Greek official geographical books

Few weeks before NATO summit in Bucharest, in originally Greek style , declarative secularist „democratic“ Greece government, ordered their church representatives and priests to join anti Macedonian campaign in order to gain peoples votes in Greece. Fear of loosing incoming elections, mr.Karamanlis used all methods to bust nationalism, neofascism towards Macedonian people. In achieving that goal, this is what a Greek priest with uncertain church title with Karamanlis instruction, did. In middle of he's mis, he opened The Bible and pull out falsificated map and started persuading gathered believers in Jesus, that it's real map of Republic of Macedonia. I don't why they did it in such manor, but the counter effect that they achieved with this cowardly and low-level act was that it didn't past as such without wider examine from both experts and ordinary people. Never the less, this was map pulled out from The Bible and presented by the Greek priest:

What this poor priest didn't knew, that this kind of creation never existed with such borders and such sub-name as shown to that so called map.But I guess all that work was gratefully rewarded by Greek's government. Under rule of Kingdom Of Yugoslavia, territory of today's Republic Of Macedonia, which was occupied in 1912, was part of this Kingdom along with part of today's Kosovo and southern Serbia in province named by the name of river Vardar as "Vardarska Banovna".

And this is the case with part of Montenegro and western part of Kosovo and Metohia, part of Croatia and Bosnia in territory known as "Zletska Banovina"."Moravska Banovina“ (part of Kosovo and Eastern Serbia), "Dunavska Banovina“ (Northern Serbia, Vojvodina and part of Croatia), „Vrbaska Banovina“ (Westarn Bosnia), “Primorska Banovina“ (Dalmacia), “Savska Banovina“ (Middle Croatia and Slavonia), “Dravska Banovina“ (part of Slovenia without territory belonging to Italia).

Shown as that, each of those „Banovina-s“ had name given by the name of great rivers that flow on their territory. Neither had a name of todays modern states that emerged after SFR Yugoslavia fell appart . Map shown above is from 1930 and this administrative territorial division was present from 1924 to 1941 when Nacist Germany declared war. My first question is this? Does Greece oppose to the state names of Montengro, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia? Second: Is this so called priest ,other than „Banovian name“ , going to fight for extension of borders of Republic of Macedonia to the north to fit in he's „Vardarska Banovina“? What a misery! Here I'll stop commenting their paradoxical statements, because they are just not worth of. I shall continue with facts on how Greek state refers to Macedonia until late 80's. That's not gonna be done with speculations or false maps, but with official maps that Greek state used in official atlases or geographical books. In this encyclopaedia's-atlas from the 80's, Greece undoubtedly calls us MACEDONIA.

Here it's clear written that Yugoslav Federation consists of several nations: Serbs, Croats, Slovenians, MACEDONIANS, Montenegrians, Bosnians. Further more the language is shown as MACEDONIAN.

If I don't want to be misunderstood and this taken as plagiary- encyclopedia, here is another example, atlas from same period in which again undoubtedly Republic of Macedonia is shown as MACEDONIA without any sort of adjectives.And for irony to be even bigger, on Greece's territory(read; occupied territory of Macedonia) there is no sign of Macedonia or province called Macedonia, just clearly Ellada.

In following high school geography book, printed in Athens in 1977, Republic of Macedonia is again shown as MAKEDONI(J)A and on territory of Greece there's no sign of M or even of province Macedonia.

There's no need to ask your selves why this happened. The answer is well known. Activists of Greek secret services and their clear agenda against Macedonians in early 80's, informed their central in Athens of possible complications because of following breakdown of SFR Yugoslavia, and emerging of Macedonia's independence. In these reports they are suggesting several measures to destroy the truthful Macedonian identity, by strong propaganda and with false statements about how settlers brought from Caucasus and Central Asia (Karamanlisies and Majires) are real Macedonians.

And this is how American Harvard-encyclopedia from 1980 shows territory on which Macedonian language is spoken.

On following map after the independence of Republic of Macedonia, you can see that on territory north of SolunThesalloniki),Macedonian language is videlly spoken.And you will notice Macedonian flag with Macedonian Sun as state simbol.

But let's see how with agile propaganda, on this map from 1995 nations are simply erased and names of states are renamed.

This is how Greece and their fascist's government with help from EU countries tried to destroy Macedonian Nation, hiding their atrocities from 1912 ,hiding the exodus and genocide over Macedonians from 1947-48 and creating new Greek-Macedonians who in fact are not real Greeks, but newcomers brought from Asia and shown to the world as „real Macedonians from Greece“.All they want to is to keep the properties given as gift for their loyalty by Greek government which were taken from killed or exiled Macedonians.Today this Asiats supported by official Athens freely disgrace Macedonian soil filed with our fathers graves, killed by fascist Greece. THE WORLD MUST HEAR THE TRUTH!

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