just
have one!

Campaign execuIon:
Another creaIve could be that of a teenage girl
going on and on about how she diets everyday
and how she counts calories and how she
needs a liDle treat someImes and one of
her friends just pops in a donut in her mouth
and says, Dunk the excuses, just have one!

Campaign execuIon:
All these creaIves can look like a page from a
comic book.

Many such creaIves can be created.

This will be a unique style of showcasing the
creaIves and will look really dierent.

Campaign execuIon:
At the end of the campaign, these 5-6 story-
book creaIves can be printed and kept on the
tables at the Dunkin Donuts outlets, for
people to ip though.

This will also lead to an oine- online sync and
some engagement.

Campaign execuIon:
On the last page of this comic book, we will put
in a creaIve asking people to send in their
stories and pictures on our page and we will
feature their story as well.

This will lead more people to our FB page as

We will be extending this campaign further, by

running a Mother of all excuses contest,
where we ask people what is the most craziest
excuse they have heard when it comes to
eaIng sweet!

The winner can get box of donuts free!

We will also be pu`ng up Typography posters

on Facebook which will be about funny

InformaIon campaign:

Apart from the creaIve campaign, we will also

be creaIng an informaIon campaign which
will cover all the brand info which our TG

This campaign will cover:

Product pictures
Ecomm site to order online
Food shots
All about Dunkin Donuts

This informaIon campaign will be designed

such, that it will have a consistent look and

A lot of contests and engagement can be
created around this.

We can also ask people to send us pics of their

favourite donuts and we can publish it on our
FB page with their name is a customized


On TwiDer, we can have a hashtag called

#DunkExcuses, where we ask people to share
the excuses they have heard when it comes to
nding a reason to have sweet.

We can also run a hashtag called #NoExcuses,

which can be a common hashtag, which could
start trending, as there are a lot of topical
news which can be used with this hashtag.

A contest called I<3DunkinDonuts can also be

run, where people have to tell us why they
love Dunkin Donuts so much.

The winner can get a free box of donuts.


An Instagram hashtag called #I<3DunkinDonuts

can be started.

A sele contest can be started on Instagram,

where we encourage people to take a sele at
the Dunkin Donut outlet.

We can also put up tent cards on tables and a
standee at the entrance, informing people
about the Instagram hashtag.

This will populate our image bank as well and

will be good UGC.


A lot of Youtube videos can be created a

creaIve content.

The creaIve posts for the campaign Dunk the

excuses, just have one! can be converted to
short, 30 second Youtube videos to create a

Eg: The guy with the break up, the girl on a diet,

We can also run a contest on Youtube where we

ask people to get together with their friends
and make Indias rst crowd sourced Youtube

Youngsters can get together with their friends
and click such situaIons with their cameras,
phones, etc.

All they have to do is upload these videos on

Youtube and we can select the best instances
and make a proper video out of it, with the
winning team as the cast.

This will make big news, as everyone will want

to be a part of this.

Some creaIves regarding this can be put up on
FB and TwiDer and some leaets can be
placed at the outlets.


The following can be featured in emailers:

- Campaign creaIves
- Contest promoIons
- Oers
- Outlet informaIo
- Like our FB page
- Website promoIon
- Ecomm promoIon

Brand Website:

Geek CreaIve has come up with an interesIng

concept for the brand website, which is an
extension of the Social Media campaign called
Dunk the excuses, just have one!

While on Social Media, we are showing how

people are coming up with excuses to have
sweet, and Dunkin Donuts are so good, that
no excuses are needed.

So we created a small twist to the campaign for

the website, to suit the e-comm bit.

Since the e-comm site will facilitate ordering
online, we tweaked the campaign Dunk the
excuses, just have one! to Dunk the excuses,
just order online!

We will be having a banner space on the

website where we will be pu`ng up ads
which show people talking of excuses for
ordering online, and Dunkin Donuts says
Dunk the excuses, just order online!

We will also have an Order now buDon on the

site. Upon clicking it, a pop- up asking for all
details will come up, followed by a payment


Apart from the campaign, the main menu and

the e-comm secIon, the website will also
have an engagement wall, where, upon
clicking, one can see all the current contests,
videos, Instagram pictures, etc will all be seen.

People can engage and interact in this secIon.