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About Forte Wares

Forte Wares is a member of Forte Consultancy Group, a
leading analytics-driven management consulting and
solutions group, providing new marketing analytics-related product and service bundled solutions for companies
that cannot avail of the high budget, difficult to implement, exhausting to maintain analytics-related offerings
in the marketplace.

Causal Intelligence Ware
CIWare is the one-of-a-kind
business intelligence platform that
automatically brings the right data
to the right people, when it matters
most. Empower your organization
and people to make timely decisions
that quickly turn into revenue generating actions, with CIWare, the
business analyst that never sleeps.

About CIWare
CIWare by Forte Wares is a proactive reporting solution
that automatically identifies and analyzes the root cause
of performance fluctuations. Focusing on change in the
business, as well as contribution of internal and external
factors to this change, CIWare enables proactive management, which is not possible with traditional BI solutions
delivering static snapshots of business indicators.
CIWare helps companies in:
Proactive Corporate Performance Management
Proactive Customer Value Management
Proactive Service Level Management
Proactive Risk Management
Proactive Channel Management
Proactive Budget and Planning

Key Product Features & Benefits
Radically faster
identification of business
risks and opportunities
Perfected ability to get to
the actual root cause of KPI
Up to 90% increased
productivity in business
Complete adoption of
business intelligence across
the organization

Use any database or data
warehouse as source
Define KPIs and their
relations in just a few clicks
Schedule alerts and
notifications by user group
Automatically receive e-mails
on performance triggers
Manually dig into data for
deepest level of insights

Zero-effort business intelligence
Business-language reporting and
Google-like search for corporate data
Touch-friendly controls for better user
In-DB processing, eliminating need for
extra hardware
Advanced caching for fastest results

and relevant findings. CIWare transforms the overall BI culture of an organization. analyze them and deliver results to the right people daily. and monthly. Instead of hosting hundreds of undesirable reports at bay. week. This is all the natural consequence of the traditional. the key decision makers or action takers receive notifications only about indicators relevant to them. that have fluctuated enough to warrant their being notified. weekly. CIWare automatically delivers e-mail alerts of key performance indicators to the relevant business users. Have IT your way 65% of companies in the 2014 Big Data Survey indicated they are overwhelmed by incoming data. pro-act According to the 2014 Big Data Survey by IDG. including verbal information in regards to what fluctuation has occurred to warrant the notification. well before their self-discovery. with data available only after a decision has been made. reactive BI approach. BI operates at the speed of the market. With CIWare. This is one of the main reasons of the staggeringly low 10% user adoption rate of traditional BI solutions. CIWare turns the table around in delivery of information. Most companies focus on quantity of information over quality. resulting in only a few reports being utilized out of hundreds made available. by making it truly pro-active. CIWare can be scheduled to automatically discover significant changes in the market or business performance. or month. Another 42% indicate they are losing business due to inability to discover the relevant information on time. . CIWare dynamically selects and delivers the most relevant and critical information to only the most relevant users through the most convenient means. automatically identifying out-of-ordinary trends in data and notifies the right people in the organization.Don’t re-act. Every day. 53% of companies indicate their important business decisions are delayed due to data not being available fast enough. or available when it is too late to make one.

CIWare goes beyond just reporting facts. discovers change drivers. as positive performance in other segments masks the reality). by reporting the underlying factors driving them – the “root cause”. and reports its findings. Hidden threats discovered Sometimes. Like an intelligent and meticulous business analyst that works day and night to leave no stone unturned. A company performing stable in terms of the overall income statement might be losing valuable customers in specific segments (but not know this. through slicing and dicing across various business dimensions and analyzing the correlation between different KPIs. even if top-level KPIs are not affected in the short term. This is where CIWare steps-in. CIWare automatically analyzes drivers of key performance indicators and reports on significant fluctuations in these drivers. but are also automatically informed about the threats and opportunities below the surface. to save the day. Looking at the overall picture and bottom-line figures to evaluate the performance of a company is inadequate in today’s complex markets. users don’t just see the tip of the iceberg.Root cause identified 80% of respondents to a 2012 survey indicated that they found making business decisions effectively required too much effort. CIWare analyzes all possible explanations of change in performance. This is mostly due to the fact that getting to the bottom of a performance problem or business opportunity usually requires days of detailed analysis. CIWare automatically discovers and reports the root cause behind KPI changes. . with reworks and repeated reviews in between. the risk and opportunities in business are hidden beneath the surface. With CIWare. Unlike other BI solutions.

Talk to C As CIWare is designed with a vision to make reporting more relevant and user-friendly to the business. so that business users can make use of a tool they are already familiar with. even its conventional querying mechanism is unconventional. . seasonal and irregular. while automatically retrieving the latest data they need. making correlation analysis available even for the most novice user. With the user friendly trend-comparison feature. The unique Ask CIWare feature provides the ability to search for KPIs and filters through auto-complete fields for most convenient access to data. This feature enables complete understanding of the nature of impact root-causes have on KPIs – such as continuous. CIWare uses a Google-like search mechanism for finding the desired information. it is possible to simply drag and drop trend charts onto each other to study correlation between KPIs in more detail. in a fairly dynamic manner. This way. Instead of using the common data universes. The results can be displayed. For charts and cube operations.Compare trends For deeper insights. CIWare provides full integration into Microsoft Excel. tables. or be used as SQL queries for integration with 3rd party systems. weeks. be exported into Excel with online data link. Any two indicators can be compared by a simple drag-drop action. and columns for data access. CIWare provides the ability to do a vis-à-vis comparison of trends between different KPIs across days. business users do not need to know or care about the data structure behind their reports and can just type in the information they are looking for. and months.

relevant employees. once the business discovers that customers using a specific product in a certain region and segment have decreased spend significantly. The what-if analysis provides step-by-step explanation of the impact of change in any business input on the output indicators. Through advanced what-if analysis capabilities. automatically. CIWare also provides the ability for companies to foresee into the future and prepare for various business scenarios. The potential impact of future changes in key performance indicators on the overall business performance can be estimated with just a couple of clicks using CIWare. they need to first use these specifications in a campaign management system to identify the top customers that should be targeted within this group). findings from traditional BI solutions require days of work to be conducted before someone can translate them into an actionable list of targets.C to act Another frustration frequently expressed by business about BI solutions is the lack of ability to turn findings into actions quickly and conveniently. With CIWare. With CIWare. as the findings need to be interpreted and used in other systems first (for example. C to decide While CIWare provides a significant competitive advantage to companies by making the most relevant facts quickly available across the organization to the right people. this is as easy as the click of a button. . Once a discovery is made. or even the process cases that are affecting the performance automatically. the user can select any number of top contributors to KPI changes and export them as a file or integrate the list directly into other systems (such as campaign management). the user can extract the top customers. More often than not. its capabilities go beyond past and present.

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