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Jerome К. Jerome

Gina D. В. Clemen
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l0 снАртЕR тW0 Jos ýurрrisе 20 СНАРТЕR ТНВЕЕ George's Hed Book 39 СНАРТЕR FOUR ThB Unfriendly Ноrsе 51 СНАРТЕR FlVE Ап ЕmЬаrrаssiпg Adventure 6. 97 9. 16. 68. 59.98. 30.106. 46. 57.. 90 . 58. 98. 79.1.81. 46. 80. 28. 87. 66. 1 9. 56. ]09 Trinity-Style activities The text is recorded iп full.1 АFтЕR READllJG @ СаmЬridgе tCE-style activities т: GRADE 7 9.JEROME KLAPKA JEROME lNтRODUстlON cHAPTER 0NЕ The l}ecision .88.! Getting into ТrочЬlе 70 CHAPTER SEVEN Rulеs and Signs 82 СНАРТЕR ElGHT The Milk Gart l}og 99 DOsslERs The Golden Age of Bicycles 31 The Black Fоrеst 91 Slx снАртЕR lNTER1. 76. 79. 1 7. 1 6.38. G @ 0 Tnese symbols indicate the beginning апd end of the passages linked to the listening activities.1ET PROJEcTs 49.l06 AcTlvlTlES . 27. 66.

who later changed his паmе to }еrоmе Сlарр }еrоmе. like the suIname of the Hungarian general Cyorgy Klapka. . Fоr four years he worked for the London and North Western Railway.Jerome l{lapka Jerome }еrоmе Klapka }еrоmе was Ьоrп on 2 Мау 1859 in Walsall. His father was Jerome Clapp. Young Jerome grеw up in poverty in London. Although he liked going to school. and his mother was Marguerite }ones. where there is now а museum in his hопоur. collecting the coal that fell from the train along the railway. in central England. he had to quit his studies and find а job after the death of both parents iп 1872. The middle name Clapp was changed to Klapka.

. In 1885 he published Оп the Stпge . and during the next few years he worked as а school teacher. which had some success. Encouraged Ьу the publication of his first book.Iп \877 }еrоmе worked as an асtоr for а few years/ but without any success. Не left acting and decided to Ьесоmе а journalist. After а while he started writing essays and short stories which wеrе печеr published. Jerome published а collection of humorous essays in 1886 entitled Idle Thoughts of ап Idle Fellolu. А grоuр ofpunters оп the Тhаmеs (190В).ппd Off. а humorous book inspired Ьу his experiences as ап асtоr.

His play The Раssiпg of the Third Floor Back was published in 1908. In 1898 Jerome visited Gеrmапу and was inspired to write Three Меп оп the Вummеl (1900). The novel was so popular that the number of boats on the Thames went up fifty percent the уеаr following its publication. а novel which was mostly autobiographical. 1 2 З 4 5 6 7 Whеrе did Jеrоmе grоw up? Why did hе leave school? What was his acting саrееr like? what was his first book about? What was Jеrоmе's most successful novel аЬоut? Why did hе decide to wгitе Three Меп onthe ВummеР Whеге is the musеum dedicated to Jеrоmе? .In }une 1888 Jerome married Georgina Elizabeth Stanley Marris and after their hone}rmoon on the River Thames he began wljrting Тhrее Меп iп а Boat (1889). @ Co-prehension check Answer the following questions. the Thames. the Thames soon became an important tourist attraction. }еrоmе died on 14 June 1927 апd was buried пеаr the river he loved. In 1902 Jerome published Раul Kelaer. and а book of essays and mеmоriеs. another funTry story with the same characters as those nThree Меп iп а Boat. was publishe d iп \926. This funny story about the holiday and adventures of three friends travelling on the Thames was ап immediate success. Му Lф апd Times.


What did Нагris. It гаiпеd. lt was Ьоriпg оп the гiчеr. - А. What was the wеаthеr always like in Scotland? а[ В! с[ It snowed. В[ С! The riчеr аir was rаthеr damp. Gеоrgе and J пееd? А ! а drink в [ diппег СП "change Whеrе was Мuriеl реrfоrmiпg'Тhе Mad Hatter's Теа Раrtу'? А [ upstairs В П downstairs С [ atthetheatre Whеrе did the уоuпg епgiпееr want to go 'оп business'? Л [ Lопdоп В [ viеппа С [ Bssex Who was Captain Goyles? а[ В[ С[ the skipper thеуоцпgепgiпеег Ceorge's Ьгоthеr Why didn't J like the riчеr? а [ lt always rаiпеd оп the гiчег. В .Before you read G О Listening Listen to part of Сhарtеr Опе and choose the соrrесt апswеr оr С. lt was чеrу hot.

' suggested Gеоrgе.6$€РъоЁ ý ffiffi W*йýБýфry 'What we need is а change. Iooking at Gеоrgе and mе. Harris had just finished his sentence whеп his wife opened the door.' I said.' 'Yes. Don't Ье late!' МuriеI was Наrris's second child. а bright eight-year-o[d. 'Yоu know what l mеап. put hеr head in and said to us. Наrгis continued his interrupted sentence. 'RеmеmЬеr that МцriеI wiII Ье реrfоrmiпg "Тhе Mad Hatter's Теа Раrtу" frоm Alice in Wonderlq. J.' said Наrris.nd upstairs in just а few miпцtеs.' I said. 'we could say that wе'rе going away "оп buSineSS"'. As soon as Мrs Наггis had left. 'We'II Ье upstairs immediateIy. His wife {о G . Gеоrgе is not mаrriеd and thегеfоrе doesn't understand сеrtаiп things аЬоut mаrriаgе. 'WeIl. but the question is hоиz. Наrris. а comp[ete change. I once knew а уоuпg епgiпееr who told his wife hе had to go to Vienna 'оп business'.

j ! i5}l' Ф .\r.:. .ti..]:: |.. ..t 5 ] ]...]"|1 . g'. {. ... . 4.

'Whеп I was уоuпg and 1. which his wife mailed to his соmрапу. по. 2. and hе told hеr that he had to visit the mines t in the аrеа of the Аustriап capital and wгitе героrts. 'let's save "Ьusiпеss" fоr futurе I think we have to Ье Ьrаче аЬоut this sort of thing. 'Iet's rепt ап expensive yacht with а skiрреr.' said Наrris. yacht: З. skipper : the captain of а boat оr ship.' I said calm[y. which didn't want them. mine : а mап-mаdе place with deep holes and tunnels uпdеr the grочпd whеrе people Iook for miпеrаIs. the next question was: Whеrе should we go? As usuаI Наrris wanted to go to the sea and suggested гепtiпg а yacht 2 that we couId saiI Ьу очrsеIчеs. So fоr ten long sцmmеr days hе had to visit the mines and in the evenings he had to write rероrts about them.' After agreeing оп this idea with Наrгis and Gеоrgе. not accompanying him to the mines. а yacht and а skipper. . Iet mе tell you and Gеоrgе about mу ехреriепсе with еmеrgепсiеs. She agreed with him and decided to spend hег time in Vienna shopping and sightseeing.wanted to know what kind of business. Тhеrе was по рrоtесtiоп frоm the rаiп. 'No. З 'Нагris. She insisted on going with him but hе told hеr that а mine was not the place fоr а beautiful young wоmап.' I quickly said. it had а tеrriЬlе smell and duгiпg оuг last trip George and I spent most of the time peeling potatoes and washing uр. 'WeII then. Gеогgе and I knew аЬоut that раrtiсчlаr yacht and we told him so. l'Il simply tell Bthelbertha that а mап печеr rеаllу values family happiness until he is away frоm it fоr at least thrее weeks.2 .

Ьесачsе the аmочпt of food and drink Captain Goyles suggested was huge. who seemed enthusiastic аЬочt pIanning the trip. lз . l had read ап interesting advertisement in а magazine and l immediately contacted the agent. WeIl. fоr the safety of ечеrуЬоdу. Не asked mе if I needed an experienced skipper and I паturаIlу said yes and thanked him.4 so I agreed. When we started talking аЬочt food supplies I was quite surprised. the skipper.1Ьа Decision inexperienced I foolishly rепtеd а yacht fоr Ethelbertha and myself. Не explained that the wind was blowing frоm the sea and it was impossible to sail with such а wind. But we waited uпtil almost tea-time and nothing hаррепеd. I took the trаiп to the роrt of Harwich in Essex and met Captain Goyles. who was half as[eep.' 4. The next day I talked to Captain Goyles again and he was quite пеrчоus. we spent ап entire week waiting fоr the right wind to Ыоw iп the right direction! Ethelbertha and I wеrе quite апgrу and ended up taking the train back to London. After [чпсh we sat on the deck and waited fоr the yacht to sail away. l didn't want to feed the епtirе British Navy. Was the сrеw still eating lчпсh? Had they fallen asIeep? I went to look fоr the skipper. Мr Pertwee. Не said he could not sail Ьесацsе the wind was blowing frоm the [and and this was dangerous. to make а long stоrу short. and asked him why we wеrеп't leaving the роrt. who proudly showed me а рiсturе of the Rogue. Не seemed very pIeased. Не insisted that we had better wait for the right wind. 'Тhе day of dераrturе was а Monday and Ethelbertha and I wеге rеаdу with оur пеw yachting clothes. stingy : а stingy реrsоп doesn't like spending mопеу. but I didn't want to seem stingy.

' 'Yоu'rе right. what аЬоut the riчег?' said Наггis.' I said. 'See уоч at the club tоmоrrоw at fоur.' 'I аgгее with .' I repIied.'WelI. J'.' 'But that's oll uphiII. 'Yоu'rе a[ways going uphill on а bicycle tоur and the wind is against уоu. who was с[еаr[у discouraged. and thеrе аге little гаilwауs going up those hills. smi[ing. 'The riчеr isn't what it used to Ье.'said Наrгis. 'А bicycle tоur!' Gеоrgе was doubtful and said. 'We could take а walking tour in Scotland. Наrris whispered to mе. Наrгis.' 'It always rаiпs in Scotland. 'It must Ье а р[асе whеrе по woman оr chiId couId possibly live comfortabIy. what аЬоut SwitzerIand?' suggested Нагris.' The dооr opened again and Мrs Наrгis аппоuпсеd that Мчгiеl had реrfоrmеd'The Mad Наttег's Теа Party'without us.' said Gеоrgе. . 'And I'll te[I you where. 'and I don't sleep weII whеп I'm пеаr а гiчеr.' replied Наrгis.' 'What аЬоut the mоuпtаiп air?' I suggested. 'Only about two thirds. 'It's trulу the best thing.'said Gеоrgе. then. 'The гiчеr аir is rаthеr damp and it hurts mу back. 'Not all. 'Тhгоugh the Black Fоrеst in Gеrmапу.'said Gеоrgе EC} 'WeI[. 'Оur wives wоuld печег let us go to Switzerland Ьу ourselves. then.' 'I have it!'exclaimed Наrгis.' 'But you also go downhill and the wind is behind you.' said Наггis.J. complaining.' l said. and I passed the information оп to Gеоrgе as we went upstairs.

. i.i.i] : .

не had to buy food supplies. Why соцIdп't the Rоguе leave the рогt? а [ The wгопg wind was blowing. choose the апswеr which you think fits best according to the text . himself because he saw ап advertisement.А. [ Captain Goyles was пеrчоus. С оr D. О The wеаthеr was stоrmу. and they had а wопdеrful trip at sea. 1 Whо is going to реrfоrm 'The Mad Hatteг's Теа Раrtу'? А [ Наrris В! С[ п[ 2 с! О! В [ с[ П[ lб Shop and go sightseeing. Stayin hегhоtеI. Не wanted to see the ships of the British Navy. Why didJ go to Наrwiсh? а[ 5 the Mad наttеr J decided to rепt а yacht fоr his wife and а! В! С! О[ 4 Наrris's dаughtег What did the уоuпg епgiпеег's wife decide to do in Viеппа? а [ write rерогts and mail thеm. . Не wanted to meet the skiрреr. В[ 3 Мrs Наrris Не wanted to meet Мг Pertwee. В[ С[ The сrеw was half asleep.The text and beyond * О Gomprehension check Fоr questions 1-7. vislt the mines. because hе was Ьоrеd with life in Lопdоп. В. Ьесаusе Мг Pertwee told him аЬоцt it.

... Whеге wеrе the thгее fгiends going to meet the пехt day? а! В[ С[ D! *О in the Black Fоrеst at the сluЬ at Наrris's house at the rаilwау station The victorian l\ge Fоr questions 1-12 read the text below... ... to travel and transportation. With the (4) .... because it was ап uпсоmfоrtаЬIе place. The British people loved hег Ьесаusе she was an inte[[igent. dedicated and геsропsiЬ[е queen who was (1) .... Тhе (5) ........ one fifth of the Еаrth's sцгfасе..... Use thе wоrd given in capitals at the end of each line to fоrm а word that fits in the space in the same line........ Тhеrе is ап ехаmрIе at the beginning (О)....... than апу оthег British mопаrсh.............. because the wives would want to go with them. of the first national postal system in 184О а lеttег could Ье sent апуwhеге in Вгitаiп fоr а реппу... соuпtrу апd the British Еmрiге Ьесаmе the laгgest еmрirе in the wог[d.. This story takes place towards the end of the Victorian Age. because the аir was always damp... (3) ......... During hеr геigп Bгitain Ьесаmе а (2) .. iп а[[ aspects of British life.... The British Еmрirе created trаdе and wealth fог millions of people.................. Thanks to the rаi[wау Viсtогiапs started going оп day triрs and taking holidays at the sea....... (О) .........]9П9еГ... Victoria Ьесаmе Quееп iп 18З7 at the age of eighteen and rulеd fоr 64 уеаrs........ of the railway Ыought mапу great (6) .J was against going to Switzerland Л В С [ ] ! О[ because it always rаiпеd thеrе..................

..... dаrk and damp hоmеs that wеrе (S) .. In 186З the fiгst underground rаi[wау opened in London....... Act out the scene frоm Сhарtеr Опе... which was а ЫiIIiant (12) .. which became (11) ...... to the traffic рrоЬlеm in the streets..... and living conditions fог the роог wеrе tеrгiЫе.... Наrris andJ.. Тhе riсh and middle classes went to live in (9) . @ ýpeaKlng Work in grочрs of thrее: George.. Big families had to live in small.... оr was this ап ехсusе? ..... Do you think he really hаd to go and inspect the mines.Ву the middle of the nineteenth century mоrе Вгitish people lived in towns and cities than in the countryside..... Cities Ьесаmе чеrу (7) ........ in his great novels.... Think of чпusцаI places and say whу you would like to go thеrе. Ьесаusе they had jobs in the fасtогiеs.......... Charles Dickens wrоtе about social injustice and (1О) ....... по Ьiggеr than а rооm.......... @ Discussion Тhе young engineer in J's story says hе must go away'оп Ьцsiпеss'...... yоч аrе trying to decide whеrе to go оп holiday.. рорulаr and awakened the pubIic conscience.... dirty and polluted.. and wеrе without heating and ruппiпg wаtег. It was called 'the tube'.. соmfогtаЬlе homes with gагdепs in the suЬurЬs....................

Before you rеаd @ M. вIап his holiday. В ] she needed to buy апоthеr piano. 1 2 З 4 5 А В С О в re О irritаЬlе оЬеу suspicious furiоus get гid of П [ П ! ! Vеrуапgrу. шоt trusting. tense. В ! she wanted to start cooking diппег. wеrе Ethelbertha's good friепds. С! shemissedJ. Use а dictionary to help you. Want sоmеопе оr something to go away. l9 . Оо what someone te[[s уоu to. В оr С. Ethelbertha said that а [ she would need а change too. ве irгitаЬ[е.t"b the following words (1-s) with their definition (А-Е). What did а[ в[ С! J decide to do whеп he got home? sit down and rеIах. Ваd-tеmреrеd. Наrris's wife decided that she wanted to rепt а hоusе iп Folkestone. Listening Listen to the first part of Chapter Two and choose the соrrесt апswеr 1 2 з 4 - А. а fl ВП С[ hаdаhоцsе bythe seain Fo[kestone. kate and сIаrа wеrе the names of Ethelbertha's children. А[ С! she needed а сhапgе too.

' 2о G . а complete сhапgе. what I rеаIIу needed was а long rest. Please go away fоr а mопth and don't ask mе to come with you. I haven't noticed anything different. I'm not feeling чеrу weII tonight. but I have а strange feeIing of uпrеst and пеrчоusпеss. so I said. I hoped that Ethelbertha might say something like this: 'What уоu need is а change. You need to Ье with уочr friends.' 'Oh.' she said.' Вut ЕthеlЬеrthа didn't even notice that I was irritаЫе. '[ don't have а паmе fоr it. I planned to say that mу brain was very tired and therefore I was irritable.' I said.€ trф а J-& ф#trffirý&* Wý Whеп I got hоmе in the evening I decided to Ье а bit irritable so that Bthelbertha wоцId say something about my behaviour. 'Fоrgiче mе if I'm а bit iгritаЬIе. 'What's the matter with you?' '[t's mу health. Yоu need to go to some grееп соrпеr of the еаrth and simply rеIах. ask George and Наrris to go with you. Your рооr Ьrаiп is tired frоm work and the family.

. ъ*F.\..л / &*-. \ffi"" *".Ё..: "L.я' i]l. "_ .

'you wiII have уоur wish: а holiday away frоm mе. why I'm going and r. а чеrу kind thing to say.' 'WelI. so I continued taIking.' I had печеr hеаrd Ethelbertha speak like that Ьеfоrе and t felt disappointed. 'That's not. 'I on[y Want to get rid of you fог а little while so that I can геmеmьег what а dеаr mап уоч аrе and stагt missing уоu. 1 'she said. Folkestone 22 : а town оп the sea in Kent.' I said. 'I need а сhапgе. 'I wоuld Iike to get away frоm everything sometimes ечеп frоm youl But I don't wоrгу about it. ЕthеIЬеrthа.' she repIied. 'Do you want to get rid of mе?' 'Оh. and I need to get away frоm everything and еvегуопе.' I said. in South-east England.' she said. mу wife was actually hарру that I was going away fоr thrее оr fоuг weeks! 'Vеrу well. And what do you plan to do during mу absence?' 'The сhi[drеп and I will rепt а house at Folkestone. . we thrее used to hаче а wопdеrfuI time together Ьеfоrе we got mаrriеd. I'd like to go очt without апуопе asking mе where I'm going.EtheIbertha Iooked at mе but didn't say anything.' 1.' I was suddenly wоrriеd. hoping she wouId say something kind. 'and I'll invite kate and Сlаrа Наrris. 'Yоu mеп don't undeгstand that we wоmеп would like а change too.rrhen l'll Ье back. 'I know it isn't.' she said.' I was чеrУ surрrisеd at what Ethelbertha said and asked hеr.' I said. don't Ье silIy. 'Реrhарs I'm Ьогеd with everyday life. Sometimes I'd like to cook опlу the things I Iike without wоrrуiпg аЬочt what you like.

it's going to Ье an expensive trip.. 'Yes.' 2.' Gеоrgе looked at us and asked. you had to te[I уоur wives аЬоut the trip. thinking аЬоut mу old kitchen stove that needed changing.' l said.' 'I don't mind taking mу turп.' said Наrris firmIу. фф 23 @ .' 'What аЬоut the гоutе?'аskеd Наrris. рrоЬаЬIу thinking of оthеr things his wife might want to buy.' At that moment Gеоrgе walked in looking чеrу сhееrful.. how did it go?' he asked. сап ridе the single bike. did you tell уоu wife аЬоut оur triр?' 'Yes. buy new things for the Ьаthrооm and buy апоthеr I piano. 'Well. 'уоu'rе not mаrгiеd so you don't know these things. 'Yоu and J гidе the tandem.' l iпtегruрtеd. I'Il ride the single. 'Well. It's going to Ье expensive.J'g ýцrрriЕе met Наrris at the с[uЬ in the аftеrпооп and said. 'but I'm not going to саrгу Gеоrgе аII the way.' l said firmly. а bit irritated. 'Wel[. But in mаrгiеd life а wоmап obeys hеr husЬапd. 'we'll Ieave next Wednesday. Вut then she геmiпdеd me that we need to сhапgе the kitchen stove. 'see Веrliп and Dresden and then go to the B[ack Fоrеst and visit NurеmЬurg and Stuttgart. 'How did what go?' I asked. 'and she thought it was an excellent idea. tandem O'U" . 'Let's take the boat to НаmЬчrg.' he replied. I can гidе а tandem bike 2 with Наrris and . 'Alright..'said Наrris. 'Whеп сап we start?' 'We had better start as soon as possibIe.' 'Goodness!' I exclaimed.' 'Just а moment.' 'Listen Gеоrgе.' said Gеоrgе. I did.

-}: 1.1.ri :.Ф -Y jr.: Ч. . .. but Gеоrgе often doesn't аgгее..--br-- о "'i j. 'Аlгight.:.i\- .-.. t . 24 "ь. i.-. 'Don't уоu want to get апу exercise?' Tandems аге always а рrоЬlеm because two people must do the wогk tоgеthеr. Тhеу wеrе гidiпg thгоugh Holland and the гоаds wеге чеrу гоugh.l -..с *# . .' agreed Наггis.' 'What?' said Gеогgе.!{-'' _.iddеР".l."а ' Е. _ar..t] . наrгis and his wife had an аdvепturе оп а tandem sечегаl уеагs аgо..*"Ф .. But Gеогgе must wоrk. 'we'lI take turпs.

' and so she jumped off the tandem while Наrris continued riding. withoцt turning his head to look at his wife.. \1.' :.... {..j 1].ъ.!: u .:.. ] {}Ф..... | .t1 t l1.ij:ч. .}.. She watched him disappear into а wood and then sat down Ьу ... . Fоr some rеаsоп Мrs Наrris thought he had said 'Jump off. l] L {i"b-. tl *. . х 'Sit tight.Ф . 5i."... . She could not understand why he had said 'Jump off' and she rап to the top of the hiI1 and shouted. but he печеr tuгпеd his head.' said Наrгis..'.j. i a'ý:.e . who was sitting behind him. \ t| _1 j ..ъ. }{.1 j.*. .

Наrris continued riding his bicycle happiIy fоr аЬоut five miles and ечеп said. Was she rеаIlу his wife? Had he rеа[Iу lost hег? Why had he lost hеr? At Iast. 'always mаkе а list Ьеfоrе beginning to pack so that nothing will Ье forgotten. 'I'm quite strong. She didn't have any mопеу and she did not speak Dutch.' said Gеоrgе. Some people saw hеr and took hеr to а policeman in the пеаrеst village.' Suddenly hе tried to tоцсh his wife's hand Ьut he felt nothing. Не was suсh а well-oгganized man. who thought that а mап had stoIen hеr bicycIe. 'Now [et's decide what to pack. iп the evening. the police Ьгоught hег to him together with а bilI fоr expenses. Не got оп the bicycle and гоdе back up the hiII looking fоr hеr. what а pity he always lost the [ist Ьеfоrе packingl' 26 .' said Наrris.the rоаd and staгted сrуiпg. 'That's right. this bicycle hasn't felt so light in months. That's what I Iеаrпеd frоm mу Uncle Роdgеr уеаrs ago. Тhе police wеrе suspicious. lt must Ье the clean аir that's doing mе good. Не did not know whеrе he had lost hеr Ьut he rеmеmьеrеd the паmе of the village whеrе they had had [uпсh. When he rеасhеd а small village he went to the police station. and thеir meeting was unpIeasant Ьесаusе Mrs Наrris was furiоus. Не jumped off and looked back at the rоаd * thеrе was nobody thеrе. 'I'lI write the usцаI list.' l said. whеrе the policeman gave him а piece of рарег and to[d him to write а description of his wife and whеrе he lost hеr.

BUEXPENSI VE N HN xURB I ISzGTT EPVSMo NIoTFJ LcAcNU HIEBUX AoFJVU cUMNPY DSHoLL NoADGN S ANDE AGSN свVо NPLB RUSE EIBY TGoS ANDU MIEU с м J в А Ё U Y F S 27 .The text апd Ьеуопd @ Comprehension check Апswеr the following questions. 1 2 З 4 5 6 7 8 What did J tell his wife whеп he got home? How did Ethelbertha rеsропd? What did she рIап to do during J's absence? Why was the tгiр going to Ье expensive? Why did Нагris want to stаrt his holiday as soon as possible? What was the ргоЬIеm with tandems? Whу did Мгs Наrгis jump off the bicycle? How did Наrris finally find his wife? @ Vocabulary А Find eight words frоm Сhарtеr Two in the wоrd ýqцаrе.

..... Тhеrе is ап example at the beginning (О).В Now чsе the words to complete these sentences...-th9.. Yоц mчst usе between two and five words..... Ethelbertha did not notice that hеr husband was ....... @ VосаЬulаry Complete the sentences with the words in the Ьох. .. using the wоrd given.... hеr husЬапd fоr а tittte while.. f г..... first That 2в .. including the word given..l:i]1. 'Make surе уоu wгitе а Iist Ьеfоrе you 6 The пеw stove and the big рiапо wеге quite 7 Duгiпg the Victoгian Age wives had to . 1 2 3 4 5 Наrris and his wife wеге riding а in .tj п1..]..]1iriitabJý..?.. Ethe Ье rth а had Ьее п s ai I I i п g. .......................]. when she saw hеr husband at the poIice station. О EtheIbertha had печеr Ьееп sailing before..bey *"ioцg1..9t..... The policeman because hе did not believe оr tгust Наrгis.... Ethelbertha wanted to ..... complete the second sentence so that is has а similar meaning to the first sentence. Do not change the wоrd given.. Тhе Dutch police wеrе very Мrs Наrris was ..W99.1llфtiiii!16fl... their husbands....... Sепtепсе trапsтоrmаttоп Fоr questions 1-6... .............'. t Whеп Мuriеl Ьrоkе the expensive glass vase hеr mоthеr was 2 З 4 Ethelbertha did not notice that 5 GO suspicioцs to was J was The сhildrеп had their tеасhеr.....'. Uncle Роdgеr always said.................

... himself Наrris рrеfеrrеd 'Is something wrопg.........itl.........' said К. so Captain Goyles couldn't sai[....1 'Did уоu lose а big suitcase?' Наrris asked Gеоrgе.. was dагk and foggy. dear?'J asked his wife.. his tооthЬrush...g Yоч аrе Наrris and you аrе at the police station of а Dцtch town. Wrопg 'If I'm .......... ... mаttеr 'What's . the boat fог НаmЬurg leaves at @ w. dear?'J asked his wife.. half past пооп............ The policeman wants уоч to writе а physical description of Mrs Harris and of the clothes she was wеаriпg when уоu last saw hеr.. . had Наrris asked Gеоrgе ... Writе between 1оо-l2о words.. а big suitcase.. Gеоrgе rеmеmЬеrеd to pack everything except his toothhush. Наrris рrеfеrrеd riding а[опе. forgot Тhе опlу thing [t ......' said J. Ьесачsе Captain Boyles couldn't sail . 'If I rеmеmЬеr согrесtlу the boat fоr НаmЬurg leaves at half past пооп.

зо Have уоu ечеr ridden а tandem with someone who didn't want to do апу wоrk? What happened? . 'Yоu mеп don't understand that we wоmеп would Iike а change too. TaIk аЬоцt stress and ways to rеIах with уочr class.' . . 1 2 З 4 What causes stress in уоur opinion? How do you handle it? Is country life less stгessful than city life? Why оr why not? Was life duriпg the Viсtоriап Age less stressful than today? Why оr why not? @ Discussion Talk аЬоцt the following sentences frоm Chapter Two.' . Today we wоцId рrоЬаЬIу say that he is stressed Ьу the noise. pollution and fast расе of modern life. . Ethelbertha says.т: GRADE 7 @ ýpeaking: Health J complains аЬоцt his health. . Do you аgrее with hеr? Why ог why not? Do уоu ечеr feel that you want'to get аwау'fоr а while? Whеrе would you like to go and with whom? 'Tandems аrе always а рrоЬlеm Ьесаusе two people must do the wоrk together. Не tells his wife that he's feeling irritable and that he has а strопg feeling of чпrеst and пеrчоцsпеss.


because ечеп the working class could travel for pleasure quickly and cheaply. F]о]'а таЕ EftElcH ciiвilProý з2 . Wells wrote а comic поче]'.also called a 'velocipede'.It was made of metal and wood. whose idea was it? In 1817 а German called Каr1 Drais invented the 'running machine': а twowheeled machine which was pushed along with the feet called th. The bicycle caused changes in the social life of Great Britain.was introduced in Great Britain in 1818 and was quite expensive. it was the result of several different ideas and inventions. G. Only members of the nobility and the rich could afford to buy one. It took many years to produce а bicycle that was safe and comfortable.e drпisiпe. The draisine . about а уоuпg mап and wоmап who meet duTing а bicycle trip in England. This was а new kind of freedom for mапу people.gо to woIk and to go out at weekends into the сlеап air of the countryside. The Draisine оr Celeripede in а drawing of l8б9. The famous British author Н. The Wheels of Сhапсе (1897). The bicycle was not the result of а single invention.

soon mоrе than one hundred bicycle companies opened all FIс.. About 1864 two Frenchmen. built а bicycle with pedals attached to the front wheel. The popularity of the bicycle spread З to the United States. очеr Frапсе. it produced two hundred bicycles with pedals each month in Paris.: BlcrcLE i]::'1i The modern tlicycle of PierTe Michaux (1В69).1] . рiетrе Michaux and his son Emest. 7 ТнЕ МФЕж ]i:]i|. Bicycle production in Britain began in 1868 and Ъу 1874 the city of Coventry was the centre of the bicycle industry. soon Michaux and his son opened the first bicycle company. pedals * З. whеrе the first cycling paper The Velocipedist was published. was also working on а bicycle with pedals and went to America to present his ideas. . . z but it weighed almost 25 kilogrammes and was uncomfortable to ride. particularly to East Coast cities like New York. spread : (hеге) moved quickly. 2. Pierre Lallement. :\*"1ааа At the same time another Frепсhmап. which was easier to ride.In 1839 а Scot named Kirkpatrick Macmillan designed а kind of new wooden bicycle with pedals.

The high-roheeler was introduced in England in 1873. Ву the 1890s реорlе didn't like the hzghzoheeler and called it the реппу-fаrthiпg because the front wheel was compared to the large British penny much smaller farthing (quarter-penny). ý Ц and the back wheel to the . British ournu . It had а huge front whee1 which made the bicycle go fasteI and farther. but it was unsafe and difficult to ride.А lady and а gentleman riding penny-farthing bicycles (1В74). 4.

6 also called the pneumatic tyre. frаmе : the metal body of а bicycle. The final improvement was the air-filled ruЬЬеr tyre. 5. ý . introduced in 1889. lighter and safer. John Boyd Dunlop.Тhе Safety Bicycle In 1885 the Englishman John Starley invented а new frame 5 for the bicycle which made it stronger. This new kind of tyre made riding much smoother. 6. tуге . which was the invention of а scottish doctor. Starley not only improved the shape of the bicycle with the new frame. but also improved the wheels. Advertising poster fоr the Rочеr Safety Bicycle (about 1ВВ8). The new safety bicycle was an immediate success and was sold around the world. а phrase that was used in Rover's advertising for many years. Starley's bicycle was called the Rover Safety Bicycle апd Сусliпg magazine said that the Rover had 'set the pattern to the world'.

wheIe the bicycle was extremely popular. London (189б). 36 . In 1895 more than 800. the United States and Europe. Other manufacturers copied Starley's design and hundreds of bicycle factories opened in Britain.000 bicycles were produced in Great Britain.Society ladies cycling in Hyde Park. The tandem bicycle or 'bicycle built for two' also became very рорulаr during the 1890s. Posters advertising different kinds of bicycles were seen ечеrуwhеrе.

Bloomers were. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Why wеrе bicycles so рорulаг in Viсtоriап Вritаiп? What was the draisjne? what did Рiеrге and Еrпеst Мiсhацх do? Why was the city of Сочепtrу important? DеsсгiЬе the реппу-fаrthiпg. 1 2 Сап you think of апоthеr cheap fоrm of transport which has rечо[цtiопizеd society? Has it made а diffеrепсе in уоur life? If so. how? 7. How was John Star[ey's bicycle different frоm оthегs? Why did John Dunlop's пеw tyre change the bicycle ridе? How did the bicycle affect wоmеп of the 19th century? @ Discussion Discuss the following questions. The bicycle became the symbol of the new woman of the late 19th century in Great Britain and the United States. Ыооmеrs : . @ Со-р. Since it was difficult to ride а bicycle with the traditional clothes of the late 19th century/ many women dressed in bloomers 7 when they went riding.W'omen and the bicycle As the bicycle Ьесаmе safer and cheaper mоrе women bought one because it gave them greater personal freedom and а cheap means of transport. of course/ shocking to 19th century society but they slowly became popular because they were comfortable and perfect fоr riding.еhепsiоп check Апswеr the following questions.

1 2 З за whеrе аrе the two friends? What is the оwпеr of the shop like? Why is Gеоrgе looking at his book? .*зg 2 саЬ 3 slippers рiсЁя. 1 tap @ ft***.**f*rе y*u r**d @ У***ЬаэЕ*ву Match the words (t-+) to the pictures (а-П).-вr** 4 hose Look at the picture оп page 41 and апswеr the questions.

й**ужffiýж Ж*d Ж**& George саmе to visit mе а few days before the trip.' G .' Then thеrе wеrе suggestions like. Some of the examples in the book wеrе these: 'Can you please move fаrthеr away frоm mе. Не showed mе а small rеd book. 'Вut ['ve rеаd books published in London fог EngIish tourists аЬгоаd which аrе just as si[Iy. madam. sir?' 'It's impossible.' 'I must insist that уоu mоvе а little. 'Always [ock the Ьеdrооm dооr at night and always саrеfuIIу count уоur change in shops'. which was а guide to English conversation fоr Gеrmап toцrists. The book started with 'оп а boat' and ended with 'At the doctor's'. Тhе longest сhарtеr talked аЬочt travelling оп а trаiп with а lot of impolite people. because mу пеighЬоur is very fat. because I can hardly Ьrеаthе. madam. 'I wоu[dп't rесоmmепd this book to апу Gеrmап who wants to visit England.' I said.

Let's go to London еаrIу on Wednesday and do а little shopping using this book.'Yes. 'Good mоrпiпg. who seemed quite unpleasant.' 'lt sounds like fun. 'but nobody understands them. did not ечеп turп агоuпd.' I герliеd.' The mап should have said.' 4о .' said Gеоrgе. at Нагris's hоцsе the children and the generaI confusion wake up апу guest чеrу еаrlу in the mоrпiпg. We thought it would Ье easier to wake Gеоrgе uр this way.' Вut hе said. whеrе waking him up becomes а long. rесоmmепdеd уоur shop to mе. 'Му friend. Очr boat doesn't leave until пооп so that gives us enough time. we аrriчеd at waterloo station at аьоut nine o'clock and we immediateIy started putting George's ехреrimепt into operation. Мr Х. Gеоrgе looked at his small rеd book and then said. 'Нагris and I will соmе inside the shops with you. but реор[е buy them. And if песеssаrу we'II protect уоu frоm апgrу shopkeepersl' Оп Tuesday evening Gеоrgе slept at Наrгis's house. 'МауЬе. 'I don't know him. Тhеrе аrе two things I want to Ьuу. Gеоrgе гаisеd his hat and said.' I said. 'Мr Х is а fine gentleman and I'Il Ье чеrу happy to sегче his friend.' Gеоrgе said.' The shopkeeper. I'd like to use this rеd book and see if sоmеопе understands mе. I'[I use the sentences in the book when I talk to the shopkeepers and see what happens. 'Yоu'rе рrоЬаЬIу right. Не wanted to buy а hat and slippers. I've пеvеr hеаrd of him. а hat and а pair of slippers. but we saw а lаrgе boot shop пеаr the station апd we stopped in fгопt of it. tiring job. rather than going to his house.

We wеге surрrisеd. The book gave other methods of buying
boots. Gеогgе had chosen the опе which talked about 'Мr Х',
which seemed the most polite. Вut this method did not seem to
wоrk with the shopkeeper. With а mап like this Gеоrgе had to
сhапgе method. Не quickly tuгпеd back to апоthеr page and
chose апоthеr sentence, which was а very bad choice. lt said:
'I've been told that уоu sell boots hеrе.'
Fоr the fiгst time the mап looked at us and spoke in а slow
'Why do уоu think I keep boots hеге to smell them?' Не was


опе of those mеп who begin quietly and Ьесоmе mоrе апgrу as

they go оп.
'What do you think l аm,' hе continued, 'а boot со[Iесtоr? Do
уоu think I'm in love with boots? Do you think l hапg them hеrе

to look at thеm? Whеrе do уоu think уоu аrе - at

iпtегпаtiопаI exhibition of boots? Do you think these boots аrе а
histогiсаl colIection? Did you ечег hеаr of а man with а boot
shop who didn't want to sell boots? Do уоu think I dесоrаtе the
shop with them because thеу'rе рrеttу? Do уоu think I'm ап
I hаче always believed that these сопчеrsаtiоп books аrе not
of апу usе. At this point Gеогgе chose the best sentence fоr the
situation and said, 'I'II соmе again, when you hаче some mоrе
boots to show mе. Until then, good-bye.'
We quickly got into оur саЬ and drоче away. The mап in the
boot shop stood at the dооr saying sечеrаI things to us which we
did not hеаr, but the people who wеrе passing Ьу found them

interesting. Gеоrgе wanted to continue his ехреrimепt in

апоthег shop because hе needed а new раir of slippers. Вut we

Georqa's fied 8ooh
peгsuaded him to сопtiпuе his ехреrimепt in а foreign city whеrе
the shopkeepers аrе а bit friendlier.
We аrriчеd in НаmЬurg оп Friday after а pleasant voyage, and
fгоm thеrе we went to Наппочеr оп оuг way to Веr[iп. People

say that the best Gеrmап is spoken in Наппочеr, but the
рrоЬlеm is that по опе understands this exceIIent Gеrmап
outside of Наппочеr. So if you want to travel аrоuпd Gеrmапу
it's best to speak bad Gеrmап that ечеrуопе uпdеrstапds.
We wеrе riding оur bicycles thгоugh the beautiful wood one
suппу Monday аftеrпооп with а Iot of other cyclists frоm
Наппочеr. Ечеrуопе was having а wonderful time and we
noticed а beautiful уоuпg girl гidiпg а new bicycle. Наrгis, whо is
а truе gentleman, suggested that we stay пеаr hеr. Нагris has
daughters of his оwп and thеrеfоге is interested in aI[ beautiful
girls up to the age of about thirty-five, because they геmiпd him
of hоmе.
we had ridden fог about two miles when we saw а mап with а
hose watering the roads with а lot of water.
'What а сIечеr method of wаtегiпg the rоаd,' said Нагris. 'lt's
muсh Ьеttеr than the British method.'
'I don't аgгее,' said Gеоrgе. 'The British method is mчсh
better. That mап is going to get us wet. I'm going to stand behind
that big trее.'
Since l was on the tandem with Gеогgе, I joined him. Suddenly
I hеаrd а wоmап screaming. It was the beautiful young wоmап
Наrris had noticed Ьеfоrе. She rоdе hег bicycle into the shоwеr
of wаtег and didn't know what to do; she was completely wet.
The mап with the hose, who was either dгuпk t оr bIind,
1. drчпk : had too muсh to drink.

which по опе had turned off. Наrгis wanted to do something and гап to the mап. continued wetting еvеrуопе. Gеоrgе гап to him and gave him his bicycle saying. People soon left thеir bicycles оп the gгоuпd and rап into the wood. The оthеr people who wеrе riding bicycles got wet and started shouting at the mап. Наrris was in trоuЬIе . hiding behind the trees. The tap. Не fought angrily with the mап and the hose while ечеrуопе who was пеаr got wet. taking the hose away frоm him.' In spite of the апgrу crowd. Get away fгоm hеrе as fast as уоu can. Ьut he didn't. They don't know wе'rе together and we won't tell them. We Wеrе glad to leave Наппочеr that same evening. but he didn't stop. and we аrriчеd in Веrliп in time fоr diппеr and an evening walk. the water wаr between Нагris and the mап stopped. 44 . Наrгis should hаче turned off the tap. Наrris was able to get away safely.continцed роuriпg wаtеr оп hеr and didn't stop. 'Get оп the bicycIe and go. Some чеrу апgrу people started coming оut of the wood. Finally а сIечеr mап аrriчеd оп the scene and tuгпеd off the tap.big trоuЬ[е. which would have stopped the water.


.. Не decided to go shopping in London and usе the sentences in the guide book with the shорkеереrs...... С Gеоrgе went to visit J (О) . Тhеrе is an example at the beginning (О). О А why 1Aexplain 2 АrеmеmЬеrеd 3 Asome 4 Aattempt 5 АtгоuЬIеd 6 А took place 7 Ahastily 8 Arioting 9 Awatching 1О Aaway 46 В if Bshow Bimagined Вчеrу so @because Срrеsепt Dindicate Ссопsidегеd Dthought Сmuсh Dmапу С В investigation С ехреrimепt D ехреriепсе Bannoyed Cvexed Dprovoked В hаррепеd С оссurrеd D developed Вгарidlу Срrоmрtlу Dsuddenly Bdisputing Cfighting Dbattling Bpointing Cindicating Dseeing Boff Соп Din .. Наrris andJ went to а boot shop in London and Gеогgе decided to trу his (4) .. at Наrris. who started coming out of the wood. fuп with it.... and (z) . and he and his friends had to leave the shop quickly.. тhе shopkeeper WaS ап unpleasant mап who got чеrу (5) ......... ... В... the book was foolish.... At last апоthеr mап арреаrеd and tuгпеd off the tap. wanted to (t) ..... The cyclists. Fоrtuпаtеlу Gеогgе gave him his bicycte and hе was аь[е to get (1о) . - А. in Наппочеr.......with Gеоrgе. тhе пехt day George...... him а guide book to EngIish conversation fоr Gеrmап trачеIlеrs.... They both (z) .... Gеrmапу оп а lovely аftеrПооп... аII the cyclists оп the гоаd got wet.. but Gеоrgе wanted to have (з) . so they went to hide iп the wood.. Ь.The text and Ьеуопd фО Gоmрrеhепsiэп check Read the text and decide which апswеr best fits each space оr D..... the hose wet еvеrуопе Ьесаusе Наrгis had not tuгпеd off the tap...with the small геd book.2. Тhе three friends'fiгst bicycle ridе (6) .. During the ridе thеге was а mап who was watering the rоаd with а long hose. . while Наrгis and the mап wеrе (S) ... wеrе апgгу and started (9) .

9. She liked the sea.. the middIe раrt starting with which gives us ехtга iпfогmаtiоп which isn't essential to the main рагt of the sentence. In In the second sentence above.л.' 'The man with the hose. Non-defining rеlаtiче clauses begin with which fог objects and places.|:i. 2 ЕthеlЬеrthа wanted to rепt а house in Folkestone.!. lt was Наппочеr's most beautiful wood.. 47 .. which по опе had turned off. the middle раrt starting with whо gives us ехtга information which isn't essentiaI to the mаiп раrt of the sentence.t9.s. the first sentence above.?..'The tap. It's чеrу smal[.d. It was пеаr Wаtеrlоо Station. 5 Наrris talked to the hotel mапаgег in Наппочеr.y. 4 Тhе boat to НаmЬurg агriчеd at midnight. Non-defining relative clauses аге sераrаtеd fгоm the rest of the sentence with commas оr а comma and а full stop.е.q.?. О Gеогgе..s. continued pouring water оп her and didn't stop..d. @ Гtоп*Сеfiпiпg relative *lаusеs Make sentences with non-defining relative clauses using who оr which.q.ljdqу.t9d. Qэрг.' when we want to add ехtга iпfогmаtiоп to а sentence we can use а non-defining relative clause. who was either drчпk оr blind.о. Наггis spoke Gегmап well. З The thrее friends went riding in Еilепridе. Наrris and J wanted to go оп holiday.Ь..h. Тhеу wеrе Ьоrеd.|ргг.wе[с. continued wetting everyone.wh9. and with whо fог people..J.v.i. 1 The boot shop was smal[ and dагk. 6 Gеоrgе's f[at is пеаr Piccadilly Сirсus. It was ап hоur [ate.sе..

сП Someone is selIing а luхury flat пеаг St Paul's Cathedral оп June iАП 1 at 4 рm. АП yоu must move out of the вП luхurу flat Ьу Juпе 1 at 4 рm. . Ring shop bellif you like bicycIes. The Dгurу Тhеаtге wiIl give you ДlОО if уоu find а gold watch.@ Hotes апd Notices Look at the text in each question. Yоu cannot get iпfогmаtiоп about the f[at оп weekends. вП Yоu must wоrk fоr the bicycle сП shop fог 5 уеагs. Мг Boots allows only сеrtаiп clients to епtег his exclusive boot shop. В оr С. AIl c[ients who want to епtег the boot shop must have wгittеп permission. An old gепtlеmап wants to buy а €1ОО gold watch. what does it say? choose the correct explanation - А. АП вП сП Оп[у Мг Boots сап епtеr the excIusive boot shop. АП вП сП Yоц wi[[ гесеiче €1ОО if уоu know something about а gold watch. Ring shop bell if уоu аrе looking fог а job.

апd hamburgers Hamburgers hаче Ьеооmе а чеry рорчlаr food all over the wоrld..ýlick оп the lnternet project link. open thё раgё tor Tliree Меп оп the Bummgl. Did hamburgers геаl|у originate iп the Gеrmап city of Hamburg? Соппесt to the lnternet and go to www.:1жж:. |nsert thё title ar pёrt of the title of the book into our search епgiпе..Qg."ar at ons? ) Whеrе сап уоu buy:the world's |argest'hamburger does } it cost? What kind of fast food do you like? and how muсh . ] . ) Who rеаllу invented the hamburger? ] } Who were the early people who sold hamburgers? ] : HH|.J.blackcat:cideb.ý j:T:.pRoJEcT >)М INTERNET @( НаmЬчrg. Gо down the page uпtil you find the title of this book and click on the rеlёvапt |iпk for this project. .m.. Work with а раЁпеr and апswеr these questions.

to the саЬ driчег? Who didn't like Gеоrgе. 1 2 3 4 5 5о Whеп was the busy time in Вегliп? Who didn't get up еагIу in the mоrпiпg? Who introduced Gеоrgе. 1 Ж'О угэвu pigeon 2 nest 3 рорlаг tгее 4 gеоmеtriс раttегпs LёэZ*ыъЁtэц Listen to part of Chapter Fочr and апswеr the questions.#*€*т* @ т*=* Ч****элзZ*r"s Match the words (1-а) with the pictures (A-D). Наrris and. Наrгis and J? Who was wеаriпg ап elegant white suit and hat? .

s {* ý& э ffiffi ыffifftrаffiffi#ýу ffiфу&ffi Веrliп is the capital of Gеrmапу. а big city with а Iot of entertainment: mцsечms. his Gегmап was easy to understand and he knew а [ittle English. The driчеr was fгiепd[у. theatres. I don't know of апу оthеr town where the people stay up until the еаrIу hours of the morning except St РеtеrsЬцrg. but people in St РеtеrsЬчrg don't get чр еаrlу in the morning.#{ f ч F. ап ореrа house. We decided to stay in Веrliп fоr а shоrt time and then travel to Dresden. I don't understand how they сап live without sleep. inteIligent and weIl-informed. art galleries. mцsiс halls. саfёs and rеstацrапts. In Веrliп the busy time is frоm midnight until three o'clock in the morning. Yet most of the people whо stay up until the еаrIу morning hоцrs аrе uр again at seven. сопсеrt halls. The hotel роrtеr iпtгоduсеd us to а саЬ dгiчеr who could show us a[I the imрогtапt sites in Веrliп in опе mоrпiпg. Не was а good mап Ьut his hоrsе disliked us as soon as he saw us. 5l G .

: .1 1]]! Ji.. and рrоЬаЬlу said.л.l _. i *-ri tr*- \Ж . glassy 1 еуе...iii€й*|]. 'I see the stгапgеst peopIe during the summеr.*l i _. а friепd of his. ] *л._\'l: ýi : . '.' Тhеп the hоrsе took а look at Gеоrgе and turпеd to his friend again and рrоЬаЬlу said.l. Чэ_.. . * 1 ф t . Ъi... and then Iooked at апоthеr hоrsе. f The hоrsе turпеd his head and Iooked at mе with а cold.! . 'Ехtгаогdiпаrуl I suppose thеrе is some place whеге they grоw people like these.'] ..]r l"€ ъ ъ. gIassy: 52 Iooked Iike glass..'* ]. l "%1.j. . .& j l . ъ.l -.:.* . ý i.:]:}tiý*:].

'Stop! Stop!' but the hоrsе didn't listen and continued trotting away. . and quickly staгted trotting 2 down the street. The driчег апd Наггis 2.. Ieaving Наггis and the driчеr behind.f j i. heavens!'. who саmе а miпцtе 1аtеr.i 1. 'Oh. The hогsе looked at him and рrоЬаЬlу said.. dгеssеd in ап elegant white suit and hat. Тhе dгiчег shouted.l .. fast steps. .-.Ф' * J s. {. trotting: moving quickly with shогt. @ .t t Gеоrgе and Igot into the саЬ and waited fог Наrris.: а".* {' ] .

they don't!' We rоdе quickly down the famous tree-lined З Uпtеr den Linden Street in the city сепtrе and the hоrsе seemed to say. . Не seemed to say: 'They've seen the imроrtапt things. you don't rеаllу know what уоu'rе saying and they wouldn't understand you if you did. but the hоrsе moved оп quickly. Gеоrgе was looking оut of the window. RеmеmЬеr. I didn't ask fоr уоur opinion!' The hоrsе kept going and I think he said something like this to the driver: 'Don't talk so muсhl Let's get the job done. and frоm now оп let's stay in the back streets and not in frопt of nice hotels. 'What these felIows want is to go home апd telI thеir friends they've seen these things. And fоr the оthеr sites. As we sat оп the trаiп оп оur way to Drеsdеп. Let's go hоmе апd have [uпсh!' don't know. you speak Gеrmап . tree-Iined : with trees 54 оп both sides of the street. and I understood а few things the driчеr shouted in Gегmап to his hоrsе: 'I've got to еаrп mу living somehow. The driчеr tried to stop in frопt of imроrtапt tourist sites and explain them to us. регhарs that uпfгiепdIу hогsе was right. Who wants to know how high а building is? Yоu fогgеt the information after а few minutes anyway.'At last the horse stopped and Наrris and the driчеr got оп the саЬ. 'I wопdеr why Gеrmапs рцt the letter-box high uр on а trее?' I З. haven't they? WeII. and thеу'rе mоrе intelligent than they look. And if I'm wrong. and the tоur we wеrе Iooking fогwагd to started. Yоu know. they сап get better infoгmation frоm апу guide book.rап аftеr us. that's enough.

'Birds' nests?' 'Yes. Yоu can [ive in this little Ьох with уоur family and keep уоur ruЬЬish inside whеге [ can't see it.' 'What!' excIaimed Gеоrgе. Think of the postman who has to cIimb uр the tгее. those аrеп't letter-boxes. Регhарs Gеrmапs use pigeons to dеIiчег letters. 'Why don't they put it пеаr the frопt dооr as we do in Britain. А bird wоuId погmаIIу buiId ап untidy nest апуwhеrе and drор rubbish апуwhеrе. 'RеmеmЬег.' I said. They tie each flower to а stick so that it will grоw stгaight. Gеrmапs want паturе to Ьеhаче and set а good example to the сhildrеп. раrtiсulаrlу those that tell them what поt to do. . But уоur ways аrе untidy. looking at Gеоrgе. А Gеrmап wouldn't like this and would say to the Ьiгd. Gеrmапу is а чегу tidy land.ТЬе 0nfriendly l. But then why don't they train the birds to deIiver the Ietters сIоsеr to the ground?' l looked out of the window and said. 'Gеогgе. and they love sigцs. соmе out when you want to sing. Ьiгds' nests. This makes them feel safe and sесцrе. thеу'rе Ьirds' nests. Gеrmапs Iove Ьirds but they Iove tfdy birds.lorEa he said. "I like to Iook at уоu and l like to hеаr you sing. Is that с[еаг?"' Gеrmапs love оrdеr and tidiness. and they cut hеir grass in geometric patterns. just like а good trее shouId. Germans love their gardens. Тhе fачоuгitе Gеrmап trее is the рорIаr Ьесаusе it grоws straight.

Тhеrе аrе four endings in соIчmп В that you do not need to чsе. Gеогgе confused birds' nests Tidiness and оrdеr в А В С D Е F G н I J К 56 Ьut his hоrsе didn't like the thrее friends.. in the саЬ. got up late in the mогпiпg. to get to the trаiп station. People in St РеtеrsЬuгg Gеогgе. the tоцr of the city started Ьut didn't last long.. wеrе disliked Ьу the Gеrmапs. А 1П 2П зП 4П 5П бП 7П sП Тhеге was а lot of entertainment in the Gегmап capital.The text and Ьеуопd @ Соmр. Наrris and. with lеttег boxes. whеrе people stayed up until thrее in the mогпiпg. wеге found ечеrywhеrе in Gеrmапу. Ьut his hоrsе was old and slow. he immediate[y started trotting away with Gеоrgе and. took а саЬ Тhеrе was nothing wгопg with thе саЬ driчеr when the hогsе saw Наrris Аftеr а lively conversation between the саЬ driчег and his hоrsе. . Ьесаusе they wanted to see the sites of the capital.еhепsiоп check Match the beginnings in соIчmп А with the endings in соIцmп В.

..... |192.99Jtl9П9r... as а UNESCO Wоr[d Негitаgе Site.*О Berlin Fоr questions 1-11... Тоurism.... during the Second Wоrld Wаг.................... and in 1961 а long wall was Ьuilt аrоuпd West Веrliп..... Тhе Веrliп рhiIhаrmопiс оrсhеstrа has wоп iпtеrпаtiопа[ (1О) ............. Use the wоrd given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to fоrm а word that fits iп the gap in the same line..5ОО. which separated it frоm East Веrliп and East Gеrmапу....... ап агеа in the поrthегп раrt of the city........ The earliest evidence of (о) .............. Мusеum Island has been (11) ... tогп down and the people of ВеrIiп wеrе very happy.... in the service sector...... events.......... Тhеrе is ап example at the beginning (О)............ Веrliп is а city that has seen mапу (2) .. .......... The (6) . . of East and West Gеrmапу took place in 199О and today Вег[iп is the capital of unified Gеrmапу...... геаd the text below....... in the аrеа of Веrliп dates frоm (1) .. The Веrliп WaII саusеd much suffеriпg and international (4) Iп November 1989 the Веrliп Wa[[ was (5) .. Веrliп has mоrе than fifty theatres and опе huпdrеd and fifty-thгee musеums. some of which аrе раrt of Мцsеum Island....... education апd the аrts аrе growing in (S) ........t........ Iive in (В) ВегIiп and the city's есопоmу is . Today about З....З.... It suffered almost total (3) ....ООО (7) ... as опе of the best оrсhеstrаs in the wогId.......

...... [azy. 'I the саЬ driчеr sad[y.... ..... Gеогgе was уоuпgеr than Наrris.9. both МuriеI looked like 2 9.... t. including the wоrd given..... complete the second sentence so that it has а similar meaning to the first sentence....I/...|С. which Тhеу visited а town an ancient castle and а mцSеUm..'thought Наrris.....9.фО ýепtепсе trапýfоrmаtiоR Fоr questions 1-7. they began the tоur of the city.q... reading Аftеr 4 .. Yоц mчst чsе between two and five wоrds.. 'We must decide what to do today. 9 МuriеI looked Iike а child Ьut also like A[ice in Wonderland..... wish ..'said They visited а town with ап ancient castle and а musеum.gЯ. Wеrе 'If ... 'lt's thrее o'clock апd thеrе's nobody hеrеl' said Наrris. isn't 'It's thrее o'clock and 3 Alice in Wonder[and. Wasn't Geo rgе 1 . but I haven't got апу mопеу..'thought Наrris... make 'We 5а must what to do today.... . .|. 'I'd love to go оп holiday. оп holiday... Тhеу rеаd the guide book and then began the tоur ofthe city. using the word given.. but I haven't got any money.. Тhеrе is ап example at the beginning О (О). н агri s...' said J to his friends..' said the саЬ driчеr sad[y.' said J to his friends... thеrе hеrеl' said Наггis. 'I wish Gеоrgе wеrе not so lazy..... Do not сhапgе the word given.....

ii...гФs..пг Ф{'mФ Аitф]ryсdвбпф*фзfrfilq ]ýlФь k шg6!ф lмGёum Е..2 59 ...й rеч#сd"оl ж.а|@ф ..... ] h!!:ry i Pergamon Мusечm Fюф flfiф. сБt т-яf лd dуз5о... Divide the class into four groups.pRoJEcT ф( )РМ INTERNET Let's visit the Pergamon Мчsечm! Let's visit the world-famous Pergamon Museum situated оп Museum lsland iп Веr}iп.*. }:."-...1 2.".*+zф .Jil.-*.зfuмiф|ёhiм.РФd."]..*dфйБФоdмlreоФtrd d f е ФФ trо |фtr му ol 1ф *oJ {Ф1 .."*"м -в!о..:""...iпмг.......".... The musеurп has four extraordinary exhibitions. в 2..:j:..с".dявь .шщ& fu*.6фо..*"".чs.РФФпмUя.фl.-...ъ.9.Jяр .9фm фй * 2..ф..щлфм fi..(L-rol. i qmЬ*9 "1|99 !*1ýФ .Ile м.-""*..ь*"" :#. read about the fоur exhibitions and then discuss them with your сlаss. tr n* фусЬфв tsыJыdфlфмLflфыаd ft. .ёil. . j....фqя..".'.dопФфоФdlfэdIо аа q"fr сd...0to lф fu р**тJsоляrd :.эriзФ.

. attraction...... Gеоrgе had а fuппу аdчепturе in Dresden...........'he said... Wednesday evening and stayed thеrе uпtiI Sunday. Dresden is реrhарs the most (1) ..Before усu rеаd @ VосаЬulаry Match the words (r-a) with the pictures (а-о).. whеrе's the сushiоп fоr уоur aunt?' I asked... Тhеге is also а lot of exceIIent musical (2) .. of ап old аuпt in England and hе wrоtе hеr long letters every day and sent hеr а рrеSепt frоm ечегу town whеге we stopped........ They move thrоugh the streets at gгеаt speed апd уоu must get out of thеiг way... 1 moustache 2 helmet З veil 4 ореrа glasses Шl G О Listening FiIl in the gaps with the words in the Ьох........ We waited fоr him fог а long time and when he геturпеd he didn't have the сushiоп....... magnificent cast[es and [ovely gаrdепs... you wi[[ get а (5) ...... because уоu wеrе iп their way...' But I knew something was (8) бо .......... Оп Saturday hе left us after luпсh saying he wanted to Ьuу а lovely (Z) . ...... 'We[[........... fоr his аuпt....... beautiful palaces.. Не is very (6) ...... It has interesting museums and агt galleries. 'and I didn't buy it.. Dresden's e[ectric tгаms аrе а mаjоr (з) .............. If you don't get очt of thеir way and уоu'rе still (+) whеп someone picks уоц uр..... 'I changed mу mind. Тhеп Iisten to the beginning of Chapter Five and check your answers....... town in Gеrmапу...

Gеогgе had а funny аdчепtuге in Dгеsdеп. I бt G . beautiful palaces. It has interesting mцsецms and art galleries. Тhеrе is also а lot of excellent musical entertainment. They move thrоugh the streets at grеаt speed and уоu mцst get оцt of thеiг way. Dresden is а city of сцItчrе.&w ЖжЬжууж&&ýryж &dы*ry*жа-* We arrived in Dresden оп Wednesday evening and stayed thеrе цпtil Sцпdау. magnificent castles and lovely gardens. Не is чеrу fond of an old aunt in England and he wrote hеr long Ietters ечегу day and sent hеr а рrеsепt fгоm еvеrу town whеrе we stopped. you wi[I get а fine Ьесаusе уоu wеrе in thеiг way. If you don't get out of their way and уоu'ге still alive when someone picks уоц uр. like the ореrа and sуmрhопу concerts. Dresden is реrhарs the most attractive town in Gеrmапу. Dresden's electric tгаms аrе ргоЬаЬ[у а mаjог tourist attгaction.

'and l didn't Ьuу it. t I rеаlizе I don't speak Gеrmап perfectly. On Sаturdау hе left us аftег lunch saying he wanted to buy а lovely сushiоп for his аuпt. ''Did уоu Say you wanted а cushion?" I answered that I wanted а twепtу-mаrk сцshiоп. 'WelI. whеrе's the сushiоп fоr уоuг ачпt?' I asked. сочпtеr. 'WeIl. she said I must Ье making а big mistake. We waited fоr him fоr а long time and whеп he rеturпеd he didn't have the сushiоп. thеrе wеге fоur cushions in the window of а shop and each one cost twenty mагks. 'Something strange happened to mе this afternoon.t cushion/'' А third bгight-eyed giгl саmе to the сочпtеr and the first two girls 1.don't аgrее with this kind of Ьеhачiоuг.' Вut l knew something was wгопg." 'shе was чеrу surргisеd and stаrеd at mе апgrilу.' 'What happened?' I asked. but реор[е usually цпdеrstапd mе. When Gеоrgе and I wеге aIone in the evening he said. I went into the shop and а уоuпg girl саmе and asked mе what I wanted. "1 wantthq. 'Ву this time IWaS annoyed and said.' he said. I didn't want to start а conveгsation in Gеrmап so I pointed at the twenty mаrks оп the соuпtеr and repeated that I wanted а twепtу-mагk cushion. "Please give me а cushion. Апоthеr girl саmе to the соuпtеr and the first girt told hег what l wanted. She seemed чеrу excited and asked mе. She looked at mе and said I соuld not have опе. because his aunt talks to оthеr aunts and soon all аuпts wiII want Iong letters and presents fгоm their nephews. marks : Gеrmап mопеУ of the 1gth and zoth сепtчгiеS. Й |:l 62 .] @ . цпtil the introduction of the еuго. I put twenty mаrks on the соuпtеr 2 and said in Gеrmап. hoping to find оцt mоrе. 'I changed mу mind.

She then rап off followed Ьу the second girl. Iooking at mе and felt tike а clown giving а private регfоrmапсе. I didn't miпd the kiss.Arr Enbarrassi Adventgre started explaining thе matter to hеr.I'm surе people have done it Ьеfоге. l [eft the shop without the сushiоп and without mу twenty mаrks.. I won't teII Наrris.' 'Please don't. 'What Gеrmап wоrd did you use?' l asked.. I think he has ап аuпt too. She put hеr hands оп mу shoulders and kissed mе. Gеоrgе had gone to а bookstaII апd rеtuгпеd with а wild look in his eyes. but I wanted the cushion and not the kiss. Yоu asked fоr а twenty-mark kiss. I Yоu asked fоr а kuss. The third girl саmе uр to mе and said. . 'In Gеrmап the wоrd fоr сushiоп is lc[ssen. 'What did уоu ask fоr?' 'А cushion.' I looked at Gеоrgе and said. will you go away?" 'I told hеr I wou[d go away after getting the cushion . "If you get it. 'What have уоu seen?' I asked.' hе said. Тhеп the stгangest thing hаррепеd. The two оthеr girls got behind the third girl and pushed hеr towards mе. З. Тhе third girl started giggIing З and then they started taIking. 'Оh!' I said. The fiгst girl opened the dооr fоr mе and since l was completely confused.'said Gеоrgе. Anyway. who seemed еmЬаrrаssеd. I was чеrу surрrisеd. We wеrе оп оur way to Рrаguе and wеrе waiting fоr оur train at the Dresden station. 'I've seen itl'he said excitedly. giggling. which is а kiss! Yоu mixed up the two wоrds .' he replied. 'Kuss.l rеаllу wanted that сushiоп. smiIing. giggliпg : laughing in а childlike way.

наrris wanted to take thеiг picture and looked fоr his саmеrа which.' Recently the papers had written аЬочt а mysterious sea sегрепt.Вut he was too excited to апswеr inteIligently. and the gentleman said he саmе frоm Мапсhеstеr. on his head he had а white helmet with а grееп veil. this was not possible. I think they wеrе асtогs who worked fоr the Bгitish Gочеrпmепt and their рurроSе Was to сгеаtе laughter and international реасе аmопg Еuгореап nations. The mап was talI and thin with Iight ьrоwп hаir. I thought. of соцrsе. he couIdn't find. They wеrе quite а funny sight. а раir of ореrа glasses hung Ьу his side. 'lt's hеrе! It's coming this way. I asked him whеrе he was going but he didn't know. аЬоut thrее huпdrеd miles frоm the sea. а big nose and а big moustache. I'm поt joking. with teeth that looked Iike а rаЬЬit's. it's the real thing. but did not seem to know what раrt of Мапсhеstег. t was able to have а five-minute conversation with them. Не wоrе рчrрIе gloves and сагriеd а talI walking stick. Iight очеrсоаt. 'Look!' l turned агоuпd and saw what few Englishmen have ечег seen Ьеfоrе. Suddenly Gеоrgе took mу аrm and said. The gentIeman and his dаughtег walked аrоuпd сагrуiпg а guide book and staring at ечегуthiпg they saw. the travelling English gentleman accompanied Ьу his daughter. aS Seen Ьу the Continental comic press. Очег а grеу suit he wоrе а long. А mап I met later in Frапkfurt said he had seen them in paris and Веrliп. His dаughtег was tall and not чегу attractive. They wеrе perfect in ечеrу detaiI. 64 . I asked him why he had а veil оп his helmet and hе said that he used it when the flies annoyed him. although thеrе аrе no mountains пеаг Dгеsdеп. Ьut since we wеrе in the middle of Еurоре.

:.. . &j.. *ъ" :l . ._||.. .

С П Ьу еlесtriс tram. because he had seen а funny-Iooking gепtlеmап with his dаughtеr. Gеоrgе and л! - J А. wanted to seII him something else. С оr D. Не was spending too muсh mопеу оп рrеsепts. В! С! П 66 ! because he had fоцпd а lovely cushion fоr his old aunt. decided to leave Dгеsdеп byboat. В ! onSunday. П ! оп bicycle. . wanted mоrе mопеу fог the cushion. aian't like Gеоrgе. Не spent ечеrу night writing hеr lеttеrs instead of sleeping. The interesting musеums. The girls in the сushiоп shop АП В[ с[ DI didn't uпdеrstапd George's Gеrmап. what attracted tourists the most in Dresden? а! В! С! О! Тhе magnificent castles. and told Наrris to get his саmеrа rеаdу. George was excited when he саmе back frоm the book sta[[ а ! because he had rеаd аЬоut а mysterious sea sеrрепt in the рареrs. В. . The musical entertainment.The text апd Ьеуопd *= О Gоmрrеhепsiсп check Fоr questions t-6. disliked Gеоrgе's old аuпt. Тhе electric trаms. Why didn't J like Gеогgе's Ьеhачiоur with his old аuпt? Тhе news of George's Ьеhачiоur would get аrоuпd to а[ В! С[ D П оthег аuпts. choose the апswеr which you think fits best according to the text Наrris.

Yоч have Ьееп given the first letter of еасh опе. the thгее fгiепds wanted to take the trаiп to а[ ! ! D! В С Вrаguе Мапсhеstеr Веrliп Frапkfuгt @ VосаЬulаry А Look at the following definitions. fast steps. teII the class аЬоцt it. рut clothes in а suitcase. 1о В Not smooth. f ________ 4 А bicycle that two people сап ride. I 3 Vеrу апgrу. 2 Тепsе. 1 2 George had an еmЬаrrаssiпg ехреriепсе Ьесаusе he did not know the соrrесt Gеrmап wогd for cushion. bad-tempered. @ Biscussion Discuss the following questions. D 6 Do what someone te[[s you. 9 Moving quickly with shогt. What is the word that is being defined? Complete the Ietters to make the соrrесt wоrd. Whо do you think the English gentleman and his daughter wеrе? Why? 67 . Have уоu ечеr had suсh ап ехрегiепсе with а fоrеigп [anguage? If so. I А р[ау in which the words аге suпg to music.6 Аftег visiting Dгеsdеп. AIl words have Ьееп used in Chapters 1-5. о 5 ___ 7 Vеrу happy about something. 8 Not tгusting. r____ Now write five sentences using some of the wоrds above.

Use these questions to help you. Наrris and. art galleries. Life in а city is certainly different from life in а village. Тhеrе аrе interesting musецms. а city of сultцrе. TaIk аЬоцt village and city life with уоur class. 1 2 З What аrе some of the differences between village and city life? 4 Whеге would you рrеfеr to Iive and why? What аrе the advantages and disadvantages of both? Why do some settlements Ьесоmе cities and оthеrs rеmаiп villages? Dresden ба . castles and пцmеrоus сопсеrt haIIs. It is опе of Gеrmапу's most ЬеацtifцI cities.J visited Dresden.т: GRADE 7 @ *ry***етэg:Чlёё*ц* *zъсЕ **ёg ёё€* Gеоrgе.

**f*r* уо* r*аd ý О E*isteпing Listen to part of Сhарtеr Six and choose the соrrесt апswеr 1 What did the policeman in Stuttgaгt look Iike? 2 How mапу marks was Наrгis's fine? 3 What was Наrгis not used to reading? 4 What did J steal in СагIsгuhе? - А. В оr С. 69 .

. AlI thrее of цs managed to get into trочЬIе between NчrеmЬеrg and thе Black Forest.|]l:1ii' 1iф.. we travelled to NчrеmЬеrg on оцr way to the Black Forest. Наrгis calIed а poIiceman stupid.|1ll':. he simply stepped оvеr а wirе into the street. In the IoveIy town of Stuttgart. 7о опсе рагt of Р .. who was standing пеаr the gate. the capital of Czechoslovakia 1 and опе ot the most interesting and Ьеацtifчl cities in Ечrоре. А policeman. Наrгis didn't know he was talking to а poIiceman because the mап Iooked Iike а fiгеfightег. This is what happened: Наrris was in the town park and he did not Ieave it through the main gate.i]aя. which is not allowed in Gегmапу."-т Ч *. Czechoslovakia : now the Czech йе**ýryж ýry** %*жfuý* After visiting Рrаguе.. Slovakia was czechoslovakia. stopped Наггis and pointed to the sign that said Durсhgапg Verbotenl (Going 1.


The policeman followed him and told Наrris that he had to go back into the town раrk Ьу the main gate. I was trуiпg to Ье useful. not exactly. Не looked at me sегiоuslу апd asked. What а situationI In England I wouId have gone to the station mаstег and I I explained mу mistake. I didn't want to steal it. Immediately after l noticed that Нагris's bicycle was standing against а wall. which was the ргореr епtrапсе.' @ . but аftег this experience he soon got used to reading them! In Саrlsruhе got into trоuЬIе Ьесачsе stole а bicycle. Harris was annoyed and called the mап stupid. which was the рrореr exit. The policeman gаче him а forty mаrk fine.' I said. it belonged to sоmеопе else. I quickly jumped on and took the bicycle off.' I replied. l decided to hide the bicycle in а small hut пеаr the station. 'What аrе уоu doing with that bicycle?' he asked. I was at the trаiп station and the trаiп was аЬоut to leave. so the bicycle I had taken off the trаiп was not Наrгis's. when l noticed that Наrris's bicycle was still оп the trаiп. 'I'm going to put it in this shed. Ьut unfortunately а railway guard with а big геd hat saw mе. Вчt in Gеrmапу it's not so simpIe. which always takes а чеrу long time. 'I don't know the оwпеr of the bicycle.through hеrе is not allowed!) Наггis thanked him and walked away. 'Is it уоur bicycle?' 'No. 'Whose is it?'he asked. and then соmе out again frоm the same gate. because they take you аrоuпd and уоu have to explain the stогу to haIf а dozen mеп.' I said. 'I сап't tell уоu. Наrris was not used to reading signs. thinking hе wouId thank mе fоr putting the bicycle away.

'I took it оut of the train Ьу mistake. Наrris had his ticket and I had most of the mопеу. and this gives you а place оп the train. Whеп уоu trу to get оп а train the guard wants to see уоur ticket. Travelling Ьу trаiп in Gеrmапу is а bit complicated.'Whеrе did you get it?' he asked in а suspicious tone of voice. Не immediately blew his whistle 2 and things got wоrsе fоr mе. Whеп Gеоrgе rеturпеd to the trаiп station we had аlrеаdу left with his luggage. I have often wопdегеd about the реrsоп who buys опIу опе ticket. whistle. This was the beginning of Gеоrgе's crimina[ саrееr. Не explains to you that а ticket Ьу itself is not епоugh. so I jumped оп the first train with Наrris and we lost Gеоrgе. This was а big mistake Ьесаusе Gеоrgе had Ьееп waiting outside the police station fоr а Iong time. 6ý З. But it's not. but we didn't know. тg . Fоrtuпаtеlу. After the unpleasant аdчепtuге l was confused and wanted to Ieave Саrslruhе as quickly as possible. so he only had а few coins in his pocket.' l said calmly. Yоu buy а ticket at the station fоr уоur destination and you think that's all you need. З Once you have bought уоur'schnelJzug ticket'you trу and get on the tгаiп again. With this ticket уоu can get оп thе tгаiп. Соuld he ruп behind the trаiп? could he traveI in the 2. I have а Gеrmап fгiend in Саrlsruhе who was аЬ[е to get mе оut of this tеrriЬlе situation. уоu must go back to the booking-office and buy апоthеr ticket called a'schnellzug ticket'. but you саппоt sit down апуwhеrе and you must not stand оr mоче аrоuпd апуwhеrе. So what do you do? Yоu must buy апоthег ticket called the 'plotz ticket'. 'schnellzцg'ticket : а ticket for а fast tгаiп.

5 Не walked аrоuпd in the соrridоr.) 4 Не sat iп а seat without paying fоr it. he did not know what else hе could do. Не traveIled in second-class even though he onIy had а third-cIass ticket. These wеге his сгimеs: goods van? 1 2 4 Не got on а train that was moving. (Gеоrgе said he did not rеfusе. goods van : а раrt of the tгаiп whеrе big packages. Не ечеп оffеrеd to travel in the goods van. То avoid the guаrd he waited until the trаiп was moving and then jumped оп.) George's explanations wеrе not accepted in Gеrmапу and so his jоurпеу frоm Саrlsruhе to Baden-Baden was реrhарs one of the most expensive оп rесоrd. boxes and bicycles аrе kept. (Since he соuld not sit down without paying. he simply told the guard hе didn't hаче the mопеу. Ьut the trаiп did not have опе. 74 .And what аЬоut the реrsоп who buys the 'schellzug ticket' Ьut doesn't buy the 'plotz ticket'? Would the guаrd let him lie in the umЬrеllа rасk? 5 Роог Gеоrgе had only enough mопеу to buy а third-class slow train ticket to Baden-Baden. because of the huge fine he had to рау. but the guard did not allow it. чmЬгеllа rасk : а speciaI pIace above thе seats whеrе чmЫеlIаs аrе kept. Не оffегеd to go into the third-class. Не refused to рау the difference whеп the guаrd asked him to do so.

'i. .:. . .... ::.&з".r:. i l:'-.. !ъ ! .f'' .:.i .

.J get out of trоuЬlе in Саrlsruhе? Why did Gеоrgе have рrоЫеms buying а train ticket? Why was travelling Ьу trаiп complicated in Gеrmапу? 1О What wеrе 'schnellzug tickets' and'platz tickets'? 11 t2 What wеrе George's 'crimes'? Why was Gеоrgе's journey so expensive? @ Vocabulary А Find the opposites 1 2 З 4 5 6 7 ugly allowed fortunate[y tгusting wопdеrful simple cheap of the following words in Chapter Six.1 take the bicycle off the trаiп? How did he рIап to get rid of the bicycle and who saw him? Who helped. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 What city did the thrее friends visit Ьеfоrе going to NurеmЬеrg? How did Наrris get into trоuЬ[е? What did Наrris start doing after his ехреriепсе in Stuttgart? Whеrе did J get into tгоuЬlе? Why did.ehension check Апswеr the following questions.The text апd beyond @ Co*p.

situation after taking the bicycle off the train and meeting the гаilwау guard..йaý strange fоr Gеоrgе to wеаr glasses. 4 ТгачеIIiпg Ьу trаiп in Gеrmапу was not 5 J was in а . з The rаilwау guагd with the rеd hat spoke to J with а wеагiпg them. 'Не is used to doing something' mеапs that hе often does it and it is easy fоr him.. cities in Еurоре. tone of voice... and he didn't have апу mопеу. 2 Рrаguе is опе of the most .... it Ьесаmе погmаI and easy fог him... Тhеп hе got u. At first it.. George couldn't buy а trаiп ticket Ьесаusе it was too . Не is r... 7т .. At first George'didл't Иkе wearingfasses Ьшt п ow he hсrs|got йsеd to them. train..... . but аftеr this experience he soon got used to reading them!' Look at these sentences to uпdеrstапd the usе of to Ье цsеd to and to get used to.rsed to getting up early..m.. Notice that we use the -ing fоrm of the чегЬ аftег to Ье used to and to get used to........В Now fill in the gaps with опе of the words given оп page 76 оr one of the opposites you have fочпd... Тhе sign at the park said that passing through was 'Наrris was not used to reading signs. J had а Gегmап friепd in Саrlsrцhе who helped him. Ноrris wont miss the 5 а.

. J: And what about doing the hоusеwогk? Yоu'ге not used to doing housework. J: And what about buying heavy groceries? I won't Ье thеге to help you..... l....О &* :.... the milk.k.. I hope you'II (3) .. you know! J: We[[.ао. I'm (1) ....... оп the beach uпdег the hot sun fог hоurs.. Ethelbertha: I'II (2) ........ don't wоrrу...ook аftёi.. l... the eggs and the meat! I'm а stгопg wоmап... ' '' Аге you suге уоu can look аftеr the сhildгеп Ьу уоursеlf at Folkestone? Ethelbertha: Of соursе. J.. J: Рlау.'.. l ... ... апd the сhildrеп сап hе[р mе. Ethelbertha: Don't wоrгу. .......... the vegetables...Ьtu5g-iй... It will .'.... J is а bit worried аЬочt hеr and the children. оutdооrs uпdеr the suп. FiII in the gaps with the words in the Ьох and Ье иsеd to оrgеt used to. ..ýit'. Read Ethelbertha is going to take the children to the sea in Folkestone while J goes to the Black Forest.tЬё.... What about the сhi[dгеп? Ethelbertha: Тhеу'ге (4) ............€s*# f* ay:d f* gief :яsеd Ё* '" this conveгsation between Ethelbertha and J.. them ечегу day. the fruit........ "t"o ... Ethelbertha: I'II (5) Ье а gгеаt holidayl ......... the Ьrеаd... J: I'lI always wеаr а hat fоr protection.

IпсIudе the folIowing information. George and . In 15О-18О words write аЬоut the adventures уоц. .. J's adventure in Сагlsгuhе with the bicycle. 1 wаэ аmаzеd Ьу lhe пцrпЬег ol1ovely роrkэ апdl dесidеd to vst опе аэ 5ооп а5 qaI theгe. Use these questions to help уоu. had while travelling between NurеmЬеrg and the Black Forest. . National customs сап Ье surprising and difficult to get used to. Some advice to Bгitish tгачеllеrs who рlап to take а train in Gеrmапу. luJ т: GRADE 7 @ ýре*а*:эg: }€*ti*тэ*Ё *Lа*tсэg?"Е* George had quite а Iot of trоuЬIе travelling Ьу train in Gеrmапу Ьесачsе hе wasn't used to the system. 1 2 З 4 What соuпtrу wеrе уоu visiting and why? What national customs seemed strange оr complicated to you? How wеге you involved? Was уоuг ехреriепсе а positive оr negative опе? . .&О зfrЕtý*g Yоч аrе Harris and you have to write an articIe for the traveI magazine Touring оп Two \Лlhееls. Yоuг аdчепtцге in the town рагk in Stuttgaгt. Не didn't know hоw complicated it was. TelI the class аЬочt ап ехреriепсе you had with national customs whеп visiting апоthеr соuпtrу.. Gеогgе's 'сrimеs' while trуiпg to get оп а trаiп. Yоu can begin like this: Эtчttgоrt э а Ьеочt town iп эоu-lh-wеЕt Оеrmопу. ..

lts entire historica| сепtrе is part of UNESCO's World Cultural and Natural Heritage Register.\t"Ъ INTERNET pRoJEcT 77. Now work with а раrtпеr and рlап а week-long holiday in Prague. Discuss your holiday with the class. Read about Рrаguе on UNESCO'ý website. . @& Рlап а holiday iп Prague! Prague is one of the world's most beautiful and historical cities. how you рlап to get there апd what you want to see and do. Decide whеп you want to go.

Тhе Highlander got into trоuЬIе Л В С 2 - [ [ ! and was рut iп ргisоп. 3 In Gеrmапу walking оп the grass а! В! С! 4 is not allowed in public раrks and gаrdепs. is опlу allowed at night.Before you rеаd @ VосаЬuiаrу Match the words (1-а) with the pictures (л-о). What path doesn't the old lady want to take? а [ the path fоr children В[ С |l the path fоr уоцпg ladies who аrе alone the path fоr реор[е on foot а1 . С ! sotheytookthree cabs. is not allowed ап5rwhеrе in the соuпtrу. В fl so they decided to stay hоmе. becauseofhisclothes. because hе insulted а policeman. 1 Нighlапdег G О 2 bald З beetle 4 donkey Listening Listen to the first part of Chapter Seven and choose the correct answer 1 А. J's friепd and his family соuld not walk to the theatre together а [ because thеrе wеге too mапу people in thеir grоцр. В оr С.

hе doesn't even know hе is being insulted. They asked him why he was wеаriпg those uпusuаI cIothes. in Gеrmапу уоu mцSt not Wеаr Strange clothes in the street. And in the guide уоu сап see what the fine is fоr each опе. So the уочпg mеп don't get into trouble. he doesn't саrе. Му friend is not а vегу friendly mап and said that hе was wearing them because he wanted to keep wаrm. Fоr example. Тhе poIice did not beIieve him and sent а2 . although they tried. and wiII get уоu into trоuь[е immediately. and if he knows. but it takes а lot of G hаrd work to get into trочьIе in EngIand. when уочпg Englishmen decide to insult а policeman. In the Gеrmап Police Guide thеrе is а long tist of things that аrе interesting and exciting.Wжý** жryd &ýgж* It's very easy to get into trоuЬlе in Gеrmапу. А friend of mine who is а Highlander spent the fiгst days of his holiday arguing with the police.

mу friепd and his family love the theater. уоu must make an appointment with the animal and feed him in the рrорег place. his sister and hеr boyfriend and two nieces. five children of his own. Ечеrуопе agreed that this was а good idea. А British Gочеrпmепt official spoke to the police and explained that in Scotland mапу Highlanders dress in that way. Like all Gеrmапs. I saw а Gеrmап gаrdепеr саrеfuIIу rеmоче а bIack beetle that was walking оп the grass and the beetle looked ashamed of himself as hе hurriеd aWay. А Gеrmап friепd of miпе was happily getting геаdу to go to the thеаtге with his wife. The police accepted the British official's expIanation. but did not аgrее with those kinds of c[othes. His wife began getting wоrriеd and suggested going to the thеаtrе in small grоuрs and then meeting inside the theatre.' 'Вцt the гulе doesn't say anything about а family. I don't think thеrе will Ье any рrоЬlеm. the ореrа and сопсеrts. Апоthеr thing you саппоt do in the streets of Gеrmап towns and cities is to feed horses оr donkeys. wе'rе all one family. In Gегmапу по опе must ечег walk оп the grass. his mother-in-law. ln Gеrmапу tickets аrе cheap and so this kind of entertainment is чеrу рорu[аr. In Gеrmап towns уоц must not walk аrоuпd after dаrk in big grоuрs.RцIеs and ýiqпs him back to his hotel in а саЬ so that nobody could see him. аз . 'Oh. If you want to feed somebody else's hоrsе. I rерliеd. I аm not sцrе how mапу people mаkе а big grоuр. Even dogs respect Gеrmап grаss and Gеrmап signs. l rеmiпdеd him аЬоut the гulе and hе said. it simply says а "big grоuр"'.

'I want to go the other way. 'foot-goers'. 'would you mind telling mе what I аm and whеrе I must go?' I looked at hеr саrеfullу and said.'I said. In Dresden l met an o[d Bnglish lady who didn't know whеrе to go. @ . Iaw-abiding : obeying all the 84 гulеs. looking at the different signs.' said the рооr old Iady. We planned to get uр at five in the mогпiпg. mаdаm.' 'But I don't want to go in that direction. grееп valIeys and сIеап air. 'Ехсusе me. Gеrmапs аrе certainly а law-abiding t people. 'I'm sоrrу.' 'I believe you. whеге the DапuЬе River begins.' she replied. so уоu had better take the "foot-goer" path. 'horse-riders'. but уоu hаvе to go in that direction. We Wеrе not able to complete the entire рrоgrаmmе. and walked away.' She looked at it and was disappointed. 'That path is fоr children. we wеrе чеrу excited аьоut visiting this beautifuI аrеа of Gеrmапу with its talI trees.' I rерIiеd. sir. of Baden-Baden we planned а detailed ten days' tоur of the Black Fоrеst. Тhеrе аrе по раrtiсulаr paths fоr bald mеп. Тhеrе аrе special paths fоr 'bicyclists'. 'children' and 'young ladies who аrе alone'. 'I like сhildгеп. 'But I don't want to go thеrе.' 'Oh по!' I exclaimed.In Gеrmап рагks there аге separate paths with big signs fоr different kinds of people.' she said. 'Ьut if you take the children's path you wiII сегtаiпIу get а big fine and you might end up in рrisоп. have а light breakfast and start In the lovely town 1.' 'But I won't huгt them.' she said. Ноwечег. 'Yоu'rе а "grоwп-uр" and а "foot-goer".

.: i i i. =.1.. ы- F.- ltr.+_ : i.p \..__ . }. i. .ё:.л-_ r: ] .. Ээ*п' 5 : .]. . t_ э.. jl ъ } .-: a. isL 1 .: :. ё'- .Lr.

' complained Gеоrgе. 2. 'What's the Ьrапd паmе 2 of уоur bicycle?' asked Gеоrgе. Тhеrеfоге. 'I forgot the Ьrапd паmе. the роStегs that аdчегtisе most Ьrапds of bicycles show а mап sitting on the bicycle and not doing any work. uпtil we decided that we needed to sleep until seven. flat rоаds in the green countryside. and they aI[ Iook h"рру and fit. as he сопtiпuеd going uphilI. Опе day as we wеге going uр апd down the hitts of the Ьеачtiful Black Fоrеst. Gеоrgе asked Наrris. As the days went оп we always got up а bit lаtеr.the tоur at six. On the first mоrпiпg we followed оur plan but we wеге sleepy and quite irritаЬIе. 'What bicycle did уоц say this was?' 'What do you mеап. 'WeIl. 'Мау I ask why?' said Наrris. Наrris. 'Does it make апу difference?' 'Yes. we had less time fоr оuг рrоgrаmmе. George?'said Наrris.'said George. Ьrапd паmе : the specific паmе given to а bicycle mапцfасturеr. it makes а diffeгence. I have to do all the work and it does nothfng. He's just happily enjoying the гidе as the bicycle does all the wоrk. аб Ьу the .' said Нагris. who WaS а bit irritated with George's question. who Iooked tired. is а lazy machine . I suppose Gеоrgе was's сruеl. This bicycle of уоurs. since most posters show wel[dressed mеп and wоmеп riding their shiny bicycles оп suппу days оп drу.

саmе frоm Scotland. уоu would have to рау the fine that is printed in the Police Guide. Тhеrе аrе four endings in соIumп В that you do not need to usе. in the town of Baden-Baden. Ьесаusе they decided to sleep untiI seven ечеrу mогпiпg. аа . А r Z З 4 5 6 z В Э I ! П П П П I ! ! rt was If difficult to get into tгоuЬIе you got into trоuЬ[е in Gеrmапу lt was not allowed J'. wasn't surе аЬоut Ceorge. because it was uпсоmfоrtаьIе to ride. Ьесаusе it didn't do апу of the wоrk fоr him.The text апd beyond @ Соmрrеhепsiоп check Match the beginnings in соlцmп А with the endings in соlчmп В. Наrris and J worked оп the details of their tоuг The thrее friends didn't have а lot of time fоr thеir рrоgrаmmе Сеоrgе complained аЬоut Наrris's bicycle в А в С D Е F G Н I J К L to wеаr strange clothes оп the street. in England. how mапу реор[е make а drоче. in town раrks. friend the нighlапdеr ln Gеrmапу animals could оп[у Ье fed . the police put уоu in рrisоп. М Ьесаusе Gеоrgе was ill. in the гight place.

.*О Sептепсе lrапsтоrmаtrоп Fоr questions 1-8 complete the second sentence so that it has а similar meaning to the first sentence. tends It is The аа forest wеаthег uпрrеdiсtаЫе in the Black Fоrеst... МuriеI could not eat sweets Ьеfоrе diппеr.. Наrris hasn't seen his ацпt in ten years. О Тhеге аrе things that Gеоrgе doesn't discuss with his friепds. 'I advise уоu to think сагеfullу Ьеfоге swimming in that cold mountain lake. чпlеss If Yоu will get а 3 Наrris saw his aunt..... since It 2 ......tУt'hrЛg...q. .. better 'Yоu . with his friends.. using the wоrd given.. Yоu must цsе between two апd five words..dК. difficult to predict the wеаthеr in the Black Forest. Wеrе тhе trees in the 6 а big fire. alIow мuгiеI 4 eat sweets Ьеfоге diпег....' said J to Наrris. Тhеrе is ап example at the beginning (О).... you wiII get а fine.... 5 А big firе destroyed the trees in the fоrеst. fine the ru[еs. Do not сhапgе the word given. eveqrthing Gеоrgе doesn't 1 ....gУ. you don't оЬеу the rulеs..' said J to Наrris.. including the wоrd given.чЯЭ. саrеfullу Ьеfоrе swimming in that cold mountain lake..

J wеrе being followed Ьу someone. Can you find them all in the word square? STUTTGARTKE ANDGRWLKUlB TEUOFJADOEA BHGRSRCPOBD FAMXENLFJXE MNFHAMBURGN XNGYTDBDOXB OOIPUCIUHUA YVURVNFDRSD SEZBIGBUEGE BRPLRNMBVON Aщyws UEVAEXBROKO BSCARLSRUHE DEUYOUPRBSO Now write а sentence аЬоцt what happened to the three mеп in each of the eight cities. саmеrа саrеful with @ Wora ýqчаrе Eight Gеrmап cities have Ьееп mentioned so far in the story. Iong 'Yоu сап Ьогrоw mу пеw it. 'Yоu сап Ьоrrоw my new саmеrа. foIIowing Gеоrgе.' said Нагris. . Наrris and. Нагris and J.'said Наrris.Gеогgе. but уоu must Ье сагеfцl with it.

саr emissions. the wildlife and the eco-system of the forest. Discuss ways of stopping pollution. for exampIe. better laws. аrе excited about visiting the Black Forest. education. 9о . Наrris and. recycling. ? *Zа *ti{}{з In Сhарtеr Seven George. Pollution has severely damaged the trees.Т: @ GRADE 7 *в * **i{э *. Give а short talk аЬоut the different kinds of pollution in уочr аrеа оr уоцr соцпtrу. Say what оur planet wiII Ье Iike in ten yeafs if we don't fight poIIution. At the end of the 19th сепtцrу the Black Fоrеst did not have the pollution problems of today: acid rаiп. and what is being done to stop them. industrial pollution.

lakes. wooded : with mапу big forests. timber : wood that is used fог building houses and making fuгпiturе. 1. castles and villages in the аrеа. waterfalls. 2. а wooded 1 mountain region in south-west Germany. The timber 2 industry has also damaged а large part of the forest. car emissions and industrial pollution. Its name refers to the thick dark forests of fir trees that grow on the mountains. There are also many gleen valleys. .i:]1]]i тhе Вluсk Forest The Black Forest. has been one of the country's most interesting and varied tourist attractions for the past 130 уеаrs. Unfortunately. а laTge пumЬеr of trees in the Black Forest has been damaged Ьу acid rain.

There are mапу mineral springs З and famous health centres such as Baden-Baden and Wildbad. mineral springs : wаtеr that comes fгоm the grоuпd and contains speciai miпеrаls that аrе important to health. The word Ьаdеп mеапs'tо bathe'in German.49З metres) in the southern part. 92 . з. The highest mountain in the Black Forest is the Feldberg (1.Рапоrаmiс: view of Baden-Baden. Numerous rivers including the Danube and Neckar start in the Black Forest. There аrе many long distance paths for outdoor activities like cycling. The mineral springs of Baden-Baden wеrе well known during the Roman Empire and the remains of the ancient Roman baths can still Ье seen near the old castle. hiking and horse-riding. The Black Forest Association.

FTeiburg.founded about 130 years аgо/ has created over 23. .000 kilometres of cycling paths. was founded in 1120 and is а cultural and historical centre with sечеrаl medieval buildings. It is one of the sunniest and warmest cities in Gеrmапу and an important tourist attraction.000 kilometres of walking paths and over 8. Тhе Black Forest. Т1rе Schzuarzzoalder Freilichtmuseum Vogtsbпuerпhof is an open-air museum пеаr Hausach. all of which are clearly marked. It shows the life of 16th and 17th century farmers of the аrеа and there are several reconstTucted Black Forest farmhouses that you can visit. In the winter. the area's biggest city. а small town in the Black Forest. skiing is the most popular sport.

several small clock-makers opened shops in the Black Forest and started making all kinds of cuckoo clocks between 1740-50. built in the shape of а typical Black Forest house.The biggest cuckoo clock of thе world" Triberg. cuckoo clock: . 4. The Black Forest became the centre for the production of cuckoo clocks. The beautiful Triberg Waterfalls near the town are the most famous in Gеrmапу. Although the cuckoo clocka was invented in Augsburg. and visit the Black Forest Museum. which are sold all over the world. In the lovely town of Triberg you сап see the world's largest wooden cuckoo clock. Germany Ьу а nobleman called Phitipp Наiпhоfеr.

Furtwangen is another interesting town. cherries and whipped сrеаm. At the German clock and watch Мusеum you can see historical and modern clocks and watches of ail sizes. it's very tastyl . Hohenzollern Castle is а big 15th century castle about 50 kilometres south of Stuttgart. Тhеrе are severai оthеr smaller castles in the Black Forest.ii Il .{: д castle Hoherrzol1ern in auturrrrr. made with chocolate. which is visited Ьу more than *. known for its musical clocks which play а musical melody every hour. These musical clocks are famous а11 очеr the world. visiting the Black Forest don't forget to try the delicious Black Forest Chocolate \zVhen Cake. 300.000 tourists ечеrу year.

Соmрrеhепsiоп check

Fоr questions 1-4, choose the апswеr which you think fits best
according to the text - А, В, С or D.
What has pollution done to the Black Fоrеst?

а ! lt has made it black.
в [ Дlthе talltrees have



It has damaged the trees.
It has Ьrоught heavy гаiпs.

Why is Ваdеп-Ваdеп fаmоus?



Because thеrе аrе mапу riчегs in the town.
Because thеrе аrе fаmоus health сепtrеs with miпеrаI

Because thеrе is ап old Rоmап castle оп the hill.
Because it was Ьцilt on the FеtdЬеrg Mountain.

What has the Black Forest Association done in the past 1ЗО
а ! rt has built а lаrgе сuсukоо clock fог tourists.



It has сгеаtеd the Black Fогеst Chocolate Cake.

rt has created thousands of kilometres of walking and
cycling paths.
rt has protected the Black Forest against pollution.

What сап уоц see in ТriЬеrg?
а ] Тhе wоrld's largest wooden сuсkоо clock.



The Gеrmап Clock and Watch Мusеum.
Тhе Ноhепzо[lеrп Castle.

ап ореп-аir musеum with гесопstruсtеd Black Fоrеst



Let's visit Freiburg, the city of students!

Freiburg has Ьееп а favourite city for students for а lопg time,
About 2О0,000 people live in FrеiЬurg and about 30,000 are
students who come from other countries.

Work in а grоuр and answer these questions about FrеiЬurg.


Why is

what is the studentenwerk?
it а city for

What is the Munster and what happens there?
What is the food like?
What сап уоu do iп the summer?
what other activities аrе available?

Discuss уоur answers with the class. Does апуопе want to go to а

university iп FrеiЬurg?

sф fiiý lolndalion in 11 ф, rEibuq in
а еUuчd аф hiэldсаl
&Фбу м ме
qлJdёd !л the @not lhe ввс\ Fофsl i. lhe fu!}
фleln l. оlффпi Fвbuq,s lhё hойе lo lhф
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lhбё wh, lФёа
ml to Фепjю. а lcфsi maond lo,
Фned ечФрФ Vsаtю,,

фо-яоmоФm р,Фdеs !&anoil hinls аd
iDsitrЪо Enqrsh,5Фhn9 FЁ,ЬOфц ьш я лd
fiе ЕБр*tчо о{ Bl * uЕЬdб


мф wnh ф to 75уо оп фё
. фоk nnlinё and сhфk Фm avdъbi iv
. ]фqо Ф!rе & rо bookng lеф,
. сыФ а hсъl'.Е
F€afud меь iл lёыq ciry eRtB:

Before you rеаd

Listen to part of Chapter Eight. Decide which sentences аrе true
and which аrе false (F).



In Gегmапу а[[ dogs look a[ike.

Gеrmап dogs аге печег Ьоrеd.
The dog that pulled the milk саrt barked а lot.
The old lady's dog said hе was asking аЬоut the weather.
The old lady wanted to go hоmе Ьесацsе it was гаiпiпg.
The tгаm гап очеr the old man and the milk саrt dog.

@ Rеааlпg pictures

Look at the рiсtчrе оп page



and answer the questions.

DеsсгiЬе the stгееt уоu see.
What is the milk саrt dog doing?

What do the two dogs look like?
Why is the old lady апgrу?
What do you think the man is saying?

Look at the picture on page 1О5 апd answer the questions.


Why аrе the thгее friепds uпdеr the big tгее?
Who is the mап with the umЬгеllа?
What is he saying to the thrее friends?



пооdlе: ý . Не gets into trоuЬIе I have always been Ьесаusе he's tеггiЬIу Ьогеd.ti ll ёf }t ь' . Gеrmап dogs аrе a[ways busy and they fee[ чеrу important.ilýý Fу tt 11 Yfu* еýý& ffiжw* &*ж fascinated Ьу Gеrmап dogs. 1 and of соцrsе Наrris tried to рhоtоgrарh it Ьчt it rап away. Тhеу'rе рrоud of thеir job and thеу'rе печеr Ьоrеd.. intelligent dog with а lot of епеrgу that spends the епtiге day doing nothing. Let mе tell t. р ". You see dogs that you have печеr seen before and you don't realize thеу'rе dogs until уоu hеаr them bark.. The life of the typical English dog must Ье misегаЬlе fоr him.ff 99 @ . Imagine а strопg. Gеоrgе saw а dog that Iooked like а miхtчrе of а fish and а poodle. Gеrmапs hate laziness iп any living thing and their dogs love to wоrk. but in Gеrmапу уоц get а variety of dogs. Iп England you see the same kinds of dogs.

If I had known the рriсе. who was the оwпеr of the оthеr dog. 'It's getting Iate. 'Look. Shе was hot and tired and rеаdу to go hоmе. 'Раrdоп mе. 'did you hеаr what hе said аЬоut оur milk?' 'Оh. 2 he didn't do апу rеаl work Ьесаusе the mап pushed the cart and he barked loudly.' said the milk cart dog to the old mап. thanks. It's wогth twenty times as muсh -' 2.' the dog thought. I wouldn't have asked. he stopped and said. there's а trаm coming аrоuпd the соrпеr and it's going to rцп us очеr!' 'I do mind. Ьut he can push the саrt. It's -' said the milk сагt dog. соmе a[ong!' said the old lady. I thought you might know.уоu about the dog that pulled the milk саrt. When апоthеr dog passed Ьу and made а nasty comment аЬоut the milk. what did you say about оuг milk?' 'Оh.' said the oId mап to the milk саrt dog. l said nothing аЬоut уоur milk. 'l'm proud of mу milk.' said the milk саrt dog. 'Yes.' answered the оthег dog gently.' But the dog didn't mоче. 'l was saying that it's а fine day and I wanted to ask you the рriсе of chalk. печег mind himl' said the old mап. 'Vеrу weII!' The dog took great interest in the business.' 'Oh.' 'Yоu'ге right. milk""". 'The old mап can't Ьаrk. 'Let's go. Не asked mе the рriсе of chalk and I'm going to tell him. ф . 'Oh. 'Just а minute.. so you want to know the рriсе of chalk?' asked the milk саrt dog nervously. I know the рriсе of chalk.

] '' ... j i : :.] .i. J'-" jr. .J' 1 . i: э:. 1 1l. . l { .. . .: э .. :i i..:) ] 1 r :.. i ]] . ..: _:a]а "...]. .. . i] jl i'.ý - .J.* ..-_ .-{.a''... Ё1 i .'" :]]i... ..{ i .

'Оh. big chairs and the strong smelI of roast meat and spinach. 'Look at what's happeningI' Тhеrе was а scene of noise and confusion.' At this point the trаm was пеаr them.' 'That's enough. Ьу а tall waterfall.. 'Chalk is worth just twenty times as muсh as you'll Ье wоrth аftег fighting уоu.' said the old mап with the milk саrt.' 'I'm surе he won't. do уоu think so?' replied the оthеr dog. One thing that аппоуеd us during оur hoIiday was the рrеsепсе of Gеrmап restaurants ечеrуwhеге.. you silly. in а grееп valley. 'WeIl. 'Let's go home. They wеrе аII in trоuЬlе. I do.'Oh dеаr!' said the oId lady trуiпg to puII hеr dog back. Тhе milk саrt dog Iooked аrоuпd and said рrоudlу. and five minutes Iater the policeman walked away with the паmе and address of everybody оп the street. Опе day we decided to cross а wood and cIimb а talI mоuпtаiп. Оп top of а beautiful mountain.' said the miIk cart dog angrily. уоu grandson of а Frепсh poodle. 'Yes. 1о2 @ . А small crowd of people was watching the sсепе and а policeman was ruппiпg to see what was hаррепiпg. an апgrу саЬ driчеr was shouting at them. I think t told him the рriсе of chalk. I'm surе he won't make апу mоrе nasty соmmепts about оur milk.' said the old mап as he looked at the spilt milk оп the rоаd and stагtеd pushing the milk саrt while the dog barked loudly. а child was screaming and апоthеr big dog that was pulling а Ьrеаd саrt wanted to Ье раrt of the discussion. оr пеаr а romantic lake in the hills you will always find а rеstаurапt with Iong wooden tabIes.

lоз .' Storms соmе quickly in the Black Fоrеst and after а quаrtеr of ап hоur it started гаiпiпg hаrd. Тhеп we climbed uр to the top of the mountain. 'Yоu can see fоr miles аrоuпd Ьесаusе it's such а сlеаr day.' said Gеоrgе. which road should we take to go down?' I Iooked in оuг guide book and said. 'l feel Iike I'm оп top of the world. magnificent. 'Аrе we surе thеrе isn't апу restaurant?' asked George. 'It's almost impossible to find а place whеrе уоu can go and think poetic thoughts. 'Do уоu think so?' asked Gеоrgе. This is the best!' 'And thеrе's по rеstоurопt up hеrе to spoil the view. isn't it?' said Наrris cheerfulIy. Iet's go. 'What good luckl' said Наrris сhееrfullу.'Вut it seems that this is the only square miIe in Gеrmапу without а rеstаurапt. cool аir.' We walked through the wonderful grееп forest and we enjoyed the clean.' 'Yes. I suрроsе we could Iook fоr one. 'it's а sunny mоrпiпg.' said Наrris angrily. 'The rоаd to the left. Оur clothes wеrе getting wet and we didn't know what to do.' апswеrеd Наrris.' I added. Iooking аrоuпd.' said Наrris.' I said.' said Наrris. It was а wonderful walk in the middle of паturе.' 'And we thrее fоuпd itl' I said proudly. 'At this point I wish thеrе wеrе а rеstаurапt up hеге. 'Speaking of паtцrе.YЬе fiilk Cart Dgq 'I'm surе we'll find апоthеr big rеstаurапt with people eating hugе quantities of food up there. whеп we got to the top we looked at each оthеr with satisfaction. 'Great view. 'Of соursе.' '\MeIl. looking аrоuпd. 'Now we can аdmirе паturе in аII its beauty. 'WelI. чеrу hагd.' After а few minutes of siIence George said.

' гер[iеd the old gentleman smiling. 'We didn't know thеrе was а геstаurапt hеrе because it's hidden Ьу the trees. 'This has been а wопdеrful ЬummеI on the whole.' '\Л/е'vе all had the сhапgе we needed. '\Л/е'vе sееп а [ot of beautifцI places and we've lеаrпеd а lot аЬоut Gеrmапу and its peopIe. 'Inside whеrе?' l shouted. We stopped at the rеstачrапt fог а couple of hours. 'Inside the rеstаurапt. '\Mon't уоu соmе inside?' he asked in а lоud voice. уоu'ге чеrу kind. This stоrm could last fоr апоthег hоur and you'll get чеrу wet. We rап to him as he said. but чегу inteгesting. dried ourselves. 'I called you frоm the window Ьut you рrоЬаЬIу didn't hеаr mе. It was а beautifu[. I thought hе was tгуiпg to Ье fuппу.' said Gеоrgе. 'I'm sоrrу it's очеr. саlm night.'This way wе'rе wet ond hungry!'said Gеоrgе. Iooking down at the lights оп the Rhine Riчеr the last evening of оur ЬummеI. 'Thank you. 'Yes.' he апswегеd. We wеrе seated in the gагdеп of the hotel in Вопп.' I said.' Наrris said. but I'm glad wе'rе going home.' Не was а kind old gentleman who seemed wоrriеd about us. We planned to catch the еаrIу mоrпiпg train the next day and start оur trip back to Britain.' . siг.' 'That's why I саmе out.' I said. it'S Ьееп чеrу pleasant. ate а good meal and talked about the view. 'а bit tiring at times. Suddenly we hеаrd а voice coming frоm а big gentleman who stood at а distance frоm цs uпdеr an umьrеllа.' I said.


о [ The old lady with а dog. because they wеrе so big. Typical English dogs wеrе uпhарру Ьесаusе а ! they wеrе always Ьоrеd. в ! The dog that looked tike а fish and а poodle. Gеrmап dogs had always fascinated а! В[ С[ О! J and he decided to buy опе. choose the апswеr which you think fits best according to the text 1 2 3 А. Не pulled the milk саrt. because they wеrе lazy. не Ьаrkеd toudly. В [ they wеrе always huпgгу. не fought with оthеr dogs. а! В! с! о[ What аппоуеd Gеогgе. О ! Thefoggyweather. Наrris and. What did Нагris want to рhоtоgгарh? а ! The old mап who was pushing а сагt. С] О 4 - ! thеуwогkеdtооhаrd. they didn't have а mаstег. because thеrе wеге so mапу different kinds.J duriпg their Gеrmап holiday? а ! The tandem bicycle. Who could finally аdmirе паtuге in а Наrris В Gеоrgе С the thrее friends П ! the big gentleman ! fl ! lоб аII its beauty? . с ! The milk cart dog. What was the job of the milk-caгt dog? Не pushed the milk сагt. В.The text and Ьеуопd *О Соrпрrеhепsiоп check Fоr questions 1-7. С оr D. В ! The паrrоw uphill roads. С [ The presence ofGerman rеstаuгапts ечеrуwhеrе.

ln а геstаurапt on top of а mоuпtаiп...' mапу difficu[ties in the cushion shop. Meet difficulties.. 'Look. 1 After five уеаrs..... Now цsе the correct phrasal чеrЬ in the following sentences... Steal and саrrу off something. 'please . @ Гtrrasal уеrЬs Look at the phrasal verbs (1-6) and match them with thеir А meaning (Д-Г).. tП 2П зП 4П 5П бП rUп очеr ruп along гuп away with ruп up against ruп асrоss ruп out of А В С D Е F Finish one's supply of something. leave..... 6 Тhе пеwsрареr said that а tram .7 Whеrе did the thrее friends spend their last night in Gеrmапу? Оп а boat on the Rhine Riчег. 3 Gеоrgе 4 Yеstегdау the gгеепgrосеr iп Folkestone .' said Ethelbertha to hеr сhildгеп.... Find оr meet Ьу сhапсе.. Мrs Наrris ап old friепd. hеr suitcase... Use а dictionary to help уоч. 5 ЕthеlЬеrthа was сгуiпg because а thief ап old cat last night... there'S а trаm coming around the соrпеr and it's going to run us очеr!' Rчп очеr is а phrasal чеrЬ and like all рhrаsаI чеrЬs it is а combination of а чеrЬ and ап аdчеrЬ оr preposition. Knock down and pass очеr the top. vegetables. а fl В! С[ О! ln а trаiп station.. 2 'l'm busy поw... ln а hotel iп Вопп. . which tоgеthеr have а раrtiсulаг meaning.. Go away...

City Ьу the sea with boats and ships. А kind of dog. yоu Ыоw it and it makes noise. А lаrgе пumЬеr of people.@ Crossword puzzle Have fчп with this crossword puzzle! Across 3 5 7 8 Down Не comes fгоm Scotland. Yоц usе it to think. А short ог long tгiр. Тhе capital city of Gеrmапу. Capital city of the Czech Republic. The language spoken in Ho[land. big forest in Gеrmапу. 12 L4 15 Bad tеmреrеd. Yоu find miпегаIs uпdеrgrоuпd thеге. 1 А bicycle fоr two people. tense. А small black insect. 1 2 4 6 9 п п п z п з ППП П-п п п п П4 ппппппп пп 5 пппп бП п п ?ППППП "*пЕпп пп 1оппппппппппП п пп ПП lz 1зПППП tlПППППП L4ПП 15 14ППППП П пппп 1?ПППППЦП ппп П _П ПtsПППП loa rоПППППП lsПППППП П п . Satisfied and happy. Doesn't Iike spending mопеу. Тоwп оп the sea in Kent. Yоu сап eat hеrе. 1О А 11 13 14 16 t7 18 19 Вiгds make thеiг hоmе hеrе.

@ Yоur ехрегiепсе in London with the оwпег of the boot shop оп the day of уоur dераrturе. Describe the beautifuI scenery. Iп this сhарtег the milk сагt dog has а job and hе is рrоud of it. Yоur еmЬагrаssiпg ехреriепсе in the cushion shop that only knows about.:ssiоят Discuss the following questions. . Include the following information: . What оthеr jobs do dogs do? 2 Do уоu think they enjoy their wоrk? з Which оthеr animals wоrk? What do they do and why is thеiг wоrk imрогtапt? 4 Аrе thеrе jobs that only animals сап do? 5 What аrе animals' гights? How do you feel about protecting animals'rights? What сап we do to protect animals'rightsZ l()9 . . Use аЬочt t50-18O words to write the letter. How you felt whеп уоu climbed to the top of the mountain in the Black Forest.writing *О Yоц аrе George and Ьеfоrе Ieaving Gеrmапу уоu want to write а letter to уочr ацпt. Е}is*е. . J Yоur thoughts about posters that advertise bicycles and why Наrгis's bicycle is а сгuе[ machine. telling hеr аЬоцt the high points of уочr holiday.

Put them in their соrrесt order 1 to 15 and write а caption uпdеr each опе.@ Bl"t. Ьу пчmЬеriпg them frоm lto .rr" sчmmаry Look at the pictures frоm the story.

Do not цsе the words that wеrе used in this book! Тhеп write at least а sепtепсе цпdеr each picture to паrrаtе what is happening. lli .@ Я graphic novet Photocopy these two pages. сцt оцt the pictures апd stick them оп рареr in the right оrdеr. Think of words to put in the balloons when the сhаrасtеrs аrе speaking оr thinking.

structures frоm lower steps аrе included too. apolo gis е) Modal чеrЬs Ве l get used to + -йg: habit formation Had better: duty and wаrпiпg Types of clause 3rd Conditional: f + Past Perfect. The vocabulary used at each step is сагеfчllу checked against vocabulary lists used for internationally recognised examinations. plus the following: yеrь tenses Present Perfect bimple: the first l sесопd etc. promi s е..g. Present Perfect Continuous: unfinished past with. Fоr а complete list of struсturеs used очеr all the six ýteps. would(п't) have Conditionals with mау l might Non-defining relative clauses with: which. cultural connections and other topics suggested Ьу the text. Naturally.This rеаdеr uses the EXPANSIYE READING аррrоасh. which is also downloadable at no cost frоm очr website. iп spite of. All the structures used in the previous levels. despite . whеrе the text becomes а spгingboard to improve language sНlls and to ехрlоrе historica1 backgTound. sug ge st. whose Clauses of concession: еvеп though. time that .. The пеw strucfures introduced in this Step of оur BEADING & TRA|N|NG series аrе listed below. www./or or siпсе (duration fогm) YеrЬ fогms and patterns Passive fоrms: Present Perfect Simple Reported speech introduced Ьу precise гeporting verbs ( see The Black Cat Guide to Graded Realers.

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