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QC Program Objectives and elements
• EEstablish and maintain a Contractor Quality 
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Control (CQC) program as described in this SOP. 
This QC program is a key element in meeting
This QC program is a key element in meeting 
AFCEE and MNSTC‐I’s objectives of delivering 
quality projects. The CQC program consists of:

QC Organization
QC Plan
QC Meetings
Control and Completion Inspections
Certifications Testing and Documentation
Certifications, Testing and Documentation

AFCEE IRAQ CONTRACTOR QUALITY CONTROL EXPECTATIONS CQC Program requirements • Th The CQC program will ensure compliance with  CQC ill li ith contract requirements for the following: – Materials M i l – Workmanship – Equipment – Fabrication – Construction – Operations .

AFCEE IRAQ CONTRACTOR QUALITY CONTROL EXPECTATIONS CQC Program Essential Elements • The CQC Program and Plan will include: The CQC Program and Plan will include: – – – – – – – – CQC‐QA Coordination meetings Mutual Understanding memo Mutual Understanding memo QAP jointly developed and implemented Submittals reviewed and approved Testing Completion Inspections CQC Certifications Documentation .

AFCEE IRAQ CONTRACTOR QUALITY CONTROL EXPECTATIONS Government Acceptance of CQC Plans • CQC CQC Plan must be submitted within 15 days of  Plan must be submitted within 15 days of award • QC Plan must be approved prior to start of ANY  QC Plan must be approved prior to start of ANY work* • C. temp utilities excepted . may interview/remove anyone from QC  y / y Q organization – Lack of qualifications – Non‐compliance with contract quality  requirements * Site mobilization. Man Camp. Security.O.

AFCEE IRAQ CONTRACTOR QUALITY CONTROL EXPECTATIONS CQC Organization Qualifications lf QC Manager • Minimum 10 years combined experience in following positions: Minimum 10 years combined experience in following positions: – – – – – Project Superintendant QC Manager Project Manager Project Manager Project Engineer Construction Manager • Minimum 2 years experience as QC Manager y p Q g – Similar sizes and types of work and trades • Familiar with/experience in: – Hazard recognition g – Safety compliance – Sustainability • Alternate QC Manager g – Same qualifications as QC Manager * – Not to exceed 14‐day periods .


AFCEE IRAQ CONTRACTOR QUALITY CONTROL EXPECTATIONS Q Q QC Program and Plan Requirements • • • • • • • • CQC Manager reports directly to Superintendent or Project Manager CQC Manager reports directly to Superintendent or Project Manager CQC staff at all levels are designated and qualified* HERC/WERC contractor issues letter to the QC Manager designating: – QC Manager and QC staff Responsibilities QC d QC ff ibili i – QC authority to stop work  QC Manager issues similar letter to QC Reps  100% Site presence by Prime Contractor QC Manager and staff unless precluded  by significant extenuating circumstances Daily QC reports that accurately reflect active QC program y p y p g Active testing  Support for independent government testing * Qualified is determined as:  .

AFCEE IRAQ CONTRACTOR QUALITY CONTROL EXPECTATIONS Q Q Contractor QC Plan Elements • QC Organization – Chart and levels of authority • QC Staff names and qualifications – Attach resumes • Duties. Responsibilities and Authority Duties Responsibilities and Authority – Include letters of appointment/designation • QC Testingg – Testing staff or agency qualifications – Test plan and log – Documentation  Documentation .

AFCEE IRAQ CONTRACTOR QUALITY CONTROL EXPECTATIONS Q Q Contractor QC Plan Elements • Definable Features of Work • Submittal Review Plan – Procedures for review and certification prior to submittal • Inspection Procedures • Deficiency tracking  and Re‐work Procedures D fi i t ki dR kP d • Completion Inspection Procedures – Punchlist – Pre‐Final Inspections – Final Inspections .

 verification.   These Procedures include: – Specific  QC and engineering tests to be conducted – Specification paragraphs/reference standards • – – – – IBC/AICS Address entire scope of project (SOR/SOW) Definable Feature of Work to be tested Frequency of testing Frequency of testing Qualified staff or agencies to be used for performing testing* . – Documenting the results of  the CQC inspections and deficiencies i h l f h CQC i i d d fi i i Documented control.AFCEE IRAQ CONTRACTOR QUALITY CONTROL EXPECTATIONS Q Q Contractor QC Plan Requirements • • Documented procedures for  Documented procedures for – work layout – QC staff verifying that the work has been constructed correctly. and acceptance testing procedures.

– Initial. – Follow‐up control.AFCEE IRAQ CONTRACTOR QUALITY CONTROL EXPECTATIONS Q Q Contractor QC Plan Requirements • • • • • Documented Contractor Inspection Procedures: – Preparatory. ll l Documentation of acceptance tests performed – Provide a tracking summary master sheet – Testing by accredited authorities??? Testing by accredited authorities??? – Documented procedures for tracking deficiencies and follow‐up  procedures Documented Punchlist procedures Documented Pre‐Final and Final procedures Daily QC Reports  – Timely submission – Capture all QC activities and deficiencies Capture all QC activities and deficiencies – Indicate use of documented procedures .