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New International Business English


UNIT 6 International trade
EXERCISE 1 Choose the best word to fit the gap.

A supplies

D exchanges
D compatible

against your first order.

B replaceable

C rechargeable

D refundable

from 27 April.

B portable

C available

D accessible

B emptied

C undone


D unsent

to keep the complete range in stock.
B uneconomic

C uncertain

B in good shape

D invalid
and its order book was full.

C in good spirits

D in good health

Artemis gives us a good price on this because they are our
A single


C completed

After rationalisation the company was
A in good time


B competent

Unfortunately it is
A insufficient


at the plant.

The assignment arrives at the warehouse on Monday and will be
A unloaded


D supplements

C redundancies

All items in this range will be
A suitable


B dealings

The price of the catalogue is
A removable


C supporters

You will see from the catalogue that our prices are very
A competitive


B suppliers

Unfortunately the recent takeover will result in a number of
A rationalisations


have been working with us for a number of years.

Most of our

B one

C individual

D sole
, including prices and delivery

I would be grateful if you could let me have a detailed
A quotation

B term

© Cambridge University Press 2000

C offer

D order

A The cost and transportation of the goods. Please let me know by fax or e-mail if an order at these prices as this offer will end on 31 March.New International Business English EXERCISE 2 Match the words 1-5 to their definitions A-G. This particular model is available from (2) at this time. a Business English glossary. The (4) you would like to (5) introductory regular price is price is $499. F This price includes cost and freight. The special (3) $199 per unit or $499 for six. There are three words you do not need to use. C This price covers the cost. © Cambridge University Press 2000 . D This document is evidence that goods have been sent by air. carriage paid. stock warehouse return recent confirm place Visit the New International Business English website: www. G This price covers the ex-works cost of goods. There are two extra definitions you do not need to use. to a named port of destination in the buyer’s country. B This document is a receipt for goods loaded on a ship. to a named destination in the buyer’s country. insurance and freight charges 1 CIF 2 EXW 3 CPT 4 irrevocable letter of credit 5 CFR to port of destination. but not insurance. but not the insurance and freight charges. E This document ensures that the exporter will be paid. Reading EXERCISE 3 Fill in the appropriate word in gaps 1-5 from the Resources include: interactive exercises. articles and information on the Cambridge Business English Certificate examination. Thank you for your (1) enquiry about our AntiSpy SP 700 computer screen protector.cambridge.