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11TH September, 2014

Geek presents a big campaign

idea for Allen Solly.

The Corporate Jungle Challenge

A reality show- by Allen Solly

This idea is based on the insight that all

corporates want their employees to dress
formally and look corporate so that the
clients can take them more seriously.

This is a common problem faced by most
large organizaAons in India.

Heres where Allen Solly ts in completely to

change this scenario.

The Corporate Jungle Challenge is a week-

long corporate reality show which could be
hosted by Allen Solly every year like Sunburn,
GoaFest, etc.

This event is covered online, as web episodes
on an exclusive Allen Solly channel.

The event is all about corporates from

dierent MNCs coming together under one
roof to parAcipate in various team building
challenges to emerge as the winning

The winning organizaAon gets a whopping
discount on Allen Solly products for a one
Ame use for the enAre oce!

So, bosses will be more than happy to send

parAcipants from their companies to take
part. Besides, they always have occasional
outdoor excursions which is very healthy for
team building.

This is a two- in- one reason for an
organizaAon to send in their team of

Every year, companies can pick 5 employees to

parAcipate in the Corporate Reality event
hosted by Allen Solly for a week.

Each corporate team is given a team- building
task which is a tough task, and requires a
parAcular skill set.

Eg: One task could be a physical endurance task, where one

has to go through an obstacle race (like the Tough Mudder)
as a team to win.

Another task could be a task which tests your invenAon
Eg: A team has to build a raZ from recycle materials given to
cross a river. The team that crosses the river rst in their
invented raZ wins the challenge.

A third task could be about coming up with a theme for a
fashion show.

Similar such challenges which are tough and require team
building and team spirit can be held, which leave the
parAcipant with a new experience and a lifelong memory.

There is an eliminaAon process, where, the
losing team goes home.

At the end of each task, there is a casual
dinner and drinks at night for networking
purposes and to relax aZer a hard days

One losing team goes home everyday.

People can track the audiAons online on the

Allen Solly channel and vote and encourage
their teams.

A panel of judges can be on board.
Eg: Cyrus Broacha, Ranvijay, etc.
This gives us publicity.

How do teams apply?

They can apply through the top fan app on
the Allen Solly Facebook page as an

The top 10 companies with maximum points
on the app get shortlisted for the event.

Why this will work:

Every young employee would love to parAcipate in this


Every boss would want to send their employees so they
learn to deal with each others strengths and weaknesses,
and also if they get discounts if they win, they would end
up dressing up in great formalwear to work, which is
otherwise a big task for them!

Who wouldnt want the thrill of carrying out the crazy
tasks as well as enjoy the best of the parAes in the night
for an enAre week along with networking and being
among the whos who!
There is a lot of fame factor, as the webcasts will be
viewed buy thousands!

People would love to watch the web episodes on

the Youtube channel live and vote for their
favourite team.

There will be a mixed set of teams from dierent
professional backgrounds- nance, medicine,
adverAsing, IT, etc and will become a professional
meeAng point.

At the end, on the last day, only 2 teams are leZ to

compete and the evening has a big party with an
internaAonal DJ, along with a fashion show by
Allen Solly to showcase their range at a beach,
followed by food and drinks for the winning party.

This would generate a lot of PR and content for
Social Media along with it being part of the
webcasts which would be viewed by thousands of

The promoAon for the Corporate event can be

done on the Allen Solly Facebook page, Twiaer
and LinkedIn sites.

A buzz can be created in the form of teasers and

info graphic videos to promote the corporate event.

Live streaming video links of the web episodes can
be shared on Facebook.

Twiaer contests can be run with the hashtag:


This concept is a beauAful blend of online and

oine communicaAon, where you have to promote
the brand on Social Media through the top fan app
rst, to qualify for the oine event, which is
telecast online in the form of web episodes.

It also makes for a brilliant case study and a feather
in the cap for Allen Solly in terms of the promoAon
of the brand.