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Firstly, we are thankful to Almighty ALLAH, who bestowed upon us
the knowledge and courage to complete this project.
Then I would like to express our immense gratitude towards our
INSTITUTE OF SOUTHERN PUNJAB, Multan which created a
platform to attain profound technical skills in the field of
BBA(HONS), thereby fulfilling our most cherished goal.
We are, then, grateful to our respected teacher SIR FARHAN







behavior helped us in completing our project efficiently.
And last, but not the least, we are grateful to our loving parents
for providing us all sort of moral and social support in life. Without
their prayers our success would not have been possible.

SBP-BSC Board comprises of all the members from the Central Board of SBP and the Managing Director of SBP-BSC.BANKING SERVICE CORPORATION: “To develop SBP into a dynamic and efficient organization equipped with requisite technology and human resource capable of extending sustainable support to the State Bank of Pakistan in achieving its objectives” MISSION statement OF SBP – BANKING SERVICE CORPORATION: “To provide excellent banking and financial services to stakeholders besides ensuring implementation of 4SBP policies in order to command their trust and respect” . facilitating inter-bank settlement system. The headquarters are located in the financial capital of Pakistan. Islamabad. remained basically unchanged until January 1. The Governor SBP is chairperson of Boards for both the subsidiaries. VISION statement OF SBP . Karachi with its second headquarters in the capital. While its constitution. dealing in savings instruments of the government. 1974. the scope of its functions was considerably enlarged. collecting revenue and making payments for and on behalf of government and operational work relating to management of debt and foreign exchange.STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN ‫ببیی نتک دولت پپاکست تان‬ Introduction: The State Bank of Pakistan is the central bank of Pakistan. There are two subsidiaries of SBP namely State Bank of Pakistan-Banking Services Corporation (SBP-BSC) and National Institute of Banking and Finance (NIBAF). SBP – BANKING SERVICE CORPORATION: SBP-BSC (BANKING Service Corporation) came into existence after bifurcation of State Bank of Pakistan in January 2002 and since then has been working as the operation alarm of SBP for currency and credit management. when the bank was nationalized. as originally lay down in the State Bank of Pakistan Order 1948.

Vision of NIBAF is “to be apex institute of Human research development in field of Banking & Finance” FUNCTIONS OF STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN: Like a Central Bank in any developing country. delivery. NIBAF is the training arm and is responsible for design. State Bank of Pakistan performs both the traditional and developmental functions to achieve macroeconomic goals .NIBAF – National Institute of Banking & Finance: NIBAF was established by Pakistan Banking Council (PBC) and was taken over by SBP in 1997. development and evaluation of trainings.

Other functions like advising the government on policy matters and maintaining close relationships with international financial institutions. lender of the last resort. Management of foreign exchange. etc. Promotional Functions: .TRADITIONAL Functions: The primary functions including:     Issue of notes. banker to Government. The secondary functions including the agency functions like management of public debt. and conduct of monetary policy. regulation and supervision of the financial system. bankers’ bank.

    Development of financial framework. A list of more functional departments of SBP is given below: 1) Agricultural Credit Department 2) Banking Inspection (on-site) Department 3) Strategic and Corporate Planning 4) Human Resource Department 5) Banking Policy & Regulation Department 6) Banking Surveillance Department . Each department is exclusively responsible for taking care of all activities that belong to its department’s scope. Provision of credit to priority sectors. For better management and efficient as well as effective execution of these actions in different fields. Islamization of the banking system Departments of STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN: State bank of Pakistan is giant entity and has a very wide scope of operations which it performs in variety of fields related to banking. State Bank of Pakistan has formed number of departments. Provision of training facilities to bankers.

7) Business Support Services Department 8) Domestic Market & Management Department 9) Economic Analysis Department 10) Exchange Policy Department 11) External Relations Department 12) Financial Market Strategy & Conduct Department 13) Financial Stability Department 14) Information System & Technology Department 15) Housing Finance Department 16) Internal Audit\ Compliance Department 17) International Market and Investments Department 18) Islamic Banking Department 19) Monetary Policy Department 20) NIBAF Karachi & Islamabad 21) Off-site Supervision & Enforcement Department 22) Payment System Department 23) Research Department 24) Risk Management and Compliance Department 25) Micro Finance Department 26) SME Finance Department 27) Training and Development Department .

the referendum was a significant step towards having industrial relations between management and the unionized employees. HRD remained focused on building a strong relationship between the management and employees. After ten years. During the year.Human Resource Department OVERVIEW: Human Resources Department (HRD) at the State Bank of Pakistan is making continuous efforts to strengthen the participative role of HR. A smooth union referendum and a collaborative approach towards resolution of the unionized staff’s problems were part of the efforts. Significant developments during the year also included reviews of various HR policies and practices to re-align these with the Bank’s strategic objectives. HRD ACTION PLAN 2011-2015 : .

recruitment and compensation.HRD developed a comprehensive five-year action plan in alignment with the overall strategic direction of the Bank. This mix positively impacts institutional approach and decision processes by providing broader horizon. At the State Bank. we firmly believe that the principal source of our strength as an organization is our human resource base. MISSION STATEMENT: To transform the State Bank of Pakistan into an “Employer of Choice” this nurtures talent through its enabling culture. is provided with opportunities for professional growth and is recognized and rewarded for the contribution made towards achievement of organizational objectives. cultural and gender perspectives. provide them with the right incentives to perform better and to make merit and performance the criteria for professional and career development. promote value-based performance culture. and enhance the effectiveness of various HR policies such as succession planning. These goals are: To further improve SBP’s work ethics philosophy. OUR ASSETS: At the State Bank. helping along the way the institution to be a more aware and responsive organization. HRD plans to implement these targets in a priority defined phase wise approach within the next five years. Managerial attention at the Bank has therefore been focused on the need to continuously invest in people. balancing bank-wide workload distribution. VISION STATEMENT : . we strive to develop and sustain a work environment in which each employee is empowered. OUR PEOPLE. and implementation of capacity building initiatives in co-ordination with Training & Development Department. The plan focuses on three specific goals aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness of the existing HR policies and programs. We value diversity in terms of the unique characteristics that each member of our team brings to the organization as reflected in diverse educational and professional backgrounds. performance management.

recruitment activity was concentrated at the entry level positions. 2. 4. RECRUITMENT & SELECTION RECRUITMENT AT SBP: (ENSURING COMPETITION. 5. MERIT AND TRANSPARENCY) It refers to the process of attracting. This approach also . Recruitment & selection Training & development Employee benefit Performance appraisal system Performance management system (PMS) 1. developing and retaining the right talent by:    Aligning our HR policies with market Serving as a strategic partner to the line Departments Administering superior and prompt HR services In this Project we can discuss the following functions of HR department(SBP) 1. In the perspective of management’s philosophy regarding acquisition of talent. and on boarding a qualified person for a job. selecting.We are committed to excellence at acquiring. screening. 3. This approach being in line with strategic needs of the Bank was undertaken to hire skilled human resource.

Statistics. All recruitment is through open advertisement and follows a well drawn out procedure involving thorough scrutiny of all applications according to clearly specified criteria. DEGREE COMPLETION: . Eligibility Criteria for selection: QUALIFICATION: Master’s Degree or 16 years of education (with at least 60% marks where percentage system applies. Business administration. we have been able to attract some of the top talent in the country in the fields of Economics. Computer Science/ I. Accounts and Audit as well as Statistics. geographical representation and gender and have actively encouraged women to apply for positions at the State Bank.T from HEC recognized university AGE: Maximum 28 years as on the last date of submission of applications to SBPBSC. or. Economics. As an Equal Opportunity Employer we consciously seek diversity in terms of education.serves as a progressive career path for our workforce through mechanisms such as career development and succession planning. As one of the largest employers of professionals in the country. As a result of this conscious policy.00 CGPA where GPA system applies) in Business/ Public Administration. we have successfully developed a system that is unblemished by nepotism. subjectivity and political interference. IT. This commitment to quality and merit will continue in our recruitment and other managerial actions. Commerce. Finance. minimum 3. written tests developed and administered by external experts and interviews by a panel that has representation from our Board of Directors as well as private sector specialists in the relevant field. Business Economics. with intake of more than 70 fresh graduates at entry level positions and frequent recruitment at senior levels. Great stress has therefore been laid on ensuring that the recruitment process at the State Bank is highly competitive. transparent and merit based. Mathematics. Selection of the right people for the job is the first step towards developing an efficient institution.

They will entitle to Consolidate monthly monetized salary of Rs 34. the salary range of Rs 34. dependent spouse and dependent children only as per bank’s rule Provident Fund. Staff Loans & other facilities as per bank’s rules . Only the candidates who qualify the Group Discussion phase would be eligible to appear before an interview panel on same date.350 Medical facility for self. Group Discussion and interview(s). as Assistant Direct in State Bank of Pakistan. Successful candidates will be selected in order of merit. Candidates should have fully completed all requirements of degree and must attached copy of Provisional Certificate.Candidates awaiting final result are not eligible to apply. Leave Fare Assistance. WRITTEN TEST: The candidate meeting the above eligibility criteria are required to register themselves with NATIONAL TESTING SERVICE (NTS) for appearing in the written test. Selection will depend on marks obtained in written test.000/. Candidates who qualify the written test will be invited to appear for Group Discussion. The candidates short listed on the basis of merit of written test and available number of vacancies will be invited for interview before a selection board at SBP-BSC PRE-INDUCTION TRAINING: The selected candidates will be imparted up to 4 weeks training COMPENSATION PACKAGE: The selected candidates will be offer appointment for the position. Karachi. Mark sheet/ Transcript. SELECTION PROCEDURE: Eligible candidates will be required to take a comprehensive written test in English Composition. Quantitative Skills and Current Affairs/ Intelligence/ General Knowledge.000 – 79. All appointments in State Bank of Pakistan are made in compliance with prescribed regional/ Provincial Quota requirement. Printed copies are available on all offices of SBPBSC across the The application forms will be available online at www. Application sent via e-mail will not be entertained. .APPLICATION PROCEDURE: After the announcement of written test result by NTS.

e. The department liaises with reputable domestic and international institutions for these training needs. 2 at Williams College. Three employees were enrolled in foreign universities. Financial Crisis Management Lessons Learnt. PIM. A Foundation Training Program for promoted officers Grade-1 was arranged at SBP. Australia while 23 officers were enrolled in domestic universities in the evening MBA/MS program . DOMESTIC TRAINING: For the professional development of its employees and to further enrich their knowledge base in function specific and management development areas. A total of 267 officers benefitted from training at prestigious local training institutions. IN-HOUSE TRAINING: In-house trainings are designed to lower travel cost. and attract maximum participation. IBP. SBP facilitates its employees’ participation in domestic institutional trainings at IBA. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT (T&DD) OF SBP: Training and Development Department (T&DD) is responsible for assessing and arranging for the training needs of SBP employees.e. HIGHER EDUCATION: To develop its human resource for future challenges. PMI. training is organized on three tracks.2. function specific. Islamic Housing Finance. LUMS. Under the SBP internship program. i. minimize displacement from work stations. Agricultural Lending Documents. and others. and management development. scholarships were granted for higher studies pursued domestically and abroad. How to Inspect Quality of Bank Assets. Assessment of Banking Sector Stability. Officers received foreign training also. USA and one at Australian National University. The Department coordinated with NIBAF to deliver 16 courses for 282 participants. i.. To address the requirements. including 4 specially tailored management development soft skill courses facilitated at SBP.. and Risk Management. central banking. 219 interns from within the country and three interns from foreign institutions were facilitated. T&DD arranged central banking trainings on important subjects like ‘Operational Risk Management. .

FSA.FOREIGN TRAINING: To participate in training programs on central banking offered by foreign training institutions. APRACA. These programs were offered by the IMF. . MAS. BNM. Toronto Centre. Federal Reserve Bank of New York. SBP encourages its employees and provide them opportunities. AUSTRAC. ADB. Boulder Institute of Microfinance. seminars. BNM. pertaining to core & support functions of the SBP. IDB. Officers attended various training courses.and other prominent institutions. workshops.

R and R leave avail once in a year. Employee can avail leave facility for perform of Hajj. ADVANCES: The types of loans/Advances provided to employees are as follows:    Personal Loan Staff Loans Motor Car Loan . R & R leave etc. outstation leave. In leave benefits every employee has two leave accounts: RLA & SLA. EMPLOYEE BENEFITS: Compensation and benefits provided           Base Pay Overtime Pay Travel/Meal/Housing Allowance Benefits including: dental. In SBP female employees is also availing female leave facility maternity and iddat leave. retirement. Employee cannot obtain only medical or sick leave . Staff Loan Policy Facility Of Bank’s Car & Petrol Ceiling Medical Facilities Telephone Charges At Residence Facility Of Newspapers & Journal Family Pension LEAVE ENTITLEMENT: SBP is providing a various benefits to their employees such as leave benefits and advances. they have various reasons of leave such as attend party.3. insurance. domestic problems. leaves. vacation. After retirement/ resignation/death net qualifying service form is very important for calculation of Net Qualifying Service and case forwarded to internal monitoring unit for their “In order Certificate”. SBP also provide Rest and recreation 15 days leave to their employees. Maternity leave can avail thrice during whole period of job. medical. SBP made proper process of leave application to facilitate to their employees. attend seminar.

OBJECTIVES OF PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL:       To maintain records in order to determine compensation packages. Performance appraisals are employed to determine who needs what training. PEFFORMANCE APPRAISAL The process by which a manager or consultant (1) Examines and evaluates an employee's work behavior by comparing it with pre-set standards. or fired. To review and retain the promotional and other training programs. (3) Uses the results to provide feedback to the employee to show where improvements are needed and why. salaries raises. To maintain and assess the potential present in a person for further growth and development. etc.   Motor Cycle Loan House Building Loan Personal Computer & Printer Loan 4. To provide a feedback to employees regarding their performance and related status. demoted. . and who will be promoted. (2) Documents the results of the comparison. retained. It serves as a basis for influencing working habits of the employees. To identify the strengths and weaknesses of employees to place right men on right job. wage structure.

motivation and implementation of an effective reward mechanism. Creating a basis for several administrative decisions strategic planning. promotions and performance based payment. communicating the functional and organizational goals. Promoting personal growth and advancement in the career of the employees by helping them in acquiring the desired knowledge and skills. succession planning. Promoting a two way system of communication between the supervisors and the employees for clarifying expectations about the roles and accountabilities.5. Boosting the performance of the employees by encouraging employee empowerment. . PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: OBJECTIVES OF PMS: The major objectives of performance management are discussed below:        To enable the employees towards achievement of superior standards of work performance. To help the employees in identifying the knowledge and skills required for performing the job efficiently as this would drive their focus towards performing the right task in the right way. Identifying the barriers to effective performance and resolving those barriers through constant monitoring. coaching and development interventions. providing a regular and a transparent feedback for improving employee performance and continuous coaching.

training improve employees performance. Its provide career advancement path to their employees .its selection procedure include written test . group decision. TRAINING: SBP use on the job. It is directly related to employee’s commitment with the organization and leading organizations always use it as a tool to attract and retain the most talented human resource capital. Human resource management is the most pivotal element affecting an organization’s overall performance. employees are participated in the job related activities. salary increment and career development is the . RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION: SBP use internal recruitment . last year SBP are providing 10% external and 20% internal training. SBP HR team act as a consultant to enhance the quality of the applicant pre screening process.external recruitment and both type of recruitment sources.SBP clearly communicate its goal and strategies to their employees.CONCULSION: State bank of bank have excellent human resource management system for their employee’s for their motivation and satisfaction.interview. Best policies attract and retain the best employee’s. EMPLOYEES BENEFITS: State bank of bank provides excellent benefits for their employee’s for their motivation and satisfaction. off the job training technique and most of the time its depends on need. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: SBP performance management system is excellent because its performance appraisal system is a two way communication. they have the best hiring system .

SBP performance management system is clearly defined in the organization . growth and development of Pakistan. . It is the most dynamic and progressive public sector organization of the country and is playing a vital role in the economic revival.employees are free to argue about the performance evaluation result if they are not satisfied. So overall human resource management system is excellent in SBP.main reason for conducting performance evaluation.