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Brotherhood of the Cross and Star

Brotherhood is not a church but a movement of the spirit embracing not only Christians but also
the adherents of other religions, particularly Islam. In view of the current state of conflict
between Christians and Muslims throughout the world, its role as a promoter of peace and
harmony is therefore a crucial one. In London, Liverpool and other British cities with large
multicultural communities it is beginning to make a positive contribution to the work of breaking
down religious and racial barriers.
The movement first came to public notice in 1958 in south-eastern Nigeria. It grew rapidly in
the 1960s during the time of the Biafran war, when it played a significant part in bringing peace
and reconciliation to a country torn by religious and ethnic divisions.
It now has over 2 million members in Nigeria and Ghana and thousands more outside Africa:
Britain, France, Germany, the Ukraine, India, the West Indies and the USA. In England its
principal centers are in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Bradford.
The teachings of Brotherhood, which are based upon the New Testament, are direct and simple.
'Love one another' is the essence of the gospel preached by Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, the
founder and leader of the movement who continues to address his followers daily at the World
Headquarters in Calabar. Members of Brotherhood regard him as the Universal Teacher who has
come to bring the world to an accurate and more advanced knowledge of the truth. As one who
consistently practices what he teaches, he is revered as the very embodiment of the Love of
Why 'Cross and Star'? The Cross represents the self-sacrificial suffering which all who seek to
follow Christ must be prepared to endure. But to look only to the Cross is to be continually
looking backwards to something that happened long ago. Hence the importance of the Star, the
'morning star' of Revelation, appearing in the present and pointing towards the future.
Revelation is not sealed: it is a continuing process. The Star represents the brightness of God
and the power of his kingdom, which is becoming manifest here and now.
Brotherhood may be described as Stage 3 of a process of which Judaism represents Stage 1
and Christianity Stage 2. Its members believe that the world is now entering its 'third age'. The
first age, the Age of the Father, brought the Old Testament, when God spoke to his children
through the patriarchs and prophets of Israel. The second age, the Age of the Son, brought the
New Testament, in which God became manifest in Jesus Christ and in the Church that his
followers founded. In the third age, the Age of the Spirit, God is revealed as the Holy Spirit who
is breaking down the barriers that divide Christians into separate churches and humanity into
separate religions.
Just as modern communications systems are uniting the world physically, so (at a deeper level
of consciousness) the Holy Spirit is uniting it spiritually. Brotherhood exists to proclaim this
truth and to give practical expression to it in works of love. To be in Brotherhood is to see the
world through the eyes of God, who recognizes no divisions. The movement embraces everyone
irrespective of their creed, color, class, age or sex. To quote one of its favorite 'spiritual
choruses' its task is: TO MAKE THE WHOLE WORLD ONE'

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