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pH tests

and semi-quantitative
indicator strips

14 100 strips per pack TP0006000S pH indicator strips pH 0-6 pH 0 .3.3.0 .9. our strips use 3 different indicator pads.5 .0 .7. accurate and of providing immediate results. is considered to be of a neutral pH.5 .0 .5 .9 .6.0 .10.5 .0 100 strips per pack TP0410000S pH indicator strips pH 4-10 pH 4.5 .5 .5 .5 .13.10 11 .4.pH tests and semi-quantitative indicator strips pH pH measurement pH measures the concentration of the Hydrogen ion. it provides a quick and easy method of indicating the pH of a solution by using a single color change which can be matched to color chart at intervals of 1 pH.4.2.0 .0 5. pH can be measured using a ph-meter or rapid tests.5 .0 . with a pH very close to 7 at 25ºC. pH values range from 0 to 14.0 .5 .8.2 .9.0 .ions) the solution contains.0 .10. pH indicator strips Scharlau’s pH indicator strips are prepared as a non-bleed system and therefore the resultant color change remains readable far longer until the pad is dry.2.5. and is defined as the negative decimal logarithm of the hydrogen ion activity in a solution.5 .5. portable.7 .5 . Advantatges of Scharlau pH strips ✓ Fast pH measurements ✓ Accurate and reliable ✓ Non-bleeding ✓ Convenient for on-site analysis ✓ Optimum results Product code Product description Measurement intervals Presentation TP0114000R Universal indicator paper pH 1-14 pH 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14 1 reel (5m x 7mm) TP0111000R Universal indicator paper pH 1-11 pH 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11 1 reel (5m x 7mm) TP0014000S pH indicator strips pH 0-14 pH 1 . the lower the pH (<7) while the fewer the H+ ions (therefore more OH.13.8.0 100 strips per pack TP7514000S pH indicator strips pH 7.6.5 .6.3.5 .5 .5 .5.8.0 .5 .12.9.0 .1.6 . They provide precise pH values as the different colors do not mix at the point of testing.9.3 .0 .7.5-14 pH 7.5 .5 . Possible errors can be felt especially in hot conditions as our pH papers and strips have been calibrated and tested at 20ºC.0 .11.6.5 .2.10.0 100 strips per pack .6.0 7.4 .12 .5.0 .5 .8.0 . Pure water. The latter ones have the advantage of being faster. which allow a rapid method of measuring the pH of a solution while providing high quality results each time.9.5 . The pH measurement is strongly affected by temperature changes. For more accurate pH readings.7.4.0 .5 11.0 .5 .5 .0 .0 100 strips per pack TP0209000S pH indicator strips pH 2-9 pH 2.5 .3.0 .0 .1. pH values are widely measured in chemistry and biochemistry as they can affect several chemical processes.4. The more H+ ions the solution contains (acids).8 . Every batch of our pH test strips and papers is calibrated and controlled using buffers traceable to NIST Universal indicator paper One of the most popular pH tests in the market.12.5 .0 .0.4.13 .8.14. the more alkaline it is and the higher the pH (>7).8.5.0 .

50 .25 mg/L 0 . Scharlau nitrite indicator strips are a convenient choice to determine nitrates in a fast and reliable way.500 mg/L (ppm) 100 strips per pack . Tests can be carried out in a fast and precise way. Nitrite indicator strips Nitrite content is commonly tested in water as a contamination indicator as it can be harmful for aquatic life when present. Nitrate indicator strips Nitrates are controlled both in drinking water and waste water as nitrates are also a by-product during the decomposition of organic material.10 . Nitrate indicator strips are used in industrial and farming areas as a quick and easy method to determine the level of nitrate in soil and water as a test for water quality. nitrates. Nitrates are also widely used as fertilizers. providing reliable results both when working in the laboratory.5 . Using Scharlau indicator strips is very easy and convenient: just dip the strip in the sample.5 . and they are manufactured under the highest quality standards and adhering to ISO 9001 quality system. the field or wherever necessary.25 mg/L (ppm) 100 strips per pack TP050000NA Nitrate Indicator strips 0 . allow two minutes for the reaction and compare the result with the color chart on the package.250 .1.0.100 . Cooling lubricants are also tested as nitrites are a by-product that can lead to the formation of carcinogenic compounds. Product code Product description Measurement intervals Presentation TP002500NI Nitrite Indicator strips 0 .pH tests and semi-quantitative indicator strips pH Semi-quantitative indicator strips Scharlau tests are suitable for the semiquantitative detection of nitrites.25 . peracetic acid and peroxides. All Scharlau’s semi-quantitative indicator strips are presented in a cylindric HDPE container and in a carton box for easier and more convenient storage. Controlling nitrites is also important in fish farming and aquacultures as it is formed during the decomposition of organic material.500 mg/L 0 .10 .

Zhejiang.30 . Vágóhíd. Hungary Tel: 0036-787-634 .pH tests and semi-quantitative indicator strips pH Peracetic acid indicator strips Peroxide indicator strips Peracetic Acid is widely used as an antimicrobial and sanitizing agent.100 mg/L (ppm) 0 . food establishments. For Scharlau Trading (Hangzhou) Company Ltd.Fax: 0036-781-081 E-mail: www.400 mg/L (ppm) 0 .10 . 08181 Sentmenat.500 mg/L (ppm) 100 strips per pack TP010000PX Peroxide indicator strips 0 . u.Fax: +63 2 3514972 E-mail: infophilippines@scharlab.30 .100 . Mas d’en Cisa. Product code Product description Measurement intervals Presentation TP005000PA Peracetic Acid indicator strips 0 .50 mg/L (ppm) 100 strips per pack TP050000PA Peracetic Acid indicator strips 0 .: +34 93 715 19 40 .1 .3 .500 mg/L (ppm) 0 .com .it Scharlab Magyarország Kft. Italy Tel. Hydrogen Peroxide is commonly used as a bleach or cleaning agent due to its oxidizing properties.scharlab. 18G Miller Compound. it has been used in agricultural premises. 337# Shaoxing Road. San Francisco Del Monte. Ind. China Tel: 0086-571-88536628 Fax: 0086-571-88536698 E-mail: china01@scharlab.: +63 2 3514972 .20 .250 .l. Peroxide indicator strips can be used for the determination of residual cleaning peroxides. Via Alcide De Gasperi 56. Gato Pérez.200 . Scharlau indicator strips allow the detection of peracetic acid to ensure the sanitizing process has been carried out properly and the determination of residual levels. glassware and chromatography.50 mg/L (ppm) 0 . Pol.10 . Room 508. Barcelona Tel.100 mg/L (ppm) 100 strips per pack TP040000PX Peroxide indicator strips 0 . 33. Scharlau is the division of Scharlab and is the brand which encompasses chemicals. Inc.Fax: +34 93 715 27 65 E-mail: export@scharlab. wineries and dairy or food processing plants among others.: +39 02 9823 0679 / +39 02 9823 6266 Fax: +39 02 9823 0211 / +39 02 9811 9288 E-mail: customerservice@scharlab. Modern Star.400 mg/L (ppm) 100 strips per pack Scharlab Italia S. 4034 Debrecen. Barangay Bungad. Quezon City 1105 Philippines Tel.100 .5 .r.L. Hangzhou. Scharlab Philippines. 20070 Riozzo Di Cerro al Lambro (Mi). CAT-PHSTRI Scharlab S.