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A. Are the statements below TRUE or FALSE?
1. The place Chaga was taken to was just like he had imagined.
2. It was the first time the boys tried to open the door and escape.


6. B. trade – shackles(chains) – abolitionist – torturers – plantations – campaign – freedom – racist beat – captive 1. They travelled by truck for a long time. Answer the questions in a complete way: 1. Picking up other boys. . The Bicycle Man took Chaga on his bike. why were they slaves and not prisoners? 2. 8. Now order the events in Chaga’s story. Chaga was taken to a safe place. 10. Chaga thought there was no one to enslave him again. 7. The armed guards took Bokhari away. 9. 5. 4. The plantation owners did all they could to keep the boys healthy. Complete the sentences with the words related to the topic discrimination/racism.Name: _______________________________________________________ Date: ____________ 3. An ___________________ is a person who fights slavery. Chaga felt scared for the first time. BEFORE AFTER D. All slaves want ____________________. Was it easy for Chaga to fall asleep on the first night he spent on the plantation? 3. Getting to the plantation. 2. Bokhari had been enslaved for 4 years. Organise a __________________ in your school to help fight slavery. Did they happen BEFORE or AFTER the text you’ve just read? COPY THE NUMBER of the event to the grid in CORRECT ORDER: 1. 3. What happened when the boys fell onto the ground? C. Bokhari taught Chaga how to survive in that place. How long did the boys’ working day last? 4. The Bicycle Man and Chaga’s parents met. 3. Bokhari told Chaga that the magician was a liar. 5. 2. In Bokhari’s opinion. as they are all mixed up. 4.

4. we ______________________(give) more children like Chaga a happy ending. respect 8. the African children ________________________(feel) much safer. racial understanding 5. Child ___________________ should be severely punished.Name: _______________________________________________________ Date: ____________ 4. Unfortunately. freedom – abolitionist – campaign – trade – racist – captive. they _________________(not/be)here. there is slave ______________ in many parts of the world. There ___________________ (not/be) so many exploited children if people __________ (get) along better. 3. Armed guards use sticks to __________________ the boys when they don’t work hard enough. you _____________________(not/give) him such a good advice. 8. 5. he ____________________ (read) the article about “Child Trafficking”. If the police __________________(catch) all the slave traders. If Sally __________________ (marry) Tim. 2. If Peter _________________ (buy) the newspaper. 6. discrimination 6. If they ______________ (not/care) about him. She ________________ (phone) her parents if she ______________(be) in trouble. Shop owners _______________________(contribute) to the decrease of the number of trafficked children if they ____________________(sell) more FAIR TRADE products. chains 4. human rights 3. 7. social equality 10. tease 7. 9. Many children are ______________ on sugar and cocoa ____________________. F. plantations – shackles – beat – torturers D. If you _________________(not/like) him. 9. they _____________________(adopt) an African child. The world stays the same. At night children are put in __________________. Fill in the gaps with the correct verb tense to form the 2nd CONDITIONAL: 1. Rewrite the sentences using the 2nd conditional: 1. 8. ___________________ people are ignorant and intolerant. 1. John __________________ (help) some slave children if he ________________(work) for “Stop the Traffic”. 6. 7. torture 9. People don’t do anything. If ____________________________________________________________________ . If we only ________________(eat) chocolate with a TRAFFIC FREE GUARANTEE. 10. name calling PROBLEMS SOLUTIONS E. indifference 2. Put the words/expressions given below in the right column. 5.

Chaga ran _______________ he didn’t want to go back to the cocoa plantation.and / either... (neither. It was very dark inside the shack but the boys had to stay in there.. Chaga ran fast. The shack looked dirty. However. ___________ I can’t do it alone. There are slave children in the world. If ___________________________________________________________________ 3. If ___________________________________________________________________ G. (although) 2. The Bicycle Man lied ______________ to Chaga _____________ Bokhari and took them to an awful place. ______________ the sun was hot.... Choose the correct linking word/connector to complete the sentence: 1.. Chaga ran. Chaga couldn’t get a bicycle ________________ wishing one for a long time (although/ despite/however) 2....nor / both.or/neither..Name: _______________________________________________________ Date: ____________ 2..and) I. We don’t try to expose slavery. Rewrite the sentences using the connectors in brackets: 1. It looked a bit scary too. (neither.or/neither.nor) 10.. We don’t call people’s attention the child trafficking. he wasn’t well fed..nor) H.. (either. (although/but/in spite of) 4. The boys in the truck _______________ talked _____________ laughed because they were excited during the long trip to the Ivory Coast. Bokhari worked hard.. If ___________________________________________________________________ 4.or/neither. A truck suddenly appeared ________________ a police officer saved Chaga. ______________ he got very tired. He supports his family..but also) 9.nor/not only..and/either. 1. I would like to raise some funds for Africa.. She doesn’t tease either.. (and/but/so) 5.. Chaga gets some money. (both... (either. Sarah doesn’t discriminate.nor) 3. Mary isn’t tolerant. Choose ONE of the topics and write between 80-100 words on it. “So Chaga ran to greet his family. (in spite of) 4. (so/and/ because) 6.or) 3. I have _____________respect __________ admiration for racist people.. Chaga ran”. We don’t organise campaigns.. ( both. (so/and/because) 7. There_________________________________________________________________ 5. . Bokhari was __________________thin ________________ very ill when he died. (so/and/ because) 8. She doesn’t accept people the way they are.

Why do you think there’s so much child trafficking? Where does this usually happen? What can we do to stop it? ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ . What do you think happened next? Continue the story.Name: _______________________________________________________ Date: ____________ This is how Chaga’s story ends. 2.