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Spring 2008
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Wednesday, May 7, 2008
Herbert Aptheker Undergraduate History
Conference at Columbia University
The International Law of War as Viewed Through the
Spatial Order of Carl Schmitt
Willful Forgetting: Methodological Approaches to the
Problem of Historical Memory
Controlling Flint: Inclinations and Obstacles to Workers’
Control in the 1937 Sit-Down Strike
Herbert Aptheker, a brooklyn native, earned both his bachelor’s degree
and his doctorate at Columbia University. His doctoral dissertation
was later published in 1943 as American Negro Slave Revolts, and is a
seminal work on slave resistance.
The Herbert Aptheker Undergraduate History Prize is awarded
by the Columbia Undergraduate Journal of History Editorial Board from
the pool of papers that are submitted to the Journal for publication.
Award-winning authors are invited to present their papers at the
Herbert Aptheker Undergraduate History Conference, for which
they receive an honorarium of $150.*
* Andrew Tillett-Saks will not receive the honorarium, as he is a member of
the Columbia Undergraduate Journal of History Editorial Board.
Lectures by the Recipients of the
2008 Herbert Aptheker Undergraduate History Prize