My Final Fire Pro MOR Journal Month 1-7

Note : I write this up newest to oldest.

Month 7
Following wrestlers are off to other feds this month Ricky Fuji - Smackdown Hayabusa - MPrO WING - CMLL Booker T wants to work for me this month. Always welcome a really big american star to my fed is my policy. I went and got my wrestlers a refresh room and a ring doctor. Hope it helps them. Just signed the Great Muta.Will see where this heads the promotion. Somehow I lost Goldberg to Dragon's Gate. Not sure how. Darn this game for being in a different language! Venue : Medium Small Venue Ad : Newspaper Singh beat Kuroda with a forearm smash (80%) Ganno beat Goeman with a powerslam (73%) Vader beat Muta with Half Prawn Hold (74%) Onita beat Booker T with the thunder fire bomb (79%) NEW CHAMPION!! Fuyuki beat Mr.Pogo with the big body bomb (57%) Attendance : 11021/10000 Overall : 72% Money : $12924

Month 6
Bam Bam Bigelow has asked to do a show with us. Am I gonna say no? Of Course not. Also I paid 833 dollars to get Stan Hansen to show up and take on Vader for ONE NIGHT ONLY! Venue : Small Medium Venue Advertising : Newspapers

Fuyuki beat Ricky Fuji with a headbutt (63%) Title Defended! Pogo beat W*ING Kanemura after stabbing him (78%) Bigelow beat Goldberg with the Asbury Park Driver (82%) Vader beat Hansen with a clothesline (58%) Hayabusa beat Onita with a Phoenix Splash (90%) Final Talley Info Attendance : 11020/10000 Overall : 74% Money : $14502 Notes : Pogo is a solid champion. Which is what I need. And I'm so happy I almost doubled what I already had in cash. Hansen and Vader let me down so I may consider Hansen down the road but not too soon now. Goldberg did me proud this show. Onita and Haya didnt disapoint me at all. They pulled it out to have the match of the night.

Month 5
Well first off I got my fed a Local Town show to build up sales around the area. Also going to start selling T-shirts in the game to see if that drives a decent amount of money my way. Info on where I'm booking Medium Small Hall and I'm gonna run TV Commericals and hope for the best. This puts me at around 2000 dollars left which is cutting close to negative to me. Hayabusa beat GOEMON with Ultra Huricanrana (83%) Fuyuki beat Kuroda with the Big Body Bomb (75%) Vader beat Goldberg with Vader Hammers (48%) Singh beat Onita with a forearm smash (74%) Title Defended! Pogo beat Fuji with a half prawn hold (69%) Attendance : 11048/10000 Overall : 69% I have $8825 Note : Show overall was crap. My booking wasn't that great. But I think with the T-shirt sells and decent venue and selling out got me into the positive instead of the negative of the previous month.

Month 4
I chose to try my chances and got with a large hall and go with TV Advertising. Well apparently feds like my guys. Hayabusa is gonna work a month at Michinoku Pro and it gives me 361 dollars. So why should I say no. New Signs!! Mr.Pogo has come to FMW and somehow I'm not even sure how this happened. Mr.Bill Goldberg is now FMW!! Goldberg beat Ricky Fuji with the spear (83%) Kuroda beat Ganno with a small package (70%) Singh beat GOEMAN with a pinfall (74%) Vader beat WING with a power slam (72%) New Champion! Pogo beat Onita with a half prawn hold (92%) Final info Seating 14076/30000 78% I’m left with 6127 dollars

Just some side notes
Well me doing a large hall was a failure and caused me to lose half of my money. So I will go back to small or medium venues from now on. The FMW Title doesn't stay with anybody at all. I'm tempted to give it to somebody who is really strong. However if I do that I may never get another person to touch the title. So people like Goldberg and Khali would be bad choices for holding the belt. I keep trying to get Stan Hansen cause I want Hansen and Vader to fight. But as luck would have it Hansen wants no part in FMW. So me not too pleased. New Show will be up in the near future.

Month 3
CMLL wants to use Mr.Ganno this month for 280 bucks. Well every bit helps and I will accept this offer. Also in fun news Rick Steiner, Shane Mcmahon, and Mike Awesome want to work with our company this month. This shall be a fun month for me. New Sign : Giant Singh (Great Khali) Being the talent from the US is heavy this month I am aiming for a Medium Hall and Tv Commercials and see if it takes me anywhere.

Fuyuki beat Ohya with the lariat (70%) Singh beat Rick Steiner with a body slam (80%) Mike Awesome beat Vader with the Jumping Bomb (53%) Hayabusa beat Shane Mcmahon with a standing moonsault (80%) NEW CHAMPION!! Onita beat W*ING with the Thunder Fire Powerbomb (74%) Final info Seating 11090/10000 (Good I picked Medium Hall) 71% I’m left with 11129 dollars

Month 2
Interesting Notes: Don Fuji from Dragon's Gate wants to work for us this month!! I took the offer and will put him against one of the best of FMW. I am aiming to be a regular at the Small Hall and hoping we had a good impression. So we will see. Venue : Japan/Small : S.Hall Advertising : Newspaper Ads Kudo Fuyaki beat GOEMAN with a Northern Lights Suplex(82%) Mr.Gannosuke beat Ricky Fuji with a NLS (80%) Vader beat Onita with a Reverse Splash (Vader Bomb) (56%) Hayabusa beat Don Fujii with a standing moonsault (66%) NEW CHAMPION!! W*ING Kanemura beat Ohya with a small package (72%) Final info Seating 3932/3500 (up by a few) 71% Im left with 6499 dollars Note: I think cause I advertised less and fans still want to come see us that it put at a positive number. So I may stick with this formula.

Month 1
STARTING STATS MP 7000 FMW Champion : Kudo Fuyuki New Signs : Big Van Vader First Show!!!

Venue : Japan/Small : Small .Hall Advertising : TV Commercials GOEMAN beat Fuji with the Kidou Hold (75%) Hayabusa beat Kuroda by pinfall (83%) Gannosuke beat W*ING Kanemura with a german suplex(76%) Atsushi Onita beat Big Van Vader by countout at(89%) NEW CHAMPION!! Hisakatsu Ohya beat Kudo Fuyaki with Wakigatame(89%) Final info Seating 3927/3500 82% I have 4937 money left

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