Manchester Commons Homeowners Association Board of Directors Meeting Meeting Minutes

January 28, 2008 I. Attendees In attendance were David Burton, Robert Girardo and Dave Ness. Also attending was Mike Blessing from Armstrong Management. II. Approval of minutes from last meeting Mike distributed the BOD and Executive Session packets for the meeting. He also distributed the General Ledger packet for 4Q 2007. III. Old Business/Open Issues a) Architectural Review Board violations – There are several known outstanding ARB compliance violations; however, there is no accurate history of compliance requests/resolutions by homeowners, and over the past years, there has been a lack of consistency in applying the architectural rules and guidelines. A motion was made and seconded to “start fresh” in Spring 2008, with a new unit-by-unit inspection by the ARB. The motion passed, 3-0. A neighborhood walkthrough will be scheduled at a later date. b) Parking Violation Letter – Dave Ness presented a draft of a visitor parking violation letter to be sent via certified mail to the “problem offenders.” However, existing language in the governing documents is weak and hard to enforce as written. Several options were discussed, including enhancing the existing signage, clarifying the language in the current parking resolutions, and enacting a new resolution to restrict visitor parking to non-residents only. Given no immediate solution, sending of the letters was tabled until the Board can solicit input from the community and discuss the matter further. IV. New Business a) Common Area Drainage Issue – At the direction of the Board, Mike will call Greg Budnick and recommend JAT Concrete’s bid for the grading. Mike will meet with Shenandoah, Mr. Budnick and representatives from Fairfax County to discuss the shared responsibilities, next steps, etc. b) 2007 Financial Audit – Mike presented a proposal from Ahlberg & Company to perform an audit of the financial balance sheet as of December 31, 2007. The Board approved the bid and David Burton signed the contract. c) Landscaping/Grounds Contract – Mike presented bids from four landscaping companies for a new grounds contract. The current contract expires at the end of February. The Board reviewed the contracts and via email, directed Mike to pursue a contract with Shenandoah.

d) Outstanding Balance Write-off – There are two outstanding homeowner account balances on the books that are greater than 90 days old with an amount under one dollar. The Board voted to waive these delinquencies and set both these accounts to zero balance due. e) Petty Cash Account – Mike asked if the Board maintains a petty cash account, and if so, who manages it? The Board members in attendance did not know of such an account, but will ask Amy. f) Dirt Mound in Common Area – Mike inquired about a dirt mound in the common area behind the units adjacent to Charles Arrington. No one in attendance was aware of such a dirt mound. The Board will investigate and see if needs attention. V. Items for the Next Meeting a) Schedule ARB Walkthrough. b) Common Area Grading – progress report on the grading project. c) Visitor Parking Violations – continue discussion on the visitor parking issue. VI. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned. Minutes submitted by: Dave Ness, Secretary

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