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Classroom Rules

1. Students will be to class on time and prepared.
2. Students will listen and not speak when another person is speaking.
3. Students will listen to instructions, directions, and procedures the first time
they are given.
4. Students will respect the teacher’s right to teach and the student’s right to
5. Students will give the teacher his/her immediate attention when the signal
word is spoken.

Progressive Discipline Plan:

Step 1: Warning

Usually verbal warning to stop disruptive activity or behavior
Teacher will implement a classroom consequence for warnings given.
o Students will need to sign a pink slip giving the
violation/consequence/explanation/ hindsight and signatures of the
teacher and student involved. These slips will be kept in the
performance folder of the student for the remainder of the school year.
Students will be given three chances, or three pink slips, before Step 2
is initiated and parent contact is made. When step 3 goes into effect,
students are required to take copies of these pink slips home for their
parents to sign.

Step 2: Parent Notification

Teacher will make initial Parent contact either by phone or email.
Communication will not be initiated through the student to ensure parent
contact has been reached directly.

Step 3: Detention with Teacher

Teacher may hold their own detention.
Student will be required to come after school within three school days of the
assigned detention in order to make alternative plans for transportation
o Should a student not attend detention, parent notification will be
reached immediately and Step 4 with be the next step in the
disciplinary plan.

Step 4: Parent Conference

Teacher will schedule a parent conference regarding student behavior.
This meeting can be held with any necessary adults deemed appropriate.
Teacher must also request a parent conference for every class suspension

Step 5: Student Referral to Counselor or Student Services Office

A teacher may make a referral to the Office of Student Service for any
student disruption based on severity of the incident.
A student may receive various consequences based on the infraction
committed in the classroom. This includes but is not limited to: detentions,
on-site or home suspensions, student behavior contracts, counseling referrals
and/or possible citations.

Violations that may Warrant Intervention
1. Eating and/or drinking in class (water is acceptable) *Step 1
2. Excessive talking during class *Step 1
3. Cheating/Plagiarizing *mandatory Step 4
4. Fighting/Harassment *mandatory Step 5
5. Drug/Alcohol Possession or Abuse *mandatory Step 6
6. Graffiti/Vandalism *mandatory Step 6
7. Tardy/Truancy *Step 1/2
8. Defiance *Step 1
9. Profanity *Step 1
10.Dress Code *Step 1
11.Any other behaviors that is deemed defiant, inappropriate or a disruption to
school activities may warrant an intervention or consequence.

Rewards System
Whole Group Rewards:
Book Cover Jigsaw Puzzle

Working in a classroom community where everyone has to be responsible for both
themselves and their fellow classmate, students work to receive jigsaw pieces on a
daily basis. When all of the pieces are earned/put together, the puzzle will form a
book cover. It is up to the students to identify the author, the title, and the year of
publication once all puzzles have been placed on their poster board. The first period
to receive their entire jigsaw puzzle pieces and identifies the author, title, and
publishing date wins a class prize.
Prizes earned may include:
1. Ms. Beesley bringing in a group snack
2. Free period (class may play an academic game, watch a movie/documentary
regarding the subject being currently studied in class
3. Three Day No Homework

Jigsaw pieces are earned for:
1. Being prepared for class: the entire class completes their homework on time,
and the class is prepared for the day with their homework and supplies
2. The class does not receive a pink slip from the teacher
3. Working together affectively as a group
4. Participating during class
Students will be observed throughout the day, if whole class meets each criterion,
they are given a jigsaw piece that goes on their poster posted on the classroom

Small Groups:
Students will be assigned occasionally into small, study groups throughout the year.
Groups that show exceptional work, high participation, and presentation will receive
a 5 point reward to the text/exam/project of their choice. Points must be used before
the end of a quarter grading period.

Students that show exemplary behavior will receive a note, email, or call home
detailing their achievement in class.
Behavior includes:
1. Exemplary work academically: tests, homework, school projects and
2. Citizenship award