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Basic Company Profile

Admin Office: 2nd Floor, Colombo Building, MM Ali road, Calicut 673002
Incubated at: Start-up Village, Kinfra Hi-tech Park, Kalamassery, Cochin 683503
Mobile: +91-9846771739; Landline: 0495 402 4500
E-mail:; Web:

Calinno Technologies

Calinno Technologies is a business entity, established by a group of young, passionate and
dynamic team of technocrats and
business professionals. We in our
very infant stage have succeeded in
the development of a business
empire venturing into multiple
industries. Calinno Technologies is



businessmen and political leaders.

Calinno Group can be entrusted
with your vision to climb up the ladder to leadership in your industries.
Within a short period of time we have showcased our business presence in dozens of countries by
serving over 20 clients in the domestic and international sector and with a client list comprising of
Corporate MNCs and several SMEs distributed globally and categorized into several verticals. Our
quick growth never compromised the quality of delivery; Calinno Technologies is your key to
global advantage in terms of technology and innovation. The power of strategic, innovative and
result driven partnership, is what youll
experience at Calinno Technologies. We
stick onto our experiences and values
which guide us to visualize and execute
proficiency at any point of time. They
direct our business strategy and are the
pillars to build the strong foundation of
our success.
Calinno Technologies are committed to bring out innovations to deliver the best-in-class quality.
With state of the art technology, Calinno aspires to take the high road to race against corporate
giants to ensure they gain a leadership position in its category. In spite of the odds of a startup
company, Calinno has been able to challenge the obstacles and were able to proudly showcase a

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Calinno Technologies

record 100% client satisfaction, a memento not many companies can display. This is an undoubted
achievement of our dedicated team comprising of highly professional and experienced members.

At Calinno Technologies, our vision is to become a compact solution provider in technology and
service industries, so that the world can take advantage of our expertise.

Our mission is to develop innovative solutions for all phases of life and to incubate new ideas and
technologies. We strive to provide reliable and convenient services in multiple industries.


Software Solutions

Branding solutions

IT Infrastructure & Security


LED & Multimedia

Calinno Business Incubator / Co-Working Space

Although we have successfully served over dozens of industries, Calinno have decided to increase
the focus on a few selected one, if you fall into the following industry, you can stop your hunt for
the company to partner with you to lead your way to success.

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Calinno Technologies


An end to end business solution center, well equipped to serve you the best in class IT solutions
with state of the art business intelligence
reporting system.
Calinno Technologies offers you the latest





competent innovative designs and coding

strategies, built over platforms that create the
base of the best user friendly environment, yet
a very complex system may be running in the
background. The team that we hire is carefully
filtered to pull out the most passionate ones from the lot; we believe that passion at work is the
only drive that brings growth in an organization.

Mac & Windows applications.

Web application
JavaScript, HTML, PHP, .Net, Ajax, CSS, Joomla, Wordpress etc.

Mobile application
iPhone / iPad (iOS), BlackBerry, Android phone (Android),Windows Phone (MS Windows) and

Business & Web services

Web designing, SEO, Online marketing, Ecommerce implementation, Online business services,
Google Adwords etc.

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Calinno Technologies


A branding solution is a type of communication expert which specializes in creating and
launching brands as well as rebranding.
We create, plan and manage branding
strategies, independent of their clients.
Branding agencies may also handle
advertising and other forms of promotion.
A branding solution is not to same as
marketing solution. Branding is the
process of developing the company's
brand; including the name, identity system
and messaging platform. The brand message is then applied to marketing campaigns and
collateral, which are intended to spread that brand message.
As with advertising agencies, typical
our clients come from all sectors
including businesses and
corporations, non-profit
organisations and government
agencies. Branding agencies may be
hired to produce a brand strategy or,
more commonly, a brand identity,
which can then be output via a
branding campaign, which is a type
of marketing campaign.
Calinno create branding materials that define who a company is to their customers, differentiate
the company from competitors, and communicate the unique value the company provides.
Include Graphic designing, Brochure designing, Business card designing, Logo designing etc.

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Calinno Technologies


Today a business establishment is totally baseless without a secure IT Infrastructure, the level of
security in the system has now become a competitive criterion,
and every company is under a high risk of
losing valuable data if they are not well
equipped with the right tool of protection.
Understanding this special need of the
business world Calinno IT infrastructure
took birth and have successfully claimed
dozens of clients in India and worldwide.
Infrastructure Services play a vital role in delivering an agile and flexible end-to-end business
service. We provide quality service and ensure compliance, security and quickness in our
processes. Calinno offers the entire spectrum of IT infrastructure that include, desktops, laptops,
servers, virtualization solutions, data networks, networking products, system software, datacenter
solutions, data security solutions, storage and back-up and other solutions. Our solutions include
business requirements analysis, equipment selection consulting, infrastructure building and
subsequent systems maintenance and user training and support services. We provide customized
IT infrastructure solutions including
equipment supply, installation and
commissioning and facilities management.
Calinno IT infrastructure focuses on providing
infrastructural solution to business
corporations. The services include highly
sophisticated networking and security systems, with imported and branded
hardware, servers etc. built over complex designs that will fit the clients requirement. The most
critical and complex segment of Information Technology Services is IT Infrastructure, which is
one of the main requirements of any business to start operating efficiently. The IT Infrastructure
combines of IT hardware, Network and Systems. We offer a pack of service that will cover all
your Infrastructure needs.

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Calinno Technologies


The highlight of the Calinno LED multimedia solution project is to harness the market place of the
newly emerging advertisement media.





multimedia solutions have currently












corporations have lately increased on

outdoor advertisement as compared to
TV and printed media ads. Calinno does
not just limit the business to LED
multimedia solution; other LED Products are enlisted in our product list, with a promise of the best
quality imported LED products, Calinno is proud to say that
we have secured a competitive lead in the market.
The highlight of the Calinno LED multimedia solution
project is to harness the market place of the newly emerging
advertisement media. Calinno have identified that LED
multimedia solutions have currently taken up a new trend in
the advertisement industry. Investment strategies of
companies and corporations have lately increased on outdoor advertisement as compared to TV
and printed media ads.

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Calinno Technologies


Calinno Technologies is an organization dedicated to accelerate the growth and success of
entrepreneurial companies through an array of
business support resources and services that could
include physical space, capital, coaching, common
services, and networking connections. Calinno
Technologies is geared toward speeding up the

growth and success of startup and early stage

companies. With the help of industrial experts and
the Government itself and also the ocean of
knowledge of strategic business operation gained
from the roads travelled by us, we are ready to impart our experience to new business aspirants
in the IT industry through this new venture of Calinno.
Calinno business incubator is an incubation center which will be soon established in the heart of
Calicut city, an Indian gateway to the international business especially the EMEA region. This
will be a right confluence for young startup companies as they get access to a potential
buffet of capital choices along with a host of intangible benefits including mentorship, expertise
and networking.
And also providing the Coworking facility, it is a
style of work that involves a shared working
environment, often an office, and independent
activity. Unlike in a typical office environment,
those coworking are usually not employed by the
same organization. Typically it is attractive to
work-at-home professionals, independent
contractors, or people who travel frequently who end up working in relative isolation.
Coworking is also the social gathering of a group of people who are still working independently,
but who share values, and who are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with
people who value working in the same place alongside each other

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Calinno Technologies

Collaboration relies on openness and knowledge sharing but also some level of focus and
accountability on the part of the business




established addressing the creation and

closing of team workspaces with assignment
of responsibility for capturing the emergent
results of the collaborative effort for
preservation in the repository. At Calinno
Technologies, collaboration is a working
practice whereby individuals work together
to a common purpose to achieve our business benefit.
Calinno Technologies has got the perfect team that any company desiring to take its company to a
whole new level of business would aspire for.
The young and dynamic members are those
who are at the leading positions in running the
business, and that is where the energy source
is coming from, at the same time we have an

array of well experienced and successful professionals

backing our team with a well over experience of over 10 years
in their respective fields. With experiences not limited to
business or technology expertise, Team Calinno have
members well versed in Social services, Politics,
Government leadership and the list goes on, we
have what it takes for you to grow.

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Calinno Technologies

Although we have successfully served over dozens of Industries, Calinno have decided to
increase the focus on a few selected
one, if you fall into the following
industry, you can stop your hunt for
the company to partner with you to
lead your way to success.


Trading and Marketing

Logistics and Transportation



E Commerce and Internet Marketing

Construction and Real Estate

Import and Export

IT and ITes

Calinno follow a highly sophisticated Project Flow method, this is how we ensure a highly
professional Delivery with absolutely no Compromise on Quality
in delivery. We are committed not only to deliver the best
Solution, but also to develop them in a best way so as to
ensure it will be durable, cost effective and user

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Calinno Technologies



Calinno Technologies is committed to providing high quality products, effective project

management and outstanding customer service for our clients. All personnel within our company
are responsible for the quality of their work. Calinno Technologies provides training and has
established systems to assist all personnel to achieve the standards required. A project can claim
to be successful when a very extensive QA has been done on over different level of the
development and we practice a very complicated procedure for
Calinno. Calinno follows a highly sophisticated





method to ensure a highly professional delivery with

absolutely no compromise on quality.
At Calinno Technologies, we stress the application of a
variety of principles, systems, and tools toward the sustainable
improvement of our key performance metrics. Applying basic
principles of six sigma and lean manufacturing in our
everyday operations has helped us to improve the
quality of process outputs and create more value for customers with fewer resources. Our
continuous improvement plan and operational excellence principles have led us a long way
towards perfection.


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Calinno Technologies


Picking one from a bunch is indeed a difficult task, because of the obvious question which
one? Your Answer to this question is, if the companies you pick have the Solution to your
need as simple as that, here is where Calinno Technologies Stand out of the crowd. Here not
only your question is answered but also we have the answer to those questions which you dont
even know that you should be asking. The following are a couple of reasons which our clients
would recommend Calinno technologies.
We focus on the customer of our client when we Design your project, believing that our
growth is established only when you grow.
Having a Dynamic, Passionate and
Experience team in the control and having
executed highly challenging projects we are
confident to say, you will have exactly what you need,
sometimes will be beyond your imagination, along with the
latest technology under the hood.
Having an excellent international exposure, our standards are
measured keeping the international level as the benchmark,
hence our optimum results so we call it, will be one of the best
business solutions you can ever get.
Being a Multi branched company, we have engineers stationed at
different geographical locations, including residential campuses, and consequently your
work will be delivered on time with no compromise in the Quality of Delivery.
One of the biggest successes of Calinno is its ability to say No to projects they cannot
deliver under the benchmarked quality and international standard. We do a 3600 Analysis
of your requirement before we agree to take it.
Our Focus is not on Hiring Engineers and professionals from IITs, MIT or Harvard; we
have a unique interview process involving psychological tests wherein we get to filter out
the most passionate technocrats from among the applicants.
Our expert Consultant are independent body who are paid only to deliver the best
solution, and are completely isolated from targeting the profit of the company, this is to
ensure the project Delivery of our client happens under the most Cost Effective Plan,
they can find in the Industry


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Calinno Technologies








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Golden Spicy

Carino Lifestyle

Sparrow LED Store

ALBAIK Restaurant

Calmove Technologies

Blue Nile Communications

Kerala Grama Panchayaths

Dalma Hospitality Supplies

Anto Joseph Film Company

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Indian Union Muslim League IUML, and the list goes on

The passionate technocrats at Calinno are
obliged to deliver you the best
solution with the latest technology
under the hood within your budget;
because we believe that your growth is
the only ladder we can trust to be
our success.


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Calinno Technologies

Admin Office


0495 402 4500
2nd Floor, Colombo Building,
MM Ali road, Calicut 673016

Incubated at

Start-up Village, Kinfra Hi-tech Park,

Kalamassery, Kochi 683503






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Calinno Technologies

Calinno is your Gateway to Global Business Benchmarking


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