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Centro de Auto Acceso



Going to
Requests: may, can, could, will,
would, have to



Compounds: some, any, no every
Inviting: let’s, how about, why
don’t we
Phrases for invitations (writing)
One/ones too/enough



Take, pick up, borrow,
lend, made, arranged
Word building: -er,-or

UNITS 6-7c

Describing people

Organize the words according to the pictures.

1. costhri

6. wen arey



2. resourts

7. olin



3. teriwa

8. thirdbay



4. lalt

9. serds



5. drengourdun

10. napel



Mirelle Atenas Carrillo Moreno

fast Does __________ know the answer? any When __________ for the next exam? study She didn’t like those shoes.INSTITUTO POLITÉCNICO NACIONAL CENLEX UST Centro de Auto Acceso STUDY GUIDE II. 2. it is __________ than the bus. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word in bold. 4. She preferred the blue __________. 3. 6. 7. 6. some Do they __________ work tomorrow? We’re going to Six Flags. intelligent I think __________ stole my mobile phone. 3. 1. 8. one This is the __________ hotel of the area. 5. good My dog is __________ than yours. 8. 4. I can’t find it. I’m going to take the underground. have Look at Luke’s organizer and make sentences about the plans that he has. III. 5. 7. ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Mirelle Atenas Carrillo Moreno . September SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Midterm exam 5th Midterm exam 6th 7th Check exam 8th Maggie’s birthday party 9th 10th 11th Breakfast with Sherry 12th 13th 14th 15th Independence day 16th 17th Job meeting 18th 19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd Pick up mom from airport 24th Visit museum of anthropology 25th Take mom to Chapultepec 26th Drive mom to airport 27th 28th 29th 30th 1. 2.

Elliot: Yeah! Good idea! Ok. _______________________________. I definitely don’t want a party. Maggie is ____________________________. Marge Maggie Lisa Abraham Bart Homer Mirelle Atenas Carrillo Moreno . Elliot: That would be a good idea! I wouldn’t have to clean my house after the party. Cox.INSTITUTO POLITÉCNICO NACIONAL CENLEX UST Centro de Auto Acceso STUDY GUIDE IV. V. JD: 1) __________________________________. Lisa is ______________________________. Marge is _____________________________. his wife and the twins. Complete the conversation with the phrases from the box. Elliot: 5) JD: Yeah. they cancelled their vacation How about going to a bar? JD: Let’s make a list Could you tell Karla too cannot invite everyone And what do you want to do for your birthday? Elliot: Well. Homer is ____________________________. 4) _________________________. 6. JD: I’m going to see Dr. 2. Abraham is __________________________. Cox in the afternoon. 4. don’t worry. ____________________________________. first you and me. JD: Do you think the twins will go? Elliot: Yes. Bart is ______________________________. 3. ____________________________________. 5. 7. 1. I’ll tell him about it. Karla. I’m not sure. Dr. JD: Who are you going to invite? Elliot: Umm! JD: 3) I 2) ____________________________ from the hospital. Turk. _____________________________? Write 4 comparative and 4 superlative sentences according to the pictures. 8.

a) one b) ones c) too 8. a) swimmer b) swimming c) swim 6. I ________ clean the bathroom. CENLEX Santo Tomás is ______ than CENLEX Zacatenco from Normal subway station. a) ones b) one c) enough Write your plans for the next holiday ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ Mirelle Atenas Carrillo Moreno . 7. Match the columns a) b) c) d) e) f) g) VII. My birthday is on ________. Are there ________ chairs for all the students? 2. Michael Phelps is the best ______ in the world. I’m grounded. A) Which shoes are you going to wear today? B) I think the blue ____. I’m very sad because _____ came to my Christmas party. I don’t have my iPod because I ________ it to my brother. Can I ________ your pen? 4. a) November 21 b) November 21st c) November 21th 5. a) someone b) anyone c) no one 4. This car is newer than that _____. What is ________ way to arrive to Zócalo station? 6.INSTITUTO POLITÉCNICO NACIONAL CENLEX UST Centro de Auto Acceso STUDY GUIDE VI. This sweater is ________ small. 7. This new computer is ________ than my old one. borrow lent too enough better the easiest have to 1. 3. Circle the correct word 1. a) dress b) bathing suit c) tie VIII. Would you ______ my homework for me? a) arrange b) do c) take 2. a) closer b) closest c) the closer 3. 5. When I went to my cousin’s wedding. I wore a _____ and a suit. I need a bigger size.

b a c b a c a a VII. Homer is fatter than the rest. VIII. 6. 5. 5. 3. d g a c f b e 1. Lisa is more intelligent than Marge Abraham is older than Homer. Luke is going to have breakfast with Sherry on September 10th. I’m not sure about the colour.INSTITUTO POLITÉCNICO NACIONAL CENLEX UST Centro de Auto Acceso STUDY GUIDE I. faster anyone/anybody are you going to study ones best more intelligent someone have to EXAMPLE 1. My mother and my sisters are not going to be here on Christmas. It’s going to be a great party and I’m going to rest a lot. 5. Luke is going to celebrate Independence Day on September 15th. Birthday 9. Luke is going to take his mom to Chapultepec on September 23rd 8. They cancelled their vacation Could you tell Karla too? VI. Ostrich 2. 3. 4. 7. 3. Trousers 3. Luke is going to drive his mom to airport on September 26th IV. How about going to a bar? Cannot invite everyone Let’s make a list. 2. 6. 2. New year 7. 4. 3. 1. they are going to visit Veracruz. 2. 5. 8. 1. 5. 5. 1. Maggie is more lovely than Lisa II. 6. 2. Luke is going to check his exam on September 7th. Luke is going to go to Maggie’s birthday party on September 8th. Underground 6. 6. Luke is going to have exam on September 4th and 5th. but we’re going to meet for New Year. I’m going to make a Christmas party and I’m going to invite all of my friends and family. Tall 5. I’m going to paint my house. Maggie is the youngest of all. 8. 7. 3. Mirelle Atenas Carrillo Moreno . 4. 1. Dress 10. 4. Marge is taller than Lisa. Bart is the shortest of the boys. Lion 8. 1. 6. 7. 7. EXAMPLE On December I’m going to stay at home. 2. III. 2. Plane SUGGESTED ANSWERS V. Marge’s hair is longer than Maggie’s hair. Waiter 4. 4. Luke is going to have a job meeting on September 17th. 8. 4. 3. 7. I’m not going out because I’m very tired.