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WHC is a registered United Kingdom Charity No. 232409

Web site:-

Dearest Crusader friend,

Thank you for making contact with me and all your

friends at the Sanctuary, it is great to hear from you!
It is a great honour and a privilege to be able to help
you and all your loved ones. We believe in providing
a very personal service to all our members and we
trust that everything that we do will benefit
individuals, groups and nations. We thank God for
using us as His healing channels.
The ideal situation for any person is to be happy and healthy; so much
more of our creative and loving potential can then be released into the
world. God wants all His children to be whole; He doesn’t send plagues
and pestilences, most of these are of Human origin.

One of the best things that we can do for each other is to offer healing
prayers. The WHC Prayer Team is truly International and so many loving
prayers can be offered for you and your dear ones. Please write in and let
us know who you would like us to intercede for. Together with God we can
achieve great things so let’s expect miracles and thank God together for
our wellbeing.

Yours sincerely,

Your Testimonies

Your prayers for me have been answered

“My Beloved Friends at the Sanctuary,

May you be blessed this coming year to do God's work, particularly for
souls like me!! Brother Andrew, your prayers for me have been
answered, my relationship with E. has been restored, and has become
stronger than ever before! ……… My small contribution follows. Sorry
for the delay.

With love and ALL good wishes,

S. & E.”
I’m over the moon!

“Good morning I trust that you are all well and that you had a great
Christmas and New Year let’s make the best of 2010.

Great news, I passed my exams and I’m over them moon, I’m grateful to
the lord without him none of this would have been possible.

Sometime ago I wrote you concerning my fathers my dads murder case,

the murderer has been sentenced to 32yrs behind bars, this is not going
to bring my father back, but justice has been served and he is off the
streets. This is another testimony of God’s wonderful work, it has take
five year for this matter to be resolved.

Blessings to you all for 2010.

J.” - Email received 11/01/2010

Common Ground
Brother Andrew

People have a variety of thoughts and views about religion, and of course
everyone has the right way! We have our own beliefs that are personal to
us, and more often than not, when we share our views, we can easily
offend others! So what is the ‘truth,’ and the right way? I am sure that the
answer lies within every individual, rather than in religious dogma and

Most of the world’s major religions share similar core values, for example,
the worshipping of one God. Three of them; Judaism, Christianity and
Islam share the same Bible! Most religions teach that there is an ‘after life’
which is the soul’s domain. The words of wise counsellors and prophets
have been accepted into religious teachings down the centuries and have
been the foundation stones that have maintained faiths down the years.
Ultimately the greatest leaders are also the greatest of servants!

Rather than saying, “I am a Christian,” I tend to say, “I am a follower of the

teachings of Christ.” Splitting hairs, no just re-phrasing! Its surprising what
a change of wording can do for meaning and understanding. Jesus taught
inclusivity, not exclusivity! The word ‘perfect’ in Aramaic means just that.
We are all brothers and sisters, irrespective of our race, colour or creed.
Our roots are deep, and our branches are wide, and this provides an
opportunity for each and every one to rest beneath the shade of this tree.
We know that there is one Father in Heaven who knows us and cares for
us as His children!

The misguided wrongdoers work contrary to the great law of love, and are
in danger of destroying our heritage and extinguishing life on earth. Wars
cause multi-millions to suffer in spirit, mind and body. Their ‘goodness’ is
buried within the glorification of self, and concern with worldly matters.
Love is a blessing from God, and sets man aside from reaping the painful
harvest of poverty and disaster. Choosing the way of love, expressed in
simple thoughts, words and deeds, is the right way. Caring for and tending
to others’ needs is the right way. Being compassionate and kind is the
right way. Finding common ground help us to heal each other and
Distant Healing Request Form

Name of person requiring healing…………………………………….

If you would like us to pray for a dear one and add their name to
our International Healing Prayer List then please complete and
submit it to WHC at the following address:
The World Healing Crusade
(Registered Charity No. 232409)
476 Lytham Road

Healing Recordings for You
CC 2 – Living God’s Presence – Brother Conrad – (New)
CC 3 – The Heavenly Centre of Your Being – Brother Conrad (New)
CL 5 – The Kingdom is Within – Brother Conrad
DHS 31 – The Good Shepherd – Brother Andrew
DHS 32 – Wholeness & Wellbeing – Brother Andrew
DW 1 – The Divine Word / The Lord’s Prayer – Brother Andrew
HC 47 – Help For All Your Family / Healing Prayer – Brother Mandus
HC 54 – Help for Your Sick Daughter/ Healing Prayer – Bro. Mandus
HC 72 – If You Have Lost Your Wife / Healing Prayer – Brother Mandus
HC 73 – If you have lost your mother / Healing Prayer – Brother Mandus
HC 81 – Relationship problems / Healing Prayer – Brother Mandus
HC 139 – Greater Dedication / Healing Prayer – Brother Mandus
GW 3 – The Word of God – Brother Andrew
MH 1 – Into The Lord’s Peace – Brother Conrad (New)
MH 2 -The Healing Sleep – Brother Conrad – (New)

All are recordings are priced at £6. They are available on CD and
audio tape. When you make your order please specify if you require
tape or CD, thank you.

WHC Healing DVDs

GN1 - Good News – Brother Andrew -(Special price £5)

CCCS – The Crusade Christmas Carol Service - (Special price £5)
HPS1 - Healing Prayer Service - (Special price £5)

Postal charges:- UK .50p; Europe £1.00, International £1.50

As you come closer to the Father, He is right there within you, guiding and
expressing His Perfection in you! Prayer and Christian love unites us.

Let’s ask the Father to step in when things go wrong. He offers His
protection to all of us, when we share our need with Him.

We are now sharing every Divine aspects of the Creator. His all pervading
spirit enfolds us and His Love abounds in our lives.

Continue to share prayer fellowship and thank God for blessing you with
His Healing Love.

Free your thoughts from the negative clouds of self doubt and pity. Open
up the 'Positive You.'

We are living our lives in the Heavenly Kingdom, united with the Spirit of
God. That is the eternal aspect of our lives.

You can only exist in this minute, for what has gone is unalterable, and the
future is yet to come.

Book Reviews

Power Thinking – Brother Mandus

“I have only one deep conviction to share with you and that revolves
around an urgent need for an all-embracing and all-pervading simplicity in
every approach to the study of the mind and of man’s infinite potential
evolution… We are all involved in the greatest intellectual expansion the
world has ever known.”

In this book, Brother Mandus devotes chapters to ‘The Creative Power of

Prayer,’ ‘The Creative Power of Silence’ and ‘The Creative Power of
Imagination.’ Along the way, he helps the reader to search for powers that
can be released into immediate creative good. ‘Power Thinking’ is a book
of encouragement and hope.

The Grain of Mustard Seed – Brother Mandus

“There is no news like Good News, especially if it is endowed with

centuries of joyful experience. This book is a very humble effort to share
with you the good news I discovered to be true in the gospels of Jesus
Christ.” The emphasis throughout this book in on the fundamental
principles of love and faith in Christian expression.

This Wondrous Way of Life – Brother Mandus

This outstanding and unusual book reveals the power of the Great Creator
of the universe to take ordinary human beings, just where they are , with
their troubles, diseases and disasters and lead them onward and upward
when life becomes the great adventure it was meant to be, instead of a
strain and struggle in their own strength which eventually breaks so many
of them.

All books are priced at £6 + p. & p. - Postal charges:- UK £1; Europe

£2, International £3.50
God Calling the People - Brother Mandus
"I shall pass this way but once. Any good
thing that I can do, let me do it now, for I shall
not pass this way again." - Abraham Lincoln.

One of the major accomplishments of man has been his ability to unite in
vast numbers with a common ideal and purpose. In the very beginnings
when self-consciousness dawned, tribal laws were formulated to fit the
needs of the awakening people, and leadership was vested in the chiefs
and elders. This process has continued throughout the ages in an ever-
expanding awareness. Tribes, under the pressure of need or conquest,
united with other tribes, and became stronger in power over their
environment. The birth of nations and empires produced increasingly
complex ways of expression, and the need for governmental organisation
to direct the united energies of the whole. Civilisation today reflects the
true ability of man to master, organise and express the infinite variety of
individual creative qualities. Millions of people working within the
framework of national direction, uniting as a cohesive whole, revealed in
true democratic government. It is the principle of government by the
people, and for the people, under freely elected leadership. It is
government based on freedom of speech, and freedom of the individual
to function without restraint within the orbit of liberal and just laws
formulated by the people themselves.

We see this today at its best in the highly evolved, infinitely complex, yet
stable government of all democratic countries, and especially in Great
Britain and its Commonwealth of Nations, and the United States. It is a
gigantic achievement, and more progress has been made in the past
hundred years than in all the preceding millions of decades since the
birth of man on this planet. When we look at the broad picture of a nation,
and then beyond it to the seething three thousand million people striving
for cohesion and expression in the world, no wonder we often falter,
make wrong decisions, and become involved in difficulties in national and
international relationships. - Excerpt taken from ‘How God Called Me’
(R 6) priced at £1 + p. & p.