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Installing the product

Mounting Boxes

Installation & safety instructions

The MK Elements Collection wiring devices are designed to fit into folded metal
boxes that comply with BS 4662. To ensure products can be correctly installed, the
box must always be installed flush or sub flush to the surface to a maximum depth
of 6mm.

This product must be installed by a competent person (e.g. a qualified electrician) in

accordance with these instructions and the appropriate current national wiring
regulations (e.g. the IEE Wiring Regulations BS 7671).
To prevent the risk of electrocution it is essential to disconnect the main electricity
supply before commencing installation or maintenance work. Do not work on this
product live.
Do not use electric screwdrivers or power tools to tighten the product
It is essential that all connections to the terminals are made as instructed, that cables
are not stressed and all terminal screws are fully tightened.
When earth terminals are present they must always be used.
On wall mounted products ensure product is screwed securely to its mounting box
before turning on the mains supply.
To prevent fire hazard do not exceed the maximum rated current of the unit.
The MK Elements Collection products consist of the main product module, complete
with its support frame, plus a separate clip on frontplate. The product is mounted to
the wall, after wiring, and the frontplate is clipped onto the frame.
The frontplate is supplied separately to aid installation.

MK Elements Collection
Installation Guide

by Honeywell

Note: Switched Socket Outlets and Switches with built in LED locators and indicators
must be removed from the circuit before insulation testing can be carried out.

Recommended Mounting Box Minimum Depths :

Socket outlets
German style 2 pole + E Socket outlet
Connection units
Plate switches
Telephone, television and data outlets
Grid switches
High Current Switches
Shaver supply units
Rotary dimmer


Fitting and removing the frontplate

How to install
To ensure a safe installation, you must read all the installation & safety instructions
on page 1

Load/supply cables

Steps for installation :

Strip back the sheath of the cable by the required amount.

Strip back the insulation of the individual conductors by the required amount.

1. Ensure the depth of the back box is correct for the product and that it is fitted
securely to the wall.

Removing the frontplate

2. Install the cables in the normal way and, using the fixing screws supplied, mount
the product, without the frontplate, to the wall. It is important the correct headed
screws are used as any other may clash with the rear of the front plate. Switches
incorporating a LOOP terminal are intended for connection of unused Neutral
conductors only.

(except K34384 : 35 mm)

3. To optimise frontplate installation do not over tighten the screws. Adjust so the
frame and module sit squarely on the wall.

Some mounting boxes are fitted with additional threaded fixing lugs on the upper
and lower edges. It may be necessary to bend these back into the box to ensure
the frontplate sits flush with the mounting surface.
The MK Elements Euro Module wiring devices range offers a variety of clip in
modules, telephone, data connectors etc, providing the flexibility to customise a
wiring device in the same enclosure and frontplate. Care must be taken to ensure
that segregation is maintained between modules of different operating voltages in
accordance with the current edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations (BS 7671).

4. Fit the frontplate as shown on page 4,5.

Fitting the frontplate

Carefully insert a 4mm screwdriver into the slots provided along the bottom
edge of the frontplate

Carefully twist the screwdriver and lift the frontplate away disengaging the
snap fits

Insert the conductors into the respective terminals. Where products are supplied
with backed out terminal screws, do not loosen screws further.
If the earth conductor is bare copper, ensure it is covered with a green/yellow sleeve,
so it cannot touch live parts.
Carefully push the wired product into the mounting box ensuring the cables are not
trapped or pinched.
Ensure all the terminal screws are tightened securely with a 4mm wide screwdriver.
Pull on each cable to ensure the terminal screw has securely fixed the conductor.


Care should be taken to ensure product features such as snap fits are not blocked
during installation or decorating, preventing correct fitting of frontplates (for
example plaster, tile grout, paint etc).
When carrying out insulation resistance testing, first disconnect any product which
features illumination. Failing to do this could damage the product and could also
give spurious insulation readings.

Locate the top and bottom hooks on the back of the frontplate into the holes
on the top and bottom of the module

Data products in euro mounting frames


Gently push along the top edge of the frontplate followed by the bottom

Products operating at extra low voltage levels (<50V) must not be mounted in the
same euro enclosures as equipment rated in excess of 50v (e.g. mains socket outlets).

Note: Ensure the correct frontplate is fitted to the correct module or frame.

Do Not Disturb / Make Up Room installation and connections

Do Not Disturb / Make Up Room switches are intended to be used in pairs, one
inside and one outside the room. The unit outside the room also includes a push
which can be used as a bell switch.





Green LED








Inside Room
Occupant Selector
2 Way & Centre Off






Outside Room
Bell Push/Indicator
Push to Make




* Dashed lines indentifies pre-configured product wiring.

Standard Compliances

Please clean the device with a dry and soft lint free cloth.
Do not use water or any abrasive solvent based or aerosol cleaners as this may
damage, discolor or affect the finish and safety of the appliance.

All MK products conform to their appropriate product standard.

All MK products are manufactured in accordance with ISO9001: 2000 and where
applicable, comply with the EMC and/or LV directives 89/336/EEC and 73/23/EEC.

Please check you are fitting the correct frontplate to the correct module. The
frontplate must match the module exactly, e.g. 1 Gang Switched Socket Outlet
Frontplate will only fit a 1 Gang Switched Socket Outlet Module. Please refer to
the instructions for fitting and removing frontplates on page 4,5.


Technical Help
Tel: +44 (0)1268 563720
Fax: +44 (0)1268 563064

Customer Service
Tel: +44 (0) 1268 563000

Outside Room
Bell Push/Indicator
Push to Make

These products are suitable for use with AC mins power chime applications only. The relay
must be of suitable rating fo the circuit wiring supplying power to the chime. The relay
must have at least one normally closed contact.

Product and packaging should be disposed of via standard refuse facilities at the
end of its useful life. Where ever possible packaging and components should be

Flickering indicators or locators on Grid switches

A small number of CFL, Fluorescent or LED lamps may have compatibility issues
when used with switches with rocker illumination. You can change the lamp to
one of a different manufacturer or alternatively a "snubber" may be fitted. Please
consult the technical guide / website for further information.



The Company undertakes to replace or repair, at its discretion, this product

should it become defective within a period of 20 years after delivery (5 years for
mains related electronic products), solely as a result of faulty materials and/or
workmanship. Understandably, if the product has not been installed or
maintained in accordance with the Companys instructions, has not been used
appropriately, or if any attempt has been made to rectify, dismantle or alter the
product in any way, the warranty will be invalidated. This warranty states the
companys entire liability. It does not extend to cover consequential loss or
damage or installation costs arising from the defective product. This warranty
does not restrict or infringe the normal statutory rights of the consumer.

Unable to fit frontplates to module


Inside Room
Occupant Selector
2 Way & Centre Off

Other information








Green LED

*Relay not


Corridor Switch - Outside

Bell Push/ Indicator



Connection of LED Indicators

Room Switch - Inside

Occupancy Selector

N. B. If the installation requires the chime to be disabled (muted) when Do

Not Disturb is selected additional relay wiring will be required as shown

Do Not Disturb / Make Up Room Wiring Diagram (Chime not muted)

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