Manchester Commons Homeowners Association Board of Directors Meeting Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2007 I. Attendees In attendance were Amy Muench, Robert Girardo and Dave Ness. Also attending was Mike Blessing from Armstrong Management. II. Approval of minutes from last meeting The minutes from the BOD meeting of September 17, 2007 were reviewed and approved. Mike Blessing distributed the BOD and Executive Session packets for the meeting. It was noted that there are no official minutes from the April 2007 and July 2007 quarterly meetings. III. Old Business/Open Issues a) Block Party – due to conflicting schedules, the fall/winter block party has been postponed until Spring 2008. Robert volunteered to head up the rescheduled party. b) ARC Violations – Amy Muench will continue reconciling the ARC violation list from Spring 2007. Because of BOD turnover and lack of management oversight, there is a trail of missing paperwork homeowner remediation cannot be confirmed. c) Common Area Drainage Issue – At this time, there is no new news to report. The Board is currently waiting for a response from the County on the outstanding queries. IV. New Business a) Trash Removal Contract – The Board reviewed and unanimously approved a new contract with American Disposal Services, which included a July 2007 increase. b) Snow Removal Contract – The Board reviewed and unanimously approved a new snow removal contract with Suburban Concrete Services. The new contract runs through March 2010. c) Landscaping/Grounds Contract – The Board discussed the current dissatisfaction with Professional Grounds. And voted to terminate the contract at its expiration. Mike will solicit at least 3 bids (including Professional Grounds, who will be invited to participate in the bidding process) to present to the Board. d) Investment Strategy – On behalf of Armstrong, Mike made a motion that MCHOA move the balance of approx. $48,500 from Accounts 10150 (Savings account earning 4.75%) and 10200 (Reserve account earning 0.10%) into a higher-yield CD, earning 5.49% interest. The Board unanimously approved this motion and instructed Mike to make the changes. Mike will send the final amount to be moved to Amy/David for signature.

e) 2008 Budget – The Board discussed the proposed 2008 MCHOA Budget, prepared by Armstrong Management. The following issues were raised: • Mike will review with the Armstrong Accountants how a 2007 surplus should be reflected. The Board recommends that this amount is made available for spending in 2008 (i.e carry forward) as opposed to funding Capital Reserves.

Pending the recommended adjustment, the Board unanimously approved the 2008 budget. Armstrong will send the budget to the homeowners. f) Resident Concern – A resident has asked the Board to intervene on their behalf regarding a neighboring residence, citing unit overcrowding, excessive noise and constant littering of the common areas. Mike will contact the homeowner of the unit, reminding the homeowner of the governing document provisions regarding common area protections and resident conduct. The Board will also encourage the resident to contact the local authorities when they perceive a violation of county or state laws, including noise violations, occupancy violations or improperly registered vehicles. g) Master Association-Related Concerns – Several residents from the pool end have complained about excessive (and past hours) noise from parties at the Rec Center. This has happened on multiple occasions. In addition, there are two dead trees on the MLMA common area near the walkway to the pool/Rec Center. Amy will contact Theresa Cathell, Manager for the MLMA. V. Items for the Next Meeting a) Management Contract – Mike will provide the Board with a copy of the Armstrong contract. b) Capital Reserve Study – Mike will provide Amy with a copy of the last Capital Reserve Study. c) Existing Homeowner Packet – Mike will provide Dave with all MCHOA Resolutions and policies enacted since the original Bylaws and CCRs. VI. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned. Minutes submitted by: Dave Ness, Secretary