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ALE 2015


1) Maximum and Simplicity?
2) Cheerfulness
a) Red
b) White
c) Royal blue
d) brown
3) Who is the Architect of Legislative Building/Museum?
a) Juan Nakpel
b) Juan Arellano
c) Alejandro Locsin
d) Bobby Manosa
4) Decontractivism?
5) International style?
a. Philip Jhonson
6) Simplicity and richness?
a. byzantine
7) Gateway of Shinto?
a. Torri
b. Pay Lou
c. Ke do
d. Chenci
8) Where is Vice President Binay under the coordinating Housing?
a. NHA
9. A vault that extruded along axis?
a. Barrel Vault
b. Vault
c. Drum
10) Open market of Greek?
a. Agora
b. Furom
c. stoa
11) A walk or passage behind the parapet?
a. Allure
b. Passageway
c. Corridor
d. Catwalk
12) The rounded including the apse and ambulatory?
a. Chevet
13) Flower is a pot?
a. Richard Joseph Neutra
14)The international airport TWA?
a. Eero Saarinen

15) Female with Basket column?

a. Caryatid
b. Canephora
c. Bartizan
d. Merlon
16) A large having many columns in rows supporting a flat roof?
a. Hypostyle
b.Multi column
a. Custom
b. Tradition
c. Geomancy
18) Architect of Quiapo Church
* Zaragoza
19) The first skyscraper in the United America?
a. Chicago
b. New York
20) The first Gothic Church?
a. Westminster Abby
b. Notre dame
c. St. Venice
d. St. Dennis
21) Stone hinge?
22)Won the Brazillian?
*Lucio Costa
23) Exterior masonry wall that absorbs solar heat after a time lag of several hours?
24) A monument erected in memory of a deceased person?
a. Temple
b. Cenotaph
c. Tomb
25) What is the purpose of the post in Ifugao?
a. Traditional
c. Protection to the rat
b. Enemies
d. Design Purpose only
26) What among these choices supported by the flying buttress?
a. Column
c. Wall
b. Arch
d. Dome
27) Class AA concrete mix?
*1:1 :2
28) Question about Rose window
a. Rayonnant
b. Flamboyant
29) Combustible materials like paper?
a. Class A
c. Class C
b. Class B
d. Class D
30) Minimum exit door in one building?
a. 1 exit
b. 2 exit
3. 3 exit
4. 4 exit

31) Minimum height of marquee from the sidewalk to bottom of the marquee?
a. 3.00 meters
b. 6.00 meters
c. 1.80 meters
d. 10.00 meters
32) Minimum distance of marquee from the Road right of way to marquee?
a. 3.00 meters
b. 1.5 meters
c. 6.00 meters
d. 10.00 meters
33) What is important in mansion?
a. Main house
b. Mansion house
c. Manor house
d. Ancestral house
34) To inter the light inside the temple in Egyptian?
a. Clerestory
b. Wall
c. Window
c. Skylight
35) Post and lintel what period?
a. Roman
b. Egyptian
c. Greek
d. Modern
36) What is the minimum courts shall be connected to a street or yard, either passage way?
a. 2.00 meters
b. 1.2 meters
c. 3.00 meters
d. 1.5 meters
37) Building shall have be of wood construction the structural fire-resistant materials and one-hour fire-resistive?
a. Type 1
b. Type 2
c. Type 3
d. Type 4
38) Materials shell glass?
* Capiz
39) Itched glass?
*Pattern Glass
40) Situational: Locsin is a likha awardee won that building is CCP, what building the same area and other architect?
a. CCP
b. Coco nut palace
d. Folk Art Theatre
41) Minimum Toilet Dimension?
a. 0.60 x 2.10
b. 0.70 x 2.10
c. .60 x 1.80
d. .80 x 2.10
42) How to obtain minimize noise and continuing work?
a. Open space

b. Put cabinet
c. Face to face layout
d. Solid wall
43) Height of comfortable table?
a. .750 m
b. .725 m
c. .70 m
d. .80 m
44) Window have opening 100% and used for evacuations
a. Casement
b. Awning
c. Double awning
d. Sliding
45. Situational: In company, the percentage of Architect?
a. 75%
b. 80%
c. 80%
d. 60%
46. Situational: How much is the minimum architect fee for consultation of the project?
a) 70,000.00 in Pesos
b) 75,000.00 in Pesos
c) 60,000.00 in Pesos
d) 100,000.00 in Pesos
47. The Architect hired an accountant, What is the purpose of the accountant?
b) Obligation
c) Net worth
d)Financial stability
48. Old legislative bldg. - Filipino architect
49. Winsminster cathedral
50. Cloisters-covered walkway in a church-refer to Dk Ching visual dictionary
60. Cenotaph-a memorial monument without the deceased with in or underneath it.
70. The architect of erectheon and propeleah
71. Agora in Greek architecture was asked
72. Female statue with baskets in there head as colums-caniforae
73. Dictum: the house is like a flower pot-neutra
74. TWA airport archt. -eero saarenin
75. DESIRED Height of a dining table
76. Ramp slop of pwd
77. Desired distance from entry to elevator for pwd
78. Height of railing
79. Who give continuous study/CPD to architects
80. Comprehensive land use
81. Years before the licence of an architect expires
82. Minimum door diminsion of a bathroom
83. Minimum width of an entrance door
85. Volume and form
86. A cheerful color, effect/outcome in mixing three colors red, orange, green.

87. Furniture, a chair cushioned without backrest ottoman

88. Which is not part of an architectural design
89. Designer of the Hoffman House
a. Frank Lloyd Wright
b. Marcel Bruer
c. Richard Meier
d. Richard Rogers
90. Feng Shui is based on:
a. customs
b. tradition
c. geomancy
d. Science
91. VP Binay is under what housing group?
92. Which are not included for the requirement for building permit.
a. The use or occupancy of proposed work.
b. A description of work to be covered by the permit
c. Description and ownership of the lot-TCT
d. Estimated cost of proposed work
e. TAX Documents
93. "House is like a flower.
94. Who is the Architect of Quiapo?
* Jose maria zaragosa
95. Accessible water closet stalls shall have a minimum dimension of?
96. Sound produced by impact or vibrating medium or surfaces.
a. Wave
b. Wavelength
c. Noise
d. Intensity
97. Who is the third architect of St. Peter's Basilica?
a. Giacomo de Vignola
b. Giuliano da Sangallo
c. Michelangelo
d. Fra Giacondo
98. Why should an architect hire an accountant?
a. to know if he is rich
b. to fix his salen
c. to know if he is stable
d. to prepare financial obligations
99. An architectural firm is like a car.
a. With oil and gas
b. run smoothly without trouble Disk used in traditional houses
c. its protection against rats.
100. A artistic way of different materials with juxtaposition.
a. collage
b. contrast
c. Rhythm?
101. Process of combustion

a. fire
b. flame
102. If you remove the column from the wall what would be the result?
a. Open plan
b. Free plan
c. Free faade
103. History figure with bearing basket on their head.
a. Canaphorae
b. Caryatids
104. How could you be fare for the contractor?
a. Visit site and make inspections on work done
b. Release certificate of payments
106. Work done on site to replace the damage utilities?
a. repair
b. construction
c. erect
107. Old Legislative building
* Juan arellano
108. Section 33 Ownership of plans and section 38.
109. A roof supported by columns?
110. Row of columns on all side
a. peripteral
b. peristylar
111. First gothic church or building
a. Westminster
b. dennis
112. Architect known for deconstructivism
* frank gehry
113. Forerunner of international style?
a. le Corbusier
b. Walter Gropius
114. A recessed space built into the bottom of a cabinet that sits on the floor?
a. toe kick
b. foot kick
c. indent
115. This type of retaining wall is made of rectangular baskets made of steel wherein it is field
with stones that is used to hold soil.
a. Bearing wall
b. Gabion wall
c. Riprap
d. Retaining wall
116. How often should the Architect visit on site in a construction period?
A. Twice a month
B. Once a week
C. As often as he wants to
D. Daily
117. Bottom chord - Beam

118. What is the purpose of the disks found on the tree trunks
119. Where the Ifugao house stand?
a. structural purpose
b. protection against rats
c. decoration/ornamentation
d. weeding out evil spirits
120. Writing specifications is a sole function of?
A. Project Manager
B. Certified specification writer
C. Architect
D. Engineer
121. Not less than how many meters is the clear distance between signboards erected on one
A. 3.0m
B. 4.0m - ANSWER
C. 5.0m
D. 6.0m
122. What is the minimum dimension of t&b door?
A. 0.60x1.80m
B. 0.50x2.10m
C. 0.60x2.10m
D. 0.70x2.00mArchitect signed under not his own design and
123. Supervision. He will be?
A. liable
B. charged
C. penalized
D. fined
124. Feng Shui is based on:
a. customs
b. tradition
c. geomancy
d. science.
125. VP Binay is under what housing group?
Additional Questions:
1.) Chevet upper portion of the ambulatory
2.) Dictum a house is like a flower pot. Joseph Neutra

3.) Rhythm movement characterized by a patterned repetition or alternation of formal elements in the same
modified form.
4.) Articulation Method or manner of jointing that makes the united parts in relation to each other
5.) Surface articulation
6.) Pattern
7.) The shape of a structure distinguished from its material. - Form
8.) It is an opposition or juxtaposition of a dissimilar element in a work of art to intensify an elements property. Contrast
9.) Project Manager Head of construction assigned by the owner & attends meetings when the owner is out of the
10.) Who owns the plan when youre connected under a Developing company?
11.) Who pays the expenses for the scale model?
12.) Mock up
13.) Fist gothic church in Europe. Church of St. Denis
14.) Leandro Locsin is known for his building design such as CCP but another construction was also known was
constructed near the said site but designed by another architect. - Folk Arts Theater
15.) What does the flying buttress supports?
b.) Column
16.) Eclecticism
1) Vernacular structural only
Biga Beam
Tahilan Top chord
Barakilan Bottom Chord
2) Plan Reading
Electrical layout
Architectural plan
Architectural elevation


3) Types of shades protect the window it can be disassemble.

a. Shade
b. Canopy
4) Other term for base board below the cabinet.
a. Toe kicker
b. Toe spacer
c. Toe
5) Measuring 0.90 m vertical distance from floor finish?
6) Best flooring materials
a. Wood
b. Granite
c. Ceramic
d. Cement
7) Roofing used in sidewalk?
a. Polybutile
b. Curvilinear
8) Best used for exposed trusses?
a. C Channel
b. Angle bar
c. Rectangular
9) What paint used for free painted roofing?
10) Brand name for pipe?
a. Bostik
b. Crown
c. HCG
d. Davies
11) Brand name for paint?
12) Materials used for working area less maintenance.
a. Gravel
b. Rough finish tile
c. Paver
d. Semi rough finish tile
13) Not Architectural
a. Architectural plan
b. Column layout
c. Location of lightning
d. Plumbing Designing
14) Not Interior?
a. Ceiling Plan
b. Gate design
c. Section
d. Electrical layout
15) Not Structural?
a. Structural conceptualization
b. Beam details
c. Trusses details

d. Structural plan
16) 120-240 unit
a. RFM
b. Watts
c. Volt
17) To bypass the electrical current?
18) What color for the grounding
a. Black
b. Yellow
c. White
d. green
19) What materials used for water proofing the asphalt shingles?
20) What waterproofing used for firewall?
21) Minimum ramp for PWD
22) What pile use for swampy area?
1. Pipes, Electrical Layouts, Plumbing Parts
2. National Bldg. Code?
3. Color Defects
-Paints, Materials-Situational Questions
4. Soft wood
5. What do you call the section for ownership?
6. Its a vertical section?
7. What do you call that in actual you see above but in plans you look downward?
a. Ceiling Plan
b. Reflective Ceiling Plan
1. In elevator, it detects the obstacles during the door closing, and reopens the door if there is something. Photocell
can be used together with this.
A. Safety Shoe
B. Fascia Plate
C. Weighing Device
D. Knife Switch
2. Under Glazing of Openings, Minimum dimension where one person could pass through size of glazed openings.
A. 600
B. 700
C. 800
D. 900
3.Which of the following Consumes the LEAST Electricity?
A. Computer - ANSWER
B. Television
C. Electric Fan
D. Heater
4. Banned by the Government.
A. Fluorescent

C. Incandescent
D. Metal Halide
5. What is the minimum dimension of t&b door?
A. 0.60x1.80m
B. 0.50x2.10m
C. 0.60x2.10m
D. 0.70x2.00m
7. Sound waves pass around obstruction & through small openings.
a. Diffusion
b. Diffraction
c. Reflection
d. Resonance
8. The New York central park is an example of
a. Rhythm
b. Balance
c. Contrast
d. Juxtaposition
9. Architect signed under not his own design and supervision. He will be?
a. liable
b. charged
c. penalized
d. fined
28. Lumber specification for S4S means..
a. square on four sides
b .first class lumber
c. smooth for surfacing jobs
d. smooth on four sides
29. Flying buttress supports?
a .wall
b. column
c. arches
d. vault
30. A piece of metal or an electrical conductor used to bypass a safety device in an electrical system?
31. Type of wood end joint where both end of wood are cut at equal angles diagonally,
a. scarf joint
b. mitter joint
c. splice joint
d. finger joint
32. Another term for plaster board is...
a. block board
b. concrete board
c .form board
d .gypsum board or lath
33. In a structural steel section joints, which of the following isnt recommended to use ?
a. rivets
b. oxyacetylene welding
c. nuts and bolt
d. electric arc welding
34. Who will determined the height of the signboard

a. Architect
b. mayor
c. bldg official
35. A common and cheap masonry finish wherein dry consistency mortar mix is sprayed by mechanical or pneumatic
means the sprayed cement is left to dry and give a wall or surface
a rustic finish effect optional paint coat may be required..
a. stucco finish
b. sandblast
c .anay finish
d. spraytex
36. Portion of post or sheet metal driven into the soil to secure firm foundation..
a. piles
b.sheet pile
1.) It is widely known for a brand of paint.
2.) It is widely use and a known brand.
3.) It is widely use and a known brand.
4.) It is a method to determine the strength of a material.
Compression Test
5.) No of Lighting fixture on Circuit 6
Location of Panel Board
6.)Determine the shown figure of the ff.
Clean out
7.)Determine the following figure (truss shown)
8.)A pile driven at a specified angle to provide resistance against lateral force. Batter pile
9) Aggregate
10) Admixture
11) Workability
12) Formwork
13) Where does the standpipe located?
14) flammable liquids. - Class B Fire

15) paper & cloth - TYPE B FIRE


3-Storey Barangay Hall Institutional

Twenty Storey Condominium with Podium
Resto bar
Two Storey Duplex
Car Repair Shop
Four Unit Classroom Nursery House
Mix Used

Questions :

How many Parking at Open space inside the building front

(PSO) Percentage Site occupancy base on Table VIII.1
(USA) Minimum Unpaved surface area on Table VIII.1
(ISA) Maximum Impervious surface area on table VIII.1
(TOSL) Tolal Open Space within the lot base on Table VIII.1
(AMBF) Allowable Maximum Building Footprint Table VIII.1
(MACA) Maximum Allowable Construction of the Area Table VIII.1
(PSO) Percentage Site Occupancy base on Actual
(USA) Minimum Unpaved surface area on Actual
(ISA) Maximum Impervious surface area on Actual
(TOSL) Total Open Space within the Lot base on Actual
(AMBF) Allowable Maximum Building Footprint on Actual
(MACA) Maximum Allowable Construction of the area on Actual
(TOSL) Minimum Total Space within the Lot base on the Table VIII.G.1
(Table VIII.2) Setback for Commercial base on Road Right of Way
(Table VIII.3) Setback for Residential base on Road Right of Way
What is the Ratio AMBF percent to Open Space percent?
AMBF/TLA = % is to TOSL/TLA =
Roof and Roof deck
Slope heights and Orientation
Gallon to Pint
Working area in square meter

Number of steps and riser measurement
Section 9266
Section rule 7 & 8

Other Questions:
1) Not permitted in R2?
a. Church
b. Condominium
c. Social Center
d. Barangay Hall
2) There are 2 computation problems
Given the area in square meter
Given the dimension of 2 sides in meter
Size of Tile
Labor per square meter
Materials + labor
Random Questions:
1. What section under rule 7 in the NBC stated the Building Height Limit according to the building type or use of
answer: 707
2. A duplex house with a TLA of 136 sq.m. and a bldg. footprint of 98 sq.m., what is the ratio between the AMBF
and the PSO of this project?
*answer: 72% is to 28%
3. Duplex 8 unit restau-plaza 20-storey condominium car repair shop 4 classrooms NURSERY SCHOOL 5
storey government building warehouse factory questions: + highest point of the slope of the grade?
Choices are: North, south, east, west
4. Number of a required parking slots of a specific building base on the NBC rule XIX-parkig and loading space
5. Wood is under what type of construction according to section 401 of the NBC answer: type 2
6. What do you call the areas within which only certain types of buildings are permitted to be constructed based
on their use or occupancy, type of construction answer: FIRE ZONEs
7. Ceiling heights + computations: paint of a ceiling area number of gypsum board in a ceiling area of a roof with
a given eave dimension in sq.m. length of the fence perimeter length of a beam on the building's OFB length of
the parapet wall framing base on the OFB total area of a corridor of the 16 floors tower of the condo building.
area of the total parking slots length of the total drive way front entrance to exit lowest portion of the elevation
setbacks basing on rule 8
8. Given an inside lot with a TLA of 3600 sq.m zoned as C-3. The site has a frontage of 60m sloping 2.3%
towards the 27m-wide RROW.

a. Based on Rule VIII, Section 804 of the NBCP, what is the percentage of the building footprint in relation the
area of the lot?
b. Based on Rule VIII, Section 803 of the NBCP, what is the AMBF of the project?
c. Based on Rule VIII, Section 803 of the NBCP, what is the PSO of the project if it is to have firewalls?
d. Based on Rule VIII, Section 803 of the NBCP, what is the maximum impervious surface area of the project if it
is to have firewalls?
e. Based on Rule VIII, Section 803 of the NBCP, what would be the total open spac required?
f. Based on Rule VII, Section 705 of the NBCP, what is the TGFA of the project if it is to have firewalls and a
sprinkler system?
g. Given the slope, what would be the difference in elevation at the front and back of the site?
9. Given a 4500 sq. m lot with a frontage of 60m, front setback of the building from the property line is 12m, side
setbacks of 12m, rear setback of 15m......estimate the no. of parking slots surrounding the building
10.You have computed the AMBF of the given lot as 450 sqm. with a frontage of 15 sqm. compute the following:
a. total area of the GROUND FLOOR CEILING
b. total no. of 2 ft x 2ft ceiling boards
c. if you have 1.5 m eaves on all sides, how many gallons of paint will the interior ceiling and the eaves
require given 25 sqm/gallon (3 coats)
d. estimated total length of roof beam
Study sections in RA 9266 and UAP Docs
1) Section 33
2) Section 39