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The  black  borders  narrow  the  image  
making  the  image  seem  mysterious;  
  it’s  as  if  it’s  limiting  
this  is  because  
what  we  are  allowed  to  see.  The  black  
borders  also  allow  for  the  pink  and  
green  tilting  
  to  appear  better.  

The  image  is  edited  to  have  a  blue  tint  
to  it,  creating  a  mysterious  and  cool  
mood  but  also  a  numb  feeling.  This  has  
given  me  inspiration  to  do  something  
similar  to  our  poster  for  INGRID.      

Already  from  a  first  glance  at  the  poster  
we  acknowledge  
that  she  ‘Nikita’  is  the  
protagonist  and  the  film  surrounds  her.  
We  can  see  that  she  is  a  woman  but  in  
the  environment  
that  she  is  in  (holding  a  
gun),  you  would  not  expect  her  to  be  
looking  very    stereotypically  feminine  by  
wearing  a  dress  and  heels.  

This  is  the  first  and  original  poster  for  the  film  La  
Femme  Nikita  (1990)  which  is  what  the  TV  show  Nikita  
is  based  on.  The  title  itself  translates  from  French  to  
‘The  woman  Nikita’.  However  this  links  to  the  title  of  
the  film  La  femme  Nikita,  which  after  looking  at  the  
image  the  word  femme  seems  to  be  emphasised  from  
the  mise  en  scene  presented.    

Billing  block  

Both  Nikita  posters  include  a  slogan  or  tag  line  
which  shadows  the  protagonists’  voice.  
The  poster  is  a  close  up  of  
their  face  which  doesn’t  allow  
us  to  make  many  
of  the  film  because  it  doesn’t  
reveal  their  body  

This  is  the  second  version  of  La  Femme  
Nikita  made  in  1997.  This  poster  is  edited  in  
this  Persian  blue  colour  which  was  also  
common  in  the  original  poster  for  this  film.  
Connotations  of  the  colour  blue  are  that  it  
shows  peace  respect  and  confidence.  It  is  a  
colour  of  trust,  loyalty  and  sincerity  but  it  
also  creates  cool  feeling  which  reflects  the  
genre  of  the  film.  The  loyalty  and  trust  
reflects  the  character  of  both  Nikita  and  
Ingrid.  This  has  influenced  me  to  
incorporate  this  colour  into  the  titling,  
poster  as  well  as  the  opening  sequence  

The  poster  
shows  both  a  male  and  female  who  
are  physically  close  to  each  other.  This  could  
connote  that  there  is  a  close  relationship  between  
them  in  the  film.  The  female  is  looking  straight  at  
the  character  which  allows  us  to  see  her  full  face  
and  see  her  facial  expression.  

Surprising  the  title  is  very  small  
and  placed  at  the  corner  of  the  
poster  which  isn’t  vey  eye  

The  circle  w
  ith  the  cross  in  
centre  tells  us  that  he  is  a  target  
and  the  fingerprint  
that  is  placed  
on  the  left  side  of  the  poster  also  
represents  the  idea  of  him  being  
a  person  involved  
with  the  
government,  whether  it’s  good  
or  bad.    

The  film  Bourne  Identity  was  released  in  
2002  which  was  an  updated  version  to  
the  1988  TV  mini-­‐series.  Matt  Damon,  
the  protagonist  of  this  film  is  placed  in  
the  centre  of  the  screen  attracting  all  the  
focus  to  him.    


This  poster  also  foreshadows  that  he  is  
constantly  on  the  move;  running  and  being  
chased  because  of  his  pose.    



The  specific  c  olours  of  blue  and  orange  
are  complementary  colours  which  
allows  for  everything  
on  the  poster  to  
stand  out  evenly  
  without  having  one  
stand  out  more  than  the  rest.  The  
colour  blue  is     a  very  large  convention  
of  action  thriller  films.  It  is  used  in  all  
the  previous  posters  I  have  mentioned  
and  is  also  used  
  within  the  film  as  an  
overall  visual  colour.    

The  orange  coloured  photos  in  
the  background  imitate  the  look  
of  a  film  strip.  It  creates  the  sense  
of  them  being  watched  or  
someone  looking  into  their  lives.    
These  photos  reveal  that  there  
are  fights  scenes  as  well  as  
romantic  scenes.  

Billing  block