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Marinduque is an island province of the Philippines located in Region IV-B
MIMAROPA region. Its capital is the Municipality of Boac. Marinduque lies between
Tayabas Bay to the north and Sibuyan Sea to the south. It is west of the Bondoc
Peninsula of Quezon province; east of Mindoro Island; and north of the island
province of Romblon.
Marinduque is the second safest province of the Philippines, next to the Batanes
Islands, due to its near-zero crime rate statistics. For almost 200 years, the province
is home to one of the oldest religious festivals in Philippines: the unique and colorful
Moriones Festival.

Moriones Festival
The Moriones is an annual festival held on Holy Week on the island of Marinduque,
Philippines. This is a folk-religious festival that re-enacts the story of Longinus, a
Roman centurion who was blind in one eye. The "Moriones" are men and women in
costumes and masks replicating the garb of biblical Roman soldiers as interpreted
by local folks. Once a man wears his Moriones costume, he automatically plays the
role of a Roman soldier. No one must know his identity, so he must not take off his
mask, nor reveal his true name or voice. The Moriones or Moryonan tradition has
inspired the creation of other festivals in the Philippines where cultural practices or
folk history is turned into street festivals.

Condé Nast Traveler Magazine named Cebu the 7th best island destination in the Indian Ocean-Asia region in 2007. with popular tourist destinations such as Mactan Island and Moalboal. Lapu-Lapu City. and their rejection of their former animist beliefs. In a decade it has transformed into a global hub for furniture making. education and industry in the Visayas. tourism. consisting of the main island itself and 167 surrounding islands and islets. located in Mactan Island. 7th in 2004 and in 2009. Other places like Maasin City. trade. Sinulog Festival The Sinulog is an annual cultural and religious festival held on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City. the oldest city in the Philippines.[3] 8th best Asian-Pacific island destination in 2005. Its capital is Cebu City. Roman Catholicism). when Rajah Humabon and his queen Amihan (Humamay) were baptised along with their subjects. . The Sinulog commemorates the Filipino people's acceptance of Christianity (specifically. and heavy industry.Cebu Cebu is an island province in the Philippines. which forms part of the Cebu Metropolitan Area together with four neighboring cities (which comprise Danao City. becoming Carlos and Juana of Cebu. Misamis Oriental and Southern Leyte also have their own version of the festival in honour of the Santo Niño. is the second busiest airport in the Philippines. business processing services. Mactan-Cebu International Airport. and is the center of the Santo Niño celebration in the Philippines. Balingasag. Cebu is one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines. Mandaue City and Talisay City) and eight other local government units. with Cebu City as the main center of commerce. The first of these conversions happened in 1521 on the island of Cebu.