To See Phone Caller

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Telephone conversations will ij be more interesting — or embarsi assing — in the future, according ci o information released 'in Los m Angeles Wednesday. ci A new picture-phone, still in ex)erimental stages, was introduced ti and described by Bell Telephone fo laboratories scientists at a joint q meeting of the Institute of Radio Engineers and the West Coast Slectronic Manufacturers' association. The innovation, which is not yet smoothed for commercial use marks the appearance of the M much joked about, long awaited m televised telephone conversation. ti But there needs be little fear o about those "I-was-in-the-bathtub1 conversations. in According to the s c i e n t i s t s w switches on the phone enable con li versations to be conducted with t out pictures. Double insurance a against ultra-embarrassing inci y dents is that the televiewer shows a f only the head and shoulders o S r. the. talkers. o The phone is the first of it. t kind to use a pair of ordinar; b telephone wire. Only one othe line, consisting of a pair of wire like the regular phone line, wouli W need to be installed to carry th WHO'S CALLING will be no secret, with help of Picture-Phone k., picture. demonstrated at electronics convention by Bell Telephone Labe- If the switch on the pictur d equipment, which has two de oratories. Man using phone sees caller on picture tube, and is photographed himself by TV lens just above it. a signs, is turned on at both ends o g y. the line, it will be possible for he caller's picture to be dialed lik and uses high frequencies, which corporates the camera into the f c- an ordinary telephone call. Th require coaxial cable and micro- same unit as the screen. After w d. picture, which appears in blac wave radio ralay systems, giving further development, equipment e w ne and white, can also be turned o an extremely detailed picture on will be more compact, officials c aft during a conversation. said. ar- Experimental pictures are from a large screen. The picture-phone sends a small- Although the equipment will be IxlVfe inches to 2x3 inches an ust i are viewed from one to two fee er and less detailed shot every available to every telephone owntwo seconds and can be sent over er, cost may be the stumbling ne away. . block to its installation. As yet, In addition to not showing fu standard telephone channels. One of the experimental phones nothing definite has been deterng body length, the picture varie uses a miniature TV camera minded in this line. Price awaits ge from television in this way: TV sends 30 pictures a secon mounted on a desk. Another in- further experimenting.

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