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The study of astrology is a study of life, or rather, its dynamic

structure. It is a look into the patterns of life and the cyclical but ever
changing nature of the universe, a sea of eternal movement, and our
birth chart is just a snapshot taken of a single moment in this infinite
ebb and flow. The birth chart encapsulates and crystallises the
essence of the moment and the place we are born, and so describes
us as we are in relation to the universe spatially and temporally. We
do not arrive as completely blank slates; we come with physical,
emotional and mental qualities that we learn to express or repress
within the framework of our environmental experiences. We become
living embodiments of the universe as it existed at the time and place
we entered it. As Jung said, what is born of this moment has the
qualities of this moment, and there is never another moment exactly
like this one.
Yet even though the birth chart is a depiction of a
multidimensional field of continuously shifting patterns, it is still
only a static, two-dimensional form, and is limited by this form, most
especially in showing the influence of time, the temporal sphere, and
the emergence of the pattern we are born with into the future. We are
not frozen in time and space, we move through it in an eternal now,
experiencing the ever changing flow moving through us, but the birth
chart only shows us the frozen moment of the beginning of all the
cycles, the filters through which the flow of events will always
move. This results in astrologers telling people what their chart
means and the static fixing of identities with simplistic catchphrases
like I am a Scorpio'.
The 26 keys attempt to address this deficiency. They align us with
astrological influences in the temporal flow and enable us to
synthesise them as they occur, using the personalised matrix we
inherit at birth. In application, the keys have the effect of focusing
our attention on specific areas of life at specific times, gradually
harmonising us with our astrology in a natural progression that is
assisted by the universe. They teach us to see our lives not as a
random series of events but as a nexus through which interlocking
cycles are continually playing out. Perceiving these cycles opens us
to an awareness of ourselves as being part of a larger and more
contextualised whole it lends fluidity to our notion of self identity

and gives meaning to life by revealing its shape through time. By

orientating ourselves in the horoscope through time, we can learn to
more fully interact with the universe directly, and astrology comes to
life. Perhaps most importantly, in a world where astrology is largely
practised through written reports by remote experts, the techniques
supplied for working with the 26 keys put you back in the centre of
everything, they take the astrologer out of the central role of
analysing what the birth chart means and making predictions from it
and place this responsibility in your hands. The interpretation of
your birth chart by an astrologer can then be used as a guide through
which you can make your own connections with the planetary
principles directly, and learn from them what they mean in your life.
Astrologers have always used planetary cycles and the
relationships these have to our original astrological character to make
forecasts and predictions. The main techniques western astrologers
use are called transits and progressions. The keys utilise these
techniques but go beyond them through means of an experiential
system of interaction with them. The 26 keys can be used to make
predictions, although the picture they will reveal will be far from
complete, because they are not primarily intended as an oracular
tool. When used purely as an oracular tool, they will show only a
number of major events, not all of them, and you will experience
difficulty in correctly interpreting astrological symbols into specific
details. However given the interest in this area most people naturally
have, I describe in the following pages a workable method of using
the 26 keys as a simple and basic oracular tool, through which
accurate but general forecasts of future trends can easily be made.
The main focus of the instructions which follow, however, will focus
on using the 26 keys to synthesise with astrological influences. This
is a practise which gradually transforms the various levels of being
through contact with planetary principles.
To create the keys you will need a copy of your birth chart and an
ephemeris which preferably covers 85 years of your life or more.
This ephemeris must include Chiron and the Moon's nodes, as must
the copy of your birth chart. These can both be obtained by free
online services, but I recommend you obtain printed copies of them
(which likely means paying for an ephemeris or two, since one may
not cover the time you need). I recommend you use a midnight
ephemeris (with GMT positions for midnight), as this will make your
calculations easier. If you are creating the keys without a word
processor you should also have a medium to large size notebook in
which you will write down the keys and about half a dozen or more

different coloured pens (although this is not necessary, it will help

with visual identification when you are working with the keys). Once
you have these you can go on to begin creating the first keys and are
only a short time from being able to begin with the most basic
Before learning about the creation of the keys it will be helpful to
have some familiarity with the concepts and terms which are behind
them, most of which are astrological in basis but some of which are
not, so before you learn about the keys some information will be
given about the various parts that they consist of. In Understanding
the 26 keys' you will learn about the basic principles and terms used
throughout your experience with the keys, in both building them and
interacting with them (called turning the keys'). A description,
definition and breaking down of each of these words and phrases will
be given so that we have a language with which we can discuss the
ideas simply. In addition, to help you read your chart I have provided
a glossary of the astrological symbols we will use at the back of this
In the chapters ahead I will take you through the creation of each
tool you will use in an order which builds naturally. Later, each key
has a description of its essential meaning, suggestions for use and in
some cases an example. As an illustration I will provide a step by
step creation of all 26 keys for the chart of Paramahansa Yogananda,
the beloved teacher who brought the philosophy of India to the west,
whom I will hereafter refer to as Babaji out of love for both him and
my fingers.
The first key you will learn to construct is really just a basis from
which the remaining keys are most easily created. It is called the
master key, is the simplest key to create and will make your work
constructing the 26 keys much easier. The master key is also useful
to have if you do not decide to create the keys yourself (for example,
if you decide to have an astrologer calculate the keys for you) as it
will be needed in the creation of Magnetic conductors in step 5
(which you could also ask an astrologer for help with on a regular
basis, thus dispensing with the need for the master key).
After the master key, which will take very little time to create, you
will use it to make the next tool, the Solar map, which is a conductor
- a component which allows you to turn the keys - but it can also be
turned by itself and thus gets you going as quickly as possible. It is
very simple to create and will allow you to immediately begin with
the most basic practical work in exploring the magic of the astral
Light. It is advised that you do not wait to construct any of the keys

before you begin working with the Solar map as it is the core around
which much of the other work you do will be built around, so the
sooner you begin work with it the better. The technique you learn
here is a fundamental technique that will be used throughout your
life with astrology as a practice. It is the heart-star. I will show you
how to apply this technique in two different ways, one which
generates an astra-mental effect (one you can mentally and
emotionally sense), the other an astra-physical effect (one you can
physically feel). It may take some time before you are consciously
aware of these effects, however.
You will then learn how to create the two Light keys, and
depending on you this may require some time to grasp or it may be
immediately apparent. If it confuses you, dont despair! I will try to
simplify it as much as possible and ultimately you do not have to do
all or even any of the legwork yourself, there are other options.
Following the construction of the Light keys, you will learn about
two more types of conduction for turning the keys (each of which is
a simple adaptation of the technique you have already learned but
which brings about a different result), providing you with a total of 3
types of conduction and 2 ways to employ each of them, and these
methods will again be used throughout the 26 keys they are the
same methods used in turning any of the keys. If it is possible given
your current astrology, immediate practise at this level will then
begin using the Light keys.
Having learned how to create the Solar map and the two Light
keys and to turn them in a multitude of ways you will then discover
how to create the remaining keys, using the methods you have
learned in creating the Light keys. I will show you how to create
them all at once using the master key, saving a great deal of time.
You will then be able to turn all these keys with the conduction
methods taught to you, opening up a vast realm of possibilities, at
least one of which you are very likely to be able to begin working
with immediately. Some final advice concerning the keys and signs
will then be given which you can apply to the practice
All 26 keys will then be presented and described in the groups
they belong to: Temple keys', Light keys' Inner world keys',
Mediator keys' or Outer world keys', followed by 3 more keys, one
which relates to the mediators and outer worlds, and two which
relate to the Lights, each of which have important functions but
which do not truly belong to any of these categories. If you wish to
go in blind and make your own discoveries about astrology without
any preconceptions, ignore this entire section. You could also read

the relevant parts of this section as you come to experience them

yourself in the practical work, using it as a kind of hitch hikers guide.
This is the bulk of the book. It is a sharing of what I have learned
from my own experience. The techniques and suggestion given for
each key are only a starter kit, a tiny selection of the vast possibilities
that can be discovered with a little sprinkling of your own
Following the description of all the keys, in the third and final part
of the book I present some advanced material, discussing
possibilities for anyone wishing to take the work further, including
turning the keys with other methods, exploring them systematically
rather than engaging them as they become active by the natural flow
of time, involving stars in the turning of the keys and building and
working with other keys. This section contains a description of the
new solar system and the meaning of the objects which we have only
discovered in the last decade or so, and the remainder of the
instructions which complete the practice of the astral Light by
allowing you to interact with any and all kinds of astrological
influence, rather than the synthetic ones this book focuses on. This
gives you a complete system of practical astrology.
In creating the keys by the method I describe you will not gain the
same degree of accuracy in locating astrological effects as you would
by the services of a professional astrologer with a computer
programme that compiles the information quickly and nearly
flawlessly, but as you will see you do not need such a high degree of
technical accuracy in practical work with the keys because you are
working within a window of time that will capture it wherever it lies.
You only need to know the general time in which these effects are
active, not an exact one, and by creating the keys yourself you will
gain the benefit of perceiving a mathematical expression of the
patterns you will be working with. However, the help and services of
an astrologer can be extremely valuable and time saving in creating
the keys, especially the advanced work of step 8, which could take
many moons to finish by hand. So that people have the option of
beginning the work straight away without spending a considerable
amount of time creating the keys, I offer the reader the chance to
obtain an inexpensive computer generated report which contains all
the information they will need to begin as quickly as possible.
Instructions for ordering this report are found at the back of the book.
I have also listed the options that an astrologer must select to create
the keys using their own astrological software, so that any astrologer
can quickly and simply generate such a report.

Paramahansa Yogananda
Jan 5 1893 NS, Thu 8:38 pm LMT -5:33:28
Gorakhpur, India 26N45' 083E22'
Geocentric, Tropical, Placidus, True Node







25 35'49''


10 02


15 34'23''


08 59


23 17


08 11


17 06


03 37


05 40

N. Node

05 03


16 13

S. Node

05 03


12 35




28 52

28 52

25 10

25 10

25 07

25 07

27 13


27 13

29 12


29 12

29 52


29 52




A key is a list of astrological influences arranged in chronological
order from the day of your birth that relate to a specific area of life.
Each key relates to a different area or dimension of human
experience, but every key will overlap with at least one other and
share some qualities with other keys. A key will therefore have an
essential function which is entirely its own and universal for
everyone, and one or more other functions which it shares with other
keys and are yours alone. The essential function of a key will be the
same for each and every individual, but the personalised functions
will vary widely. Each of the astrological influences given in the key
will apply to and be useful for all its functions. So, for example, the
essential function of your Mars key will be the same for everyone,
being about what Mars does, but the other functions will be about
what he does for you, and the influences in the Mars key will involve
both being blended together.
Each key contains a list of influences. Most keys have around
twenty such influences stretched out from birth to a recommended
minimum of 85 years (or however long you decide the keys will
cover I use 100 years of life in my general practice). Once the
advanced material from the last section is added the Moon key has
by far the most entries, but these entries can be split into several
blocks which make it easier to read. Each of the influences in a key
is written on a single line with the date upon which it is centred and
(if desired, and it will be helpful) your age at that time.
The long list of these entries resembles the shape of a key with
many teeth of differing lengths for turning in the keys lock, its areas
of life, on in other words for interacting with its primary and
secondary functions. Some entries are longer because of multiple
activations occurring as you may remember from the theory
section, planets sometimes slow down or reverse their secondary
motion, and can hover in the zodiac for long periods this is
retrograde motion. These longer teeth of each key [shown in
bracketed italics, but usually visually indicated by me through a red
highlight] are indicative of more intense and involved activations.
They are considered ideal for synthesis work because of their longer
span of influence allowing more frequent turnings of the key and
wider windows of opportunity with which to interact with it.
Here is Babaji's key of memory, a key which in its primary
function relates to his ability and opportunity to transform the
influence of his own past:



Uranus: 28 Dec 1896 [13 May 1897, 16 Oct 1897]

Saturn: 1 Jan 1897 [21 May 1897, 30 Sep 1897]
Chiron: 20 Jan 1898 [3 May 1898, 4 Oct 1898]
Jupiter: 12 Dec 1899
Jupiter: 27 Nov 1911
Jupiter: 12 Nov 1923
Saturn: 9 Nov 1926
Jupiter: 27 Oct 1935
Jupiter: 27 Feb 1947 [29 Mar 1947, 10 Oct 1947]
Chiron: 7 Nov 1948
Saturn: 16 Dec 1955 [23 Jun 1956, 5 Sep 1956]
Jupiter: 20 Jan 1959 [18 May 1959, 19 Sep 1959]
Neptune: 14 Dec 1968 [23 May 1969, 18 Oct 1969]
Jupiter: 30 Dec 1970 [4 Jul 1971, 14 Aug 1971]
Uranus: 10 Dec 1980 [10 Jun 1981, 26 Sep 1981]
Jupiter: 12 Dec 1982
Saturn: 2 Feb 1985 [10 Apr 1985, 24 Oct 1985]


In the example given in this book I will be using a span of 100

years for Babaji's life, even though he did not live beyond 60,
because it will be useful for illustrative purposes in some of the keys,
such as the Uranus key.
There are 17 influences in this particular key, which we will call
activations. In the 26 keys, I use the term activation to signify a
stimulus and an opportunity to connect and interact with the area
being activated. Every activation is provided by a planet, referred to
as an activator, reaching a critical degree of the zodiac a key.
Each key lists a sequence of these activations beginning with the
earliest and ending with the latest in life. Activation is simply a
moment when the flow of the universe is moving in a certain
direction through us. Simply put, an activation is one of the dates in
the key, during which a specific essential meaning will be presented
to you to synthesise into your life. The activations in each key
proceed in chronological sequence from the top to the bottom, and so
progress along it in life can be marked with a next activation'
marker which moves down the list as you grow older. Some people
find this disturbing, like watching sand run through the hourglass of
your life, but this is part of what the keys gift us with, an awareness
that we must seize the moment.
The 26 keys are made from the activations throughout life of the
most sensitive degrees in a birth chart, the degrees inhabited by
Lights, planets and temple (house) cusps. The activations of these
degrees are provided by a number of factors, mostly the continuously
moving current positions (transits) of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,
Neptune, Pluto, and the planetoid Chiron the activators. The

activations of these 26 most sensitive points are made by these 6

bodies, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron, as they
conjunct (reach the same degree of the zodiac as) one of these 26
most sensitive points. Simply put, the 26 keys are like a clock with
26 positions around the face (keys) and 6 major moving hands
(activators) with a few other smaller hands and some dials
(conductors and other optional components added in the advanced
work) all moving at different speeds, and sometimes even going
backwards. When any of the hands or dials reach a point on the clock
face, a synthesis occurs from the activation of that point by the
nature of the hand or dial pointing to it. A click can be heard
coming from within the mechanism of the clock as two things lock
together. Often, due to the many numbers of hands and points on the
clock, several clicks occur alongside each other to form a constant
shifting whir, a synthesis of many different astrological effects.
And sometimes, everything goes quiet, but things are continuously
ticking on. It is the shape of your birth chart which determines these
rhythms it is inside the mechanics of the clock, co-ordinating it all.
Each of the 26 sensitive points or keys the hours of the day' on
our clock face - has a different character, a different focus of
meaning, and each of the activators the dozen or so hands which
point to the time - also has its own quality, which is what it uses to
activate the sensitive point when it reaches it. In fact, each of the
activators (our clock hands) also has a key named after it (an hour on
the clock) through which it can also be interacted with, and which it
is often also able to activate. So, Jupiter has a key, and it may be
activated by the hand of Jupiter, as well as by the hands of Saturn
and Pluto and the other activators. All the activations of the 26 points
by the activating planets are cyclic, the shortest complete orbital
period of all points being Jupiter's of about 12 years. In other words
it will take the hand on the clock face that is given to Jupiter about
12 years to go all the way around once. All of these activations are
also synthetic. They are activations in which astrological influences
can be synthesised into the various aspects of life and being, points at
which we can unite with planetary principles at different levels.
Every click' relates to unity, fusion and the onset of major cycles of
consciousness and astral awareness, to becoming personally and
individually aware of life and to integrating things into this
We already recognise such cyclic activations in the form of the
birthday, the time when the Sun returns to the same place it was
when we were born; the hand of the Sun is then pointing at the clock

position of the Sun. On this day, attention centres and focuses itself
on us and there is a bright illumination of our life and its importance
to those who socially encircle it as a cycle ends and a new one
begins. Our conscious awareness (Sun) synthesises another year of
physical existence. We add another digit to a tally. In the same way,
the times when any of the activators reaches one of these sensitive
points signify stimulation in a certain way, a signpost within a cycle
in which something is synthesised. These activations, however, are
part of much larger cycles than a year, ones which do not occur with
the frequency of a birthday (the shortest as stated is Jupiter's of 12
years) and so frequently we do not recognise them easily because we
do not draw the connections that reveal an overarching scheme.
The 26 keys clearly show this scheme, by revealing the initiating
points of all the major cycles the activations show the beginning
and thus the end of all the major natural cycles of life we encounter
in a span of human life, plus a few more. Each key clearly reveals all
the activations made in sequence, so by comparing life events with
times on the keys, you can track the development of these cycles in
your past as well as your future. You can see, for example, all the
activations Jupiter makes to the Sun key, 12 year intervals when vital
energies are boosted and you have an opportunity to unite more
consciously with Jupiter's principle, to fuse it to your consciousness
with the techniques I will describe for turning the keys. You can
begin to draw connections through time around these activations and
begin to perceive the astrological web that connects experience
through time and space. For example, you may note a pattern in
which Jupiter presents you with meaningful relationships that change
the way you look at yourself. Recognising these patterns is extremely
valuable and visually the keys enable such recognition quickly.
But the keys and activators show more than just when an
activation occurs and where its focus in life lies, they also show what
type of activation is occurring, what kind of patterns are being
brought to bear upon the key, and thus what is actually happening.
They show what, when and where: the why is up to you. The
activators used in the key are the answer to the 'what' part of this
information so their principles are important. It is the principle of the
activator (the hand of the clock) that acts upon the key (the position
on the clock face), not the other way around. The six main activators
have the following principles which must be remembered and
applied in each key (more will be said on these planets in the
description of their keys and you will learn the most directly from
them, this is your primer):

Principles of Activating Planets

Jupiter: principle of commonality, benevolence, learning from

success or squandrance, enrichment, spiritual knowledge, expansion,
abundance, enlargement, the unstoppable growth of the natural order
and faith that life will deliver the needed goods, even if they are not what
we want. Activations by Jupiter will typically increase the quantity of
supply, forcing the need for restraint and the avoidance of waste. They
make things larger, more broad and inclusive, open doors to new
opportunities, attune us to future possibilities and can indicate problems
with overextension, indulgence and saturation. Jupiter activations serve
to broaden our experience and increase the flow of meaning in the key
being activated, but they can quickly grow beyond control due to rapid
scaling. They indicate lessons in moderation, being humble and
receptivity to abundance. It is the source of all needful things. The
periodicity or cycle of these activations is about 12 years.
Saturn: principle of the crystallisation of form through the natural
order, maturity, mastery of time and reality, contraction, learning from
failure, limitation and effort. Activations by Saturn will typically decrease
the quantity of supply, forcing greater resourcefulness. They make
things more compacted, delayed, tighter, harder, heavier, more serious
and enduring, and can indicate problems with repression, fear, need
and the effect of age and time. These activations concentrate and slow
down the flow of meaning they serve to restructure our approach and
conserve resources in the key being activated and if we lack grounding
in realities they make these more obvious and obstructive. They are
significantly constructive when we have been working at long term goals
and do not require grounding in reality, or when we have achieved a
degree of responsible maturity. Saturn matures with age like vintage
wine, but he can grow bitterly cold and mean with it too. His activations
indicate lessons in rigidity, failure, realisation and maturity. We grow up.
The periodicity of Saturn activations is about 30 years.
Uranus: principle of individuation, individual freedom, the
collective human mind, magical sciences, awakening to the new and
rapid revolutionary change. Activations by Uranus cause sudden, often
unexpected upheaval; they shake things up, disrupt, speed things
along, revolutionize or shock us out of complacency and stimulate
greater freedom of expression. Flexibility and an open mind are key to
navigating Uranian activations. They serve to break down old patterns
so that new ones can suddenly emerge, and teach us about the
relationship between individual freedom and collective responsibility.
They indicate lessons in liberty and self determination (choice and free
will) and the awakening into an awareness of our collective destiny as a
species. The periodicity of Uranus is about 84 years, which places it at
the outer limits of a human lifetime, so this is the last planet to make at
least one activation of all 26 keys; Neptune and Pluto will not activate
every key. However, the centaur Chiron will.


Neptune: principle of dissolution, refinement, unity, spirits,

imagination, the hierarchy of parallell realities and the universal
collective mind. Activations by Neptune are subtle and can be difficult to
perceive, they stimulate idealism and empathy, and serve to refine
things by blurring distinctions and boundaries, but they can undermine
and dissolve substance. The fringes of things can become frayed
leading to a revelation of alternate possibilities as astra-mental
boundaries become indistinct. They can coincide with psychic
experiences, spirit contact, confusion, delusion, 'madness' (completely
or partially losing touch with Saturnine reality), visionary capacity and
the development of these states through a slow refinement, through
meditation or mystical encounters with the All that Is. To gain the most
from these contacts we must have a solid grounding in the Saturn
principle. They indicate lessons in discernment and the broadening of
the collective human consciousness to encompass all other things the
universal oneness. If there are illusory or over idealistic attitudes
Neptune can be hard, but only if we resist facing up to reality, otherwise,
it opens our eyes. Neptune has a periodicity of about 164 years, which
further makes its cycles difficult to fathom.
Pluto: principle of infinite depth, rebirth, transformation and
renewal, the initiator of the human underworld and the harbinger of new
worlds. Pluto activations uproot any hidden matters and bring them to
the surface, and can be emotionally compelling and lead to a greater
obsessiveness in the matters of the key. They are often intense, major
life events which lead to a complete change in the concerned area of
life. Pluto represents upheaval, much like Uranus, but with a stronger
emotive power which can lead to power struggles, or efforts to maintain
control or suppression. These activations serve to put us in touch with
ourselves on ever deeper levels and they consign old forms to the fires
so that we can experience regeneration. On a gross level they indicate
lessons in power and manipulation, are frequently of a sexual quality,
and often hidden from our awareness because they are transcendent. In
the birth of the collective these activations spew up the darker content of
the human story so that it can be cleared out, purged, but this
continually confronts us with our own collective destructiveness
because it is a deep root of so many of our problems as a species. A
clear awareness of Pluto at the collective level brings about an end to
the fear of oblivion at both the individual and collective levels through a
responsible use of the power of life and death and greater contact with
the Akasha. Pluto has a periodicity of about 248 years, and is therefore
dealing with cycles that are outside of the scope of a human lifetime, but
which carry a power relative to their rarity, i.e. because these activations
are so infrequent, they signify extremely powerful influences which often
completely change things for the key concerned.
Chiron: the principle of holism, the suffering of dis-integration,
healing, repair, the mending of disparate polarities and restoration.
Activations by Chiron are often initially painful, because they bring to our
awareness any woundedness in the area of life being stimulated, often
so that healing or a teaching can take place. Even a little pain can make
us greatly receptive to learning, so that we avoid it in the future, and this
is often all Chiron needs, but at times Chiron can bring intensely acute


pain for complex reasons, whether it is physical, astral or mental, and it

is a simple fact of physical existence that everything is breakable when
worn down with use and that life sometimes hurts, prodding us to fix
things. These activations result in both wounding and healing, in events
that lead to irreversible changes (burnt bridges) or reconciliation. They
can also bring information relevant to the healing of human nature and
society. They serve us by bringing lessons in holism, the art of being
whole, and also the knitting together of the disparate ideologies of the
human collective. They are important activations for all healers and any
work on healing the self, the planet or the collective, especially with
regard to our relationship to nature. In my personal experience they
seem to be accruing a deeper significance in animal healing, probably
because the animal realm has been made a victim of so much suffering
by human beings, and because Chiron is a nature spirit. Astrologically,
Chiron is the leader of a group called the centaurs (for an explanation
see his key and the advanced material) orbiting between Saturn and
Uranus and has a periodicity of about 51 years, and therefore will
activate all keys once in a normal lifespan.

Do not worry much initially about remembering these words in

your work with turning the keys you will directly interface with and
experience each of these planets many times, allowing you to build
your own experiential understanding of their effects and to compare
them with these guidelines. Be forewarned, however: they are all
deeply transformative! Some preparation is probably wise, hence this
simple guide to their nature.
So, referring back to Babaji's key, we see that in November of
1926 there is an activation by Saturn, and since this is the key of
memory, the focusing influence of Saturn will be acting in that area
of his life, as described in the key. What it essentially means is that
sometime around late 1926 a window of opportunity opens around
him in which he can mature, grow up, master reality (Saturn), and
that it opens up in a way related to the key of memory, in essence his
ability to learn from the past (among other things). Furthermore,
such an opportunity will not arise again for another 30 years it's a
significant event. We dont know exactly what it is, but perhaps if we
were Babaji living just before that time, events would already be
emerging that seem to be taking this essential shape, such as an
elderly person who takes an interest in his spiritual life, but we dont
need to know the specifics because the task is to discover and
explore them while synthesising the essence of the meaning being
communicated to us.
Even though each of the 26 keys has a specific nature and effect
described in their sections of this book, they can also be grouped into
two kinds. Twelve of the keys, called the temple keys, are indicative
of broad phases of focus and experience, basically of general, long

term internal and external effects which may in cases last several
years but with triggering events at the beginning during the
activation, while the others world keys - are generally more
focused and short term in effect and signify major events, internal
and external, that typically do not depict overall trends that will
continue in the background except in terms of their consequences.
Some keys have a mix of both types if the advanced material of steps
7-9 is followed.
In other words, some influences weave through and underlie the
others they are phases of life, marked with events at the beginning
that initiate them and then they play out as themes for an extended
period of time, and these are given in the 12 temple keys and added
to in the advanced material. These influences underpin the astrology
that is happening around and within you. The remaining keys show
not phases, but happenings. They arrive, they unfold, and they end,
in most cases within a year. When all the technical work is
completed, the Light keys, inner world keys and the Solar map show
a mix of both kinds, phases and happenings.
So we can also say that because it occurs in a temple key the
activation by Saturn of Babaji's key will be the start of a relatively
long phase in his life when the themes of Saturn and the key of
memory will be playing out, probably with some strong effects at the
time of the activation, a nexus which sets things going. Again, we are
not asking ourselves what this will specifically be here we are only
looking for the essential meaning of the window itself and when it
The question of how long the windows last is usually determined
by astrologers through measuring degrees of the zodiac and giving
aspects an 'orb' of influence in which the influence will play out. For
example, they might use an orb of 6 degrees for the conjunction,
allowing planets to be in conjunction whenever they are 6 degrees or
less apart in the zodiac, so a planet at 22 degrees of Gemini will be in
conjunction (the 0 degrees aspect) with any planet in Gemini 16-28.
However, for our purposes with the magic of the astral Light rather
than use a measurement of the zodiac we are better suited to using a
measurement of time. Since the activators move at different rates of
speed, they have different windows of time. In my own practise I
have observed the following guidelines:


Windows of Opportunity

Jupiter: 1-2 months either side of the activation, characterised as

an increasing ease of flow and elaboration in the area activated.
Saturn: 3-4 months either side of the activation, with intensity
strong at exact activation where encumberances or non-negotiable
blocks that must be moved around or climbed over are often
Chiron: 4-6 months either side but more subtle than Saturn, and
frequently with a sharper or more acute encounter close to the
Uranus: Often breaks the rules. He will frequently manifest
Electrically and suddenly at the time of the exact activation, but can
be effective up to 6 months away. We may act suddenly at the time
of the activation, or things may seem to happen out of the blue, but
in reality they will have been heading in this direction for months,
often years beforehand.
Neptune: 6-12 months away, as a long, gradual build up until a
time of clarity or thickening confusion, dissolution and disillusion at
the activation. These influences often creep up on us through the
imagination and can be difficult to discern without psychic
sensitivity. They are often more visibly and tangibly significant for
people with substance addictions or for those on a spiritual
pathway, and for anyone who works with music or imagination i.e.
those who in some way physically work with the meaning of
Pluto: Up to 2 years away, but with a Magnetic intensification and
accumulation throughout this period which can suddenly be
released all at once in an explosive discharge, in the way that
obsidian stone behaves when magically charged. This will often
occur repeatedly, orgasmically, creating a window of opportunity
many years wide. At the time these activations can seem fatalistic
and overwhelming. The meaning is not always clear until many
years have passed, as the objectivity of time allows us to perceive
a bigger picture into which they fit. In most cases Pluto represents a
resurrective internal process, but these activations can also signify
highly significant events which precipitate or occur as expressions
of this internal process.

These are of course only guidelines, and a person with sufficient

sensitivity will be able to detect influences long before they even
begin as a flux in the continuum of the zodiac affecting their present
moment of time. They are still just general windows of time,
however, and we need to interact with this window of time if we
wish to make the most of it. This practise is not about passively
waiting for things to happen with a 'wait and see' attitude armed with
a little forethought. To capture the essence of the essential meaning
that the window of time shown in the key describes so that we can
work with it experientially, we have to employ a new factor, a

conductor. The conductor will allow us to commune with this

specific essential meaning and to learn from it, possibly even to give
it a form and purpose, depending on what the ever surprising creative
universe has in mind. The use of conductors will be explained later,
but it is important to understand that the conductors are, along with
our own intentions, the agents which 'turn' the key, and thus unlock
its potential at the right time.
It's the turning of the keys with a conductor during their windows
of opportunity - a process called a conduction - that opens the
conduit between you and the essential meaning of astrological
effects. We open the door by turning the key at a specific time, and
we go through to the other side as what lies beyond comes to us, but
as many doors present themselves to us at any one time we have a
degree of freedom in choosing which doors we explore, which keys
we turn and in which order. Our choices define and transform us.
This is the magic of synthetic astrology, the magic of planetary
conjunctions. The keys alone do not have this power, but they could
be used just as they are as an oracle, rather than as a means for
interacting with astrology. While it is not the purpose of this book,
prediction of future trends is a popular curiosity, so I have no doubt
many people will be tempted to use the keys this way, and they are
certainly a helpful tool in this even if they are not designed for that
purpose. There is nothing wrong with this and you will probably
learn some important things, but if you are going to proceed with
using the keys as an oracle there are some things you should know

The activations of the 26 keys are so significant that they will
always show up as something internal and/or external occurring in
your life and character. The coincidence of important external events
with activations will be very high, but there will always be an
internal event, sometimes very obvious, sometimes not. For example,
when Jupiter's principle of abundance activates the key of acquisition
you can expect your attitude to that area of life to become enriched,
and possibly this means receiving greater income. You just apply the
principle of the activator to the principle of the key and you have
your delineation for a certain period of your life.
Some important strictures apply to this oracular use of the keys. In
using the 26 keys as an oracle, these limitations must always be

The 26 keys do not show all astrological influences, only a tiny

portion of them: This is the most important and significant limitation.

There are very many more astrological influences that influence our
lives than the handful presented in these keys. Since almost all of
these keys have activations created by conjunction aspects of 0
degrees and mostly only those of the planets Jupiter to Pluto and
Chiron, huge quantities of other aspects squares, oppositions,
sextiles and trines, etc. simply will not show up in the keys. In the
case of very important questions you are better off asking an
astrologer to look at the period in question so they can give a more
complete picture. However, if you are willing to accept this
limitation and experiment anyway, you will still find that these
activations are often very much like what you expect them to be like,
and that you can rely on them for general purposes, because the
conjunction is so powerful it is almost never completely swept aside.
Especially useful then are the activations of the 12 temple keys
which signify the onset of a period of general influence. With these
activations you can confidently forecast periods of greater need to
save money, for example, around the activations of Saturn to the 2nd
temple key. It is wise to prepare for each activation ahead of time as
the activation itself is often around the nucleus of the event it may
be too late to act on the date itself. For example, if you are about to
experience the aforementioned Saturn activation of the 2nd temple,
about a year before it you should be saving money and putting it
aside to set against the potential of less income which may come
when Saturn activates the 2nd temple key, and then begins to drift
through it for some years. Plan ahead of the activations and not
directly upon them, and you come in riding the wave. This leads me
to The timing of activations for oracular purposes is imprecise: An
effect will very rarely happen on cue because the universe is
infinitely more elegant than the finest piece of Victorian clockwork.
It takes a variable amount of time for astrological influences to
coalesce into material forms and there is nothing mechanical in
astrology itself that can reveal this. Events may manifest before,
during or after the dates listed for an activation, and there is no way
to tell (at least from the keys) when this will be. Therefore, as
previously mentioned, it is best to allow an orb of influence for an
astrological effect to manifest, a span of time in which the expected
events will occur. In general, a span of one month before to one
month after the activation date is useful as this will give the Moon
two passes of the critical degree, but in more specific terms, the orb


or span of time to use is complicated by the fact that the planets

move at different rates of motion, therefore the different planets have
different orbs of influence when acting as the activating planet of a
key. Use the guidelines already given for the span of influence each
activator has. An event may occur at any time in that window.
In fine tuning the timing, it is a good idea to look at the Solar map
and the Sun key, because the Sun often acts as trigger for astrological
events. Mars also acts as a trigger, so activation of its key can push
things along, but only a few of these activations are given in the
Mars key, there are simply too many of them to list. Also as
mentioned above Uranus is very Electric and can often act as a
trigger for other astrological effects. This brings me to The activations must always be considered alongside all concurrent
activations: Once you have identified an orb of influence for an

activation you wish to work with, you must search the other keys
looking for other activations which fall around that time. All
astrological influences must be considered together and harmonised
into the oracles answer, remembering that you have only seen the
conjunctions of the planets Jupiter through Pluto and Chiron the
major ones and a few others. Look at the underlying influences
given by the 12 temple keys, and if you are working with the
advanced material include that information too, to see what kind of
general territory you are in. Then look for any current activations in
any of the other keys, remembering their windows. I advise you also
to look at any previous activation in the key your query relates to,
then looking further back into what happened at all previous
activations of that key, and adding this pattern to your consideration
of what might happen next. Also, I suggest you look at the most
recent previous activation in a different key by the activator (easily
located on the master key), and applying your experience of that time
and of how you handled that. Also, look at the context you are asking
the question in, what is happening now, what has been happening,
relate the keys activation to what you already know of your life. And
finally, look at the context made by your astral pattern, the birth
chart, the filter through which all this will move, but this now brings
me to The activations must be compared with birth chart patterns: If the

birth chart does not indicate much chance of being wealthy, for
example, no activation of the keys can ignore this. We are the forum
through which the energies move. Our consciousness determines
what will happen to us. If a tendency in the birth chart contradicts

one provided by the activating planets in the keys, by and large the
pattern in the birth chart will prevail because it is not so transient.
When activations of the keys harmonise with or echo what is written
in the birth chart, the effect is cumulative and it multiplies. More
importantly, since you are the forum through which the energies
move, the more you understand your astrology, the more you become
empowered by it, and the more you can experience during the
activations. The quality of your experience = the quality of your
consciousness. This brings me neatly to Clarity of questioning: The quality and clarity of your questioning

determines what you will get out of the augury. Why are you asking
this question of the oracle? What is your true motive? If you do not
examine it, the oracle will only reveal your ignorance. Our state of
consciousness will be reflected in our interpretation and in the
eventual outcome of the inquiry. This is important to understand.
Continually asking of the oracle oh, when will I be married? will
cause it and future events to reflect your own frustrations at you, so
that you can overcome them. You must examine yourself for the true
motive of any question as the clarity of questioning will determine
the clarity of the answer. A deeply considered question will be given
bright illumination by the oracle. An oracle is not meant to be
consulted for trivial purposes. It is a source of wisdom to turn to
when you have already thoroughly examined your question from
every angle and seek further insight. It cannot give a definitive
answer; it can only really serve to open your awareness. Therefore,
and finally:
The activations must never be used to solely decide important
questions: You alone must make your choices, and take

responsibility for the consequences, do not blame 'the stars', and

conversely do not abuse them by demanding every question be
answered by them. Use these keys as a rough guide to the weather,
nothing more. Asking more of them than this not only skewers your
perceptions, it robs you of your power.
Pay heed! Forget these strictures, and you will get into trouble!
Beyond this, use your intuition and do not be afraid, everything is an
opportunity to learn. The use of the 26 keys as an oracle is otherwise
obvious using the principles of the activating planets I have outlined
and the suggestions in each key.


When used not purely as an oracle but as a toolkit for the practise
of synthetic astrology, the 26 keys are not so limited. It does not
matter that they are only a portion of the astrological effects moving
through us, because the others do not concern us until we reach the
advanced levels of practice, where means are provided to interact
with them. The omitted astrological effects are mostly non- synthetic
(they are not conjunctions), and more importantly, our focus of
awareness in synthetic astrology is on one specific area with which
we are consciously interfacing, in other words synthetic astrology is
a practice of intentional self development and this intent is all we
need be concerned with. We do not even need to consult other keys
to check concurrent activations elsewhere, unless we wish to. The
timing of synthetic astrology is completely precise, simply being the
moment we choose to interface with any activation. You do not have
to consult your birth chart either, other than in the creation of the
tools to explore it, since you will learn directly from experience, and
since every activation has both a universal and a personal influence
and in synthetic astrology we primarily seek to move beyond the
personal to the universal connection. The personal connection can
and should be explored as well, and this is far easier because we are
only concerned with a single activation. And since you are not asking
questions, unless you are employing the 26 keys in a kind of sorcery
that manipulates the astral to do your will, the entire problem of
motive, clarity of intent and the interpretation of an answer is
irrelevant. Your motive is simply to experience, your intent to learn
and apply the activations in transformational ways.
There is no truly universal system for practising this form of
astrology, no 'step by step' method of self initiation, nor should there
be. It is in practise different for each and every individual, in the
sense that activations will occur in different orders and at different
times, so that no overall schema of work can be established.
However this is one of the strengths of synthetic astrology, it leaves
the tailoring of the practice to you, and your needs become the
driving force behind your own self development. Additionally,
because the activations of the keys will occur differently for you than
they do for anyone else the practise is tailored to suit your own
astrology. In other words, you can easily create a system of practise
which harmonises with your astrology as it teaches you about it.
I recommend that you begin with such a practise as this establishes
a strong foundation for all later work, and so the training method in

the following pages follows this scheme, introducing you to the

creation of each tool required and then discussing its use in a format
which introduces you to the practical work and the fundamentals of
your astrology quickly. There are other ways of organising the 26
keys into a working practise of synthetic astrology, however, and I
will also outline some of these in the advanced material.




The master key is the blueprint around which all the other keys
and the conductors are constructed. It makes the creation of all the
tools easier. The master key is different for every individual except
those who share the same day, time and place of birth i.e. identical or
astral twins. It is very easy and should only take a few minutes to an
hour to create, perhaps more if you are new to the subject of
Simply put, you must list the zodiacal positions of every important
degree in the chart, starting with those which are in Aries. The
symbol for Aries represents the curled horns of the ram: Many
printed copies of charts will contain a box listing the positions of all
the objects in the chart, and if you have this your work will be a very
easy ordering of this information.
Starting with this sign, you must move around your chart in an
anti-clockwise direction, following the order of the zodiac signs,
noting the zodiacal positions of the following objects and writing
them down in sequence as you come to them:

The Sun -
The Moon -
Mercury -
Venus -
Mars -
Jupiter -
Saturn -
Uranus -
Neptune -
Pluto - (sometimes denoted as )
Chiron -
The North and South Nodes of the Moon - and
The 12 temple (house) cusps (shown as 12 lines delineating 12
segments in the chart)

Look at the chart for Babaji again. Note the position of Aries, in
the region of 2 oclock around the wheel. There are three objects
from the above list in the Aries region Mars, Jupiter and the 9th
temple cusp (the place where the 9th temple begins). These will be

the first three objects placed on the master key and we will place
them there in sequence beginning with Mars, which is at an earlier
degree of Aries:

Mars (05 degrees 40 min. Aries)

Jupiter (16 degrees 13 min. Aries)
9th temple (25 degrees 07 min. Aries)

If you are colour coding your master key you can colour this
sequence red, because it belongs to the Fire Element.
The next sign along, Taurus, contains two objects, the North Node
of the Moon (which I will hereafter call the Dragon's Head, referring
to the South Node as the Dragon's Tail) and the 10 th temple cusp
(also called the midheaven). These are the next two objects to add to
the master key, and we can colour them brown or green for the Earth

Mars (0540' Aries)

Jupiter (16 13' Aries)
9th temple (25 07' Aries)
Dragon's Head (05 03' Taurus)
10th temple/midheaven (27 13' Taurus)

The next sign, Gemini, has 3 objects Neptune, Pluto and the 11th
temple cusp, and we can colour them blue or yellow for the Air

Mars (0540' Aries)

Jupiter (16 13' Aries)
9th temple (25 07' Aries)
Dragon's Head (05 03' Taurus)
10th temple/midheaven (27 13' Taurus)
Pluto (08 11' Gemini)
Neptune (08 59' Gemini)
11th temple (29 12' Gemini)

There is one object in the next sign, Cancer, the 12th temple cusp,
so we add that in a green or blue colour for the Water Element.
Continuing in this way all around the wheel once we end up after
Pisces with Babaji's master key:


Babaji's Master Key


Mars (05 40' Aries)

Jupiter (16 13' Aries)
9th temple (25 07' Aries)
Dragon's Head (05 03' Taurus)
10th temple/midheaven (27 13' Taurus)
Pluto (08 11' Gemini)
Neptune (08 59' Gemini)
11th temple (29 12' Gemini)
12th temple (29 52' Cancer)
Moon (25 35' Leo)
1st temple/ascendant (2852' Leo)
Chiron (03 37' Virgo)
2nd temple (25 10' Virgo)
Saturn (12 35' Libra)
3rd temple (25 07' Libra)
Dragon's Tail (05 03' Scorpio)
Uranus (10 02' Scorpio)
4th temple (27 13' Scorpio)
Venus (17 06' Sagittarius)
Mercury (23 17' Sagittarius)
5th temple (29 12' Sagittarius)
Sun (15 34' Capricorn)
6th temple (29 52' Capricorn)
7th temple (28 52' Aquarius)
8th temple (25 10' Pisces)

Look at this sequence. In essence we have cut the zodiac at the

junction of Aries with Pisces and unrolled it into a strip. If we have
colour coded the key, we have an immediate visual representation of
the presence of the four Elements. Here, all four Elements are
represented in their proportions if there is emphasis on one
Element, it means your connection is strong and you will experience
this in all your work. If it is scarce, you may need to develop the
connection to this Element.
The qualities of that Elemental connection are also shown note
that Babaji's Water is of the nature of the planet Uranus, the Dragon's
Tail, and the 4th, 8th and 12th temples. Additionally, the master key
also shows the sequence in which astrological effects will be
activated. Later, when you understand a bit more about your
astrology, you can come back here and learn far more than just the
presence of Elements in your chart. The master key is a profoundly
useful tool to meditate upon as it contains a compacted essence of
your astrology. Dont worry if none of this makes any sense to you at
this point, it will. For now, we are going to use it as a tool to create
the keys and the conductors, starting with the Electric conductor, the
Solar map.


Have the master key in front of you and your ephemeris open to
the year of your birth. In fact, any year will do, preferably avoiding a
leap year. Now, consult the master key looking for the part which has
the nearest later degree than 10 degrees of Capricorn, i.e. the first
entry that comes after that degree. Split the master key into two parts
at this entry, so that the entry you identified is placed at the top. In
Babaji's master key this is the Sun at 15 Capricorn, so we place the
Sun at the top and the rest in order from there:

Sun (15 34' Capricorn)

6th temple (29 52' Capricorn)
7th temple (28 52' Aquarius)
8th temple (25 10' Pisces)
Mars (0540' Aries)
Jupiter (16 13' Aries)
9th temple (25 07' Aries)
Dragon's Head (05 03' Taurus)
10th temple/midheaven (27 13' Taurus)
Pluto (08 11' Gemini)
Neptune (08 59' Gemini)
11th temple (29 12' Gemini)
12th temple (29 52' Cancer)
Moon (25 35' Leo)
1st temple/ascendant (2852' Leo)
Chiron (03 37' Virgo)
2nd temple (25 10' Virgo)
Saturn (12 35' Libra)
3rd temple (25 07' Libra)
Dragon's Tail (05 03' Scorpio)
Uranus (10 02' Scorpio)
4th temple (27 13' Scorpio)
Venus (17 06' Sagittarius)
Mercury (23 17' Sagittarius)
5th temple (29 12' Sagittarius)

Why this degree of the zodiac, Capricorn 10? Because the people
with a Capricorn Sun at this degree happen to be born on New Years
Day, January 1st, the start of our calendar year, and the Solar map is
an annual calendar of the Sun's influences. We are going to map out
the entire year from the Sun's point of view as it circles the entire
chart, month by month, starting with January, and on January 1st, it's
always at about 10 degrees of Capricorn.
The next step is to add calender dates to each of the entries from
the top down. We are looking for the days of the year when the Sun,
as it moves through the sky, reaches each of these degrees. In the

ephemeris you will see a column with the symbol for the Sun - and a column for the date of that year. The positions in the column
for the Sun correlate to the zodiacal positions of the zodiac that the
Sun has reached on that day. You will see the Sun is quite regular and
clicks off a bit more than 1 degree every day. Look forward in the
ephemeris for the day when the Sun reaches the first entry in your
list. Write that day next to the entry. Do this for each and every entry.
Before you go racing off, however, an important point has to be
made the ephemeris lists the positions for the planets at a certain
time of day, most often midnight, and for Greenwich Mean Time.
This means if you live outside of that time zone you will have to
occasionally adjust the date backwards or forwards a day for
complete accuracy, but even if you get the wrong day, you will still
be in the ballpark, so you dont really have to worry too much about
this. Just be aware of it.
For example, the first entry on Babaji's list is the Sun at 15 degrees
and 34 minutes of Capricorn. The ephemeris tells us the Sun is there
about 4-5 days after January 1st, on January 5th, so we write this date
next to 'Sun'. It's his birthday. Actually, depending on which year we
are looking at, Sun at 15 degrees of Capricorn could also show up on
the day after or the day before his birthday, because of the way our
calendar contains intermittent leap years, and he might also be in
America at this time rather than India where he was born, but as I
have said above and as you will learn in practice, exact timing is not
necessary, so dont sweat it.
So we write 'January 5th' next to the Sun, the first entry in the list,
and then we look up the next entry, the 6th temple, and so the
entrance of Sun into the region of the 6 th temple. This happens when
the Sun reaches 29 degrees Capricorn, just before it enters Aquarius.
The ephemeris will tell you this is around January 19th -20th; choose
one or write both down as it suits you, placing them next to the 6th
Go on all the way down the list and you end up with something
like this, the Solar map:


Babaji's Solar Map


Sun (15 34' Capricorn)

6th temple (29 52' Capricorn)
7th temple (28 52' Aquarius)
8th temple (25 10' Pisces)
Mars (05 40' Aries)
Jupiter (16 13' Aries)
9th temple (25 07' Aries)
Dragon's Head (05 03' Taurus)
10th temple/midheaven (27 48' Taurus)
Pluto (08 11' Gemini)
Neptune (08 59' Gemini)
11th temple (29 12' Gemini)
12th temple (29 52' Cancer)
Moon (25 35' Leo)
1st temple/ascendant (28 52' Leo)
Chiron (03 37' Virgo)
2nd temple (25 10' Virgo)
Saturn (12 35' Libra)
3rd temple (25 07' Libra)
Dragon's Tail (05 03' Scorpio)
Uranus (10 02' Scorpio)
4th temple (27 deg. 13' Scorpio)
Venus (17 06' Sagittarius)
Mercury (23 17' Sagittarius)
5th temple (29 12' Sagittarius)

January 5th
January 19th
February 17th
March 15th
March 26th
April 5th
April 14th
April 25th
May 18th
May 29th
May 30th
June 20th
July 22nd
August 18th
August 21st
August 26th
September 17th
October 5th
October 18th
October 28th
November 2nd
November 19th
December 8th
December 15th
December 20th

We can allow a window of opportunity for these events which is 2

or perhaps 3 days long either side - think of how you start to feel
your birthday approaching a few days beforehand, and then it stays
around you as an atmosphere or a glow for a few days after (another
reason why time zones do not need to be accounted for in consulting
the ephemeris for the Sun's position). This then covers a large portion
of the year in Solar influences. What you are looking at is the
Electric core of Babaji's astrology as it plays out every year in this
rhythm with only a small variation across the days. It is his personal
Solar blueprint, his map of the Solar journey which occurs in a
consistent fashion every year. We are looking at the 'birthdays' of all
his planets and temples, the time when the Sun comes round to itself
being his actual birthday, but the year containing a similar activation
for each and every part of his chart. These are dates when they are
being energised by the Sun.
This energising by the Sun is a form of activation, bringing the
part of the chart concerned to life, it is shining a bright Light of
illumination on that area but more than that it is animating it with
vitality, conscious awareness and warmth. The Sun activates all the

keys by vitalising them and drawing them into the centre of life, but
its activations only animate and bring life to major events when
concurrent with other activations otherwise, they tend to be
ordinary everyday kind of events. In this way, the Sun acts to
Electrically conduct the influence of major astrological influences by
giving them life, Light and power.
The temple activations in the Solar map, however, are indicative of
different phases in the conscious life of the year, times when our life
focuses on different themes and the areas of life which reflect them.
As the Sun reaches a temple, it will sometimes bring about some
kind of event related to the new temple, but not always, and then
regardless of this a period of some weeks will follow in which the
Sun shines light on that temple's area of life. So in Babaji's key, each
and every year there is a period of time in which the Sun focuses life
upon his friendships (11th temple, from mid June to mid July). He's
more likely to find allies in this period, or to have some kind of light
shone upon that area of his experience. The essential meanings of the
temples will be summarised later. The important point is that the
Sun's entrance into a temple will be charged with meaning at the
beginning and then become a natural part of life for the period until a
few days before the Sun reaches the next temple. This is different to
what happens when the Sun reaches the position of a planet, as these
indicate happenings which do not result in extended phases.
We will use this conductor extensively in all synthetic work as it
has the effect of bringing astrological significance and meaning into
our conscious awareness by Electrically stimulating our interaction
with it. The Sun is a cosmic Fluid condenser it acts to generate,
focus and radiate the Electric Fluid, which means we can employ it
as a conductor for the astral Light, the substance of astrological
influences. It will hold them and it will transmit them, just as our
consciousness itself does. Our intention can then direct a major
influence around the entire chart in a circle of Light.
Furthermore, its regularity allows us to attune to its cycle very
easily, we can connect with the Sun almost immediately, within the
space of a year or two or less, because its pattern the Solar map is
the same each and every year of our life. Once completed, you never
have to change this conductor. So we can build up a powerful charge
when working with the Sun, as we can fall into its rhythm easily and
naturally and stay in its groove, accumulating a denser and more
rewarding relationship with it as the years go by.


So begin immediately to observe where you are on your perpetual

Solar cycle. What was the last activation of the Solar map, and
when? Where and when is the next? Which temple is the Sun
currently in? With these steps, you begin your exploration of the
astral Light.
Let us imagine that Babaji is looking at his Solar map for the first
time, and it is October 15th. The Solar map shows us that his last
activation was of Saturn (October 5th), and the next will be of the 3rd
temple, on the 18th. So the Sun is currently in his 2nd temple (as the
Sun and all the planets move from temple 1 to12 in numerical order)
but remembering the Sun's window of opportunity of 2-3 days - it
is really focusing on his 3rd as it prepares to shine on that temple, and
it's recently come from a meeting of some kind with his Saturn. This
happens to him at the same time every year. He should try to figure
out what it has signified in every year of his past, so that he has a
better understanding of what it does to him, and what he does with it.

Just begin observing. Note where you are currently, and follow the
course of the map for an entire year. You might keep a journal of
what occurs on and around the dates in the map. A personal record of
what happens in all your practical work with astrology is invaluable
because it allows you to discern more of the patterns. As you follow
the Sun try to observe what happens to your consciousness as well as
the events that you find yourself involved in. Note the fluctuations in
your vitality. The first time you turn the Solar map you may or may
not wish to consult the guidance I have given later in this book on
each of the objects the Sun will reach, given under their keys. This
can be a wonderful way to read and use this book as a hitch-hikers
guide to the galaxy.
In the beginning you may only notice some of the activations,
such as your birthday, or the taste of equilibrium and heightened
astral awareness that comes when the Moon is activated in the Solar
map. With repetition, however, you will begin to build up a volt or
battery which will eventually bring conscious awareness of the entire
map. It will become a natural instinct, a yearly flow that your
consciousness becomes a part of. This harmony will have gradual but
significant effects on your health, your energy levels, your awareness
of yourself as an individual on all levels and eventually the
interaction you have with the living entity that is our most sacred
star, the Sun.
Once you are familiar with this natural rhythm, it will feel like you

are beginning to dance through the year, rather than blindly fumble
in the dark. If you wish to, you can then add more notes to the music
of the Solar map, completing it. The activations the Sun makes
during the year given in the Solar map are all conjunctions
distances of 0 degrees between the Sun's current, actual position and
your birth chart positions which mark the initiating points of the
cycles (the 'birthdays' of the planets in your life). The other aspects
influences with a different nature which the Sun makes can also be
added to the map and this will give you a complete picture of the
Solar rhythms. Instructions for doing this are given in the advanced
material, because at this point it is better to focus on developing a
strong connection and awareness of the synthetic activations, the
conjunctions given in the Solar map. They are the core around which
all of your work with astrology will be built. Harmonise your life
activity with it as much as possible and start to record your
encounters so that you begin to sense the astral Light at work in your
The Solar map is by itself a powerful and effective tool, but it
really comes into greater power when employed as a conductor for
turning other keys. In order to do this, you have to create a key
which the Solar map can turn, so we will now create the Sun key, the
first of the two Light keys, and the key which has the most affinity
with the Solar map itself.
The creation of the Sun key is a fairly simple process that may at
first appear to be confusing if you are unfamiliar with consulting an
ephemeris for planetary positions, but with experience it soon
becomes as simple as scanning the small ads in a local paper. If you
are doing this yourself by hand it will take you some time to finish,
but the process should not be too difficult.
To begin, note the Sun's position in your master key. In Babaji's
key, we see it is at Capricorn 15 degrees (sometimes written as the
16th degree of Capricorn, as 0-1 degrees is the 1st degree). In this
case, we need to pay attention to the precise position of the Sun, so
we must look at not just its degree but also the minutes (1/60 th
fractions) of the degree. For Babaji this is Capricorn 1534'. Find
your Sun's degree and minutes on your master key.
Now open your ephemeris to your birthday on the year you were
born. You must look for the times after that point when the major
activators reach this degree. The major activators are:

If working by hand with pen and paper it will be easier and
quicker if you look for all 6 at the same time, as then you will not
need to arrange things in a chronological order afterwards. They
have their own columns in the ephemeris marked by their symbols
just like the Sun did when you were creating the Solar map. Find
these columns. They are usually on the right hand end of the monthly
table. In the case of Chiron, you may not have a column, you may
instead have a box with a monthly rather than daily position. This
doesnt really matter as his movement is so slow. Just do your best to
guess where such objects are on any given day from the information
you have.
Now, you must scan down all these columns for every month after
you are born, looking for the activators to reach the position of the
Sun, which in Babaji's case is 15 degrees of Capricorn. Dont worry
about looking for the minutes until you spot the magic number of the
degree in the right sign. You will notice that Jupiter moves quickest
and Pluto moves slowest. If you build keys which cover 100 years,
then not counting retrogrades when the degree is hit three or five
times in succession over a period of many months, Pluto will only
make it once. Pluto may in fact never reach the degree of your Sun, it
depends on where he is in your birth chart in relation to where the
Sun is. Neptune is the same. You will definitely see one period
where Uranus and Chiron are at the relevant degree within 100 years,
sometimes two. Saturn takes about 28-30 years to make a complete
orbit, so it will only make 3 or 4 activations in 100 years, while
Jupiter will make them every 12 years, yielding 7 or 8. So in total
you are looking for between about 12-18 individual activations of the
relevant degree, some with retrogrades which cause them 3-5 times.
You must write these down in chronological order, which is why
when using pen and paper rather than a word processor it is better to
look for them all at once. When using a word processor you can
make it a lot easier for yourself by first looking up the positions of
Pluto, and then Neptune, Uranus and Chiron one at a time, as there
will only be at most two of these activations of the Sun for each of
them. Then you can look for the others Jupiter and Saturn - one

activator at a time, and finally order the activations in chronological

sequence with a simple cut and paste. Colour coding can be added to
each activation to enable easy visual identification I use blue for
Jupiter, black for Saturn, green for Chiron, violet for Uranus,
magenta for Neptune and silver-grey for Pluto activations. Your Sun
key is then finished. When writing by hand, however, you are better
off scanning all 6 columns in the pages of the ephemeris at once,
month by month. You will grow used to the speed at which things
move and see that the task is not as daunting as it first appears.
Either way you do it, every time you find a month in which one of
these activators is reaching the degree listed next to 'Sun' in your
master key, slow down and look for the day when it becomes exact
by the minutes as well. Write this day down with the name of the
activating planet. Then check to see if this occurs again in the near
future sometimes the activator will switch to retrograde motion
and travel backwards in the zodiac. You will then see it hit the Sun's
degree once again after the second activation, as the retrograde
motion switches off and the forward travel resumes. This gives you
three activations in a sequence, spread out over a period of time.
Rarely, most often with Pluto, Chiron and Neptune, the retrograde
then happens again, and then you end up with a sequence of 5
activations. Just note the date of the first activation and then place
the subsequent dates in brackets afterwards as I showed earlier. If the
time seems to be spread out over several days, because the planet is
about to change direction and is seemingly hovering in one place,
just pick a date in the middle and let go of the need to be
intellectually precise. It is not necessary to be precise to that degree
for the purposes of this work.
So if we are doing Babaji's Sun key, we will be opening the
ephemeris and starting from the date of his birth we scan the
columns that relate to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Chiron, Neptune and
Pluto looking for the magic degree of Capricorn 15. When we find it,
we write it down with the name of the activator and the day upon
which the activation is exact not just by degree but by minutes, and
add his age in years at the time because it will be an asset later.
For example, the first time this happened for Babaji was on March
25th 1901, when Saturn reached 1534' of Capricorn. Babaji was then
8 years old, so the first thing we have to write down is
Saturn: 25th March 1901



When we look ahead in the ephemeris again, we see that Saturn

actually comes back to 1534' Capricorn a couple of months later, on
May 28th, so he has retrograded. He makes a final pass of 1534'
Capricorn on December 13th, so we open up a pair of brackets and
write both these dates after the first one:
Saturn: 25 Mar 1901 [28 May 1901, 13 Dec 1901]


This completes the description of that activation, because Saturn

does not retrograde again. To continue, we must go back to the first
time it occurred (March 25th 1901) and continue looking for the next
activator to reach the magic place. If we were to do that, we would
see that this happens when Jupiter reaches 1534' of Capricorn on
December 6th 1901. Jupiter does not go retrograde, so there is no
repeat of this activation it happens, and it passes. We add this to
our key:
Saturn: 25 Mar 1901 [28 May 1901, 13 Dec 1901]
Jupiter: 6 Dec 1901


Then we return to scanning the ephemeris, looking not just for

Jupiter but for any of the activators to reach 1534' Capricorn,
building the key up a step at a time.
Notice that although the activation by Jupiter happens on
December 6th, the last activation by Saturn happens after, on
December 13th. Saturn is not done yet, and the Jupiter activation is
simply adding to it. This also means there is a Jupiter-Saturn
conjunction in late 1901, because they are both in the same place in
the sky at the same time. Notice these things as you build the key. Be
aware of them, as this awareness provides a fertile atmosphere for
your experience of astrology to develop in.
In the end, we have the following list of activations for Babaji's
Sun key:




As I mentioned previously, after a while you will quickly

recognise that Jupiter's activations are spaced out at about every 12
years, Saturn's at every 28-30 years and the others will only make
one activation, if any. This is the same phenomena you have already
encountered in the Solar map cyclical repetition, rhythmic pulsing,
it's natures biggest and most fundamental trick. This work is easier
than it might seem at first, you just have to move with the beat.
Every planet has a beat and this makes grasping their cycles easier
once we recognise its rhythm and keep our mind on the music.
As you can see, Pluto never makes it to Babaji's Sun, and Neptune
does not reach it until he is almost 100 years of age. This leaves the
planet Uranus as the big hitter in the key, at 15 years of age, with the
next most significant (in terms of frequency) coming from Chiron
when he is 9 and 60 (he dies on 7th March 1952, just before this last
Chiron activation, while entering its window of influence).
This does not mean that you will die when Chiron activates your
Sun key. Such an activation has many possible outcomes, and the
point of placing events on the key is not to make predictions but to
learn the nature of the planets and the astrology we are working with,
what they signify to us. It's about getting familiar with these people,
the planets, and our relationship to them. One may wonder, for
example, whether Babaji was sick or injured during the first Chiron
activation of the Sun key when he was 9, because this would signify
that his relationship to Chiron affected his health, at least when it
interacted with his Sun. But we could not predict his death just from
this single piece of information, nor should we try. The point is to
look for the patterns: the slower moving activators punctuate the key,
dividing it into rough phases between themselves. Jupiter and Saturn
actually weave in-between the gaps of these more rare activations.
They mediate between them. Notice this. You are looking at a
weaving of major influences around his consciousness (Sun) as it
travels through time.
Notice too that there are fallow periods between activations that
can last as much as 12 years, but no more than this because Jupiter,
the fastest activator, has a recurrence of 12 years. The fact that there
is a 12 year gap between the ages of 20 and 32 in Babaji's Sun key
does not mean that there are no influences over his Sun in this
period, just that there are no major synthetic activations of the Sun,
no conjunctions. There will be other influences on his Sun in that
period, such as a sextile from Jupiter to the Sun (a 60 degree angle of

separation from the Sun rather than a 0 degree angle), but these are
not as conducive to synthetic operations and are dealt with in the
advanced material.
To put it simply, the 26 keys are made up of conjunctions, and
conjunctions are best assimilated through the Sun and Moon. So how
do we do that? Since in this case we are talking about a Sun key we
will talk first about using the Sun itself as a conductor for its key, but
in the next key, the Moon key, instruction will be given for using the
Moon as the conductor. We could use the Moon as the conductor for
the Sun key, or the Sun as the conductor for the Moon key, which
will produce different effects in different time frames, but the
simplest conductor for you to use will always be the Sun as it is
simply the use of the Solar map in conjunction with the relevant key.
Let's look at an example. Let us imagine that it is 1930 and Babaji
is 37 years old. At this time he has already established a
headquarters for the Self Realisation Fellowship in Los Angeles
(which occurred under Jupiter activation of his Sun key) and his
writing is beginning to increase.
Looking at the key, he sees that he will soon experience a Saturn
activation, which becomes exact on the 16th of January 1931. He
decides to turn the Sun key with the Sun as a conductor to see what
Saturn and the Sun have to say to him at this time. Since he is using
the Sun as a conductor, he will be using the Solar map to turn the
key. And since the Sun key is the focus, he should work with the
Sun's activation in the Solar map. If this were the Jupiter key, for
example, he would look for Jupiter in the Solar map.
He looks on the Solar map for the day when the Sun will be
activated there, which is of course his birthday, January 5th. He can
also look on the Solar map for the day when the Sun activates the 1 st
temple, August 21st. Either of these dates will do, but the birthday is
more favourable in this case because it involves the Sun, and the
main activation by Saturn is also to the Sun.
So the Solar map gives us two dates January 5th (Sun) and
August 21st (1st temple) and the Sun key gives us one date
January 16th 1931. Babaji now has some options in terms of how he
wants to approach interacting with the influence of Saturn. He could
just wait and see what occurs around January of 1931, forewarned
with the knowledge that it has something to do with his Sun and the
influence of Saturn. This is the naturalistic approach, the receptive
approach, and there is nothing wrong with it, in fact in the very
beginning it is the way you can gain instruction on your astrology,
but there is another, more active approach he can take using the Solar

map. He can turn the Sun key by following an entire run through of
the Solar map during that time, either beginning on January 5 th 1930
(thus ending on January 5th near the apex of the Saturn activation of
the Sun key in January 1931) or beginning on January 5 th 1931 (thus
with the most powerful stage of Saturn activation at the beginning),
following the Solar map for one year in each case, or he can begin in
January 1930 and work two cycles of the Solar map, so the Saturn
activation will be in the middle, and finish up on January 5th 1932. Or
he can do any of that but using the date of August 21 st instead, the
date when the Sun is conjunct the ascendant, the 1st temple, as the
starting point of the conduction.
So when turning a key with the Sun as a conductor we use the
dates in the Solar map as the starting point for the conduction, and
the date in the key as the focal point during that year/s. These are the
timing choices you need to make based on your needs and your
lifestyle when using the Sun as a conductor which key to turn at
the appropriate time, and when to begin. There are some qualitative
differences you need to be aware of when making this choice, which
I will outline in a moment. You also need to make choices about the
basic approach you are going to take:



You can take a naturalistic approach, similar to observing what

happens and responding without turning the key, but you do this
throughout the entire conduction through the Solar map, i.e. you
turn the key, following the Solar map at the time of its activation,
and just observe what happens, responding to it appropriately but
without trying to manipulate it.
You can take a more pro-active approach, turning the key and
intentionally shaping its direction throughout the course of the
turning, engaging in a dialogue and a dance with the agenda of the
planet. For example, you might be working on a book, and engage
in a synthesis with a planet as you guide it through to manifestation
with that planet's help. This is more a give and take relationship
than many people will realise.
Or you can make a mix of the two approaches either alternating
between receptivity and activity, intuitively blending them together,
or spending one half of the Solar map in reflection and the other in

In terms of timing choices, if Babaji chose to start on January 5th beginning from the Sun in the Solar map - the experience would lead
him to learn more about the nature of his Sun, because the cycle of
the Solar map would begin and end at the Sun. I call this a planet
conduction because it begins from a planetary object or one of the
Lights. If he began on August 21st, then his experience would be
more rooted in the temples, because it would involve following all

12 of them in sequence, and this would lead him more on a path of

exploring their meaning in terms of his life experiences but within
the context of the activation of the Sun key. I call this a temple

Planet conduction: begins from a Light or a planet. Emerges the

meaning of that planet or Light through the activation of its key. Has
a more astra-mental focus.
Temple conduction: begins from the 1st temple. Emerges the
significance of any and all current activations in the different areas
of life. Has a more astra-physical focus.

Whichever path he takes, he will meet a juncture or nexus of

Saturn/Sun essential meaning in January of 1931. Saturn will be at
the same zodiacal degree as his birth Sun (Saturn activates Sun key),
at around the same time as the Sun has also returned to this place
(Sun activates Sun in Solar map). A window opens in which he can
interact with the meaning of these influences and experience them
for himself directly, learning about his particular astrology and
hopefully maturing his consciousness.
The question arises, however what if the activation of the Sun in
the Solar map is not January 5th, which is so close to the date of the
Sun keys activation by Saturn, January 16th, but is instead May 5th,
four months later? Does the window still open? The answer is yes, it
does, and there are three main reasons for this:

The Sun and Moon are massive Fluid condensors which act to
Electrically and Magnetically transmit influences around the sky, so
they can collect and radiate influences from one place to another in
the manner of a conjunction. Basically, they rule the sky and
naturally act to overcome the limitation of windows of opportunity
when employed as conductors. In fact, as you will see, windows of
opportunity are never a problem when turning a key with the Moon,
because she only needs a month to orbit the chart. This only leaves
us with the problem of using the Sun, which takes a year.
The activations also have orbs of time in which they are effective,
as described earlier. The slowest moving planet, Pluto, has the
biggest window of opportunity, but retrograde activations can make
this even longer, and the same can happen with Jupiter activations
so the window of Jupiter is then expanded. When the window of

opportunity provides a span of time longer than a year, the Sun's

conduction can always catch and collect it. Simply put, the problem

is mostly with Jupiter and Saturn as the other four activators of the
keys give generously wide windows of opportunity. This only leaves
the problem of conducting Jupiter and Saturn activations through
the Sun when they do not cross windows with it. Fortunately, there
is another factor which can come into play.


The intention of the participant your consciousness can

ElectroMagnetically attract the astral Light, bringing it to you from
just outside the window of opportunity. If you are calling out to a
particular planet at a particular point in time when it is near enough,
it can hear your call and come to you. Additionally, the Lights are
supreme conductors. Thus when the window of opportunity is too
small, both these factors can be employed to manipulate the
window of opportunity. As pointed out above, this will most often
happen when Jupiter is the activator and you are using the Solar
map, and only sometimes when Saturn is the activator. In such
cases, the procedure depends on whether or not the key's
activation window occurs before or after the window in the Solar
map. If the Solar maps window is before the key activation, such as
a single Jupiter activation of the Sun key that occurs in July while
your Solar map shows the Sun being activated in January, you
must begin with the intention of connecting to that Jupiter
activation, calling it to you with your actions, thoughts and feelings,
your desire to meet with it. The Sun will transmit this through the
sky for you as astral Light, building a connection to the window.
The longer you spend building up to the activation by Jupiter or
Saturn, the more likely you are to pull it out of its small window of
opportunity into your present moment. Regardless of whether or
not this happens, you should then move through the main
activations window, come out the other side, and continue following
the Solar map until you close the cycle. If on the other hand the
Solar maps window is after the key activation, you must bring the
activation energy forward in the Solar map by weaving it into
everything that follows. In this case, you have to exert greater
effort, as the life of the activation is shifted into decay rather than
formation. Either way, these solutions work best using the
ElectroMagnetic method of conduction, described shortly, because
it is more adept at capturing and transmitting the influences.

So that this is clear, lets pull it all together and look at a full
example of turning Babaji's Sun key using the Solar map as the
conductor. We'll look at a different activation of the key this time, the
activation by Uranus in 1908.
First of all, note that this is a 'long-tooth' of the key, a retrograde
activation. It has 3 'hits' in sequence throughout 1908, the first in
February, the second in June, and the third in December. It's worth
mentioning here what this sequence of multiple hits signifies the
first activation is the initiator, the start of the influence, thus it
introduces a new essential meaning being observed as a new
development for the first time, a new situation or a new condition in
life. The second is the activation in which we are more able to
respond to this development, the time in which we can get to grips
with it rather than be taken by surprise, a point at which denial of the
new situation becomes impossible, and the third is the wrap up, the

final test, the chance to correct mistakes or the closure which occurs
as the astrological influence begins to withdraw, it is a time in which
we have a chance to absorb the essential meaning as a new skill or a
new way of life. Sometimes, you will see 5 activations in the
sequence, and this represents an activation with multiple challenges
or stages to pass through, a gauntlet. If Pluto is the activator, such an
activation can blow open a window several years wide and be thick
with denial at the beginning if it is a situation we do not accept.
So throughout the whole of 1908 there is a window of opportunity
for Babaji to engage with the influence of Uranus in the Sun key. We
can look even further for the general parameters of this window
because Uranus has a range of influence in time which extends up to
6 months away from each activation, during which it will still be
capable of producing powerful effects, so in this case the window is
more like July 1907 July 1909. Uranus will sometimes actually be
able to influence events outside of that window, especially through
the astral and mental planes, and especially when the activation he
makes is a retrograde one (for instance, Babaji met his mentor in
1910, a beloved soul he had often beheld in his meditations
beforehand), but in this case this window is more than enough for
our purposes we need just one year to capture it using the Solar
map, and we have two. The conduction by Solar map will easily
catch the Uranian activation.
Suppose we had instead chosen the Jupiter activation of December
6th 1901. Jupiter has a window of opportunity lasting 1-2 months
either side, so it is open from about October 6th 1901 February 6th
1902. His Solar map comes to Jupiter around April 5th, giving a
window over the first week of April every year. The two windows do
not overlap. To address this, Babaji could begin earlier than October,
in April 1901, and focus his mind on the upcoming activation by
Jupiter, bringing it to him by simply proceeding as if it were already
there. As the time approaches in October 1901 when the window will
be opening, this work will have evoked an atmosphere into which the
Jupiter activation can move, even before October. He would then
move through the window between October and February, collecting
the Jupiter activation as he does so, and bring it to the Solar maps
activation of Jupiter in April 1902.
Next, we need to decide on the approach, either a simple 'watch
and see' passive observation of the significance as it unfolds, perhaps
noting it in a journal as a new event in the story of our exploration of
astrology, or a more active approach using the Solar map as the
conductor of the astral Light. Let us assume for the sake of example

that Babaji decides to invite this window of opportunity to enlighten

him, to open his consciousness to a more radiant expression of his
inner Light through meditation. He might instead have chosen to
employ it in helping him break free of an inhibiting relationship
(Uranus helps us to be freed from any kind of limitations), or even to
learn a new skill or acquire knowledge of something new such as
astrology all of which are among the possibilities offered by this
activation. The specific intention behind the work is up to you, and
you will reap whatever you sow, but you will likely do better if you
match it in some way to the nature of the activator and/or the the key
you are working with, preferably both. The activating planet or the
activated key may have another agenda, one which clashes with your
intention, and if this is the case, you will be notified. Communication
is a two way street. Do not bully anyone. Especially not these guys.
In my experience, even when the planets have a major agenda with
you at that time, their energies are usually generous enough to leave
you with something to play with outside of that agenda, so learn to
be similarly accommodating with them - instead of rejecting the
situations you dont like, take them on board as part of what you
need to do and respond to them. If no agenda seems to roll itself out,
you are practically being given an invitation by the activating planet
to give the activation an intentional shape, a form of your choosing.
Choose wisely during these encounters your actions will have far
reaching consequences as you will set the tone for future interaction
with both the activator and the key.
The next choice to make is when to begin conduction. This is an
activation of the Sun key, so we need to look up the Sun's position in
the Solar map for a starting date. We can also use the 1st temple
always as the starting point of any conduction, because it is the
temple of beginnings. So once again, Babaji can begin from January
5th or August 21st, and since he wants to collect and interact with the
influence of the planet Uranus over the Sun key throughout 1908,
Babaji can do two cycles of conduction that fully encompass that
year, for a two year synthesis, or instead do just one year (which in
his case could also almost fully encompass the year of 1908 if he
starts on January 5th):

August 21st 1907 or 1908 August 21st 1908 or 1909: a one year
temple conduction
January 5th 1907 or 1908 January 5th 1908 or 1909: a one year
planet conduction
August 21st 1907 August 21st 1909: a two year temple conduction
January 5th 1907 January 5th 1909: a two year planet conduction


For the sake of this example we will assume the work will take
place between January 5th 1908 and January 5th 1909, i.e. a one year
planet conduction. The journey then looks like this:
URANUS of 1908:

Sun (15 34' Capricorn): January 5th 1908 begin cycle 6th temple (29 52' Capricorn): January 19th
7th temple (28 52' Aquarius): February 17th [1st activation of Sun
key by Uranus on Feb 24th]
8th temple (25 10' Pisces): March 15th
Mars (05 40' Aries): March 26th
Jupiter (16 13' Aries): April 5th
9th temple (25 07' Aries): April 14th
Dragon's Head (05 03' Taurus): April 25th
10th temple/midheaven (2748' Taurus): May 18th
Pluto (08 11'. Gemini): May 29th
Neptune (08 59' Gemini): May 30th
11th temple (29 12' Gemini): June 20th [2nd activation of Sun key by
planet Uranus June 21st]
12th temple (29 52' Cancer): July 22nd
Moon (25 35' Leo): August 18th
1st temple/ ascendant (29 52' Leo): August 21st
Chiron (03 37' Virgo): August 26th
2nd temple (25 10' Virgo): September 17th
Saturn (12 35' Libra): October 5th
3rd temple (25 07' Libra): October 18th
Dragon's Tail (05 03' Scorpio): October 28th
Uranus (10 02' Scorpio): November 2nd [could be significant in
terms of Sun/Uranus]
4th temple (27 deg. 13' Scorpio): November 19th
Venus (17 06' Sagittarius): December 8th
Mercury (23 17' Sagittarius): December 15th [3rd activation of Sun
key on December 14th]
5th temple (29 12' Sagittarius): December 20th
Sun: January 5th 1909 close cycle -

It is worth spending some time meditating on the conductor once

you have it, there is a story being told here, look at the way it all
leads to Mercury and the 5th temple key in this case, for example.
This will always be the sequence in which Babaji conducts the astral
Light through the Solar map by planet conduction whenever the Sun
key is activated, i.e. whenever he turns the Sun key by planet
conduction using the Sun as a conductor, this is the path he walks,
it's his Solar journey. Even the dates remain unchanged except the

Look also at the places where the exact activations from Uranus to
the Sun key will occur they are shaping its expression in the year.
The first one is involved with the 7th temple, the second one with the
11th temple, and the last one with Mercury. Note also that the first
week of November 1908 sees a lively interaction between Sun and
Uranus in his life, as Uranus is activating Sun as Sun is activating
Uranus. This could be as significant as any of the three periods when
the Uranus activation is exact they are all marking a high tide in
the flow of this influence over the year. Find these places in your
own conduction and exert greater effort within them at the
appropriate time in the appropriate way.
Using this conductor Babaji would start turning the Sun key on his
birthday in 1908, perhaps by beginning to reflect on where he wants
to be at the conclusion of the work, or simply opening his mind to it.
He just has to get it going in some way and mark this beginning
consciously. He would then follow the course of the conductor the
Solar map so that on or around January 19th, he would try to bring
his intention to the matters of the 6th temple. Perhaps he reflects on
his health, since the 6th temple has this significance, and how this is
being affected by the Uranian activation of his Sun key (which is
getting stronger). He would continue this theme right the way
through to February 17th, when he brings the intention to the
concerns of the 7th temple. The first planet he brings the work to is
Mars on March 26th. At each stage along the way the intention must
be synthesised with the appropriate area of the chart, so that as you
proceed you bring the work to every part of yourself and your life,
step by step. At this point, around the end of February, the first major
activation of the Sun key by Uranus is happening and whatever that
signifies must be responsibly dealt with and properly synthesised,
and Babaji could expect something quite significant to be happening
which has a Uranus-Sun nature, perhaps a quickening of
consciousness, something entirely new and refreshing entering his
conscious awareness, a new direction or a new him. If so, he should
integrate it with whatever his intention is in this example, this
might not be difficult, as a quickening of consciousness supports his
intention to gain enlightenment. If he were trying to break free of a
relationship, he would have to find an inventive way of applying the
inspiration given to him by this quickening. In essence, he should use
what the astral Light supplies him with to forward his intention. If
this sets up a challenge, he should meet it head on. He continues in
this way moving all the way through to his next birthday in 1909,
which closes the cycle. This is his opportunity to fuse all that he has

experienced in the last year to his conscious awareness so that it

becomes a way of being.
The descriptions of the keys which follow can give you some
guidelines as to what to expect or involve at various stages, but you
may want to ignore that and just investigate for yourself without too
many preconceptions about what they hold; the best teacher is your
experience accumulated from turning the Solar map. Let the Sun
teach you. It is experienced beyond the limits of human imagination
in walking every nook of this pathway!
This process of using the Sun to turn a key through the use of the
Solar map can be applied not just to the Sun key but to any of the
other keys as well this is the method by which the astral Light is
Electrically conducted. Once you have created the other keys, you
can turn any of them by this method and will thereby have numerous
continually evolving opportunities to explore astrological influences.
However, you will shortly learn another method of turning the keys,
the Magnetic conduction, and this will add another dimension to
your experience which can be used by itself or in conjunction with
the Electric method to produce an ElectroMagnetic conduction.
So what do you do with all this? If you have absolutely no
experience of astrology at all, at first you should probably just take a
naturalistic view of engaging with it and allow whatever is going to
happen to happen while you observe it and participate in it. In this
way you will be given a swift education in your astrology by the
activating planet, especially with respect to the key it is activating. In
our example Babaji would learn an incredible amount about the
effect that the planet Uranus has in general, as well as the nature of
his Sun. This magic would be so powerful it could easily change him
in exactly the way he intends it to with even just a slight nudge in
that direction, but it could and likely will also have something
surprising to teach him along the way.
If on the other hand you are already familiar with your birth chart,
then it's really time to dive in and truly explore it first-hand. In this
case, you can start playing with intentional self transformation,
knowing something of what the existing pattern of behaviour
attached to a part of your chart is and what it signifies for you. You
can actually engage in a dialogue with the temples and planets and
their keys, asking questions of them and receiving answers from the
experiences you have. For example, it is possible to ask of the planet
Saturn what your greatest fear is, and to receive an answer when he
is either an activating planet or his key is activated. You can ask
Jupiter what the problem you have with receiving abundance is

really all about, and if you turn his key at the right time, he will tell
you, at least from his perspective. And so on. Even philosophical
questions and quests, such as the meaning of life, can be enriched in
this way. The curriculum of instruction is partly up to you it
depends on which keys you turn and what you ask of them but you
must observe the significance of timing and circumstance. It's no
good asking Saturn a question if he is not being receptive to giving
you an answer, but the keys show when he is. Before you can turn
any of the other keys however you must construct them, and the next
key I recommend you create is the other Light key, the Moon key.
The creation of the Moon key in its most basic form is fairly
straightforward if you have already constructed the Sun key. In step
8 in the advanced practice I will show you how to complete the
Moon key so that it is much more complete than the one you create
and work with here. Here we will be working with only a small
portion of the complete key so that you are not overwhelmed with
details at this stage.
Very simply, the creation of the Moon key follows the same
process as that of the Sun key, but instead of looking for the Sun's
position at your birth in the ephemeris you search for the Moon's
position at your birth. You are looking for the same activations i.e.
the columns for the activators Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus,
Neptune and Pluto, but to a different degree of the zodiac (unless you
are born on a New Moon, in which case your Sun and Moon keys
will be identical, or nearly so in this case, simply base your
construction of the Moon key on the work you have already done for
the Sun key).
In Babaji's case, the master key tells us that his Moon is located at
25 degrees of Leo:

Moon (25 35' Leo)

So to create his Moon key in its most basic form we have to

compile a list of all the times when any of the activators reach 2535'
of Leo, exactly as we did previously for Capricorn 1534' when
making the Sun key. When we do this, we end up with something
like this:



Again, spend some time looking at this key, as well as your own
once you come to create it. Look at the major activations the ones
by Pluto or Neptune and pay attention to them first of all. They are
like exclamation marks, they are unique, life changing activations,
but dont ignore the others. Add whatever notations you can come up
with about the possible significance of these activations in the past,
as I have done for Babaji, remembering that the activators have a
window of time to play out in and that the invisible activators
(Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron) must accrue enough astral
substance to manifest physical events and thus take longer time in
some cases.
Look at the overall structure, and compare it to your Sun key in
Babaji's Sun key, Pluto did not make an activation, but in Babaji's
Moon key he does. Note the sensitivity that Babaji seems to have
shown to the Moon key, rather than to the Sun key it seems to have
been involved with more significant events, including the creation of
his legacy, the Self Realisation Fellowship, under Neptune activation
(he is also known for his love of cinema and his metaphor comparing
life to the projection of light through a film Neptune is sensitive to
the concepts of both imagery and metaphysics). In fact this is in
keeping with the highly prominent placing of the Moon as compared
to the Sun in his birth chart (close to his 1st temple key, a powerful
position). Do the same thing for your Moon key and the known
events of your life. Which of the 2 Lights are you more sensitive to?
Careful notes will help you in your dealings with future astrological
times. If there are issues left over, for example, from a previous
activation of the same key, they will tend to become significant again
the next time it is activated. The activators can also accrue karma this
way, so that if you made a big mess when Saturn last activated a key,
the next key he activates can develop the consequences.
With some reflection you will soon realise that the Moon key is
showing you some incredibly sensitive times in your life, times in
which you went through some kind of personal change. Such change
is very often of an internal nature as we respond to events that take
place around or within us, but it can also show itself in our private
life, our home and family experience for example, our self image or
our personality. This is the fundamental difference between Sun and
Moon the Electric nature of the Sun is analogous to the spirit, the
individual consciousness or the individual mental body, while the
Magnetic nature of the Moon is analogous to the soul, the workings
of the inner personality and the astral awareness of the astral body.
Therefore, when turning the Sun key we encounter experiences

which shape the Light of being, the essence of our very nature, our
spirit, and when turning the Moon key, we encounter forces which
shape the Light of soul, the astral body, the reflection of our
individual essence in a shaped personality. The Moon key is sensitive
to the patterns of our past experiences, especially those we inherit
from our parents and those who first nurture us in life, and the Sun
key is sensitive to a more immediate experience of present time
awareness, to the living moment. To put this another way, the soul
(Moon) is more subjective and involved with personal experiences
and the consequences of history, but the spirit (Sun) is more
objective and involved with the essence of experiences, the
ramifications of the present, with what and how things are and mean
without the bias of past experiences getting in the way. The Lights
manifest this as both keys and conductors.
Each of these two keys can, with a little imagination, serve a
variety of purposes. On a mundane level they can help you prepare
psychologically ahead of time for significant changes in your life as
they will always redefine what it is to be you on some level. Either of
them can be turned whenever you are looking for a fresh start to
open up new dimensions of awareness that can lead you forward.
They can obviously be used to explore what it is to be you, who you
are at a fundamental level, your basic nature being encoded by the
Lights, but since the Lights also have a fundamental connection to
being alive they can be employed in healing work, in fitness
programmes and diets, and any kind of activity which focuses on self
improvement, from deep therapy to a cosmetic makeover. They can
be used to explore the relevance and significance of the Elements,
signs and temples that the Sun or Moon are involved with in your
chart, and the aspects they make to other planets, because at the time
of the activation of the key all your Solar or Lunar astrology is
brought to life. In magical work, the Sun key can serve as an
instructor in the Electric Fluid, the Moon key in the Magnetic Fluid,
or you can turn the Sun key while exploring the mental equilibrium
and the Moon key when working with the astral equilibrium. Moon
magic can be timed to coincide with the Moon key activations, and
Solar rituals with the Sun keys.
You could, in fact, stop here. This is the most basic level of
practice that produces holistic and effective results, but with huge
potential. It would literally require at least an entire book to cover all
the possibilities, techniques and suggestions for just these two keys,
and there are many writings by astrologers on the nature of the Sun
and Moon that can be experientially explored and empirically

investigated using the Light keys. As an example, let us say you have
a Pisces Sun, and you have read an astrologer's idea that a Pisces Sun
has sensitivity in the feet. By having a foot massage or reflexology
while the Sun key is being activated by Jupiter, you can test whether
or not this applies to you during a fertile time when its significance is
meant to be high. Activation by Saturn however would likely not be
a good time to test this theory, as the influence of Saturn as an
activator is inhibitive and disciplining. For Saturn activating the Sun
key, you are better off trying something like a diet, something which
reduces weight being more akin to Saturn's nature, or training
yourself in reflexology, calling on the extra discipline he offers.
Your notes and your own introspection can be cross referenced
and brought in here imagine you have an early activation of your
Moon key by Chiron, a period in childhood during which time you
grew very sick, and that during this time you had to stay indoors a lot
and this led to an instinctive response forming so that whenever in
your adult life you are forced to stay home for long periods of time
you are reminded of the childhood event and parts of it seem to
resurrect themselves. Your mood shifts, you tend to get irritable
when home alone and have the feeling that history is repeating itself
when you are ill. The fact that this original event occurs under
Chiron activation of your Moon key means that this pattern of
behaviour is encoded with that significance, so that when the Moon
key is activated again, especially by Chiron but really by any means,
you have an opportunity to re-experience it and actually transform it.
Not only this, but any activation by Chiron of any key can potentially
allow you greater access to this pattern, because it was woven into
the thread of your life by the needlework of Chiron elevating the
status of your relationship with the essential meaning of Chiron will
have the effect of transforming all that Chiron manifests in your life.
We have relationships with each of the activators and these
relationships are what determine the level and quality of interaction
we have with them.
There are even existential questions being addressed in the
structure of the keys, such as the age old debate between pessimism
and optimism: optimism wins. The merest glance at the keys with
their abundance of Jupiter activations is comforting and it is meant
to be! Life is indeed more full of opportunities than we expect, and
the frequency of Jupiter activations write this loud in every single
key, because more often than not fresh opportunities arise, even in a
crisis. All things are indeed loved and cared for far beyond the scale
they imagine for themselves. The danger of this, of course, is that we

can become complacent, greedy, indulgent or wasteful of the

cornucopia of life that is being poured over our heads, and this is
exactly the problem posed to us by Jupiter.
So there are many ways you can explore these two keys, and what
you decide to do with them is up to you. You can pick up works by
astrologers for inspiration on the Sun and Moon and the signs and
temples they occupy in your chart, or the aspects they make, and
draw from them the many different ways these keys could be used,
trying their theories out in practice. You can also learn an incredible
amount about how you can use them just by turning them using the
Sun as the conductor as I have described, as the experiences you
have while doing so will inform you of their role in your life, which
will suggest uniquely personal ways for you to use them.
However, your options are only just beginning to show
themselves. At present, you know how to turn the Sun and the Moon
key by the method of Electric conduction using the Solar map. This
method takes one year to complete, a length of time which is
naturally assimilated by our spirits mental awareness because it
mirrors our calendar and the primary cycle we all recognise, that of
the birthday and the seasons. It's primed to our consciousness. The
effects of this conduction originate in the mental plane, the realm of
our spirit, and so they are most effective at that level, but they can
become dense enough to assume astral substance very quickly, which
is when you really start sensing the presence of the astrological
influences, you start to feel them happening around you, and this can
then take on physical form, such as a gradual vitalising of your body.
So that you can work directly in the astral realm and explore what is
behind the doors of these keys even more thoroughly and quickly
you will now learn about the Magnetic conduction method, which is
very similar but only takes a month to close. The Solar map will not
be used in this method. Instead, you must create a new sequence to
follow, because you are using a different conductor, the Moon.
With the exception of its simplest form, the creation of a Magnetic
conductor must be done anew for each conduction. Unlike the Sun
and thus the Solar map, which have an annually repeating pattern,
the Moon and thus the Magnetic conductor do not repeat in a cyclical
pattern that synchronises with our calendar days so you must
continually go back to the ephemeris or your astrologer to find
the Moon's position for any given day. Consequently, you must

become very familiar with these instructions because you will be

following them whenever you want to create a Magnetic conductor.
There are two approaches to Magnetic conduction, a simple one
which focuses on building a relationship with the Moon itself, and a
complex one which supports the exploration of other chart factors.
Either approach can be employed as the conductor of a keys
activations. I will first describe the simple method and go on to
describe the complex method.
The simple method of conduction is to follow the cycle of Luna as
she begins with her enigmatic dark face and waxes to the fullness of
her bright face, before emptying out again into the mystery of the
dark. To do this, you just need to start on the New Moon and follow
the phases of Luna as she turns about the Earth during your
activation period. Your ephemeris will likely list these phases in a
monthly box, and today there are also many software programs that
can display this information on a desktop.
For example, in Babaji's Moon key, there is a Neptune activation
opening across 1926 and 1927. At any time in that period, but
preferably encompassing the dates listed in the key, he could begin a
Magnetic conduction of the Neptune activation during the New
Moon. The New Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are in the
same degree of the zodiac, so these days can easily be found each
month by scanning the columns for the Sun and Moon, and noting
when the Moon catches up with the zodiac position of the Sun in
those pages. This is the day when you begin the conduction. You
dont have to pay any attention to where the objects in your chart are
through looking at the master key, you could just watch the Moon
changing shape for a month and pay attention to your inner mood
and how it fluctuates. However, you can involve your chart simply
by noting which areas of it Luna passes through as she changes her
shape. If you do this often enough, you will see a pattern emerging as
her Full Moon cycles through the 12 signs. For instance, if Cancer is
the sign of your 1st temple, you will see the Full Moon there every
year around late December or the first three weeks of January, when
the Sun is in Capricorn.
The Moon has essentially 8 faces, 4 waxing and 4 waning, each of
which has its own essential meaning, as she is shaping the Light of
the Sun in a different way. Longer descriptions of these faces are
given in step 8, but they can be brought in here as well. Below is a


New Moon: Mystery. The Moon is Dark and cannot be seen (in the
underworld). Origins. Beginning. A time of planting.
Crescent Moon: Nurture. The Moon is a sliver of crescent Light.
Manifestation, the cresting of visibility. The onset of assertion
through emergence of the seed.
First Quarter Moon: Growth. The Moon is a semicircle of Light.
Activity, the rise of stability. The exertion of effort as the plant
attempts to thicken and stand high.
Gibbous Moon: Birthing. The Moon is ovoid. Expression, the
emergence of communication. The plant begins to grow leafy and
Full Moon: Fruition. The Moon is a disc of bright Light. Flowering,
the gathering of the harvest. The plant bears its fruits.
Disseminating Moon: Reflection. The Moon is ovoid again. Wilting,
the time of assessment and an evaluation of the harvest. The plant
begins to lose height and drop its petals, fertilising its own soil.
Third Quarter Moon: Reaction. The Moon is a semicircle again, but
Light falls on the other side to the First Quarter. The time of
reorientation and preservation, or a change in beliefs and
approaches. The fruits of the plant are crushed and fermented, the
flowers are pressed. The plant begins to restructure itself.
Balsamic Moon: Repose. The Moon is crescent shaped again, but
facing the other direction. Release and decay, the storing and
clearing away. The harvest is stored and the ground is prepared for
the next cycle of growth. The awareness of the plant retreats to rest
deep within its roots.

If you begin with this simple method you will already be familiar
with these aspects of the advanced material when you come to them,
which will help you. You will note that I have only given somewhat
vague visual tips about the different phases of the Moon this is
intentional, you will have to decide for yourself from observation
when one phase of the Moon begins and another ends. The
recognition of the fluidity of the Moon's rhythms is an artful sense
that must be cultivated but soon blossoms in us as it is extremely
Since the Moon takes about 28 days to go through all these phases
you will have about a month to explore an activation. Ideally you
want the exact date of the activation of the key you are turning to fall
somewhere within that month, so you want to start from at least the
New Moon before the date listed in the activation in order to do this.
As an example, if we were using Magnetic conduction to turn
Babaji's Neptune activation of the Moon key in 1926-27, we would
want to start at the New Moons before or just after these dates:

Neptune: 17 Sep 1926 [15 Feb 1927, 20 Jul 1927]


So, the New Moons before or just after (preferably before)

September 17th 1926 or February 15th and July 20st of 1927. But this
is if we are only doing one cycle, one turn of the key at a time. If we
want to do more than one, and this is recommended because the
Magnetic conduction method has a powerful cumulative effect, then
we should begin sometime well before those dates, somewhere
within the orb of influence the activation has. Given that Neptune
has a window of opportunity pushing on at least a year he can start
synthesising it in September 1925, if he wants, and go on month after
month for years, until about July 1928. This would create a powerful
Magnetic volt of Neptune energy. Or he could pick it up at any New
Moon in that whole period, if he wanted, and focus more on
following the Moon during the times of the Neptune activation, using
only her 8 phases to turn the key, to conduct the whole process with
and through her. He would learn huge amounts about the Moon's
faces and the moods that take him as she changes her shape in the
context of the Neptunian activation of his birth chart Moon. He
might experience incredibly vivid dreams messages from Luna or
find that his souls capacity to feel compassion (another Neptune
theme) is heightened, or he could find himself mired in a fog of
delusion as Neptune challenges his souls idealism in an attempt to
clarify its vision. All of this is possible, and more. The longer he does
it, the more intense the Magnetic accumulation will become.
The more complex approach to Magnetic conduction requires the
use of an ephemeris for the time of the activation. This follows the
same routine as the creation of the Solar map but instead of looking
for the Sun's positions over a year you will be looking for the Moon's
positions over a month or a series of months. This is a fairly easy but
time consuming process by hand, and in the beginning it can throw
up some quandaries, so be patient. Unlike the simple method of just
watching the Lunar phases and guiding your exploration through
their essential meaning, this method will connect with your birth
chart and allow you to explore its content and bring it to whatever
activation you are playing with. This approach allows a much greater
influence over the outcome of the conduction.
Suppose Babaji decides to use this method of Magnetic
conduction to turn the Moon key once (i.e. for a month) while it is
under the Neptune activation. Instead of looking for the New Moon,
he needs to begin somewhere else. He could begin from the 1st
temple (temple conduction), which is the temple of beginnings, or he
could begin from the Moon (planet conduction), because the Moon
key is being activated. He could also begin from the Sun, because the

Sun has such primacy in all astrological meanings being the heart of
the cosmic court, but this will then involve the Sun more, or he could
begin from any planet with a similar result, but since this is a Moon
activation, it would be better to begin from the Moon in his chart, so
he decides to begin from there.
He then takes the master key and breaks it into two at the place
where the Moon is positioned, and he places the Moon at the top and
the other half below it, like so:

Moon (25 35' Leo)

1st temple/ascendant (2852' Leo)
Chiron (03 37' Virgo)
2nd temple (25 10' Virgo)
Saturn (12 35' Libra)
3rd temple (25 07' Libra)
Dragon's Tail (05 03' Scorpio)
Uranus (10 02' Scorpio)
4th temple (27 13' Scorpio)
Venus (17 06' Sagittarius)
Mercury (23 17' Sagittarius)
5th temple (29 12' Sagittarius)
Sun (15 34' Capricorn)
6th temple (29 52' Capricorn)
7th temple (28 52' Aquarius)
8th temple (25 10' Pisces)
Mars (0540' Aries)
Jupiter (16 13' Aries)
9th temple (25 07' Aries)
Dragon's Head (05 03' Taurus)
10th temple/midheaven (27 13' Taurus)
Pluto (08 11' Gemini)
Neptune (08 59' Gemini)
11th temple (29 12' Gemini)
12th temple (29 52' Cancer)

Now he has to put dates next to these positions. The Moon's

ephemeris positions for the year of the activation will tell him these
dates. The Neptune activation is taking place throughout 1927 but it
is strong in late July around July 20th, so lets assume that this is the
time he wants to interact with it (since it is the last of 3, he will by
now have had some time to live with it as an influence in his life and
may know what it signifies). The first item on the above list is the
Moon, positioned at 25 degrees of Leo. He needs to now look in the
ephemeris for the day before July 20th 1927 in which the Moon was
at that degree. Looking down the column for the Moon in the

ephemeris for July 1927, he finds that the Moon is listed as being at
25 degrees Leo on midnight of July 3rd. This is the GMT zone, of
course, so if he is east of there it will happen later than midnight on
July 3rd, while if he is west of there, it will be earlier than midnight
on the 3rd, sometime during the 2nd. He writes both these dates down
next to Moon:

Moon (25 35' Leo) - July 2nd and 3rd 1927

The next object on his list is the 1st temple, which comes very
quickly afterwards at 28 degrees of Leo. The ephemeris says that by
midnight GMT of July 4th, Moon is in Virgo, at 7 degrees, so the
Moon reaches the 1st temple on July 3rd. If we want, we can signify
that it occurs later than the previous entry by framing it within a later
part of that day, for example, 'afternoon':

Moon (25 35' Leo) - July 2nd and 3rd 1927

1st temple (28 52' Leo) - July 3rd (afternoon)

The next position is Chiron's at 03 degrees of Virgo still July 3rd,

so we can add that to the list immediately, and if we wish we can set
aside the evening for that part of the exploration:

Moon (25 degrees 37 min. Leo) - July 2nd and 3rd, 1927
1st temple (28 52' Leo) - July 3rd (afternoon)
Chiron (03 37' Virgo) - July 3rd (evening)

This is basically telling us that all three are happening at the same
time, that the 2nd and 3rd days of July 1927 are all about daily activity
involving these principles, Moon, 1st temple and Chiron, along with
Leo and Virgo. If he wants, he can simplify this process by ignoring
the time of day and just deal with all 3 throughout this period as a
single unit:

Moon (Leo)
1st temple (Leo)
Chiron (Virgo)

July 1st-4th
July 1st-4th
July 1st-4th

Here, a day either side has been allowed as a window of

opportunity which this period of the conductor can take place in. It
encompasses the period of the 2nd and 3rd, and gives him more time to
play around with.
To complete the conductor all he has to do is follow this process
for the entire sequence:





Moon (25 35' Leo) begin cycle 1st temple/Ascendant (28 52' Leo)
Chiron (03 37' Virgo)
2nd temple (25 10' Virgo)
Saturn (12 35' Libra)
3rd temple (25 07' Libra)
Dragon's Tail (05 03' Scorpio)
Uranus (10 02' Scorpio)
4th temple (27 13' Scorpio)
Venus (17 06' Sagittarius)
Mercury (23 17' Sagittarius)
5th temple (29 12' Sagittarius)
Sun (15 34' Capricorn)
6th temple (29 52' Capricorn)
7th temple (28 52' Aquarius)
8th temple (25 10' Pisces)
Mars (05 40' Aries)
Jupiter (16 13' Aries)

July 2nd and 3rd 1927

July 3rd (afternoon) - 4th
July 3rd (evening) - 4th
July 5th - 6th
July 6th-7th
July 7th-8th
July 8th - 9th
July 9th -10th
July 10th-11th
July 12th-13th
July 12th (afternoon) - 13th
July 12th- 13th
July 14th- 15th
July 15th- 16th
July 17th-18th
July 19th- 20th
July 20th- 21st
July 20th- 21st [time of 3rd

9th temple (25 07' Aries)

Dragon's Head (05 03' Taurus)
10th temple/midheaven (27 13' Taurus)
Pluto (08 11' Gemini)
Neptune (08 59' Gemini)

July 21st - 22nd

July 22nd - 23rd
July 23rd (afternoon) - 24th
July 24th (morning)
July 24th (afternoon)

11th temple (29 12' Gemini)

12th temple (29 52' Cancer)
Moon (25 35' Leo again) - close cycle -

Moon key activation by


(significant juncture)
July 25th - 26th
July 28th - 29th
July 30th 1927

Reflect on this just as with the master key and the Solar map,
there are many things which can be learned just from meditating on
this sequence. There is a message here and perceiving even just a
part of it will help you enormously in walking the pathway it
describes. If it were you walking this path with Babaji's chart, when
actually walking the path the meaning of Neptune will clarify and
become far more tangible to your astral awareness around the time it
activates the Moon key (July 20tht), and especially just after on the
24th of July when the Moon itself is in the same place as Neptune
was when you were born. The roving, wandering Moon is now in the
same place as Neptune was when you drew first breath, and the

incredibly slow actual position of Neptune has drifted over to where

your Moon was placed when you were born the meaning of Moon
and Neptune is flowing out of the contact they are making in your
life, from out of their mutual exchange within you. It's a window of
astral significance filled with Moon and Neptune, and you can touch
it and discover what it means to you.
Dont ignore the other parts of the conduction though. Look at
their overall placement in time. Because the planets in Babaji's chart
are spaced apart in a kind of splash pattern, he has a continuous
stream of significance to encounter in the conduction sequence just
as one encounter ends, another one is beginning, so he stays active
throughout the entire conduction, bringing in different factors at
different times. If his chart were more focused into one area, such as
having many planets in Scorpio, he would experience a different
dynamic in the conduction. There would be quiet or fallow periods,
followed by a peak of activity as the Moon reached the area of the
chart with most emphasis. Notice your own rhythm of conduction. Is
there always a steady stream of incoming influences but coming
from different areas, a concentrated effect focused in one area, or a
mix with different clumps of activity spaced apart from one another?
This will not only help you in the conduction, it will inform you of
the underlying pattern behind your experience with the astral Light
in general.
Look at the sequence in more detail. Where do you encounter the
Lights? What surrounds and brackets the Lights? In Babaji's
example, the Sun is in the exact middle of the conduction on July
14th 15th. This implies the middle part of the conduction is the time
when he can become most consciously aware of the main activation
(Neptune to the Moon key). It is bracketed by the 5th and 6th temples,
so it is in a period which begins in a 5th temple form, and moves on
to take a 6th temple form. Conversely, the Moon comes at the
beginning and the end because this is a planet conduction of the
Moon key which means that the journey will begin and end there,
that it will be about the Moon in a fundamental way. It is bracketed
by the 1st and 12th temples, so it involves them somehow as initiating
and summing up factors. Next, notice the period given in the
conduction to the activator of the key you are turning, in this case
Neptune. This will always be a significant moment in the
relationship you have to that activator, not just in terms of its
essential nature but also its natal position in your chart and the key it
is activating. In Babaji's case this is toward the end of the conduction
around July 24th just after the exact activation of the Moon key by

Neptune, as we have already noted. Where and when does this

synergy occur in your conduction? Do the same for every planet and
point, especially those you are interested in exploring or seem to
have a particular affinity with.
Also, note that as with Electric conduction the times when the
temple keys become involved are the start of periods which last until
the next temple key is involved. During this period your efforts
should in some way focus on the area of life signified by this temple.
The day of the temple becoming involved is the key time to
completely switch your focus onto that area of life and explore it
intently, or if you are trying to shape the influence, the time to shape
it in the appropriate way. You may find that the temple which gives
you the strongest feedback is the one which contains the key in
other words, if your birth Moon is in the 9th temple, the time when
you bring the conduction of a Moon key activation to the concerns of
the 9th temple will likely be the time in which you encounter strong
effects. In a planet cycle, this will always occur towards the end of
the cycle.
If we had decided to begin the conduction from the 1 st temple,
instead of from the Moon itself, these temple activations would be
more significant as they will occur in sequential order, and begin and
end at the 1st temple, like so:



1 temple (28 52' Leo) - begin cycle Chiron (03 37' Virgo)
2nd temple (25 10' Virgo)
Saturn (12 35' Libra)
3rd temple (25 07' Libra)
Dragon's Tail (05 03' Scorpio)
Uranus (10 02' Scorpio)
4th temple (27 13' Scorpio)
Venus (17 06' Sagittarius)
Mercury (23 17' Sagittarius)
5th temple (29 12' Sagittarius)
Sun (15 34' Capricorn)
6th temple (29 52' Capricorn)
7th temple (28 52' Aquarius)
8th temple (25 10' Pisces)
Mars (05 40' Aries)
Jupiter (16 13' Aries)

July 3rd (afternoon) - 4th

July 3rd (evening) - 4th
July 5th - 6th
July 6th-7th
July 7th-8th
July 8th - 9th
July 9th -10th
July 10th-11th
July 12th-13th
July 12th (afternoon) - 13th
July 12th- 13th
July 14th- 15th
July 15th- 16th
July 17th-18th
July 19th- 20th
July 20th- 21st
July 20th- 21st [time of 3rd



Moon key activation by


9th temple (25 07' Aries)

Dragon's Head (05 03' Taurus)
10th temple/midheaven (27 13' Taurus)
Pluto (08 11' Gemini)
Neptune (08 59' Gemini)

11th temple (29 12' Gemini)

12th temple (29 52' Cancer)
Moon (25 35' Leo)
1st temple (28 52' Leo) close cycle -

July 21st - 22nd

July 22nd - 23rd
July 23rd (afternoon) - 24th
July 24th (morning)
July 24th (afternoon)

(significant juncture)
July 25th - 26th
July 28th - 29th
July 29th - 30th
July 30th (afternoon)

In this kind of conduction, a temple conduction, the focus is not on

the Moon itself, but on the cycle of experience which the temples lay
out. The Neptune activation of the Moon key (active the whole time
thanks to the window provided by Neptune) will be brought to each
temple and thus every area of life in a sequence which naturally
harmonises with your astrology and guides your focus through a
natural order of manifestation. There is a subtle emphasis in temple
conductions which leads us to explore the meaning and significance
of the astral Light in our physical experience of existing in the world
the tasks of maintaining relationships, building careers, looking
after our health, etc. - whereas a planet conduction, one which begins
and ends from one of the Lights, focuses our attention on a particular
dimension of that experience, such as feelings (start from Venus) or
intellect (from Mercury), astral awareness (Moon) or conscious
awareness (Sun). So it makes sense that in a planet conduction you
focus more on the involvement of all the planets and the Lights,
while in a temple conduction you focus more on the temples, but you
can involve both whichever type of conduction you decide to do.
You can also use the simple method of involving the phases of the
Moon in the more complex conduction, to create a richer and more
visual level of interaction with the Moon, but the times when the
New Moon and the start of the conduction coincide will be rare (but
very special!). Just begin as usual and note the phase the Moon is in
when you do, following her phases from there, and blend in the
meaning of the phase with whatever you experience or do.
Again, what you bring to the table at each of the stages of
conduction is partly up to you so long as it involves the essential
meaning of the relevant keys and the activator, and I have given
some ideas to consider in the explanation of the keys later in this
book. I have written this book in a way that enables you to choose
between reading that material or making your own discoveries
without it. For this reason, I will not give a full and detailed example

of conduction here, as it would reveal the essential meaning of the

One thing that should be remembered when using the Moon as
conductor instead of the Sun is the fundamental difference between
the two Lights. The Sun acts to conduct influences into conscious
awareness, the Moon into astral awareness. The Sun is the head of
the diurnal hemisphere (the day time) while the Moon is the head of
the nocturnal hemisphere (night time). This means that Solar
influences will tend to occur during the daytime while Lunar
influences will tend to occur during the night, i.e. during sleep, in the
astral state. Pay close attention to all your dreams and any night
encounters when using Lunar conduction and use the magical time of
transition into and out of sleep to explore the astral awareness,
perhaps by placing suggestions into it. Magnetic conduction is a
great asset to any Moon magic, work with the astral or the subconscious and unconscious, and any kind of habitual behaviour
patterning and its modification. If I want to feel something more
completely or deeply I will conduct with the Moon, but if I want to
be something, I will conduct with the Sun.
If I want a truly powerful experience, I will use both methods of
conduction at the same time, following the course of the Sun in the
Solar map for a year during which I also conduct 12 or 13 turns of
the key using the Moon. This is an ElectroMagnetic conduction
which has many benefits, for example it enhances our physical,
emotional and mental health and greatly assists in the process of
finding and keeping the state of magical equilibrium described in
Initiation into Hermetics. This combined form of conduction is the
essence of synthetic astrology. It has the potential to teach you
everything you need to know about astrology and your own astral,
mental and physical being. A serious practitioner will practice this
method of ElectroMagnetic conduction all of their life, regardless of
whether they use it to turn keys. They will simply observe the
position of the Sun and Moon at all times and relate it to their birth
charts keys, noting what is being emphasised. However when this
method is used to focus on the major activation of keys by Jupiter,
Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto or Chiron, ElectroMagnetically
turning the keys they activate at a particular juncture in time, it truly
comes alive in our hands and its potential uses are limited only by
our imagination, karma and the general significance of the times.
For clarity, here is a summary of the various types and methods of


Temple Conduction: Begins from the 1st temple. Emphasises the

temples and is astra-physical in focus.
Planet Conduction: Begins from a planet or one of the Lights.
Emphasises that planet or Light and is astra-mental in focus.

Either of these types can be conducted one of 3 ways:

Solar/Electric Conduction: Uses the Solar map. Cycle takes at least

1 year. Harmonises with consciousness and being.
Lunar/Magnetic Conduction: Uses the Moon's position from the
ephemeris or the Moon's phases, or both together. Cycle takes at
least 28-29 days. Harmonises with astral awareness.
Solar and Lunar/ElectroMagnetic Conduction: Uses Solar map and
Moon's position. Cycle takes at least 1 year. Harmonises with all
aspects of self.

These techniques are those used to turn any of the keys, but they
can also be explored independently of the keys, i.e. just by
themselves. The keys are really showing times in which employing
any of these techniques will have a certain significance. So that you
can do that, I will now describe how the remaining keys are created.
Every item on your master key must have its own key. Each of the
remaining keys is made in the same way as the Light keys, but
looking for the degree of the zodiac the relevant temple or planet has
on the master key. Babaji's 2nd temple, for example, is given as being
at 25 degrees and 10 minutes of Virgo, so to build his 2nd temple key,
we make a chronological list of every time after he was born in
which Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto or Chiron reach this
place in Virgo.
This will be a time consuming process, but you will never have to
repeat it and when you finish you will have a truly unique map of
your astrology. If you have an astrologer or a word processor to do
this with the process will be made easier. An astrologer can create
your keys by following the instructions given at the back of this
book. Using a word processor you can write headings or open up a
page for every key you have to make and work on them
simultaneously. If you are working by paper, I have a few tips to pass
on to manage the mass of work and cut the time down dramatically.
There are 23 other keys to create. You will save an enormous
amount of time if you create them all together, rather than
individually. The easy way to do this is to collect together 23 sheets
of paper, and write the name of one of the keys you have to create on

the top of each sheet with the degree of the relevant key in the top
right corner of its page Then order them in the sequence they occur
in the master key, and staple or bind the whole lot together. Have this
with you along with the master key when you come to look through
the ephemeris.
Turn to the date and year of your birth in the ephemeris. Look at
the positions of the activators note that they are all the same as
their positions on the master key. This is birth the onset of all life
cycles. Now, going forward from there, scan the columns of the
activators carefully, all of them together, month by month, checking
their monthly motion against the master key. When you come across
one of the degrees listed there (ignoring Sun and Moon as you have
already done them), turn to that key in your pages and write the
activation down underneath any you have already written there.
Remember before returning to the master key to check ahead to see
if the activating planet goes retrograde, in which case you will have
extra dates to add to that activation before you return to scanning the
ephemeris for the next one.
Take care in this process, there are quite a few activations to find
and catalogue, be kind to your eyes and let them rest occasionally,
take your time. You will probably find you get into a rhythm of
recognising what is going to happen next, as the planets move slowly
and the master key shows the order in which things will always
occur. For example, look at this section of Babaji's master key:

4th temple (27 13' Scorpio)

Venus (17 06' Sagittarius)
Mercury (23 17' Sagittarius)

If you have just noted that Neptune has activated the 4th temple,
you know it will next activate Venus, followed by Mercury. This will
be true for any activator. And since of the activators the fastest will
take 12 years to completely orbit the zodiac, some spans of time may
occur in which there are no activations, especially if your chart
shows a clustering of planets in one place. This means you will often
be able to skip long periods of the ephemeris.
Scanning for all the activators and all the keys at once frees you
from having to repeat this laborious process multiple times. By the
end of this careful cataloguing of activations your 26 keys will be
complete and you will be able to turn any of them as you choose
whenever they are activated. Before you go on to do this, however,
you may want to work out the functions and sympathies of all 26
keys as a final step to the basic work.

As I mentioned earlier, each of the keys has an essential meaning,

and one or more other functions, a personal significance. The
essential meaning is the same for everyone and everything, but the
personal functions of that meaning as it manifests will vary. In the
pages that follow I offer some thoughts on the essential meaning of
all the keys, but I can offer none on the significance of the other
functions as the variations are too numerous. However, I can tell you
how to determine these functions, and how to use them generally,
and in the process pass on another piece of knowledge about the
activators themselves along with a few insights from the more
ancient world of astrology and a couple from the cutting edge that
can be useful to know because they contribute to the effectiveness of
the planets in fulfilling their functions and enrich your understanding
of all the keys you have created.
Primary & Secondary Functions of the Keys

These are both simply determined from the rulerships that planets
have over signs, as depicted on the cover of this book:
Aries: Mars
Taurus: Venus
Gemini: Mercury
Cancer: Moon
Leo: Sun
Virgo: Mercury
Libra: Venus
Scorpio: Mars
Sagittarius: Jupiter
Capricorn: Saturn
Aquarius: Saturn
Pisces: Jupiter

The signs act as an intermediary between the planets and the

temples. The placing of a sign over a particular temple in your chart
creates a link between that temple and the planet which rules the
sign. For example, if you are born when the sign of Libra is the sign
which lays across the start of the 2nd temple, then Venus is the planet
connected with the 2nd temple.
In addition, the planets and Lights also take on functions related to
the temples they are placed within in your birth chart, so if your
Venus is placed in the 4th temple, she will also have a 4th temple
function, along with her 2nd temple one. Your Venus key will then be
suitable for 2nd and/or 4th temple work, a blend of the two, or a blend
of them including the qualities of Venus, and activation of any of
these keys can have knock on effects in the others. They are a

blended whole and part of the same thread, the Venus thread.
Thus each world, including the Lights, is connected with one or
more temples, either because it is placed within that temple or
because its sign lays the foundation there. In the keys, these
relationships are shown in the information above each key. Each
temple key has an associated world key, which is the key of the
planet or Light which rules its affairs, and (if applicable) a contents
list which includes the planets or Lights which are within it.
Conversely, each world key including the Lights has a primary
function, which is the temple it is found in, and one or more
secondary functions, which are the temples it founds through the
Fluids as its sign or signs.
The essential meaning of the key will be applied across all its
functions or contents, challenging us to find our own way of bringing
them harmoniously together and making it work as a life. So while
Jupiter has the essential meaning of introducing an infinite
elaboration of commonality and the growth of empathy, something
he does for everyone and everything on the Earth, for you he might
develop this dimension of awareness primarily through your working
life, but secondarily and in the background, also through your family
and marriage.
Here is a list of these relationships in the keys to Babaji's chart, so
you can check them against it and see what I mean:

Sun: has secondary functions related to the 1st temple (Leo is on

the 1st temple) and a primary function related to the 5th (Sun is in
the 5th).
Moon: has secondary functions from the 12th through the sign of
Cancer and primary functions related to the 1st (Moon is technically
contained in the 12th but is more functional in terms of the 1st ; see
note below).
Mercury: has a primary function related to the 4 th and secondary
functions related to the 2nd and 11th temples he is in the 4th, and
the ruler of the signs which open the 2nd and 11th temples, Virgo
and Gemini.
Venus: has primary functions related to the 4th (by position) and
secondary functions related to the 3rd (rulership of Libra), and 10th
(rulership of Taurus) temples.
Mars: has primary functions related to the 8th (position) and
secondary functions related to the 4th (rulership), and 9th (rulership)
Jupiter: has secondary functions related to the 5th (rulership) and
primary and secondary functions related to the 8th temple (by both
position and rulership).
Saturn: has primary functions related to the 2nd and secondary
functions related to the 6th and 7th temples.


1st temple: world key is the Sun key (through Leo), content is the
Chiron key.
2nd temple: world key is the Mercury key (through Virgo), content is
the Saturn key.
3rd temple: world key is the Venus key (Libra), contains the
Dragon's Tail and Uranus keys.
4th temple: world key is the Mars key (Scorpio), contents are the
Venus and Mercury keys.
5th temple: world key is the Jupiter key (Sagittarius), content is the
Sun key.
6th temple: world key is the Saturn key (Capricorn), no contents.
7th temple: world key is the Saturn key (Aquarius), no contents.
8th temple: world key is the Jupiter key (Pisces), contains the Mars
and Jupiter keys.
9th temple: world key is the Mars key (Aries), contains Dragon's
Head key.
10th temple: world key is the Venus key (Taurus), contains the Pluto
and Neptune keys.
11th temple: world key is the Mercury key (Gemini), no contents.
12th temple: world key is the Moon key (Cancer), content is the
Moon key (see note).

Note: In my experience, the 12 temples do not have distinct boundaries but the
zodiac signs do. When the Sun is in the last degree of Pisces, it still emanates the
Piscean qualities, but as soon as it enters Aries, Pisces is gone. The temples do not
behave the same way. They are more fluid because they are even more expressive of
the temporal continuum, the flow of time, than the signs are. This means that when a
planet or one of the Lights approaches the cusp of a new temple, it starts to take on
the qualities of that temple beforehand. So in Babaji's chart, where the Moon is
technically in the 12th temple, I have grouped it as a 1st temple influence because it is
so close to the ascendant, the cusp of the 1st temple. I have grown accustomed to
allowing 5 degrees of the zodiac for this phenomena, sometimes more when the 1st
or 10th temple is the cusp involved, occasionally also giving more when it is the 4th
or 7th. The brighter Lights also seem to have a widening effect on this phenomena.
However, from a technical point of view, his Moon is in the 12th. I use the approach
outlined here when determining everything but the contents list for the temple keys,
because it is more useful to know the content from the technical point of view since
this is where you will encounter it in the temporal sequence of a conduction.

In practice you use these connections to expand your options for

working with specific parts of your astrology and for understanding
the finer mechanisms involved in it. If, for example, you want to
work with the 4th temple key but the next activation is 4 years away,
you can turn to its world key or its content, which will allow you to
work with the 4th temple. These connections also educate you in the
reality of your astrology as an inter-related whole, a dynamic multilayered tapestry, a multidimensional pattern rather than a two
dimensional image. These relationships are the dharmas of the

planets, the tasks they have undertaken in physical existence, the

most natural avenues of expression they find into the world and the
ways they develop themselves in us through experience.
Planetary Sympathies
Aside from the personal connections that they have with temples,
planets also have personal connections with the signs, which are
expressions of their relationships to the Fluids. Unlike the
relationships they form with temples, however, these relationships
are not temporary but rather fundamental and relatively permanent.
The relationship each planet has with the Fluids and thus the
Elements does change, but only very gradually over eons of human
time. In this section, we will look first at the relationship each planet
has with the Fluids and what this means in practice, and then its
relationship with the Elements and what this means in practice.
Planets and the Fluids

The two Lights are the root of the two Fluids, at least in our local
space. Each of the other visible planets must manifest as both Fluids
(two signs) but the Lights only manifest as one (a single sign). Each
of the planets will, however, exhibit a preference towards one of the
2 Fluids. The two Lights then become the leader of two groups, an
Electric and a Magnetic, which astrology anciently refers to as 'sects'.
The Electrical group, called the diurnal sect, is led by the Sun and
includes Jupiter and Saturn. The nocturnal group, led by the Moon,
includes Venus and Mars. Mercury is neutral but will exhibit a
tendency to the Electric Fluid and thus the diurnal sect if he is seen
to rise before the Sun as a morning star (in which case he will be
located clockwise from the Sun in your chart), but towards the
Magnetic Fluid and the nocturnal sect if seen to set at sundown (in
which case she will be anticlockwise from the Sun).
The question of why cold, silent Saturn is in the diurnal sect while
hot-blooded Mars is in the nocturnal when their natures strongly
suggest otherwise is answered when we understand that these two
planets have a more extreme tendency towards one of the 2 Fluids
and therefore tend to be more 'malefic' when out of our control.
Saturn therefore needs to be warmed up, and Mars to cool it, because
this is when they produce more balanced and controllable results.
A chart which is for a birth in the day will then favour the diurnal
sect, and vice-versa for a birth in the night. Such planets are 'in sect',
meaning they have a basic and powerful Fluidic support in the chart.

Those out of sect do not suffer terribly, but they lack an edge that
those in sect do have. This edge is usually in terms of being able to
produce physical effects or some other kind of expression in the
physical world.
Additionally, it is even better if the planet is in the appropriate
hemisphere of the sky, so that if you are born in the day, it is better to
have Sun, Jupiter or Saturn above the horizon in the light of the day
(temples 7-12), and to have the nocturnal planets in the night area,
temples 1-6, and vice versa if you are born at night. This gives
further support to the planet at the level of the Fluids.
The final way in which the planets and Fluids interact is through
the signs. The Fire signs are purely Electric, thus better for the Sun,
Jupiter and Saturn. The Water signs are purely Magnetic, thus better
for Moon, Venus and Mars. The Air signs are neutral, favouring
Mercury, but they contain a slight emphasis towards the Electric
pole, thus they are better for the diurnal sect, while the Earth signs
are ElectroMagnetic but contain a slight bias towards the Magnetic
pole and thus support the nocturnal sect.
If all 3 of these levels apply, a planet is powerfully supported by
its position. If it fails to meet all 3, its relationship with the Fluids
needs to be strengthened before it will be capable of manifesting
physical effects and it will be quite uncomfortable with where it's at,
requiring us to tend to it. In the case of Mars and Saturn, this can
create many problems for us to deal with.
This information can be used to work with the Fluids in the
turning of keys. If you know that, for example, your Mars is heavily
charged with Electric Fluid, being in Aries, above the horizon in the
8th temple, and in the blaze of daylight as you were born at midday,
any hot temper or other Mars issues you have can be transformed
through working out your burning connection to the Electric Fluid.
You might conduct an experiment in the Electric Fluid under a Mars
key activation, perhaps transporting it round your chart through
conduction. Additionally, well supported planets in strong positions
will respond to conduction more energetically, and you can expect
the activations of their keys to reflect this too.
The planets also have affinities with certain signs, and antipathies
in others. These relationships are also Elemental in basis and those
relating to the activators and conductors will now be discussed, but
every planet has them and they can be used to give further evaluation
to how comfortable they are.


Planets and the Elements

The planets, including the activators and Lights, each have a

nature which can be either supported or undermined by certain signs
of the zodiac in which they find themselves. Saturn, for example,
which is the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius, finds his nature
supported when moving through these signs, he is in his own
territory, in his own realm. Conversely, he finds himself far from
familiar or comfortable territory when in Cancer or Leo, which lie
opposite to the signs he rules. Tradition tells us he is also exalted in
Libra, but depressed in Aries. When he is found in any of these signs,
his activations will be affected. So if any of the keys you have
created involves any of these signs (which is very likely) it may be
easier or more difficult to connect with him under his activations of
those keys, and if the Saturn key itself is in one of these signs, all its
activations will contain this potential. The other activators and the
Lights have affinities as well, which for ease of use we can divide
into sympathetic and unsympathetic signs:
Activator /

Sympathetic signs

Unsympathetic signs


Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces

Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius
Aries, Leo
Taurus, Cancer

Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn

Aries, Cancer, Leo
Libra, Aquarius
Scorpio, Capricorn

This much has been agreed by astrologers since antiquity. The

remaining activators are more modern and thus we have no
traditional experience to turn to. The following are my observations
of the affinities of these other activators:

Sympathetic sign

Unsympathetic sign


Scorpio, Aquarius
Libra, Pisces
Capricorn, Scorpio
Virgo, Sagittarius

Taurus, Leo
Aries, Virgo
Cancer, Taurus
Gemini, Pisces

These are my findings from personal experience and I have used

them in Babaji's keys in the following pages. Note that these do not
replace the traditional sympathies, they augment them with an
entirely new level of astrology, the collective level. Now, granted, I
have not experienced what, for example, Pluto in Cancer is like
because I have never lived through it, nor will I in future, but I have
known people who do have it as a birth influence, and in the cases

where no-one alive has experienced a particular planet in one of

these signs, for example Neptune in Aries, it is still possible to
acquire a feel for how Neptunian energies play out in Aries through
the conduction of Neptune activations and a study of historical
personalities. Additionally, these newer worlds seem to conform to
the general pattern of the traditional ones, which have their
sympathetic and unsympathetic signs opposite one another.
In evaluating what the effect of a planet or Light being in a
sympathetic or unsympathetic sign actually is, we have to be careful
of materialistic value judgements about strength and weakness. The
sympathetic signs do indeed support that planet's or Lights nature
and will serve to give it greater freedom of expression and liberty to
do what it does (but at what cost?), but the unsympathetic signs do
not reduce this capacity, they merely cloak or obscure it and lead it
down a less conventional pathway of expression. This can make it
more difficult for us to connect with that part of ourselves or more
difficult to gain recognition for it by others, and it can end up
demanding more of us as the effort required of us by the planet will
be greater, but these difficulties will be because we do not conform
to the status quo with regard to the planet, not because the planet is
'weak'. A Moon in Scorpio, for example, is a deeply shrouded and
private Moon that rarely comes out from its dark cave, preferring to
sit back and observe carefully and give nothing away. This is seen as
an anti-social form of behaviour by some people (even though Moon
in Scorpio people are frequently loyal and offer penetrating
perceptions), and even as a cause for concern, a danger sign that this
person is somehow a threat. This is the Moon in an unsympathetic
sign. It's still a powerful and effective Moon, seeing deeply into
things going on around it, but it is made somewhat uncomfortable
with that by societal and cultural norms. The other unsympathetic
placements describe similar conditions.
So the activators and the conductors have certain signs where they
flourish and others where they dont, and this can help you in your
interaction with them or explain why they seem to be less
forthcoming in certain keys. This is just another layer of information
you can look at.
Finally you can also consider the more permanent and universally
shared connections that some of them have to the temples, which are
an ancient connection called the joys of the planets:


The Sun has its joy in the 9th temple

The Moon has its joy in the 3rd temple
Jupiter has its joy in the 11th temple
Venus has its joy in the 5th temple
Mercury has its joy in the 1st temple
Saturn has its joy in the 12th temple
Mars has its joy in the 6th temple

These joys are the temples where the activation or conduction of

influences involved will be slightly strengthened. So for example the
activations of the 11th temple key by Jupiter are more joyous for
Jupiter, his principle is strong when working in this temple and this
can counteract him being in an unsympathetic sign (giving us the
confidence and support to shun convention). The activations of
Saturn to the 12th temple key see Saturn given greater strength,
because the activities of that area of life are supported by his nature,
his principle enhances them. And in conduction work, the use of the
Sun as conductor is boosted once you come to the 9 th temple because
it illuminates essential meaning, while the use of Moon as conductor
receives a boost once you bring your attention to the 3 rd temple,
because the Moon has an affinity with this place as the Light of the
personal mind. The joys also apply to the contents of the temples, so
if your 12th temple key contains your Saturn key, the key is in a place
of joy for Saturn and activations of that key will be lightly supported
by this condition.
With the functions of the keys worked out, an insight into how the
Fluids are supporting the keys and the awareness that the activators
and conductors have sympathetic and unsympathetic places, along
with the methods you have already learned for turning the keys, you
can now proceed however you wish to practice and uncover the
primary meanings of the keys for yourself, or you can read on and
learn some of what they signify according to my own personal
experience of them and the wisdom of astrology, which are
essentially in accord but differ in some respects because of my
experiential findings.
From this point on, I will present each key in a format which
begins with Babaji's key before going on to a description of its
essential meaning its function in every chart followed by a select
handful of techniques, pointers and suggestions for how it can be
used. Descriptions of the 12 temple keys will be given first, followed
by descriptions of the world keys.