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District of Looc

Grade Six (VI)
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Directions: Read each statement/question carefully. Choose the letter that
corresponds to the letter of the correct answer.
1.. The school bus fetched me _________ this morning.
a. early
b. earlier
c. earliest

d. latest

2. She stayed _______ in studying her lesson last night.
a. later
b. latest
c. late

d. earlier

3. Nancy wakes up _______ than Marianne.
a. most nearly
b. earlier

d. more earlier

c. earliest

4. Aling Consuelo doesn’t want to spoil her only daughter, Rica, so she _________
teaches her many work to do.
a. seemingly
b. misleading
c. carefully
d. apparently
5. Sometimes, I walk by the seashore and watch people running by _________
a. slowly
b. more slowly
c. least slowly
d. most slowly
6. One who shares his wealth with pour people is ____________ than other.
a. more blessed
b. better blessed
c. most blessed
d. less blessed
7. The high flagpole could be seen easily. High is used as ________.
a. verb
b. adjective
c. adverb
d. noun
8. The telephone lineman was hurt ________.
a. more badly
b. more bad
c. badder
d. badly
9. Which is the correct indirect discourse of the ff. statements?
“You look very lovely today,” said the crafty fox to the crow.
a. The crafty fox said, “ Crow, you’re lovely lovely today”
b. The crafty fox said to the crow that she’s lovely.
c. The crafty fox told the crow that it looks very lovely
d. The crafty fox told the crow is lovely

Aling Sally said, “I sell fruits and vegetables at very low prices.”

Aling Sally said if they want fruits and vegetables at very low prices. 14. Father asked Dan to help him repair the broken windows. d. Dexter said that he prepared a dance number for the program. from b. Mother said that she will prepared delicious food for my family. below d.” a. Father said that Dan helped him repair the broken windows. a. 16 The teacher sat a naughty boy ________ a good girl.” a. Farther said. since . b. beside c. Choose the correct reported discourse of the following requests. Sheryl said. Sheryl said that Roger should clean the comfort room. across b. The child asked his father to please bring home some goodies this afternoon. Mother said. d. b. Look at the bright sun ________ the horizon. 13. b. “I will prepare delicious food for my family. “Please clean the comfort. Aling sally said that she sold fruits and vegetables at very low prices. b. 15.a. b. Aling Sally asked if she sold fruits and vegetables at very low prices. before 17. 12. Mother said that she shall prepared delicious food for her family. above 18. “Father please bring home some goodies this afternoon. Sheryl asked Roger to cleaned their comfort room. c.” a. c. throughout d. a. The child asked if his father bring home some goodies this afternoon. 11. “Please. Mother said that she would prepare delicious food for her family. The child said. from b. help me repair the broken windows. “I prepare a dance number for the program. Sheryl told Roger to please clean the comfort room. d. Mother said that she prepared delicious food and vegetables. a. Roger. d. through c. The child said that father will bring home some goodies this afternoon. d. Father told Dan to help him repair the broken windows. d. Dexter said that he prepares a dance number for the program. b. Father told Dan to helped him repair the broken windows. Sheryl asked Roger to clean the comfort room. c. around c. c. Dexter said. c. after d. Dexter said that we prepare a dance number for the program. Dan. He has been suffering from economic crisis ________ the year.” a. The child asked his father to bring home some goodies this afternoon.” a. c. Aling Sally said that she sell fruits and vegetables at very low prices. Dexter said that I prepared a dance number for the program.

Lost his dear Daisy. b. Matt shares the information with his teammates ________ keeping all that he knows for himself. girls are b. he learned to do household chores. you may want to try blogging. entertain d. c.” logging on to a Web site where you can upload your writing ask other “bloggers” to post their comments. persuade c. Inform b. teach 25. Tobacco companies have been in litigation. There once was a writer named Fitzgerald on the rich and famous he’d herald. facing charges that their marketing practices in the past have targeted teenagers. The purpose of this paragraph is to a. To criticize the poor management of the orphanage. Albert worked hard and studied his lessons diligently. benches within d. The purpose of this limerick is to a. It seems as through they are twinkling because their light passes through moving layers of air. He was placed in an orphanage. into d. To provide information about orphan. Stars do not twinkle their lights beam steadily. To persuade c. though bold. What is the purpose of the author? a. He was sent to school. for b. though wellappareled. To teach d. beside with 20. are on the c. If you are interested in sharing your ideas with like-minded people who can comment on your writing. aside from c. entertain d. instead for b. instead of d. They sat on the benches within the park. on the swing 22. When the story was told Poor Gatsby. on the benches c. teach 26. He who helps the needy is blessed ________ the Lord. a. a. persuade c. In his new home. The purpose of the paragraph is to a. a. the swing d. Inform b. Also. Inform b. which bend the light rays in different angles. evidence indicates that companies adjusted levels of nicotine in their cigarettes to increase the probability that smokers would become addicted to the product to ensure higher sales in the future. Albert’s parents died when he was young. To encourage poor boys to work and study hard. they sat on 23. What is the purpose of the author in writing the story? a. sat on the b. To entertain b. Two girls are on the swing.19. teach 27. by Which is the prepositional phrase from the following sentences? 21. To express strong feelings 24. entertain d. . to c. persuade c. Blogging is short for “Web logging. a.

What is the purpose of the author in writing the selection? a. Author Card c. what guide words should you refer to? a. clear water. Proton-Prudence b. global learners may seem to miss the information initially but later grasp concepts in a leap of understanding. 30. Many people swan in the cool. She jumped from her chair and swam toward a body in the water. Subject Card b. . Globe 31. Extra-ezrah 33. Under which pair of guide words would you find the word extort? a. understanding occurs as they take in information in small. Calling Card GR 591 B957 1976 34 The card catalog below is an example of __________ Burton. Sandy pulled the swimmer back to the shore. For sequential learners. What reference material will you use to get the exact location of a certain country? a. c. If you need informations about our National Heroes. Express-expand b. Encyclopedia c. To inform the reader how to swim. connected steps. To encourage the readers about the importance of fast action. Title Card d. Almanac b. Suddenly Sandy heard a voice call for help.d. The purpose of the passage is to a. By contrast. Exam-excess d. Inform b. To criticize lifeguards. Students ordinarily make sense of concepts in either of two ways. d. If you look for the meaning of the word Psychic in the dictionary. Psychotic-Puberty d. which card catalog would you consult? a. She watched the children played near the ocean. To discourage the readers. Yearbook d. b. To entertain readers. Sandy sat attentively in the lifeguard’s chair at the beach. Robert The Love of Baby Animals London: Octopus C 1976 95p. Expand-extra c. 28. Public-Pudding c. entertain d. Psalm-Psychotic 32. teach 29. Her action had saved a life. persuade c.

classified ads 36. obituary 37. I did not realize that my people would remember me and honor me by putting my picture on the twenty. This contains informative stories like travels. society page c. front page d. foreign page c. a. front page d. foreign news b. He got three plastic cups and started to throw them in the air. society page b. . kitchen tips and personalities features urban and rural life. entertainment d. His best friend would probably____________________. He thought he’d be do the same trick with cups. Got the tricks right away d. sports page 38. one after another. title card d. author card c. Subject card b. Classified Ads c. tell Ronny to go to bed d . Front Page b. Ronny knows how to juggle the balls in the air at a time. catch them. You want to know the result of the PBA last night. In what section of the newspaper can we find information about the most important news of the day? a. broke his arms 40. Editorial Page d. Guessed he had to practice many times c. report card 35. Ronny probably___________________________. Jennylyn wants to buy second hand car because she’s been dreaming to drive her own. “Caramba” when I was fighting for independence from America and serving the Philippines as the President of the Commonwealth. Broke many cups that day b. pay Ronny to stop practicing c. a. Which part of the newspaper will she look into? a. want to try the trick too b.a. a. society page c.ask Ronny to play hide and seek 41.peso bill after my death. Feature Page 39. In what section of the newspaper can you find it? a. editorial b. and throw them up again.

PUPIL’S INFORMATION SHEET _________________________________________ Name of School Name: _____________________________________________________________ Last Name First Name Middle Name Grade & Section: _____________________ Date of Birth: ____________________ Place of Birth: _________________________ (month/date/year) (town/province) Address: ______________________________________________________________ ( No./Street) ( Barangay) (Town) (Province) Telephone / Mobile Number: ______________________ Nationality: _______________________ . Manuel L. Direction: Fill out the information sheet accurately and correctly. they want to see your face . Having one’s picture printed on a paper bill_________________ a. Quezon d . Recto b . is a common practice among Filipinos b. 43-50. means that people honor your memory c. Claro M.Andres Bonifacio c. Roxas 42. shows that you helped make the country rich d.Manuel A.You can guess that I am___________________ a.