with illustrations by Cosmo Wernicky

Don't you know humongous jackalopes roamed Pangaea, Yes, their fossils test our faith, my girlfriend, the restless feckless, In her rich aunt's necklace, she looks like an old ornamented manataea, Yes, & the jackalopes would have eaten that creature for breakfast.

Never on Sunday, she said, & wave your underpants in the wind Like the Union Jack--, about my girlfriend I'll wind a lengthy vignette. Winded from two too many hookah bowls last night, her voice sounds tinned As she complains about the President, but the history's not in yet.

Time, gentlemen, please, to ask to shake a nation, Long time, yes, & they missed the lost Zephyr train from Truckee to Sacramento, Time to wait, eat a veggie burrito, & time for self-flagellation, Yes, & if it comes, she'll be waiting by the tracks, now with several more babies to attend to.

Never on Sunday, I'm like a Remittance Man in a time of peace. I'm a spy in the vestibule of my girlfriend's filthy caresses. She left her locket unlocked in case you forgot your keys, As a favor, rung-in & sung, every night when she undresses.

In the midst of a crooked & preverted nation, Yes, even you, & my girlfriend, stand up, as lights of the world, The restless feckless, she's what's left after nature's creation Has been recalled, yes, & infidelity with angels, with all the right curves, & garlanded & laurelled.

Never on Sunday, she said, sleeping like salvation never does, The perfect day for mimosas & whores cloistered in pavilions, My girlfriend is like a rainbow after the gay bar closes, My girlfriend is like a lost lottery ticket worth millions.

Time, gentlemen, please, papers scattered from here to Samoa, Curse the fin de siecle for its redundancy, Repeat yourself & remember yourself & mispronounce tomatoa, Yes, not once ask a nation for clemency, deeper than naivety but still not fancy.

Never on Sunday, I'm like a Remittance Man in the Pacific Theater, After the terrific belligerents have gone home. Bear witness Of that light, specific that light what shines on my girlfriend's dumpster-diving career, Bear witness that this aperitif has undertones of mermaid foam--, but is otherwise hit or miss.

Don't you know the Colorado Locusts will return, Yes, and then our farm subsidies will be dwarfed by my girlfriend's climax. Lay up nearer, brother, ask nicely or she'll never learn, Or about the humongous ancient mammals, yes, we're all vulnerable to mothership attacks.

Never on Sunday, she said, but who finds time to read the moon's latest runes? Colonel Qaddafi can pitch his tent in my girlfriend's studio apartment, Every enabler by his own standard, & Sunday Morning Cartoons, Every conservative by his own camp, & never a camp misspent.

Time, gentlemen, please, finish your pints & find your graves, My girlfriend, yes, her vocoder thru a groundhog tin-can hogphone, Can't stomach another four years if the President misbehaves, Yes, & echo back, in a tin room, like dating your own clone.

Never on Sunday, I'm like a Remittance Man up a Jackalope's colon, But you will repeat me, you will remember me? Never on Sunday, she said, well, what are we allowed to do for fun? Manuia, gentleman-- remember me when the seagulls get seasick & declare victory.

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