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In medicine, known as abortion, that abortion, which means spending the
conceptus (meeting of egg and sperm cells) before the fetus can survive
outside the womb. World Health Organization (WHO) provides the definition
of abortion is the cessation of life fruit below 28 weeks gestation or fetal
weight less than 1000 grams. Abortion is also defined mengeluarkaan or
dispose of either the embryo or fetus prematurely (before his time). Term
Abortion Abortion also called Provokatus. An act of deliberate abortion.
Broadly Abortion can be divided into two parts: the Abortion Spontaneous
(Spontaneous Abortion) and abortion Provokatus (Provocation Abortion). The
meaning of the Abortion Spontaneous abortion without intent (miscarriage).
Spontaneous abortion is still comprised of various stages namely:
1. Imminent abortion. In English termed Threaten Abortion, threatened
miscarriage (not abortion). Here miscarriage has not happened yet, but there
are signs that indicate a threat of miscarriage will happen.
2. Inkomplitus abortion. Put simply be called incomplete abortion, that
pregnancy has occurred fruit expenditure but not complete.
3. Komplitus abortion. This one is a complete abortion, the pregnancy was a
complete fruit expenses, are completely out.

4. 4. the fruit die in the womb pregnancy but no signs yet issued. Dilatation and curettage This species is done by entering into such a small hoe in the womb. the way this is done the old 12-13 weeks gestation. fruit gestation in the womb die-off of the place-but not yet issued. We offer only see abortion Provokatus Medisinalis consisting of: 1. and then inserted a tube into the uterus and connected with a powerful vacuum. Poisoning with salt This type performed on fetuses older than 16 weeks. Will generally be a lot of bleeding. Almost similar to that. Insipien abortion. 3. separated from the uterine wall and thrown out. when there's enough fluid accumulated in the sac around the baby boy and a concentrated salt solution is inserted into the womb that. Histeromi or cesarean This type is made for a 3 month old fetus last operation by the content. While Abortion Provokatus (intentionally) is divided into two major categories namely sections Provokatus Medisinalis Abortion and Abortion Provokatus criminal (crimes). . 2. the baby in the womb sehinggi torn into small pieces. the fetus is alive then it is cut into small pieces. then sucked into an a bottle. there is a known Missed Abortion. Suction (Suck) Done by enlarging the cervix.

Namun abortion. it is at most . These chemicals result in the mother's womb is contracting. CPBC. Jagadnita Consulting psychologist. free sex. caught half of pregnancy and 90 percent of that total abortion. MA. Dra. said some surveys that could make many people amazed. you can expect the number of teens who had sex around 38-53 thousand. 95 percent were committed by teenagers aged 15-25 years. Then.5 million were committed by juveniles. C. BACKGROUND From the results of browsing. especially parents (05/09/2011).. CAUSE Many of the factors that encourage youth to take action against kandungannya. Clara Istiwidarum Kriswanto. Meaning. 1.5 million cases. prostaglandin This species is done by using chemicals that are developed Pharmaccutical Upjohn Co.5. so that the living baby to death and pushed out. For the record. Then. As many as 35 percent of medical students at a private university in Jakarta agreed about premarital sex. The incidence of abortion in Indonesia reached 2. B.762.000 teens in the polls ever done. From the survey conducted in Jakarta result that approximately 6-20 percent of high-school and university students in Jakarta had premarital sex. the number of youth in Bandung regency around 765. a poll conducted in London showed that 20 percent of 1. as many as 200 young girls free sex. Of 405 unplanned pregnancies. An estimated 5-7 percent are young people in the countryside.

Starting from giving excessive attention.promiscuity because starting with the activity of "going out". in fact dating is not the only variable for raising the case of abortion among teenagers. That is purer for them. moreover. and preserve his cock. This is not something of concern only. At first. Indeed Allah is Aware of what they do "(Surat anNur 30) and also continued" And say to the believing women that they maintain the view. pre-marital sexual relations. courtship behavior among teenagers is still considered "normal" and it is reasonable. "Say to the believing men that they maintain the view. But by looking at the phenomenon that occurs at this time. Each one considers that it is their personal affair that should not be interfered by anyone. . a lot of the norms that have been violated and as if the young couples had thought of himself as an eternal family. The proof can be seen with the presentation of the survey results mentioned above Jagatnita Consulting. ie. It is quite alarming because it shows the thinking citizens began converging on "individualistic" and "liberal". especially when viewed from the psychological side that will need attention and attention is starting to appear opposite sex since puberty baligh step. "(Q. we explore. But control of the family (parents) and social control in modern society is getting weaker and less. . and cuddling) to continue the immoral acts.S An Nur 31) . and preserve his cock. . often alone. If. kissing. mutual physical contact (touching. Though religious norms have clearly instructed to anticipate the free association among men. but indeed a reality that occurs in our society.

the patient's daughter abortion is currently in critical condition and had to be hospitalized Karanganyar Kartini. "Perhaps he admitted as such. Police raid student Karanganyar Moderate Abortion Wednesday. but we . According to Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Karanganyar Rikwanto.D. District of Cork. Tarwiyati have long suspected abrosi practice even while he is still working as a midwife RS Moewardi Solo. Meanwhile. Wednesday (13/12) Invisible Criminal Police say the suspect Karanganyar AKP Wuryanto charge Rp 3 million for an abortion. the abortion process has recently been completed. Four people are Tarwiyati Ny (56) retired nurses and aides Moewardi Hospital Dr Sri Yuliati sertia young duapasangan outside marriage. 2006 | 20:42 pm TEMPO Interactive. However Tarwiyati admitted only once it did so at the request of PA. "Abortion is done by giving injections to patients twice. PHENOMENON The following case examples will be presented regarding the behavior of abortion among teenagers / college students. December 13. the arrest was made Tuesday (12/12) morning when Tarwiyati abortion center a third semester student at one of the famous private universities in Sukoharjo. Princess Asrini (19) with Ayen Rionanda Purwiyanto (21) were arrested at a residential complex in practice Tarwati UNS Ngringo lecturer." said Rikwanto. When police conducted a raid. Karanganyar: Karanganyar Police arrested and detained four actors abortion.

The consequences are: 1. DUE Abortion actions can lead to negative things in our bodies.have confidence in the practice of abortion not once this is done. Yet another version says. He was admitted to the hospital Kartini. She said her son told his daughter Asrini if his mother was a midwife who may be able to help." said a neighbor Tarwiyati. Karanganyar. "The practice of abortion is already widely known. Currently. Tarwiyati admitted that he was willing to abortion because they feel sorry for Princess Asrini. the guard of officers. which include physical and psychological dimensions. E. "said Wuryanto. by word of mouth. and if not done by an expert physician then curettage tools that may be used to penetrate the stomach and can bring death. he's day-to-day practice as a midwife is still open. . but do not put up the sign as other midwives.Action curettage on abortion could lead effects bleeding or infection. Some sources say. Tarwiyati after retiring from medical personnel in hospitals Moewardi Solo. Physical Aspects . Tarwiyati use the services of an intermediary to search for patients. the police have not been able to check Asrini daughter because he is still a critical condition after the fetus in her womb removed forcibly. He knows PA because he is one of her college friends. Meanwhile.

Blockage of a blood vessel by an air bubble open. . which is on the heart. it can lead to death. If not rescued soon. frustration and emptiness. .The woman: After a woman's abortion act. then he will crushed feelings of guilt that may harm his soul.The man: Sense of responsibility of the man who advocated abortion will be reduced.The body becomes weak and frequent miscarriage 2. Legal Aspects Indonesia's Criminal Code in force since 1918 do not justify abortion by any pretext. because the blood vessels are open wounds and mucous membranes of the uterus air bubbles can get involved with circulating blood stream and when arriving at the smaller blood vessels.Tearing the uterine wall by the tools put into it will cause an accumulation of blood in the abdominal cavity are increasingly causing many deaths. his views on the value of life is very low.Infection of the uterus to close the fallopian tubes and cause infertility. 3. appreciation of the grace of God to be degenerate. he will experience severe depression. . . Psychological Aspects .. Abortion is criminalized .Handling of non-sterile abortion could lead poisoning that leads to death. brain or kidneys.Menstrual periods become irregular. . lungs. .

PAS is considered to have severe when conditions of a post-abortive woman has lead to symptoms that can interfere with their life or safety of himself. PAS is traumatic stress disorder and that usually happens when a postabortive woman who can not face the emotional responses generated due to trauma of abortion. guilt. PAS occurs varies for each person depending on the weight or absence of symptoms occurring. But in the post-abortive men usually mild symptoms such as mild emotional disorders such as shame. Post Abortion Syndrome is a term used to describe a set of physical and psychological symptoms that occur post the abortion. This is what makes the trauma buried in their subconscious that they do not realize that they can affect their thinking. as provided in section 283. behavior. PAS can occur soon after an abortion or may not begin to surface a few months to many years later. there are even worse consequences and commonly referred to as PAS (Post Abortion Syndrome). . 346 to 349 and 535) In addition to the items mentioned above. Many women are afraid to talk about it because they feel ashamed to have an abortion.which may be subject to penalties. Post Abortion Syndrome does not only occur in post-abortive women. but also in men post-abortive. Post-abortive woman may experience more severe symptoms because they are directly whether physical or emotional trauma directly related to abortion. in the sense of post-abortive women friends who also play an important role in making the choice of abortion. grief and regret. 299. and even affect their reproductive health in later life.

Dr.77% find it difficult to communicate .Want to commit suicide (28%) .D.23% of abortion-related berhalusinansi .69% feel "madness" .Start trying to use illicit drugs (41%) .35% feel the go / see the babies that have been aborted .Nightmare many times the baby (63%) .54% have nightmares related to the abortion .73% had a memory flash back when the abortion .81% are crying Basically.61% increase in the use of alcohol . a woman who had an abortion will experience things like the following: . Ph.Screaming hysterically (51%) .69% experienced sexual harassment .81% had a feeling as if the baby is still there Behavioral problems that often occur after abortion: . Anne Speckhard.Loss of self-esteem (82%) . In his study on Post Abortion Syndrome find some facts about the effects of abortion on women: Events related to abortion: .No longer able to enjoy sexual intercourse (59%) .73% had a memory flash back when the abortion .65% had suicidal feelings .

This is necessary in a comprehensive cross-sectoral cooperation and sustainable. Of course. 2. these teens because since childhood been kept away by the norms that govern relations between men and women while the media heavily promoting the shows that smelled of sexuality by promoting lust alone. This is because there are many of us who study youth reproductive function of the point of "pleasure" her without looking at the negative effects later in life. HANDLING AND SERVICE EFFORTS Stem abortion behavior is not easy to reverse both hands. Mostly. Although adultery does not happen there. 3. the youth will be able to make the right decisions to maintain the sanctity of their own. starting from the smallest thing to help preventive abortion. These efforts and the services we can summarize the following explanation: 1. No doubt that makes teenagers are free to do anything because of the weakening of the social control of the family and the community. Providing sex education among teenagers. but it can be triggered to perform actions that "more" to be done at another time and another place. Reinforce the social moral values and religious also be important to maintain the honor and the noble self. Suppose there is a pair of actors "courtship" that allowed both of his parents-alone together in the room. Reinforces social control in the community. So is the control of the community is important when we see young couples who have stayed in . So hope with proper understanding and complete. Plus access to pornography that can be easily obtained through the internet via a computer or mobile phone.F.

This is certainly a matter of concern for all of us that ultimately became a scourge that "terrible" for the way the young generation of the nation Indonesia in the future. 4. CLOSING In the end. .kostan room and even going for days. It will certainly be more encouraging in terms of the behavior of irregularities committed actions that should be undertaken by the new husband and wife who authorized. G. we can say that the behavior of abortions among teenagers is always increasing and varied for age distribution. Want to carry the future of Indonesia if the condition of the youth-pemudinya today are those who live freely without significant control of the various parties and the subsequent ongoing occupation is "eternal" in the land of Indonesia in the form of non-physical occupation but colonization in the field "mode ". So. we can help by providing counseling and social support to be able to bounce back normal life to the accompaniment of the true repentance (repentance nasukha). for people with PAS." science "to" morality and morality "." education ". They have the right to be able to help because we could have things they have done it is an oversight that did not want to repeat again." economy ". The actors who have had abortions also can not be underestimated.