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Press Release

E.ON Moldova Distribuie optimizes major capital investment projects using IBM
software solution from BPM
Bucharest, June 22, 2012 - E.ON Moldova Distribuie S.A. implemented IBM WebSphere Software
to optimize its investment management process to gain better control over investment planning
and execution, and maximize return on capital expenditures.
With this in mind, the company believed that the fastest, most suitable and cost-effective way to
achieve these goals was to streamline various grid investment activities. This was no small task as
a single investment management process for E.ON can have more than 100 independent stages,
involve over 50 functional business roles, and integrate information from over a dozen corporate
application silos, resulting in a remarkable level of complexity both in terms of process breadth and
depth an requiring numerous points of integration. After looking at various options, it became
apparent that the solution could best be found in a business-process management (BPM)
application that could easily integrate with its existing SAP applications.
To achieve their objectives, E.ON Moldova Distribuie implemented BPM Waves Major Capital
Projects solution (MCPTM), developed over an architecture based on IBM WebSphere BPM,
Websphere Operational Decision Management and Websphere Cast Iron software to provide
enhanced connectivity between applications and communications platforms enterprise wide. The
solution developed for E.ON performs end-to-end orchestration and monitoring of the investment
management process, with full SAP and other enterprise systems integration.
The Major Capital Projects (MCPTM) solution includes the following components:

IBM BPM engine for investment process automation: task allocation, email notifications
and alerts, escalation flow as per designed business rules, confirmation of task completion;
IBM WODM for business rules management, which executes real-time decisions, providing
specific business events and business rule runtime capabilities
IBM Cast Iron middleware for the integration of relevant systems and applications such
as SAP, PM software, and contract management applications.
BPM Waves user interfaces on top of the BPM platform, adapted to the client

BPM Waves team of experienced BPM architects, developers and analysts managed to build and
roll out the integrated solution used by E.ON to manage hundreds of large capital projects and
thousands of grid extensions in less than three months.
The solution provides significant time and money savings through a higher level of control over the
entire investment management process. Process automation and monitoring allows for the rapid
identification of bottlenecks and speeds up project deployment and execution, while the integrated
systems provide the management with up-to-date accurate reports on performance levels and
forecasts. The IBM solution allows E.ON to:
Orchestrate and manage the completion of tasks and deliverables to process stakeholders
throughout investment management life cycle;
Monitor completion of all IM activities and send notifications/alerts on delays;
Insure completion of required project actions and insure that the required output is in the
right format;
Full report regarding daily GIS consolidation, phase duration vs. KPIs, financial reporting
actual vs. estimate, daily status, project consolidation;
Integrate ERP and Document Management systems for task utility.
After implementing MCPTM, E.ON Moldova Distribuie registered significant improvements that

Better rate of on time delivery, improved cost control, accelerated start of revenue streams,
reduced cost of non-compliance;
Increased staff productivity
Reduced costs of rework, increased comparability between project teams performance,
better quality management;
Reduction of non-productive time, better future project planning, improved risk
Better correlation between pay and performance, labor regulation compliance, lower cost of
work performed;
Improved accuracy and timeliness of management decisions, higher ROI, cash flow

About E.ON Moldova Distribuie

E.ON Moldova Distribuie S.A. is a utility company based in Iasi, Romania, that is responsible for
retail electricity distribution, grid operations and related services. The company serves the six
counties in Moldova region: Bacau, Botosani, Iasi, Neamt, Suceava and Vaslui. E.ON Moldova
Distribuie also installs both high- and low-voltage networks, made up of overhead and underground
power lines, poles and transformers. It is a subsidiary of E.ON Romania, one of the leading
nationwide electricity and gas distribution companies.
About BPM Wave International AG
With a focus on Business Process Management and Optimization, BPM Wave International AG, offers
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applications have been awarded for excellence by our strategic partners, IBM and OpenText, and
have been implemented in more than 15 countries. BPM Waves portfolio of market tested and
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