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‫بسم ال الرحمن الرحيم و الصلة و السلم على أشرف المرسلين و سيد الخلق أجمعين - سيدنا و مولنا محمد بن عبد‬

.‫ال صلى ال عليه و سلم‬ Beauty is an art and imagination in the minds of many women, some of them to seek more beauty to admire her husband, and seeks other for the satisfaction of the disabled. Extended attempts to circumvent the rights body to include men and women; which increases demand for a plastic surgery. A study showed that the rate of these types of surgeries has increased by about eight times over the past ten years. The study of the rates of plastic surgeries noted that the most common are Liposuction, the removal apron abdomen addition to the resurfacing of the skin of the face using chemicals (Chemical Peeling; and the number of surgeries inflate breasts rose nearly six-fold over the past ten years, in addition to management of gynecomastia in men group. These studies attributed this increase in demand for cosmetic surgery to several factors, including: the increasing proportion of older persons in the distribution of the population, rising incomes, as well as the new techniques of cosmetic surgery made it easier and faster, prompting many to rush out without fear of pain or longer recovery periods. Therefore, is cosmetic surgery is frivolous or luxury real need or not? And what is the opinion of Arabic Plastic surgeons in cosmetic surgeries, and what is the scientists look?

Cosmetic Surgery specialist actually differs from the general surgeon, cosmetic surgeon deals with the following types of peoples who need: 1 - Cosmetic Surgeries: A - Changing the form and shape of nose and ear, and eyes. B – Hair restoration and transplantation. C - Obesity and excess skin in allover the body by liposuction or plasty surgeries. D - Breast or buttocks augmentation, by planting devices fit to each position. E – Management of Gynecomastia in men. 2 – Reconstructive Surgeries: A – Management of congenital distortions: as cleft lip and palate and face and skull deformities. B - Surgeries to rebuild wounded organs as hand after accidents. C - Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy. D - Reform broken nose after an accident. E- Removing the effects of skin distortions and scars of previous surgeries. 3 - Microscopic scars: A - Implanting parties. B – Tissue and muscle transfer. C - Liver implantation. D - Microvascular surgeries. E – Peripheral nerve surgeries. 4 - Burns: A – Management of severe burns. B – Management of post-burn deformities and scars.

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